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I see lots of 'splosions! Must be time for Michael Bay's REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, naturally, cams of the TRANSFORMERS 2 trailer have already hit the internet. I actually really respect the studio for keeping the trailer theatrically exclusive for the weekend. I know we're part of the problem, but I really miss the days of seeing a trailer for the first time in a theater, not knowing it was about to play. But this is what happens in this day and age. People want to see the trailer, so other people want to be the ones to bring it to them and make sure to pack their flips or super spiffy camera-phones so they can rush home and upload it on YouTube. Many YouTubes of the trailer are out there and I'm sure they'll be systematically removed by the vigilant Paramount/Dreamworks team, so see it while you can. Or you can hold out until Monday when Yahoo Movies will have the trailer in glorious HD...

You know, this trailer is nothing but money shots... They know what to focus on... But I think they could craft a better trailer to really sell those shots, put them in context so it's not just a lot of action happening all jumbled together. But I can say that I have a feeling they're going to learn from some of the mistakes of the first movie. I can already tell a difference in the design of the robots, making them a little different and less confusing. I hope there's more focus on the robots interaction this time out. What do you guys think?

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  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:28 p.m. CST


    by all


  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:28 p.m. CST

    Might be fun

    by James Westfall

    We'll see.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:31 p.m. CST

    They Can't put "those shots" in context

    by SomaShine

    BECAUSE THERE IS NO CONTEXT. It's Michael fucking Bay

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:31 p.m. CST

    Cellphone vids on YouTube = Nipples on Flames

    by Fawst

    Or something.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:32 p.m. CST

    Elephant Juice

    by DishyDish

    Michael Bay da man!!!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:35 p.m. CST


    by knowledge1027

    I like it.It looks like a fun summer movie to me.We as fans and grown-ups should let go of the notion of a perfect movie from our childhood.And just look for good movies and hope as moviegoers were not treated like morons

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:35 p.m. CST

    What is the problem?

    by The_Mad_Groper

    Why does everyone keep whining about this? You already know its not "your" transformers from when we were kids... just except it for what it is.. good ol' popcorn movie making... all fun, no brains... and relax...

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:36 p.m. CST

    I don't know...

    by wampa 1

    ...but it sure smells good!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:37 p.m. CST

    So is the Godzilla sized one Devastator?

    by rev_skarekroe

    The robots still all look like crumpled tinfoil.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:40 p.m. CST


    by Zandunga

    The problem with the first movie is that it wasn't even a "fun summer movie." It was brainless tripe with horribly filmed action sequences - but yes, plenty of eye candy. This is more of the same.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:41 p.m. CST

    Won't be great but will be fun

    by beetlegeuse

    If only the fallen's revenge was killing off shia in the opening minutes...sigh

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:41 p.m. CST

    fuck michael bay!

    by tvs_frank

    this looks like shit!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:41 p.m. CST

    one shall stand.....

    by cool_britannia79

    ...and several hundred talkbackers will fall. Transformers rules, emo whiners can suck my energon hole.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:42 p.m. CST

    Good summer fun...

    by Zandunga more along the lines of, say, Iron Man. Transformers sucked.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:42 p.m. CST

    That looks alright

    by CharyouTree

    I know the human bits are going to be utter shite, but I'm not watching it for that, this is the closest I'm going to get to a Mecha based live action movie so I'll take it.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:43 p.m. CST

    Allthough the Armageddon and Pearl Harbour

    by CharyouTree

    shots look like he's taking the piss

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:44 p.m. CST

    Michael Bay presents: Michael Bay blowing up shit

    by ur-vile

    I'll watch it, but I don't have high expectations.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:46 p.m. CST

    "a lot of action happening all jumbled together"

    by Rando Calrisian

    Doesn't that pretty much describe the film perfectly?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:47 p.m. CST

    yes but...

    by pishowda

    will it have smashing pumpkins?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:47 p.m. CST

    Man... Bay can only do a handleful of set pieces

    by hegele

    It looks like clips mixed together from Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Transformers. I wouldn't see this if you paid me.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:49 p.m. CST

    You think this time

    by judderman

    you'll actually be able to see the robots fight instead of watching them from some hidden corner, like in the first movie?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:52 p.m. CST

    well, that was pretty

    by Stengah

    pretty fucking gay, fag

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:54 p.m. CST


    by Judge Briggs

    his action sequences give me a headache... and his casting of women is super annoying as well.... stop casting a super hot female in each role. we don't see these types of movies for that... if i wanted to see that, i would go to

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:55 p.m. CST

    More Awesome are found at this blog

    by THE FAN

    Just to let everyone know, there's a ton of art at...

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:55 p.m. CST

    I see lots o' dung.

    by DarthCorleone

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:56 p.m. CST

    There is more ART at I mean

    by THE FAN

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:56 p.m. CST


    by HorrorFan81

    It will suck worse than a buck-toothed whore with 2 fingers.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:57 p.m. CST

    Ugh...more military stuff...

    by sapno_krei

    I believed that they had essentially three stories in the first movie -- the Iraq military stuff, the hackers, and the stateside Sam story -- because they weren't sure either plot would stick. Looks like they got rid of the hacker subplot this time around. Personally, I could have done with a truncated plot involving Duhamel's team.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 1:58 p.m. CST

    Looked like a trailer for "Hostel"

    by Movietool

    I'll still see it, though.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:06 p.m. CST

    Well I don't get the hate

    by Maxer

    I don't really know what more you could expect. Maybe the fact that I'm 20 years old and never watched the Transformer cartoon sets me up to see things in a different way, but I thought Transformers1 had good action and I thought Shia was funny, credit both to him and the writing. It's not an Oscar winning movie, but it's entertaining. Isn't that all it should be?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:09 p.m. CST

    Squid? No Check

    by JBouganim1

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:11 p.m. CST

    Megan Fox is hot

    by gavdiggity

    but not hot enough to get me to watch this turd.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:13 p.m. CST

    I kind of liked the military stuff last time

    by drewlicious

    Transformers is basically just a concept that is bugnuts over hardware. I couldn't help but feel a little pumped seeing all those billion dollar toys put to good use, even if a lot of them probably don't exist. The only downside to this angle is that we have to be subjected to Tyrese Gibson.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:14 p.m. CST

    This looks HUGE

    by ABking

    Hand it to Bay, this looks like the biggest summer movie...and I'm a TERMINATOR fan saying this. The next T4 trailer better knock this TRANSFOMRER one out. I love when you see STEVEN SPIELBERG's name come up on screen! That's what I want from AVATAR...A "JAMES CAMERON" FILM that looks like it will fuck up Bay's film!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:19 p.m. CST

    I'm the guy in the audience who's coughing...

    by Zardoz

    ...'cause I could not give a crap about this movie at all!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:20 p.m. CST

    very much a T4 type trailer


    just the action scenes, similar robot angles, and a VERY similar space/static/metallic/scrunching noise droning through out.<P>why is bay keep trying to compare himself against T4?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:21 p.m. CST



    good action and funny dialog don't make a movie unless it is a comedy movie and this is not a comedy movie. <p> in all other cases the story makes a good movie. yes even when its a movie inspired by a toyline/comic book/novel/internet phenomena/ television series/cartoon/short story/board game/video game/true story....etc.....etc..............It doesn't matter what it is based on. It's either a good movie or its not. A good movie is a good movie. Transformers was not. The audience doesn't care about any of the transformers nor do they care about any of the human characters. Therefore it is crap.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:24 p.m. CST

    The Army


    is SO overplatyed in these movies. The Army should cause ZERO threat to the Decepticons. And even the cartoon was never stupid enough to have a little boy defeat MEGATRON. That idea is just dumb. See? These movies are STUPIDER than the children's cartoon. And thats why we hate it.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:26 p.m. CST

    How meta...

    by AgentArchangel

    ...considering the first one looked like it was cam'd for YouTube by some kid with a cell phone.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:27 p.m. CST

    Sorry, I meant to say "the first film looked like it was cam'd"

    by AgentArchangel

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:27 p.m. CST

    NOT Devastator

    by TheChozyn1

    Various online boards have stated that the giant robot in the trailer is NOT Devastator. Some believe it is just ONE of Constructicons. Who knows for sure? I do believe that Bay wants Devastator to be this big reveal. He is already on record as saying how he hates trailers that give away all the cool scenes, so with that being said, I didn't expect much out of this teaser. May have to wait till June 24 in the theaters to actually see Devastator.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:28 p.m. CST

    Can we get another transformers contest on here?

    by Outlaw

    Robots, carnage, metal on metal violence...I'll probably check this out.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:31 p.m. CST

    I'm strangely optimistic...

    by Sithtastic

    ...pity I won't be anywhere near an American theater to see it though.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:32 p.m. CST can't suck more than the first one

    by blackcoffee

    The first one was so heavily flawed, this second film can only be an improvement. Still FUCKING hate Prime's mouth though.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:33 p.m. CST

    What do I think?

    by Phil Connors

    Dumb as a bowl of shit.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:36 p.m. CST

    Primes mouth..


    Can Prime PLEASE leave the face shield up at all times? I'm already scarred knowing that he has a mouth under there but PLEASE. For love of god. Can we NEVER see it again? thanxabunch.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:38 p.m. CST

    Wow, that looks much darker than the first

    by eXcommunicated

    The trailer makes the movie to look much darker and than the first one. Looks great.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:44 p.m. CST

    After seeing this trailer...

    by MooseKnuckleMalone

    I would probably give Michael Bay a reach-around... Actually that's a lie, but I'd get pretty close. I haven't been this pumped since TDK. I've read a lot into it (spoilers!) and I'm still excited. If the TBs I'm reading are true (in regards to spoilers) -- then this definitely is the Empire Strikes Back of Transformers. And I'm on board. Devastator will fuck our eyeballs out...

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:44 p.m. CST

    Autobots are pussies in these movies

    by drewlicious

    Did any of them really win any hand to hand fights without the army helping them out? I count Prime killing Bone Crusher but then Megatron kicked the crap out of him. It's kind of like the new Star Wars where the villains are so much cooler that we kind of root for them ove the heroes in the end. Even their names are better. I gotta give the 80's credit, they really knew how to name cartoon characters back then.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:46 p.m. CST


    by MooseKnuckleMalone

    I'm right with you - definitely darker. That's exactly what Transformers needed in my opinion. Part 1 was fun, but I need some dark gritty shit. From this cut, I think Bay might have pulled it off. I'm dying for some Robot on Robot action -- although Optimus takes it in the jaw like a biatch in the trailer.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:49 p.m. CST


    by Mr. Nice Gaius


  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:56 p.m. CST

    Its a fucking teaser

    by ominus

    not a u dont expect to see the shots inside a context.just wait for the trailer.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:56 p.m. CST

    What film did this trailer play at?

    by Dr. Samuel Loomis

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:56 p.m. CST

    Oh my head.

    by machine74

    It's a Transformers movie. It's got cool effects, Prime's real voice, awesome cars, great locations.... And yet, fanboys do the following on every news story on AICN: 1. Post FIRST!! in case you're first to write something (you're probably not). 2. Post some hateful comment. 3. Post hateful comments to other hateful comments. If you don't like the trailer, that's your opinion. Noone can say they liked the movie or hated it since it's not out yet. I truly think that the online community at large just picks and picks at new exciting things until they find a crack, even if it's 98% a great film. Or 90%. Who's to judge anyway? Bay's imagining of the story is one possibility out of a million directions they could have gone with this. Now, we have a movie to watch this summer with some of our favorite characters, admittedly a little different in some spots that some like, but all in all, a fun two hours plus to spend with your friends and/or family watching it all unfold. Wow, how horrible.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 2:59 p.m. CST

    "Thos aren't ideas, those are special effects"

    by TakeItEasyMon

    This is garbage. Blowing shit up "reel pretty like" doesn't really cut it anymore. Just because there's 10,000 different things crowding the frame and lots of exploding does not make for good action. Quothe Southpark "Those aren't ideas, those are special effects"

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3 p.m. CST

    Fuck You Yahoo Movies

    by Judge_Dredd

    That site sucks.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3 p.m. CST

    Carrier being blown up not cool. I was @ Pearl Harbor.

    by fanboy71

    2 years ago. I also committed some attrocities in Vietnam around then.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3 p.m. CST

    GO TF! I'm all in!

    by dead youngling

    Was a bit of a hater last time and now I regret it. Just looking for a fun movie and this will do it for me.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:01 p.m. CST

    I love the Transformers talkbacks

    by ominus

    i remember when the first premiered and was a huge success,there were some haters who insisted that the movie was a boxoffice flop.even with the official numbers from,they still didnt want to accept that the movie was blockbuster. <P>AHAHAHAHA i love those losers.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:04 p.m. CST

    a "fun two hours"?

    by DarthHomercles

    The first movie was a mindless mess and I have no reason to think the sequel won't be either. I don't care about how closely the movies stay to the source material; just make a fucking good movie! Sadly, "good movie" is not in Bay's vocabulary. He hasn't made a good movie since THE ROCK.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:07 p.m. CST

    Total Rip off of "The Mysterians".

    by cookylamoo

    Now those were giant fucking robots.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:10 p.m. CST

    its just a teaser...

    by Bouncy X

    of course its all money shots. whenever the actual trailer comes it'll show more of the story or what not. and yes i know i know..."hahahaha micheal bay with a story..yadda yadda yadda".

