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Find Out Who Will Receive Copies Of Titan Books' STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM!!

Merrick here...
...with the results of Titan Books' & AICN's STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM hardcover giveaway.
Per THIS announcement, the name of the game was to e-mail our special address at, or closest to, a pre-selected time of day - one time of day was pre-selected for each day over a five day period (= one copy awarded a day). Whoever managed this feat would receive one (1) copy of STAR TREK: THE ART OF THE FILM, which officially hits shelves today if I'm not mistaken. This is a really great publication, and even if you didnt' enjoy the movie...but are interested in film production/design in general...I strongly urge you to at least galnce through this book the next time you're in a bookstore (it can also be found HERE). The five contestants who will be receiving copies are:

MONDAY Doug Levit, GA

pre-selected time = 9:07pm CST USA e-mail received @ 9:07pm CST USA

TUESDAY Nicholas Barrett, TX

pre-selected time = 1:11am CST USA e-mail received @ 1:04am CST USA


pre-selected time = 6:28pm CST USA e-mail received @ 6:31pm CST USA

THURSDAY Abdellatif El Alami, UK

pre-selected time 3:35am CST e-mail received @ 3:42am CST USA

FRIDAY Trevor Muret, TX

pre-selected time = 12:02pm CST USA e-mail received @ 11:59am CST USA

Congratulations, folks! Your names have already been passed on to Titan & the books will be on their way to you quite shortly, if they aren't already. Stay tuned for more oportunitis like this one in the coming days...
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