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@@@@ Contest: You could review The Making of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Book! @@@@ Previews: ROTTEN! ACT-I-VATE PRIMER! ROBOT 13! CLIVE BARKER’S SEDUTH 3-D!


Well, AICN COMICS: SHOOT THE MESSENGER is your weekly one stop shop for comic book -EWS. What’s comic book –EWS? Well, it’s our hodge podge of everything not reviews here at AICN Comics. Sure you can find out the @$$Holes’ critical opinions of your favorite books every Wednesday at AICN Comics. But here, you’ll find special reports such as previews, interviews, special features, and occasionally news gathered here from our online brethren at Newsarama, CBR, Wizard, etc. Sure those guys are the best at reporting news as it breaks. Click on the links for the original stories. This column cuts the crap to run down all the vital information for those of you who don’t follow it as it comes in, and serves it all up with that special ingredient of @$$y goodness.

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. Just wanted to toss out a correction before we get into our cool content for the week. My book, VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS THE TINGLER #1 from Bluewater Comics has been delayed a bit and will be in stores October 28th, with the second issue dropping November 11th. In the meantime, you can check out this pair of interviews about the miniseries here and here.


Hey all, Bug here with a cool contest for one lucky reader. Who doesn’t want to see WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE when it comes out in theaters this weekend? I know I’ll be in line. I got an email the other day offering up one copy of HEADS ON AND WE SHOOT: THE MAKING OF WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE autographed by both Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers! Fans of the book will go nuts for this book. It’s got an M-shaped binding and it’s packed with production stills, character sketches, talent interviews/reflections, director's notes, storyboards and miscellany. It’s on sale tomorrow (Oct. 16th), but one lucky bloke will get it for free with a couple of damn cool signatures on it.
Now what do you have to do to get it?
All you have to do is send your name and full address by clicking this link here and promise that after receiving this freakin’ cool book, you will review it for us here at AICN Comics to be posted in a future column (and don’t think of getting this book and ditching us or I will call you out for being lame as hell). So if you’re up to snuff and want to see your review up in bold in one of our AICN Comics column and especially if you love WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, you best get to clicking this link.
Best of luck, folks.

And before we get on with the previews, we’ve got a link to the trailer for “Comic Book Literacy” to share. It’s an independent documentary film that showcases the utilization of comic books to promote literacy and education. Check out the website for more info.

And then there’s this…

Best we just move on to the previews now…

Previews! Previews! Previews! We’ve got fresh previews! Click ‘em and they grow!

ROTTEN #4 Writers: Mark Rahner & Robert Horton Art: Dan Dougherty Publisher: Moonface Press Release Date: Out now!

THE ACT-I-VATE PRIMER ogn Writers/art: Various Publisher: IDW Publishing Release Date: This week!

ROBOT 13 #2 Writer: Thomas Hall Art: Daniel Bradford Publisher: Blacklist Studios Release Date: This week!

CLIVE BARKER’S SEDUTH 3-D #1 Writers: Clive Barker & Christopher Monfette Art: Gabriel Rodriguez, Ray Zone Publisher: IDW Publishing Release Date: This week!

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