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:11 p.m. CST


    by Squashua

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:15 p.m. CST

    Explosions are boring. Always.

    by Bot-Bot

    Who goes to see a movie these days just because of explosions? Hollywood seems to think we still love to see them apparently. They're like a pause - a bright noisy pause - that you have to wait for in order to either start the story, create a conflict or end it. I find long sequences of explosions have me looking at my watch.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:16 p.m. CST



    OK hopefully that will get some reply's from people this time around:P Now i am almost 30, i grew up LOVING Transformers, i am a true fan, and i just don't understand why everyone has such a hate on for this movie, especially if your a fan of the original, its not perfect, but it isn't bad, i had no problem following the action, the robots don't look that bad, the special effects are great, they have the ORIGINAL voice of Optimus, It had some funny moments, and some lines from the original cartoon. The worst part for me was the Linkin Park song at the end:P I am also not one of the mindless mainstream who will sit through any old crap, i have standards:P

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:25 p.m. CST


    by TiNSeLToWN TeRRoR

    Thats what it is. And I for one can't wait. This looks epic.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:32 p.m. CST

    Well haters

    by the_shogun_gunslinger

    some of us still like to have fun at the movies from time to time, so I'll check it out. I had my issues with the first film (messy designs, ad placement, some pathetic dialogue, ANYTHING involving the hackers/military) but still enjoyed it for the most part. Beautiful-Bullshit Bay has my summer money this year. Fuck it.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:35 p.m. CST

    Oh Yes

    by Mr. Lahey

    This trailer = nipples on my girlfriend. I'll see this more than the first one, I imagine. I hope it does indeed have a darker tone as Michael Bay mentioned.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:36 p.m. CST

    Amen, Berserkr

    by seagrass


  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:36 p.m. CST

    Looking good

    by Jaws Wayne

    I liked everything I've seen so far from this, it surely looks to be more hardcore and grittier follow-up to part 1. Looking forward to this, like everyone else who roams these boards although many seem to have a problem admitting that. Bring-it-on.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:37 p.m. CST

    I just hope it has more big robots hitting eachother

    by Larry of Arabia

    and maybe some more comprehensible editing.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:40 p.m. CST

    Fall of the Fallen. Rise of the Fallen.

    by Cat_Corporation

    I'm sick of these stoopid titles!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:41 p.m. CST

    Not enough explosions!

    by sonnyfern

    Come on Bay, you can do better than that!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:42 p.m. CST



    Thanks, Tranformers fans........UNITE!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:44 p.m. CST

    That Theater Ate It Up!

    by TheBlackKnight

    Did you see how nuts they are for this movie? All the...silence...of their anticipation...

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:45 p.m. CST

    Who cares about these characters or the story?

    by S-Mart shopper

    Is this sequel even warranted? There's absolutely no emotional investment in ANY of these characters, ZERO! THAT was the big fail of the first movie, Bay can't tell a good story. He makes things look flashy, stylized and go boom that's it. "Revenge"? For what? There has to be motivation, passion and unquestioning belief for revenge. The title alone shows what a schmuck Bay is.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:46 p.m. CST

    Every movie is a popcorn movie.

    by Dingbatty

    Even theatres that show indie and art films sell popcorn. Doesn't mean that a mass appeal hopeful blockbuster can't be made thoughtfully.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:46 p.m. CST

    Summer used to mean fun movies...

    by conspiracy

    <p>Movies with eye candy sure..but also a decent story and credible acting. However in the 21st Century it seems 90% of these so called "Popcorn" movies have been reduced to something akin to Teletubbies; colors, explosions, and constant movement to keep the attention of retards and mouth breathers whom probably have never read a book.</p> <p>It is honestly amazing that films such as TDK or Iron Man, films that at the very least don't insult like Bayformers did, get through the fog of mediocrity that has become Hollywood</P>

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:48 p.m. CST

    Fuck Michael Bay

    by ballyhoo

    Just fuck him.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:49 p.m. CST

    Damn you, MCMLXXVI

    by seagrass

    for your inevitable appearance.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:51 p.m. CST

    I am a mouth breather, Conspiracy

    by seagrass

    because my nose is up Michael Bay's ass. Smells like...victory.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:53 p.m. CST

    Michael Bay hates film.

    by Rev. Slappy

    He must.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:54 p.m. CST

    Revenge of the TINO!!!!!!

    by S-Mart shopper

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:55 p.m. CST

    the trailer is attached to EVERYTHING this weekend..

    by jig98

    ala indy 4 last v-day weekend. and we all know how that turned out... anywho, the movie looks just fucking awesome. and i'm pleased that they moved it up two days so that we don't have a scheduling competition clusterfuck like we do every single summer since the second men in black film. also, a friendly reminder that confessions of a shopaholic will have a glimpse of prince of persia hopefully they'll put it on utube sometime in the near future.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:55 p.m. CST

    One scene looked good

    by David Lazarus Long

    The 'bot flying out of the window and transforming as it hits the ground - THAT is what I want to see. However I feel certain that it will be a throwaway scene in the first 5 minutes to "introduce" the fact that - YES, these robots turn into cars sometimes. Not for disguises or recon or subtlety or anything, but just because for some reason they can. Then Optimus will step on a shopping mall and say "Whoopsie-daisy! My B, homeys. Let's go get crunk!" I weep for the children that grow up thinking this is "good entertainment". And I wag my finger at anyone over the age of 12 that thinks these movies are "cool".

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:57 p.m. CST

    ominus-Blockbuster does not equal quality.

    by conspiracy

    Look...just because it makes $ does not mean it is good. By that way of thinking Beverly Hills Chihuahua was fucking Shakespeare. No sir..I don't mind summer long as they don't insult. Bayformers, with its innane plot, horrid script, bad acting and nonstop product placement, insults; and the fact that the uneducated unthinking products of government education ate it up says much about people today. DOn't we deserve better? Or should we as film fans just sit back and make excuses for the mediocrity that is Hollywood these days?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:58 p.m. CST

    I can't wait

    by Slippy

    Until the Fallen's giant moosecock will be fucking our eyeballs out in 2009!!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 3:59 p.m. CST

    Is their a STORY in this so called film?

    by knowthyself

    I loved the trailer for the first film. Told a simple story of boy meets robot. But this..I mean what the fuck is this? Tell me what story you are going to tell for goodness sakes. And I'm a big fan of the first film.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:05 p.m. CST

    this looks fucking awful

    by Muki

    so so bad

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:06 p.m. CST

    Industrial Light & Magic...

    by cameron1975willi

    ...have done it again! Amazing Special effects. Lookin' forward to John Tuturro and Shia LeBouef exchanging dialogue too.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:06 p.m. CST

    Didn't Bay say he wrote this during the writers' strike?

    by Rev. Slappy

    First of all, the idea of him writing anything is ridiculous. Second, nice to show your solidarity to the writers, Mike. What a douchebag. Has there ever been a worse filmmaker make it to this level of A list status?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:08 p.m. CST

    The first movie was loaded with charm...

    by cameron1975willi

    ...I can't help but think the presence of Spielberg made Bay up his game. If the sequel is an all-to-rare imrovement on the original, we're in for one helluva movie!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:10 p.m. CST

    Lovin's the new hatin'

    by cameron1975willi

    ...get with the programme you hating Monkeys!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:13 p.m. CST

    Auteur director

    by cameron1975willi

    Any artist, be it guitar player, painter of director who brings a recognizable style to each of his works is worthy of the title 'auteur'. FACT!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:13 p.m. CST

    People are right about popcorn movies sucking now.

    by Rev. Slappy

    Summer movies didn't used to be this bad. Granted they often weren't Shakespeare, but they were well crafted, well written, well acted bits of escapist entertainment. One of the reason TDK was so huge last year was because of the void of that type of film. The summer movie has devolved into a fireworks show -- pretty to look for the first five minutes until it grows tedious and repetitive and then totally forgotten by the time it's over. Compare something like Back to the Future to Transformers. There's no comparison. BTTF has a limited amount of visual effects (what's there actually services the story) and tells a story with real heart. I sound like an old person barking at the kids on my lawn, but Bay is ruining fun summer movies.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:17 p.m. CST

    Take me to this magical time..

    by knowthyself

    ...when movies didn't suck. Is it located near candy land on lolipop lane?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:19 p.m. CST

    Just like the first movies trailers...

    by AnakinsDiapers

    ...this one is designed like a horror film. Beyond the shit load of problems i had with the first movie, by biggest gripe is there is no sense of fun. The Transformers should ooze "adventure", not sleek ominous horror. I keep expecting to see an Alien appear.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:24 p.m. CST

    D. L. Long

    by Jaws Wayne

    Man, what is with some of you who feel the need to insult other people who happen to experience a movie different as yourself. I can think of many reasons why a popcorn movie like Transformers is liked or even loved by many. Why should I not look forward to this spectacular looking follow-up ? Would I have a problem with Hollywood making many "better" films as Transformers ? They actually do that too which is good, but that doesn't mean a silly fun fantasy flick about robots from outer space slugging it out on earth can't or really shouldn't be enjoyed by folks of all ages. You can wiggle that finger all you want at us, should we care about that ?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:25 p.m. CST

    kind of boring...

    by bubcus

    Okay, personally I find that trailer bland and boring. Yes, it's money shots, yes it has explosions and special effects. But I miss the trailers that actually give a hint of plot. <BR><BR> Yes of course it's about Decepticon revenge, but it would have been nice to get some spirit into this trailer... I watch this and it just doesn't grab me. <BR><BR> I remember watching a trailer for Return (Revenge) of the Jedi where they had Luke ask Yoda "Is Darth Vader my Father?" and I was on the edge of my seat and frantically wanted to see the movie to find out. That's the kind of spirit or pull this is missing.<BR><BR> Sure I'll see this film, but my enthusiasm for it and my expectations remain pretty low....

