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EA'S BATTLEFORGE contest winners and the winning entries that got them there!

Hola all. Massawyrm here. Hey gang, sorry for the delay in posting this. The winners were all notified last week and everything got sent off to EA – but fate kept conspiring to keep me from posting this for the rest of you. And for that I apologize. It was a tough decision, so I turned to a number of fellow writers and gaming industry types (you know who you are) who I’d like to thank for taking the time to read all of the entries. We talked back and forth, we voted and the following three were the clear winners – so for your enjoyment, here are the finalists.
-Daniel Polwarth
They said the beasts were impossible things, a fiendish abomination; for how was it possible that seeping psychic tendrils could span the barrier of mortal consciousness to intrude upon the mind? Such frail things they were to look upon, mere wisps of matter; yet the defending soldiers knew that when the swarm began to wail the strongest, the most violent, the most aggressive, would be first to fall amongst their comrades. The eyes of the victims would bleed as their brains swelled, their tongues choking like hot tar in their throats. Death would come as welcome mercy. And what to call such fiends? When they were whispered of, people would talk of ‘The Parasite Corrupters’, and those who had not heard of them learned to fear the green glow and soft, gentle drone that presaged their advance …

-Damien Kelly
Lo, there I saw before me a dark and deep shadow take form. It rose from the depths of a cavern and stood as a raging sentinel over the tiny village. The shrieking sounds of millions of tiny wings roared across the landscape and the people began to flee to the waters. The swarm cloud gyrated and then broke apart as they flew across the fields towards their intended prey. The people were enveloped in the darkness of shadowed finger like tendrils; their screams muffled as the insects burrowed into the flesh. Some time later, the victims would stir. They were blinded, they were deafened and covered in bleeding gashes and boils from the swarm and the only sounds they would make were sobs of pain and anguish as they were slowly fed upon for days until the great sleep would finally descend and end their misery.

And the short but sweet (and very AICN feeling): -Travis Chesney
"He's no longer your husband!" I cried to Caroline. The slithering green covered the face of my former ally, his head snapping towards us; his body lurching forward as if pulled by invisible strings. "He's something else..."
I want to thank everyone who entered the contest. There were a lot of great entries and by all accounts the judging was tough. Don’t forget to check out BATTLEFORGE , which is in stores (and available for download if I’m not mistaken) now. Look forward to doing battle with some of you this weekend as I’m finally all caught up. See you on the other side. Until next time friends, smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em. Massawyrm
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