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:26 p.m. CST


    by Get_Me_An_18-Man_Fire_Team_In_12_Hours

    god damn it

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:27 p.m. CST

    I don't know. *Do* you care?

    by David Lazarus Long

    A finger wiggle is an insult these days? Only if you know in your heart that I'm right.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:28 p.m. CST

    Enjoy it all you like

    by David Lazarus Long

    But when "ASS: THE MOVIE" debuts to a spectacular opening weekend, expect to hear an "I told you so" coming from somewhere in Jersey.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:28 p.m. CST

    Should've had some actual dialogue

    by terry1978

    And not just from the humans, we should've gotten some talking from the TF's as well, at least to showcase what the fuck the story is.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:41 p.m. CST


    by ominus

    blockbuster equals fun.thats all what is about with transformers.if you want quality,just rent any festival-awarded iranian movie. <p>beside my point was how blindly stupid people are.they prefer to ignore the truth,than accept it.idiots.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:50 p.m. CST

    Fucks sake...

    by david19

    Its TRANSFORMERS DLL. This is not high art. Its a movie about giant robots. Holy crap man. The cartoon was fun too, but it wasnt exactly Schindlers List.<P>I, for one, enjoy mindless fun from time to time. Sure the first one had its issues as a movie, but it was fun as hell and had GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS THAT TURN INTO CARS beating the shit out of each other. If you can't just enjoy popcorn flicks then don't go. Friday the 13th is getting poor scores on Metacritic, but who cares. Its good fun. Not everything can be Dark Knight quality. You go, you enjoy yourself, Fucking ree-rees.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:55 p.m. CST

    Unless dragged to it, I'll be skipping it.

    by Chewtoy

    This looks exactly like the first movie to me, with the same craptacular camera work in action scenes. I've rarely been as angry with a film as I was with the 1st Transformers, not because I care about whether the robots were treated with "respect" (I'm not of the Transformers generation I guess), but because I could never focus on what I wanted to see on screen. I wanted to physically beat the camera-man with shovel to get him to pull out. Whichever reviewer on this site who said that every action scene was like someone smashed a bunch of car parts into a ball and then rolled it downhill filmed in ultra-close up nailed it. And deprived of any action to take me out of the movie, I actually had to pay attention to that plot. Good God.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:55 p.m. CST

    I guess this summer is a COMPLETE MORONS paradise!

    by IndustryKiller!

    A McG directed Terminator film, a Stephen Summers directed GI Joe film, and another boring and poorly shot Michael Bay Transformers film. Not only to they get the high of seeing expensive looking garbage on screen, but the added bonus of the ruination of three franchises that could have been amazing fun in the hands of talented people with vision. But I guess that would really alienate the mouth breathing douche bags that love shiny objests and say embarrassingly stupid shit like "It's based on a toyline!" or "What do you want???? SHAKESPEARE!?" In the coming apocalypse these will be my favorite people to scalp.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:56 p.m. CST

    Rated R?

    by Willyer Hero

    Did that last frame say it was rated R?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 4:57 p.m. CST

    David19 if you don't already work in a coal mine....

    by IndustryKiller!

    please quit your job and do so immediately because Im pretty sure you are stealing someone who is more qualified's life.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:02 p.m. CST


    by Rev. Slappy

    This is the attitude that bugs me, and it isn't just you that's putting it out there. I wish the audience would be more demanding. Why can't a Transformers movie be smart and well written and well acted? Why do we accept escapist movies that are insulting to the audience. I don't expect Shakespeare but it would be nice for it to at least be coherent. Iron Man pulled it off -- the film told a story and had some really nice work from the cast to go along with all the FX work. TDK pulled it off and then some -- it had a legendary performance by Ledger and also some interesting food for thought. I wish the audience would be more demanding.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:04 p.m. CST

    Industrykiller !

    by Jaws Wayne

    Amigo, is it a hobby of yours embarrasing yourself like that ? The line about " the added bonus of the ruination of three franchises that could have been amazing fun in the hands of talented people with vision" must be the nerdiest thing I've ever read on this board. And that's saying something haha.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:06 p.m. CST

    Who the fuck takes a camcorder...

    by deanbarry the movies? Seriously! That shit is fucked up right there. Hope the dick gets busted. Fucking 'tard.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:08 p.m. CST

    IndustryKiller! wants vision.

    by Mr. Nice Gaius

    But Bay gives you !AWESOME!<P>(Insert *wink* emoticon!)

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:09 p.m. CST

    The first film was so bad, only a moron would be --

    by The Gospel According to Bastardface

    -- excited about the sequel. And that trailer looks like 2.5 hours of shouting and noise.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:09 p.m. CST

    From one guy on an internet message board to another Jaws

    by IndustryKiller!

    Yup....I'M a huge nerd.....*rolls eyes*

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:20 p.m. CST


    by Gus Van Rant

    Ugh, Micheal Bay, have fun drinking tea and having enemas with John Ritter...IN HELL!!!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:21 p.m. CST

    TINO 2 = Bay's cocaine induced hallucinations

    by ProziumJunkie

    it's twu, it's twu!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:22 p.m. CST

    Keep your cameras/cell phones in your pocket during the movie

    by daggor

    I'll never forgive or forget the jackass that kept taking still photos on his cell phone during X-Men 2. "Ooh. I got Wolverine. But it's blurry. I'll take another one. Hm. Still no good. I'll hold my phone higher and steady my right arm with my left arm. That's better. Now to get MAGNETO!"

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:23 p.m. CST

    Bay could make an incredible stripper movie

    by ProziumJunkie

    as long as he stayed powdered up for the entire shoot

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:24 p.m. CST

    Hey nerds

    by geek molester

    why don't you all just shut the fuck up and go back to jerking off to your limitted edition gold plated Magnolia blue-ray. This shit's gonna rule, no one cares what a 35 year old dude wearing spiderman undies thinks.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:26 p.m. CST

    Fuck AVATAR

    by rogueleader66

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:32 p.m. CST


    by JRyanH

    You guys are unbelievable. I've been coming to this site for about 5 years now, and this is the first time I've ever posted. If you hate Bay so much, why are you even clicking on these links? If you thought Transformers 1 sucked so much, why are you taking time out of your day to bitch incessantly about it on this board? We get it... you hate Bay. Move on. I agree he's not the best director. But I have to say that I enjoyed Transformers and The Rock. No, I am not a moron, either. Anyways, it feels good to finally join the party...

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:36 p.m. CST

    "Anyways, it feels good to finally join the party"

    by ProziumJunkie

    and that's why people post

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 5:48 p.m. CST


    by drompter

    Sorry. This version looks better. Cough...cough. Sorry: X2nNP2Y8pyw

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:03 p.m. CST

    Micheal Bay is the Man!

    by dioxholster

    he is so awesome!!!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:05 p.m. CST

    This one's in HD.

    by Smashing

    Muchos betteros <p>

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:06 p.m. CST


    by Mr.Twist


  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:06 p.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    I heard Martin Scorcese was dying to direct part IV of the Terminator with Bobby D. as John Connor but Bob chose to do Meet the Parents 3 instead, David Lynch was too busy making funky internet cartoons for his website, so had to pass on a Paramount proposed low budget black and white version of Transformers 2, and Terrence Mallick was first choice to direct the G.I. Joe film. He would have LOVED to do it but just couldn't promise Paramount that summer '09 deadline, so that fell through as well. Damn !!! So, we'll have to live with the McGee, Bay and Sommers's films now. In short, life really, really ain't fair for quality movie loving chaps like yourself, but really, what can you do ?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:10 p.m. CST

    Martin Scorcese doesnt know film

    by dioxholster

    all his movies suck...michael bay on the other hand knows what the audience wants and he delivers big time. !!!!YAY!!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:13 p.m. CST

    Transformers was greatest movie of 2007

    by dioxholster

    it was the best i tell ya the best, i wet my pants because i was so excited.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:23 p.m. CST

    Why all this shit talking???

    by Nohomo

    Why is everyone so damn bitter?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:29 p.m. CST

    The hate only exists in places like these..

    by CeejayNightwing

    where men who never grew past their cartoons that sold their toys did a big brainwashing number on them that lasted a lifetime. They'll never look past the fact that the cartoon was stupid as hell with zero realistic involment by the army, police, secret service or any world government whatsoever. It was a show to sell toys to boys so it had TWO humans, both MEN. It was the gayer than what they call Bay's Transformers and the sheer amount of sillt car and vehicle jokes in the show make it unbearable today. Bay's film made ten times more sense than the cartoon which had robots from another planet from 4 million years ago looking like our vehicles before we invented the first car! They left Cybertron hoping to find a new energy source because of a crisis and 4 million years later the crisis still exists!? That cartoon was insane, a great way to sell toys to kids but the fact that those men-kids never grew past that is even more amazing than the sheer mind-block they put on the live action film in order to not understand its plot and the sheer level of nitpicking they do to moan about its flaws. These guys are the worst case scenario fanboys, the ones that act like abused children over a cartoon and Toy concept! The fist film was good, it established a far more realistic looking concept for both alien robot and transforming disguise, as well as including a far more believable account of human involvement from all the factions you expect to be involved in a scenario involving Aliens/robots fighting a war on our soil! The film will be a huge success dispite them and as this franchise continues, these guys will look sadder and sadder with their continuing sulk about silly that old 80's cartoon marketing toys to them with insane stories, not being brought to life so they can jerk off! I grew up watching that cartoon and to watch it today is unbearable, you fanboys truly live in your own self-brainwashed world!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:30 p.m. CST


    by dioxholster

    well lets imagine that for a sec.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:33 p.m. CST

    You know what, I'm NOT excited like I use to be.

    by Darth_Kaos

    I actually really enjoyed the first movie. . .alot. I think it's Bay's best. But I think this next one is going to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over board. Spielberg kept the leash tight on the first one, but it seems (based on the success of the first) that they're letting Bay do whatever, and I think it's going to ruin the movie. The opening with the comets hitting the buildings is straight from Armageddon. he's actually copying his own shit. Not a good sign folks.<br><br> I was looking forward to this before the trailers. But now, I'm afraid. . .very afraid.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:39 p.m. CST

    Straight from Armageddon?

    by CeejayNightwing

    How come you didn't thin kthat when the same thing happend when the Autobots arived on Earth in the first film taking down building structures like in Armageddon? The fact that this time the Decepticons are landing in force and hitting an Aircraft carrier is sort of a hint to what forms they'll be taking in disguise rather than a copy of Armageddon comets hitting new york, dude!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 6:42 p.m. CST

    STARGATE UNIVERSE will surprise you

    by dioxholster

    as transformers did

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 7:12 p.m. CST


    by Eats_sandwich_gets_laid.

    <p>Enjoying stupid mindless fun does not make one stupid or mindless (unless we're talking about the fans of Carlos Mencia). On the other side, we do deserve movies that are on par with our intellect, and guess what? We usually get them. They just don't have the budget and special effects that the big dumb movies do. The problem is that the balance is completely skewed, and for every "The Professional" we get three "Mission Impossibles." For every "The Wrestler," we get four or five "Sex and the Cities."</p> The bottom line is that coming to the defense of what is definitely stupid fun is not going to sway those who have a vehement hatred for Michael Bay. Incessantly bashing Michael Bay is not going to sway those who feel like this movie has a chance to deliver what they want. </p> I would understand more if it were an actual debate instead of post after post of back and forth "I like it." "I hate it." "I hate you." As it stands, the majority of the voices on either side here don't seem to understand the difference between "your" and "you're" or the non-existent "youre," and are also unable to comprehend the fact that "a lot" is two separate words. </p> It doesn't strengthen an argument when it's made by someone without the wherewithal to present it in an intelligent manner. In other words, "your pising me of alot" doesn't have much impact. </p> Finally, I have to take a side, and apparently I'm with the fans of this movie. I enjoy stupid, mindless fun, like reading most of these talkbacks. This shouldn't come as a surprise. I am a 31 year old man with Spiderman underpants.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 7:22 p.m. CST

    It amuses me that...

    by crankyoldguy

    all those who grew up with those terribly animated cartoons (okay, they got a little better with that, Cyberton and Energon?), get so upset over the Bay version. Sorry kids, this ain't like Schumaker's Batman debacles, not at all. Robots that can turn in to trucks and cars and other things and then back into robots that beat the crap out of each other. No wonder my little boy can't wait for the new one.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 7:23 p.m. CST

    It's not a foregone conclusion...

    by JumpinJehosaphat

    ...that this film will be successful. People vote with their dollars. I think we forget how much control we actually have over the content that comes out of Hollywood. If you are mad that this movie was made, don't see it. Don't buy the DVD/BluRay. It's that easy. But, I know how talkbacker fanboys are -- Bitch, bitch, bitch, then they're all there opening weekend.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 7:42 p.m. CST


    by executiverocker

    So where is the story? Is there going to be one? I guess not as it is shitty michael bay

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 7:56 p.m. CST

    "But I think they could craft a better trailer..."

    by Larry Sellers

    to really sell those shots, put them in context so it's not just a lot of action happening all jumbled together." You mean like...a film?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:12 p.m. CST

    Love it or hate it...

    by Boober

    If you posted here, you just hyped it. It's still an emotional investment. If you didn't care, you haters wouldn't have posted...or maybe you would, if it's the closest thing you can manage to connecting to another human being. I KID...I kid...right?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:16 p.m. CST


    by Boober

    cannot be saved...even with adding silver to the actual "film". I'd be curious to see if those waxxing a big 'ole sh!t on this film are doing the same to T4...I'll take Gunkata anyday...

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:18 p.m. CST

    Thanks drompter and Smashing

    by Mr. Lahey

    Much better quality. That will tide me over until Monday's official release.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:22 p.m. CST

    G1 fans?!!!

    by CeejayNightwing

    lol, We WERE fans! We grew up and moved on to other things in life. Now we want to enjoys a fun film that's not as simplistic as the cartoon but a bit more probable in its scenarios. And we don't want it with the stupid stuff like Megatron turning into a Handgun just because the people who made the toy made it that way for kids to play with. We want it with more than TWO humans giving up their day job on an oil rig so they can hang out with robots every week in the same uniform they once wore to work! Jesus, we don't want that TV show that was made for 8 year old boys or the clunky designs based on basic, colourful toys! And we definitely don't want to be calling ourselves fans any more either, not if it means fencing our minds in nostalgia! We're movie goers now and we're adults. You need to leave your childhood in the 80's, fanboy! And can people stop complaining about the Teaser Trailer not being coherent, it's a TEASER! Teaser trailers are mostly always like this which is why they're called TEASERS! Look at the teasers for Attack of the Clones or Batman TDK, they were just images in quick succession. This is not a new exercise invented by Bay, it's the norm, exactly the same as they did two years ago aswell so stop looking for season to complain about everything! bay must be laughing his head off at the sheer amounts of retarded posts on this talk-back complaining about a Teaser trailer not making sense! It's barely a minutes worth of imaginary from a 2 and a half hour film! As teasers go, it's definitely done its job and got people talking about it, even those who protest too loud about hating it (closet Bay-Transformer fans).

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:26 p.m. CST

    Looks fucking awesome.

    by AllPowerfulWizardOfOz

    Can't wait. The first one was great fun and this one looks even better. This will be the biggest movie of the year.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:29 p.m. CST

    31 year old man with Spiderman underpants

    by Jaws Wayne

    Eats_sandwich_gets_laid, that was a fine and funny post man and Nerd Rage (hey, what's in a name) perhaps you need to ask your mamma for a massage so you can unwind a little, because you sound a little uptight buddy. Roll Out !!!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:30 p.m. CST


    by FuckMichaelBay

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:30 p.m. CST


    by FuckMichaelBay

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:30 p.m. CST


    by FuckMichaelBay

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 8:46 p.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    That sentence is so funny man, you really should consider posting that more often ! Man, just HOW can a human being become so dorky like you, please, let us in on that.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 9:09 p.m. CST


    by Lukin

    You yank feks should agree that you make the movies,you see the movies and you EAT the movies. Y all the bad press,Bay proved that you died in #WW2 but keep fighting on...MEGATRON F T W

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 9:14 p.m. CST

    The war between...

    by smatt584

    Whiny bitches and retarded douchebags rages on. Who wins? Well, considering the subject, nobody. (Im personally on the whiny bitches side)

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 9:24 p.m. CST

    I'm all for enjoying stupid, mindless fun...

    by JackBauer24

    But this bullsh*t is stupid mindless and NOT fun. Honestly, it's just depressing. I saw the first Transformers movie and my interest was not piqued once, my pulse never rose above resting, I just did not care. Something like 'Taken', now that was stupid mindless fun - because it was FUN. Transformers is piss poorly made and unengaging. No, a movie doesn't have to be Shakespeare in order to entertain, but it has to be of SOME worth.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 9:42 p.m. CST

    Goodness Jaws you are absolutely right.

    by IndustryKiller!

    Because there is no level of filmmaker in between Michael bay and martin Scorcese, it's just one or the other. And when i sawy I want someone with a sense of vision I must be talking Lynch.....what hole do these imbeciles crawl out of?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 9:56 p.m. CST

    And Ceejaynightwing, a retort to your foolishness

    by IndustryKiller!

    The original cartoon didn't have brilliant dialogue or story (although some of the plotlines were infinitely better than the one in the Bay film) but what it did have was fantastic voice acting that fleshed out the archetypal characters and awesome instantly recognizeble and memorable character designs. You may not like the original designs but its not the t-shirts with the Bayformers on them that line shelves across the country. The designs in these films are clunky, hard to differenciate,nonspecific and apparently the filmmakers agree because they are less unruly this time around. Moreover it lacks what made the cartoon great, the ROBOTS ARE THE MAIN CHARACTERS. The POINT is to concentrate on the robots. If the original cartoon and comic had done what Bay did and keep an eye on horrendously written politicians and hokey walking army cliches then we wouldnt be having this discussion right now because nobody would remember the show Transformers. You can still have an army presence in the film without following those terribly written characters who nobody cared about. And for all your criticism of the cartoon it was certainly no more poorly written than Orci and Kurtzmans laughably amateurish script. I mean gadzooks man Optimus Prime says "My bad".<P> As for the fact that its a toy line, it means nothing. Spider mans black symbiote costume was written originally to sell a toy line, does that negate every great story told in comics while Spider man is wearing that costume? <P> Another point, and this is to the larger apologist sect, how the fuck do you people spout your bullshit about whiny fanboys who care too much about Transformers while writing on an internet forum about the Transformers movie? Are you really blind to the hypocrisy of that?? Moreover you are bitching about bitching while defending soulless awful filmmaking (and it is inarguably, on a technical level, bad filmmaking) against people who give a shit. So basically you are getting impassioned about not giving a shit. Takes a big man to make a statement that nihilistic. thank God everyone is such a mindless, hop-a-long corporate, art hating shill.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 9:59 p.m. CST


    by IndustryKiller!

    "Thank God everyone ISNT such a mindless, hop-a-long corporate, art hating shill." is what that last sentence should read

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 10:19 p.m. CST

    I'm worried they're trying for The Dark Knight

    by drturing

    Grim and gritty. There's no fun or joy or playfulness in this. They've obviously thinking "this is our Empire Strikes Back". It's Transformers. It shouldn't be.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 10:43 p.m. CST

    Watch out!

    by Mr. Lahey

    FMB is gripping his Bay-induced erection again!

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 10:49 p.m. CST

    Fuck the haters...

    by RevengeOfJobu

    You all know this is gonna be a great night out at the IMAX. Gt the fuck out of here.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 11:03 p.m. CST

    HOLD ON! There's explosions in a Mike Bay flick?

    by Xiphos_2

    When did that start?

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 11:05 p.m. CST

    for the record: Autbots were pussies in the cartoon too

    by BMacSmith

    they always barely beat the decepticons after getting trashed the whole show.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 11:18 p.m. CST

    FUCK FuckMichaelBay!

    by Lamerz

    Fuck that guy.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 11:31 p.m. CST

    I hope this does well

    by Spifftacular Squirrel Girl

    Then some studio will hopefully get as kickass Gundam movie trilogy on the fast track.

  • Feb. 13, 2009, 11:40 p.m. CST


    by Orionsangels


  • Feb. 13, 2009, 11:58 p.m. CST

    1 of the hottest girls ever wore a G1 Bumblee tee.

    by Stereotypical Evil Archer

    She wore it tonight.<p><p>Long haired brunette, bright blue eyes, eastern European cheekbones, tall slender build, and G1 Bumblebee streched across her wonderful bosom.<p><p>We're just "friends."<p><p> Another sad Valentine's Day for the Evil Archer.<p><p>She always does something like this, that is so cool and so hot, that it crushes me under the weight of my low self esteem.<p><p>And she loves Lord of the Rings and Firefly and Buffy and Tarentino films and loves to drink and loves heavy metal. She's the girl next door that looks like a supermodel and isn't goth... she's perfect for one of you... 'cause I'm a "friend."

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 12:48 a.m. CST

    Damn You Michael Bay


    Damn You Michael Bay

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 12:54 a.m. CST

    The Beef, The Bay and The Burg all suck

    by disfigurehead

    Zero street cred any more.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:38 a.m. CST


    by blackwood

    Even dark and shaky, they looked more like "Transformers" this time, not sparking twisted spiky metal scaffolding glued to tanks. The first film was alright, too many stupid talking humans but it had a neat, almost Gremlins-like energy to it. Kinda fun. Hope this works out a bit better.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:40 a.m. CST


    by Mace13

    Dude, I can hardly understand a word you're saying. It's just a bunch of incoherent mumbling. You need to take michael bays dick out of your mouth before you speak. And I think you're going to need a mint to. Ok? <br><br> And on a more serious note, you really need to get your fucking facts straight about some shit before ranting on here to people that don't like Bay's Transformers movie. <br><br> Not one fucking time has any of us G1 Fans (Which I am) said that we wanted an exact translation of the original cartoon/comic to a live action movie. Not one person has EVER said that. We are not against updating the story or the characters to better reflect modern times. Doing that is only reasonable. You can easily update everything but still pay respect to the source material that it's based on. But this shit that Bay pulled out of his ass and served to everyone on a silver platter does not a movie make. Yeah it might look pretty. I will give them that. The cgi and effects in the movie was well done. But that is the only thing this movie had going for it. That is the only reason people like you hold crap like that in such high regard. If you're entertained by this type of shit then you're apparently not quite the intellectual adult you claim you are. <br><br> The robot designs were shit. They all looked like walking piles of scrap metal and were indistinguishable from each other. And just as Industrykiller already stated, apparently Bay must have even realized he fucked that up because the robots in this next movie definitely appear to each have a more unique look to them. <br> The storyline orci and kurtzman wrote was horrible. You keep insisting that the old cartoon is now unbearable to watch.I can guarantee you that some of the storylines in that old cartoon were much better than this shit that they came up with for the movie. Hell, my brother and I as kids came up with better story ideas when we were playing with the toys 25 years ago. The plot and dialogue of this movie was downright laughable. <br><br> And lets see, what other problems were there? No characterization of the robots. Total disregard for the source material. Focused too heavily on Shia trying to get laid. The magical allspark cube that can somehow turn anything into a robot(yeah that makes total fucking sense). The soldier that just wants to get home to see his newborn baby(Thats real original). BumbleBee communicates by changing radio station broadcasts. Frenzy can get decapitated and live but Jazz dies by being torn in half? The stereoytpical black guy character. The "My Bad" line. The cliched group of hackers that can figure out stuff that the government can't. Masterbation and pee jokes? I mean come on!! Do I have to go on here? Seriously Ceejay, is this the type of shit you're defending? You're giving all of that and more a pass just because the cgi in the movie looked good? To quote you "We grew up and moved on to other things in life". You call liking this shit growing up? I could give a kid a pass on finding this movie likable. But an adult? That should give you a clue about you're intelluct right there. Are you easily distracted by shiny objects? Are you? <br><br> And apparently you haven't moved on to more adult endeavours like you say you have otherwise you wouldn't have had a thing to do with this movie. And guess what asswipe? You keep stating that the cartoon was made for the specific reason to sell toys, well what the fuck do you think Bays movie was made for? Thats right, TO SELL TOYS!!!! <br><br> Honestly, If I didn't even know what a transformer was before seeing Bays movie. I would have still thought it sucked. Pretty to look at but sucks. <br><br> Oh and JAWS WAYNE. This post was directed at you to buddy. Suck it.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:59 a.m. CST

    Jaws Wayne...Re: Being Dorky

    by FuckMichaelBay

    I learned it by watching you, troll.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2 a.m. CST

    Mr Lahey...Re: who is gripping my erection.

    by FuckMichaelBay

    Your Mom.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:01 a.m. CST

    Lamerz...Re: Lamerz

    by FuckMichaelBay

    You're an asstroll. Good luck with that.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:02 a.m. CST

    FMB Haters...Re: me giving a shit about you

    by FuckMichaelBay

    I don't.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:02 a.m. CST

    I thought it was a prank when I saw it first.

    by WhinyNegativeBitch

    It literally looked like badly thrown together outtakes from Armageddon and Pearl Harbour. What a truly massive pile of crap that trailer was. Literally effects shots of ugly looking robot things making shit explode, all with no pace, tact, wit or thrills. If the film is like that, it's going to be unbearably boring. Buildings falling down in this day and age just isn't impressive anymore.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:11 a.m. CST

    Did anyone else notice the R rating?

    by bb6634

    I'm kinda surprised it actually got an R considering a Transformers movie...

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:21 a.m. CST

    Let's see...

    by smatt584

    Meteor-like objects destroying landmarks? Yep High-contrast filters on the film stock? Yep Slow-panning in circles around people looking at something passing overhead? Of course. Heavy focus on military equipement? Uh-huh. Wait, no American flags in slow motion? Yeah, this has got to be the teaser, he only made it halfway through his normal list of cliches in that 50 second clip. And people say Bay isn't a fucking hack. For shame.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:27 a.m. CST

    bb6634 it's not R rated

    by TotalHype

    That's for the trailer after the transformers trailer.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:28 a.m. CST

    oh and

    by TotalHype

    The trailer looks amazing on the big screen. It was attached to Friday the 13th

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:31 a.m. CST

    TF1 was just bad

    by lb

    Never like the tv show, neevr bought the toy and never cared about the robot designs. The first film was just bad, repeated viewing just shows its flaws even more. Shia is pretty good but relies far too much on "quirky" humour and the rest of the cast were useless. The robot action may have been good if the camera backed up and the robots looked different.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:37 a.m. CST

    Didn't pay for the first one

    by MorpheusTheSandman

    Wont pay for this. My money goes to Watchmen.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:39 a.m. CST

    Michael Bay haiku - cuz hes so awesome

    by geek molester

    Explosions everywhere oh look! awesome special effects Bay's magnificent

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:51 a.m. CST

    That car commercial had Shia!

    by Heckles


  • Feb. 14, 2009, 3:12 a.m. CST


    by Mr. Lahey

    Impossible. She's 2-handing mine at the moment.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 3:47 a.m. CST

    Hope this will be rated NC-17 and show Megan's pink zone.

    by Motoko Kusanagi

    That is all.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:38 a.m. CST

    Dour trailer. And no audience reaction.

    by Dingbatty

    Apathetic cough. That tells you all you need to know. Though, the casting of Shia in the first tells you all you need to know. Wait, no -- the original announcement of Bay as director.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:25 a.m. CST

    I ♥ 'Splosions

    by Motoko Kusanagi


  • Feb. 14, 2009, 6:30 a.m. CST

    Yeah, its got a morbid tone

    by WhinyNegativeBitch

    It's like, fucking hell man, you're making a movie about giant robots, not the fucking Grey Zone.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 6:32 a.m. CST

    IndustryKiller & others

    by Jaws Wayne

    It seems for a lot of you geeks, there's only 2 sorts of people. Michael Bay fans and Michael Bay haters. I'm neither, the only fim I really enjoyed he did was The Rock, and I thought Transformers was ok so there you go. Bay is not exactly a guy I will run to the cinema for each time he makes a new film. I feel no emotional attachment to any 80's television shows or comic book characters. If you think I'm a complete imbecile for digging something like Michael Bay's Transformers, I really couldn't care less. Hope the directors of the forthcoming, higly anticipated, G.I. Jones, Knightrider and A-Team movies won't disappoint all you nostalgic movie connaisseurs too bad, as that would be the last drop don't you think ?

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 6:58 a.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    I'll tell you what. I picked up the Grey Zone about 2 or 3 year go from a cheapo-bin, but still haven't watched that because of it's incredibly grim subject which is no doubt as far removed from something like Transformers as can be (and it's based on actual events). I guess you watched it, so what did you think of it ?

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 7:45 a.m. CST

    All these years after 9/11...

    by Mr Gorilla

    And Bay still think that blowing up landmarks is cool. Seriously - what an utter fucking wanker.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 7:47 a.m. CST

    How about this.....

    by rogueleader66

    If you hate Bay, don't go see it (because haters still see the movies they hate on just to rag on it) because if you do you just enable him to make more movies. and if you marginally like Bay, go see it. Problem solved. But if these so called "haters" actually go see the movie, they are giving money to the guy who they hate, does not make much sense now does it?

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 9:28 a.m. CST

    Rogueleader66 is

    by Mr Gorilla

    ENTIRELY RIGHT! Listen to him, people. Don't go to this one.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 9:48 a.m. CST

    I'm impressed!

    by Immortal_Fish

    First of all, since several assholes always go there in every TB -- Fuck every last one of the "Who cares? It's based on a cartoon toy commercial" people. I'd like to hear you pitch a movie to a bunch of execs for something like M.A.S.K. claiming the same thing. You clearly never read the comics thus hold no reverence for the true source material. Fuck you people, Lexington Steele style to the hilt.<P>Anyhow, the first flick was somewhat entertaining yet utterly disposable. I watched it once on cable in HD and caught snippets later on here and there while channel surfing. What a disappointment. This could have been so much more epic than a typical roller coaster popcorn flick. I'm not a hater, but I'm certainly no fan either.<P>For me, it mostly came down to the characters. Excluding Optimus, the robots were more or less just animated props. Sorely missed was the Decepticon infighting and betrayals. Even the humans were awful. Every character in the movie was two-dimensional, especially the parents. I found myself yearning for another action scene, not for the effects, but only so I wouldn't have to suffer through more dialog. Anderson eating donuts. Sam's mother talking about happy time. And the endless urinating.<P>We only have the snippets from the trailer to go on for now, yet it appears that there will be more characterization in the sequel. First of all, Bumblebee can now speak so the Mac and Me dynamic with Sam must be substantially diminished. It also looks like Sam's father won't be used for immature comic relief, at least not exclusively. Kevin Dunn is no great actor, but he's more capable than the material he had to work with in the first movie. Hopefully this bodes well for the robots too.<P>If subsequent trailers expose more material that appears to maintain this trajectory, then I just might see this in a theater.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 10:12 a.m. CST



    Ray Harryhausen films are not exactly literary pieces of art. They are simply entertaining and good popcorn flicks. When Michael Bay gets a fun script so are his films. If you want art go to your local art house and watch DOUBT!! I agree PEARL HARBOR was not necessary!! But TRANSFORMERS was totally fun to watch!! This will be too!! Shut up and eat your popcorn!!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 10:45 a.m. CST

    so whats the plot ?

    by kingoflight

    Just seams like i've watched the gozilla tailer showed me all the best bits because the film is infact shit.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 10:49 a.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    But the real Transformers fans DON'T WANT ANOTHER Bay Transformers film, don't you get it !!! It's a crying shame they didn't offer the sequel to the no.1 Transformers fan Mike Leigh. He wouldn't do all these quick cuts and would have paid plenty of attention to the charactarization of Prime, Yez, Optimus Mega, Unicorn, and fuckin' Starscream, GODDAMNED !!!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 11:29 a.m. CST

    RE: The "hate" surrounding these films.

    by JusticeSabre

    I'm gonna try and explain this the best I can for the last time, cause I'm cool with not coming up in the TBs and arguing anymore. <br> <br> The backlash against the first film came from the filmmakers' insisting to disregard much of the source material that initially made Transformers popular in the 80s. <br> <br> Certain key story elements were dropped. <br> Beloved characters were dropped and/or changed. <br> Basic design aesthetics were changed just because someone thought the originals weren't "really cool". <br> <br> But I think what mostly pissed the long-time followers off was the attitudes the filmmakers had towards them. <br> <br> Smarmy, snarky, condescending... <br> <br> Time goes by, and the film is a hit, despite it not being very good storytelling, or having easily understood visuals, or the characters even having personality. <br> <br> But it made money, so the natural thing to do is go back to the cow for more milk, right? <br> <br> But the truth is, had they followed the original premise of the TV show closer, tossed out the crap and built more on the good stuff, they could easily have constructed a more compelling story, had more fleshed-out characters, and since the main characters are non-aging machines, many sequels with much possibility. <br> <br> Instead, the output was more Bayhem™. Whizz, Bang, BOOM! $$$ <br> <br> It's most likely the wasted potential that the "haters" are complaining about. I know I was complaining about it, but I don't really care anymore. <br> <br> We get some good Transformers stories from IDW in the form of the "Transformers: ________ation" series, and the masses get "Whizz, Bang, Boom!" to satisfy their ADD. <br> <br> *shrug*

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 11:34 a.m. CST

    S-Mart shopper

    by most excellent ninja

    Bullshit, Optimus was awesome. After the movie came out, a ton of people on here were saying Optimus was what Superman should of been like in Superman Returns.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 12:05 p.m. CST

    on "hate"

    by Magnum Opus

    I hate the Transformers movie because it was fucking horrible, yet so many people loved it. This did irreparable damage to my faith in humanity, because the movie was akin to watching an 8-year-old blow up lego robots with m-80's, yet apparently that is enough for today's audience. I'm 32, loved Transformers as a kid, but it was a goddamn cartoon, so I'm not silly enough to hold changes they made between a kids show and a big budget movie against them. Optimus Prime could have been a giant pink vibrator if the story had any quality and if the action was actually good. Instead they couldn't have been worse, thus: I fucking hate Transformers. No need to overanalyze, the hatable aspects are pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that's seen the film.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 12:06 p.m. CST

    Optimus IS Superman-er-bot

    by ProziumJunkie

    Bay made him into THE greatest character on screen EVER! It was great how the movie was centered around such an AWESOME character that's why they called the movie Transformers, right, 'cause it was about "robots in disguise" not about a boy and his car. Baysplosions make the world go I want more Bayovaltine PLEASE!!!!!! BLAHBLAHBLAH!!!!! GUSFABRA!!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 12:08 p.m. CST

    My bad

    by ProziumJunkie

    I get confused when the sun comes out

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 12:18 p.m. CST

    Question: What is that thing Sam/Shia pulls apart?

    by Mr. Nice Gaius

    Can anybody make that out? I wonder if it has some significance...

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:10 p.m. CST

    Transformers LOL

    by Miguel De Barioz

    This is the funniest spoof I see for ages - my dad tells me they make movie about some fucking toys !! I curse his arsehole - why would any one make a film about toys!!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:17 p.m. CST

    I'd like to place the burden of proof on those who liked it..

    by Rev. Slappy

    If you actually think Transformers (or any piece of shit Bay has manufactured) is a good movie, then explain your point of view -- other than "it's just dumb fun" or "did you expect Citizen Kane."

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:17 p.m. CST


    by Mr. Lahey

    No idea. It looks like a tiny Transformer. I know zero about the plot, but it looks like they are hiding from something big and it's right outside. Maybe a little recon device?

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:29 p.m. CST

    Here come the Bay Haters

    by xevoid

    In all their mouth breathin lory. That was a fucking awesome trailer, and if all you can say after watching that is "Michael Bay is a Hack" then you have no soul and I hereby revoke your geek identification card and give it to someone who knows how to use it.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:32 p.m. CST

    However, can anyone tell me why

    by xevoid

    , in Michael Bay's world, whenever something from outer space comes crashing to earth, it has to hit something on the way down? I mean, the chances of hitting a tall building spire are pretty slim, yet meteorites in Bay's world seem to always hit things before the ground.<br><br>Doesn't mean he's a hack, just means he does illogical things.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 1:43 p.m. CST

    OK, I'll bite and explainw hy I liked it.

    by xevoid

    The film brought me into it and suspended reality, as much as a suspension of reality can be had for a film about transforming robots. The film wasn't condescending; I thought the writing was smart and crisp and funny and real. <br><br>I had this sense of wonder while watching it that I was looking at something amazing. I laughed. I loved it when Optimus Prime showed up, because it was clear to Shia that something new and wonderful had shown up...something he, nor we, had ever really seen before. I had the same reaction he did..."What the fuck...that's really cool...but holy shit, what is that and oh my God it's a giant robot that talks. Cool...but oh shit!"<br><br>I liked the storytelling. Things were mostly expalined. Why does Jazz talk like a bad 80's gangster? Because he got it from radio broadcasts sent into space. I got it. Youc an do a lot with that. It explains a lot. It didn't come across cheesy to me at all, but Jazz could have just as easily had a right wing radio host voice or a NPR host voice or something>br><br> And the robot as hell. Giant. Robots. Fighting. In the streets. Shit blowing up. Cool.<br><br>Am I a neanderthal or a Philistine for liking this movie? No. I loved it. Saw it twice int he theater and bought it on HD. I can't wait for this actually.<br><br>And all you Bay HAters can go suck it. I loved the transformers when I wasa kid. I still have a bunch of em. You mouth-breathin haters are, by and large, the same folks who hate on ScriptGirl too, I bet. Learn to live with other folks opinions. I am entertained by Bay's movies, and I hope, nay, I DEMAND he makes more movies like this because it PISSES YOU OFF.<br><br>More explosions and robots, please, Mr. Bay!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:01 p.m. CST

    Actually, Bay lovers are the mouth-breathers...

    by IAmJack'sUserID

    They're the knuckle-dragging, pea-brained morons who like to see explosions and ridiculous action in lieu of actual story, plot, and characters. Just look at someone like "xevoid"; his below-average ability to communicate, spell, and adhere to grammar is a clear indication of a profound lack of intelligence and therefore his opinion should be regarded with as much validity.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:14 p.m. CST

    You know he is right.

    by Cotton McKnight

    One of the most memorable trailers I ever saw was in either late 95 or early 96, when I saw a borg cube fly across the screen. This was before the day and age when I knew if there were going to be sequels, what they would be about, and being to watch them the moment they came out. I kind of miss those times. I guess I could just not come to this site, but the monkey is out of the bottle at this point.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 2:36 p.m. CST

    Rev. Slappy

    by Jaws Wayne

    No problem to tell you what things I liked about the film. Not too sure if I would like to use the word "good" for this particular film, because therefore it just had too many flaws, but ok. 1. I thought Optimus Prime was a great character in it. Loved his look, CG work on him was excellent, loved the voice work from Cullen, I bought into him. 2. Shia. He did a fine job in this. 3. Megan Fox. Very nice looking gal. Great mid-riff too. 4. The capturing of Bumblebee scene. Really liked that, it had me rooting for the yellow guy. 5. The score from the movie, it's an excellent one. 6. The ending of the movie. Great speech from Prime, the perfect set-up for whizz-bang future adventures. All in all, enough to satisfy this guy and make him look forward to more fun adventures from those Heavy Metal toys on Planet Earth.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 3:32 p.m. CST

    xevoid, re: geek identification card

    by Immortal_Fish

    Are you kidding?<P>Look, I'm not a hater. I agree that Bayformers 1 was entertaining, yet it was utterly disposable. The fights were cool. I really dug the scene on the highway, despite the inexplicable exploding bus. But giant robots fighting ain't all that after you've seen it once.<P>Where you mention the dialog wasn't cheesy at all -- damn, I guess we must have seen different movies. Excluding some rare bits of Sam, Optimus, and Duhamel, ALL dialog was horridly corny in Bayformers.<P>What purpose did Sam's mother serve other than to act as an obstacle to Sam finding his grandfather's glasses and prolong the run time?<P>What purpose did Sam's father serve other than to act as a means for Sam to find Bumblebee... and to act as an obstacle to Sam finding his grandfather's glasses while prolonging the run time?<P>What purpose did Anthony Anderson serve other than to prolong the run time as the military decodes Decepticon communication?<P>What purpose did the constant urination serve other than to add sophomoric humor and prolong the run time?<P>Do you realize that this storytelling you liked so much had everything to do with merely getting the protagonist laid? I know this is "just a toy commercial" but there was a lot more pre-established canon to explore in this property than that.<P>Go on with your bad self and enjoy this movie. There's certainly no shame in that. There are some flicks I enjoy that aren't masterpieces by any stretch (e.g. Flash Gordon, Starship Troopers). However, I realize that these interests could have been way more meaningful, entertaining and timeless had they approached the source material with high levels of planning, sophistication and reverence.<P>TF 1 didn't have to be just "fun". Fantastic Four and Phantom Menace were "fun". All of these could have been epic.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:21 p.m. CST

    "Shit blowing up. Cool."

    by IndustryKiller!

    ladies and gentleman an apologists argument summarized in a nutshell by his own words. Look, if you like dit, fine. You ARE a phillistine but that's ok as long as youa re upfront about it and don't try to defend it. Just say "Yeah its my guilty pleasure and it's not good entertainment and it bastardizes the name Transformers but it was fun anyway." I can respect that. Just be fucking honest with yourself. We have PROVEn taht the film is indefensible. No rational argument against it has ever been challenged and every one for it composes is "Yay stuff blows up" or saying you liked that Jazz sounds like the most annoying character this side of an Eddie Murphy voiceover.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:29 p.m. CST

    And before anyone jumps on the jazz's voice thing

    by IndustryKiller!

    Jazz's voice in the film is just cynical "The kids like the hippity hop these days, so since he was black in the cartoon make him one of todays black guys." Unfortunately they made him sound like an insulting cliche, complete with....breakdancing. In the cartoon Jazz was called Jazz because he was cool and smooth, like, wait for it, jazz music. he had far more personality in a single episode as voiced by scatman cruthers than he did in the film. Now you might say "look they updated it for today and rap is popular today so thats why they did it." Well guess what, back in the days of the cartoon none of the kids were listening to fucking jazz music, it was the 80's not 1963. It wasnt about what the kids can relate to, otherwise he would have sounded like a hair metal singer, it was about character, which ANYONE can relate to. It drives me nuts not because Im a purist, but because it just further goes to show how the concept of Transformers, that the robots are the interesting characters with loads of personality, was just butchered by that film.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:32 p.m. CST

    And now the mouth breathers are crying "mouth breather"

    by IndustryKiller!

    The apologist argument has officially begun to eat itself. When douche bags taking idiotically rudimentary story elements and saying "This is great because....uhhh... because it happened." and then summarize their argument by crying "mouth breather" it makes you long for a Darwinistic society.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:34 p.m. CST

    wow...they never learn

    by Bouncy X

    people, kids, people..just because you think something, it doesnt make it fact. i know thats a hard concept for many here to wrap their brains around but its the truth. and believe it or not, some people will even have a DIFFERENT opinion than yours..i know i know, its crazy.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:45 p.m. CST

    Re: best bit of dialogue...

    by smatt584

    Best bit of dialogue was prime's speech, but remember the greatest part about sentient beings having the right to freedom? yeah, that was written and voted on by fans in a contest. Remember that? I suppose we should see it coming with shit like that. Dialogue was utterly disposable

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 4:47 p.m. CST


    by Bouncy X

    well actually, if you wanna attack the movie for the dialogue, there were actually many lines aside from that one spoken by Prime and Megatron taken directly from the series and animated movie. lol

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:09 p.m. CST

    it "bastardizes" the name Transformers?

    by xevoid

    You see, this is what is wrong with you people. <br><br>It was a movie about robots that transform. If anyone had it in their mind that they would judge the movie based on how closely it held to the originals, or the original movie, or whether it captured the "spirit" of the originals, then they need to get out more. It was a series about transforming robots. That's it. There's not much more to it. The original cartoon movie was notable mainly for Wierd Al Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid" playing as the Autobots (I forget which ones) run across the Trash Planet, and Orson Wells playing Unicron. It was a fun flick. I saw it when I was 13 and I loved it. But so was Bay's version. There's nothing wrong with having lots of explosions, and they don't always have to have a "point" to them...I would have loved to have had an epic, Shakespearean tale with a gigantic story arc, love, romance, and a great display of the human's a movie about TRANSFORMING ROBOTS. <br><br>To answer Immortal Fish's Questions:<br><br> Sam's Mother served as a foil for his Dad, and I thought she quite funny because she was happy that Sam was about to get laid. That was her purpose, to be a mom happy that she caught her son in a room with a hot chick, rather than mother's who might be shocked by it. It was funny. That was her purpose. <br><br>His Dad was the same, he was comic relief, and acted as something that added tension because Sam didn't want to piss off his parents while trying to help the Autobots get the glasses. He both added tension and comedic releif. <br><br>Anthony Anderson was funny. Not necessarily realistic, but he too was funny. Comedy. The donut scene was amusing. See a trend here? <br><br>The urination...well, I won't defend that. I thought it was stupid. And I never said it was a perfect movie. There were definitely things I could have done without, and that was close to the top of the list. <br><br>But the point is, most of the things in this flick had a purpose, and I enjoyed it. And I'm sick of seeing all the mouth-breathin, parents-basement-dwelling "Flames on Optimus Prime" hairlip-havin 'tards do nothing but bash Bay because he created a fun movie that a ton of people enjoy. He set out to make a summer popcorn flick about battling transforming robots that come to Earth and fight, with a pretty decent plotline (for transforming fucking robots) and I thought he was pretty much successful. He's not a fucking hack, so get over yourselves. <br><br>Yes, TF1 was merely fun, and not "Epic". It could have been more. But the prevailing attitude on this and pretty much any TF1 talkback is that it SUCKED and BAY CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF and so forth, and I'm sick of it. <br><br>Industry killer, you haven't proven anything about the film being indefensible. I just defended it. It was a fun popcorn flick. What you have proven is that you, like most folks here, have to have a movie adhere to a "canon" for the movie to be an epic film. And I just don't think that's right, especially when it's a movie about fucking transforming fighting robots. It wasn't meant to be Citizen Kane, but it wasn't a stupid, poorly thought out flick either.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:12 p.m. CST

    I'd forgotten about the Scatman

    by Immortal_Fish

    What a master stroke of voice casting that the live action movie couldn't hope to parallel.<P>And in keeping with Indy's chest beating -- Breakdancing was all the rage during the 80's and Jazz didn't do it in the cartoon back then. Meanwhile, Jazz did breakdance in the live action flick and it's been decades since I've seen anyone breakdancing on cardboard in parking lots. It isn't hip any more, yet the character was made to portray such a two-dimensional conceit. This further adds to the cynicism of the flick's stereotypical characterization.<P>There's hope. Ravage was one of Soundwave's mute drones in the cartoon, yet he was Megatron's right hand in the comic with a rich background. There's a bot in the trailer that looks a lot like Ravage. It'll be interesting to see which direction the character's arc follows -- the comic or the cartoon. Aww, hell. I KNOW which way it's gonna go (Soundbyte II, prolly), but I can hope.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:13 p.m. CST

    Didn't watch the cartoon

    by smatt584

    And, the robots weren't the problem IMO. Every single other thing in the movie was, but a teaspoon of sugar won't make a turd taste like candy.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:16 p.m. CST

    Will we get a sequel to TRANSMORPHERS, too?

    by Sir Loin

    One can only hope.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:24 p.m. CST

    that dog won't hunt Xevoid

    by IndustryKiller!

    You know what else was robots that Transform? Go-Bots. And no one is clamoring for that film or buying those products at hot topic. in fact I bet very few people here could name a single character from that show. Its as much about the voice actors and character designs and backstory as it is about transforming robots. Moreso in fact. And we shouldnt expect something with the title Transformers to reflect the spirit of.....Transformers?? I guess the next film could be a legal drama and we should all just shut the fuck up then? After all if we cant expect it to at least capture the spirit of its namesake then can we expect anything at all? As for the "it's just a transforming robots movie!" bullshit. Well Citizen Kane is just about some rich guy who misses a sled and Hamlet is just about some whiny kid who hates his stepdad, you see how you can do that with anything? It's called nuance, learn it and love it.<P> As for immortal Fish's points, he wasnt asking what their point what is the context of the scene, but the film as a whole, other than to provide a giant sex joke. If you thought it was funny fine, I realize this is the country that went en mass to see Paul Blart, but it doesn't mean that its good humor. In fact it makes an already pointlessly meandering film even longer and further takes the eye of the camera off of what is important. Saying it's good because it's "funny" is not a defense. You sound like Norm McDonalds Burt Reynolds impression on Saturday Night Live going "Hey it's a big hat! it's funny cause it's bigger than a normal hat."<P> And you can erroneously cry mouth breather all you want there Hoss, you are still the hypocrite extolling the virtues of a Michael Bay film. BTW just because you are making an argument in favor of something doesn't mean it's defensible.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:29 p.m. CST

    Saying "You people who hate Michael Bay are mouth breathers"

    by IndustryKiller!

    Is like saying you people who don't play beer pong in white polos and flip flops are douche bags. Or "Hey I love Adam Sandler films so you can take your Christopher Guest films and their idiotic toilet humor elsewhere!" You are outrightly saying "I just want explosions and there is nothing wrong with that" Can you really not see how that would put you out of the qualification of calling anyone a mouth breather? Have we reached that level of self denial in society?

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:32 p.m. CST


    by Immortal_Fish

    Don't you see how your diminishing of established TF canon can be easily used to spin the synopsis of just about any classic movie?<P>Good Will Hunting was a movie about a schoolkid.<P>Terms of Endearment was a movie about a woman that died of breast cancer.<P>Star Wars was a movie about swords that glow in the dark.<P>The Godfather was a movie about a son inheriting his father's business.<P>Titanic was a movie about a boat that sank.<P>The Thing was about an alien that ate people.<P>Aliens was a movie about a bunch of aliens that ate a bunch of marines.<P>The Wizard of Oz was about a girl that took a nap.<P>Yes, TF is about large robots that can take two or more forms. I can't blame you if all you know about TF is Bay's movie *and* you are satisfied with that, then enjoy. It worked for you. Good. Hell, I enjoyed Shoot 'Em Up. However, those of us with an understanding of the source material -- and not the cartoon exclusively -- we know that you have been cheated. It disturbs us that the masses that share your opinion embrace such dreck to the point that it motivates you and your ilk to defend it. Those comic relief moments you mentioned were all groaners. Yes, this is wholly subjective and tastes vary, yet you don't appear to realize that EVERY character in the TF movie was played for comic relief. Please name me one classic movie where the majority of characters were played for comic relief.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:36 p.m. CST

    Yabbut, smatt584

    by Immortal_Fish

    Don't you want to see Anthony Anderson eat more donuts? I mean, it's a movie about giant robots beating each other to pieces, but, damn, Anderson eating donuts is pure GOLD! Maybe in the sequel he'll do it with jazz hands!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:39 p.m. CST

    No, by mouth-breathin I meant that

    by xevoid

    It seems to be an automatic, non-thinking, reaction to anything Bay does. Whenever a new trailer appears, there's a ton of people automatically saying "Fuck Michael Bay". It's automatic. That's mouth-breathin' activity. Uncontrollable, involuntary, "Fuck Michael Bay" mouth-breathin fun.<br><br>And I never said I only liked it because of the explosions. I actually thought the dialogue between Shia and his parents was really well written and crisp and smart, and better than most of the crap I see out there. His mom's reaction to him with the hottie was unexpected, and pretty clever. The fights at the end were some of the best action I've seen in a while. And there wasn't even that many explosions, just lots of damage to buildings. There were sooooo many money shots in that last battle; it was almost worth seeing it just for that. But I dig Shia and the whole guy tries to win the hot girl thing. Actually, there were quite a few things about it I really enjoyed. But i realize I'm not going to convince people here it was a good flick.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 5:47 p.m. CST

    I'll go see this for one reason...

    by allykatD

    I've got a cougar thing for Shia Lebeouf, otherwise it looks like shit, but my kids will like it.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 6:24 p.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    Lay down man before you pop another vein. Adult men that take movies based on toy lines and cheaply made corporate animated children's television shows THAT seriously, I mean c'mon... If that's really what makes your blood rush the fastest, you're really not the smartest guy you want us to think you are. And this continuous bullshit how it would be impossible to put up a defence for a movie like Transformers... Xevoid and I just did that and millions of others liked it as well. What the fuck else is there to defend ?

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 6:39 p.m. CST

    What he said.

    by xevoid

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 7:20 p.m. CST

    Citizen Kane is overrated

    by ProziumJunkie

    never understood the hooplah. from what i've seen and read it was more of a technical achievement than a movie of substance. it was also a box office failure when it came out.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 7:48 p.m. CST

    I loved the first one...

    by vezner2007

    and I think this looks like more of the same. Consider me thrilled!

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 7:52 p.m. CST

    Jazz didnt breakdance once in the cartoon..

    by Bouncy X

    that is true, he did it multiple times. and unlike the half second little flip he does in the live action movie as he transforms, in the cartoon he actually full on danced. not sure why that tiny little scene that i'm sure most people either forgot or never noticed/thought twice about has caused such a "stir" but there ya go. oh oh oh...and lets not forget that the cartoon had Jazz actually have speakers transform out of him to play music this one time. but yes, the movie is evil because of a half second flip.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 9:03 p.m. CST

    Big wheel in the middle

    by chrismata

    Now he's just making shit up.

  • Feb. 14, 2009, 11:39 p.m. CST

    Did i hear someone bitching...

    by David Lazarus Long

    ...about how the cartoon didn't have realistic military responses and that Bayformers was good because it did? Ok, show of hands... when you watch Bayformers, what parts do you fast forward? All the realistic military parts. MAKE A FUCKING MOVIE ABOUT THE ROBOTS AND MAKE THE ROBOTS INTERESTING CHARACTERS AND I'LL FORGIVE YOU FOR BAYFORMERS 1. And please, never have them talk jive or offer to vaporize "annoying human parentile units"(haha kids, it's funny to want to kill your parents!) or say anything even remotely close to "my bad".

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 3:51 a.m. CST

    So, why DOES all this nark me so much?

    by Mr Gorilla

    Speaking for myself... The 90s was a strange decade for blockbusters. Loads of dumb ones. Only people like Paul Verhoeven seemed to realised that blowing people / cities up for mass entertainment was at the least a brutalising act. At the most, an act of propaganda. (Didn't TEAM AMERICA point this up too?) Going into the 00s, and perhaps as a reaction to world events, the Explosion seemed less central to blockbusters; the characters and ideas more central. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Pixar movies. The Pirates films. The first 2 Spider-Man films. Ane those films that did feature explosions (Dark Knight, the final Star Wars movie, X-Men 1&2 etc) at least tried to earn the right by making clear that they are, in real life, not much fun. BAY, however, seems to continue this 90s aesthetic of expecting massive-scale destruction to elicit APPLAUSE. How fucking warped is that? Why not just be honest with yourselves and watch some footage of the bombing of Cambodia? If you like seeing things get blown up. Now: if Bay told proper stories with characters, he's realise that an explosion every 5 minutes isn't the best way to go. He may even discover qualities like compassion and humanity. But that's never going to happen.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, noon CST

    It's obvious to me that people who defend this and TF1...

    by andrew coleman

    Are children. Only kids who don't know any better like movies like this. If any grown men enjoy the first film, well you watch way too much MTV because that is the crowd that was aimed for. No characters, no real emotions, badly filmed action scenes kids dig this stuff. So I get it you're trying to stand up against grown ups but please stop trying to defend the transformers movies it's pathetic kids. The first one was horrible and this teaser trailer just proved that the second one will be more of the same.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 12:14 p.m. CST

    Actually, I'm fairly sure Jazz did breakdance in the cartoon...

    by hillvalley

    ... I know these arguments have played out the same way on every Transformers related talkback for the last 2 years, so I'll be the one that takes it in this direction...<p><p>Everyone has the right to enjoy a mindless action movie with 'splosions and wicked advanced cg eye crack. This is lesser entertainment, to be sure. But there is a market for it and sometimes, even I don't want to be bothered with thinking.<p><p>The issue with us haters is that the market for the splosion/cg movie is not very discriminating and would go to any movie directed by Bay thats about, as the supporters say, "giant fighting robots". This movie could have been called "Fighter-bots and their Golden Showers" and still set B.O. records. The Transformers title and the character names and getting Cullen were all tricks to mislead the more discerning fan into thinking that this movie would have some thematic resemblance to the source material. So a movie that already would have made a ton of money now makes a shit-ton of money,<p><p>The idea that we saw two different movies is cliche, but in this case totally apropos . Some people went to a movie where state of the art graphics blow up stuff and say funny things. These people got what they paid for. Some people went to see a movie about the Autobots and Decepticons and their ongoing war and the different people (the movie never realized that the Transformers were people) that made up these two factions. We did not get what we paid for.<P><P>That is pretty much where this debate stands and why neither side will gain an inch. We're arguing on different points.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 12:33 p.m. CST

    Oh and just for the record...

    by hillvalley

    ... caring about the respect shown to a 25 year old property that was essentially a toy commercial is pretty childish, but no more childish than being entertained by empty Ka-Boom!s and potty humor. If there is one thing that we haters and you Bay-ters have in common, it's that we all suck at life.<P><P>I say that with a wink and a smile!

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 12:57 p.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    It seems you don't get the concept that people can enjoy a movie on different levels. A movie doesn't have to be a masterpiece for me to still have a good time with it and give it a thumb up. I think entertainment wise this movie delivered on various levels. I haven't watched MTV in many many years by the way, and none of my very favourite movies were big Hollywood blockbusters, except for the one with the Great White from '75. No need to talk down to people that will happily admit they can surely enjoy big budgetted B extravaganzas . Most of us do. A.I.C.N. would have no traffic to speak of if none of these were made, and watched and enjoyed in some way by a massive amount of readers and posters overhere.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 1:39 p.m. CST

    jaws wayne...

    by JRyanH

    I wholehheartedly agree. I am amazed by the presumptuousness of so many of the talkbackers here. There are far worse movies out there than Transformers. It certainly wasn't perfect, but some of us found it enjoyable. What's it to you? Let us enjoy our "horribly inept" Michael Bay action movie. (here come the flames)

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 1:52 p.m. CST

    Devastator from Fallen

    by Mace13

    Toy pics are out of the Revenge of the fallen Devastator figure. Here's the url if anyone wants to see it. Looks like rainbow colored crap in my opinion. Why couldn't they have just had all of the vehicles be green or yellow? Whats so hard about that at least? It's the first pic in the upper left corner. <br><br> <br><br> And check out this quote I got from another site concerning the robot at the end of that movie teaser. <br><br> "Let's start with the Devastator pics, shall we? Now, the big hub bub over that teaser trailer shown during the Super Bowl was the immense size of the robot at the end. I have to admit, I thought that was Devastator, but it wasn't. It was only one of the Constructicons. Meaning Devastator will be around the size of The Sears Tower. Which I guess makes sense because those buildings on Cybertron aren't going to erect themselves."<br><br> I'm sorry but thats just freaking ridiculous if it's true. That is just too fucking big. They're over doing it. <br><br> I don't like these Bayformers movies anyway but jeezus. In the first movie they insisted they did NOT want any combiner robots because they thought that whole concept was just stupid. They actually come out and said that numerous times. No combiners and no mass shifting. Bay and Don Murphy were both adament about that. And what did they have in the first movie? Mass shifting. I don't know what else you would call it when that allspark cube shrinks from the size of a small warehouse down to a football.Now in this second movie all they have are combiners. They went from nothing to basically almost every bot in this next movie combining with another one. Even Prime is supposed to combine with another bot. Talk about over doing it.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 2:42 p.m. CST

    I know, somebody's going to complain about...

    by Lobanhaki

    ...shitty CGI. Well, let's get these people a pumped up workstation, a copy of Maya, a Render farm, and see whether they do better. Personally, it looks good. And I don't mind if they don't go into plot with the commercial. I hate commercials that, to paraphrase Lt. Dunbar from Dances With Wolves don't act like they're just part of the film and not the whole affair.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 4:45 p.m. CST

    Yeah, the CGI...

    by SK229

    looks pretty good, imho. The only thing that's really good about these movies is the way they are lit and the CGI and practical effects (interaction with the onset environment) are pretty much top notch. I don't see how anyone could complain. If anything they could widen out the shots a bit and hold for longer so we could appreciate the scale of the work. <p>I still have yet to watch my entire Transformers HD DVD. (yes, have a great DUAL player, for the people who want to inform me that the player is 'useless'). I just go to the action sequences... I tried watching some of the regular scenes and plowing through, but it's pretty atrocious plotting, acting, etc. But I'm not gonna lie, I love watching the gigantic robots fighting and destroying everything around them. It's spectacle, something you'd never see in real life, and it's fun, so what? <p>However, I must say, I just picked up the Iron Man blu-ray, and it is SO much better when they actually care about the characters, the people playing them and the story surrounding the effects. I'm a philistine, sure, but I still think Iron Man was the better movie between that and the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight was so 'dark' or wanted to be, that it was almost a joke on some levels. It was almost the indie equivalent of a super-hero movie, in that there was NO sunshine or hope at all in it. And don't give me some shit about 'well thats being gritty and thats how life is.' Maybe if you're in Darfur, but even the REALLY dark movies have a ray of sunshine. Hell, even Jake LaMotta hugs his brother in Raging Bull and Joe Buck makes it to Florida in Midnight Cowboy. For me, when a movie is THAT unremittingly dark, it starts to seem ridiculous on a certain level. That said, I still enjoyed it for what it was and think it's miles better than Superman Returns (which, even then, I also somewhat enjoyed it), and ANY of the Spiderman flicks which I hate with a passion. <p>Anyway, back to IM. To me, it's a perfect example of the director and actors trying very hard to make a movie that gets the character right and pleases both the fans and the regular audience. I think it suffered a little in the third act and they didn't need to reduce the lead terrorist to Obediah's little terrorist bitch, but overall, it felt like it took place in a real universe with real people. There were times in the Dark Knight that I didn't feel that way, not because of the acting or the man walking around in a bat costume, but because it was like... come on, even people in the most dire circumstances laugh once in a while. I was practically with the Joker on that one, teach these fucking self-serious Gothamites to loosen up a little... seriously, WHY SO SERIOUS?

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 6:55 p.m. CST


    by Jaws Wayne

    Hey, my opinions on Iron Man and The Dark Knight equal yours 100%. Iron Man was a triumph (until it started to slip pretty badly at the end), The Dark Knight was so bleak and overly serious, that it felt like watching a new Von Trier film. I actually like Von Trier, but I prefer my movies about men wearing capes with some dashes of fun as well. Gimme Burton's Bat movies over Nolan's anyday, Returns is still my favourite. No movie about super heroes as cool,lovely and spectacular as The Incredibles of course. That's a film that had it all, and then some.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 8:38 p.m. CST


    by Mr. Nice Gaius

    How, exactly, are they "over doing it"? Have you seen the size of modern day construction vehicles? They're pretty effin' huge.<P>Lorenzo di Bonaventura has already stated for the record that Devastator will be about 130-150 feet tall. That's hardly the size of the Sears Tower and hardly a reason to get your panties in a wad.<P>And the Cube/Allspark was a mystical MacGuffin - something the Transformers didn't even fully understand. Why do people keep bringing this thing up whenever they talk about mass shifting?! It's pointless.

  • Feb. 15, 2009, 10:09 p.m. CST

    "The Dark Knight was so bleak and overly serious"

    by IndustryKiller!

    The American public ladies and gentleman....the mother fucking American public.

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 2:37 a.m. CST

    Mr. Nice Gaius

    by Mace13

    I do realize that there are construction vehicles that big. But you don't see those driving down the road every day do you? Regular sized ones are the norm. Which is what they should have used. But of course this is a bay movie so he's got to use the largest vehicles he can find. I could see Devastator being 130-150 feet tall if the normal sized construction vehicles were used. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Especially if that quote from another site I had in my earlier post is true about the huge robot at the end of the movie teaser being only ONE constructicon. Honestly, did you even watch that? Did you see the other transformed robot go running/flying past in front of the huge one? He was about the size of the huge robots hand. And I think that was even Prime. If thats true,If thats only just one contructicon, then Devastator is going to be ridiculously huge. Which would also explain why the Devastator toy is going to be like 20 inches tall and cost $100. But everything is just speculation at this point so i'll guess we'll just wait and see.<br><br> And I find your defense of that allspark cube "pointless" since you're missing the point I was making about it entirely. I was not refering to the context of it in the movie but rather what Bay and Murphy were absolutely insisting be left out of the movie. Which was mass shifting. And in all honesty i'm fine with that. It is kind of a hard notion to explain away. But they kept going on about how it was a stupid concept and that they were not going to use it. But then what the hell would you call that allspark cube shrinking down like that? It looked like mass shifting to me.

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 3:31 a.m. CST

    But why do you want to see stuff being blown up?

    by Mr Gorilla

    The guys above who write things like 'TOTAL FUCKING DEVASTATION' - don't you think it's strange that you get off on seeing things being blown up? Just a little bit warped?

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 10:26 a.m. CST

    When I was a kid...

    by Darth Macchio

    ..I used to blow up everything I could. Friends would hit South of the Border or North Carolina and bring back boxes of blackcats and bottle rockets. And the ubiquitous smoke bomb! We would glue, tape, strap smoke bombs to model planes, light them on fire and strategically place blackcats for the best explosive response. Those little vibrating football players melted wonderfully! And even with the horrible stink of burnt plastic, we always had mad fun provided no one burned their house down (still have a small burn scar from a melting straw but I digress).<p>Who'da thought I could have parlayed that apparent undiscovered talent into making "Summer popcorn action" movies! You go Mikey Bay! Keep the dream alive for thousands of little pyromaniacs all over the world!! Blowing up your Mom's flower garden might one day give you a career!!!

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 11:39 a.m. CST

    The Character of the Father & Mace13

    by DeeJay

    Regarding the father... one thing I like about this trailer is that the writers look to be doing a better job with the character of Sam's father. He's clearly asserting himself--- to an extent--- as the chief protector of his son, and I think this scene may end up coming off as quite powerful. I really didn't buy the first film's scene where he stood by and let that one-scene cop challenge Sam to a fight--- while it continued establishing Sam's quirkiness, it just felt artificial. Mace13... you make a valid point, but I had thought the Allspark was more akin to an origami paper sculpture. The larger form seemed to be "hollow" but filled with a unique energy, while the smaller form allowed the solid mass to "fold" into a form that was more closely packed. Bumblebee and the other Transformers just seemed to have an understanding of how to make the Allspark shift forms, which the humans didn't. Besides, you'll agree that the Allspark > Energon Cubes, right? :-)

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 12:30 p.m. CST

    HD version is up:

    by mattmcd

    Here it is:

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 12:49 p.m. CST

    Industrykiller !

    by Jaws Wayne

    Still sobbing & sulking because I think Transformers was alright ? You poor, poor fanboy. Love it that you think I'm a "Mother fuckin' American". I'm European, a Dutchman, from a small country probably best known overhere and elsewhere for it's easily available weed, gay marriage laws, red-hot hookers, Alex and Eddie van Halen, Jan de Bont (The Haunting) Paul Verhoeven (Showgirls) and box-office draw Rutger Hauer(Beyond Justice, Dracula III-Legacy).

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 1:13 p.m. CST


    by Mr. Lahey

    Just watched the High Def Quicktime version and got-damn, that Constructicon is going to be savage. The Fallen is a lot bigger than I thought, looks to be about Megatron size. I think we get a quick glimpe of Soundwave as well. OMG IMAX

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 6:45 p.m. CST


    by SK229

    Why is it not ok to splooge all over yourself when it comes to The Dark Knight? And btw, that american public you speak of so condescendingly ate that movie up to the tune of $500 million. So what's your point? My point is that it's a good movie, not great, and I have no problem with 'overly serious', as long as it's a movie that warrants it. I'm SORRY, once a guy is walking around dressed as a fuckin' bat fighting a guy dressed as a clown, you can't get TOO serious, and I think they crossed the line sometimes into territory where it was borderline ridiculous. It's not There Will Be Blood or Zodiac, BOTH of which, I might add, have their funny moments where the humor and oddness of life pokes through the darkness (as it does in all great movies that have a semblance of reality), and even the humor itself is dark because that's life sometimes. Which is why I was saying, that fuckin' city needed The Joker more than it needed Batman, someone to point out that nobody in Gotham ever smiles, so they deserve to be made part of a sick fucking joke.

  • Feb. 16, 2009, 7:46 p.m. CST


    by Mace13

    Thats a decent theory on the Allspark scene. I seriously don't have a major problem with the allspark shrinking down like that in the movie. It's one of my lesser gripes. I could have done without it but oh well. My problem is with Bay and Murphy. As I said before TWO things that they were adament about not being in these movies was mass shifting and combining robots. I still consider the allspark scene mass shifting. There were a couple scenes with the bots that were close to that. I'm especially thinking of the scene with Frenzy's head transforming into a cell phone. There were a couple other small instances but it wasn't really overly done. And this next movie is just full of combining robots. Which I think is especially funny after how they kept insisting that whole idea was just stupid to begin with. Apparently someone changed their mind.<br><br> And yes I agree that the allspark is a better idea than the energon cubes. But I still think they executed the idea poorly. I just do not like the idea of the allspark turning any kind of machine into a sentient robotic lifeform. Thats just dumb. If they would have played it up more like the source material and had the robots build the lifeless robotic bodies and the allspark gave them life. Then I would have been perfectly fine with it. Whichever side possessed the allspark could just keep creating their army. I would have liked that idea much better than what they went with.

  • Feb. 17, 2009, 2 a.m. CST


    by Dingbatty

    Agree with everything you wrote -- but to play devil's advocate, I think the allspark was meant to be a replacement for the matrix of leadership.

  • Feb. 17, 2009, 3:11 a.m. CST


    by Mace13

    And you would be mostly correct in that assumption. <br><br> I forget it who it was now(I'm thinking it was Don Murphy)but the reason that they gave for not using the Matrix of leadership was because it had the same name as the "Matrix" movies with Keanu Reeves and they didn't want any confusion with those. So thats why they wanted to go with something else. <br><br> Originally instead of calling it the allspark they were calling it "The Energon Cube". Thats seriously what they were going with. But Murphy was at a TF convention in Canada and the fans there plus some of the voice actors from the original cartoon who were also guests persuaded him to have it changed to "The allspark" instead. So for what little they did get right with the first movie you have the fans to thank. The allspark name and Cullen reprising his role as Prime are directly due to the fans involvement. Oh, and also the Tanks name of Devastator changed to Brawl at the last minute to. The only reason they changed that was because of all the fans complaining about it. Otherwise the Tank in the first movie would have officially been Devastator. And they still fucked that up. Apparently whoever did the Translation subtitles for cybertron talk at the bottom of the movie wasn't told. Thats why when it shows the Tank he says something like "Here comes Devastator!". <br><br> And as a side note you can still actually see part of the Matrix in Primes chest during one scene. So at least one of the cgi guys or someone was willing to show it but not mention it.