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Want to watch some Documentaries Right Here? I've got 6 For ya!

Hey folks, Harry here... our friends at Cinetic Media are doing a great service which allows folks like me and you to embed some really high quality Documentaries on a site - your site - or even this site! And right now there's just 6 fantastic Docs, but if you embed it on your Myspace, Facebook, personal website, from time to time they may change, add and flush the content out. For now though, I just thought this was something very cool to share with you... Enjoy.

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  • Jan. 9, 2009, 6:59 p.m. CST


    by banville

    Always time for documentaries.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:03 p.m. CST


    by thecrimsoncurse

    i just came in my chainmail!

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:03 p.m. CST

    Dig is a good Doc

    by gusradio

    Brianjonestown and Dandy Warhols are both pretty great

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:09 p.m. CST

    if anyone complains about the commercial "interruptions"

    by BadMrWonka

    I will find their address and come slap them. these are great documentaries, in your computer chair, for a couple blackberry commercials and shut up. you know, like it used to be on TV?

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:20 p.m. CST

    What's a commercial?

    by -guyinthebackrow

    Hey! They're trying to sell me shit while I'm watchin' this thing!

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:21 p.m. CST

    Oh, no, wait...

    by -guyinthebackrow

    I remember those things. Yeah... I don't do that anymore. Sorry.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:31 p.m. CST

    DIG is awesome!

    by FuckMichaelBay

    BJM are a really good band.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:33 p.m. CST

    can mr smith...

    by Juror Number 8

    is a great movie. i recommend it to anyone interested in grass roots politics.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:35 p.m. CST

    Hah, DARKON's kinda awesome.

    by Nordling

    Spoke to my inner nerd.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:39 p.m. CST

    Dig Is To Music What Overnight Is To Movies

    by Broseph


  • Jan. 9, 2009, 7:51 p.m. CST

    Mr. Twist

    by MikeTheSpike

    Damn these people, trying to recoup the costs of sending free documentaries over the Internet!

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:09 p.m. CST

    Uh, what documentaries?

    by L.H.Puttgrass

    Sorry,but I don't see anything.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:13 p.m. CST

    Where's the link?

    by L.H.Puttgrass

    Or should I start googling Cinetic Media? Just wondering.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:14 p.m. CST AICN spamming us? LOL

    by Mike_D


  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:21 p.m. CST

    I found nothing at Cinetic Media.

    by L.H.Puttgrass

    So what is the deal? I got nothing. No docs. Butkis! Nuttin!!

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:22 p.m. CST

    Is this working for anybody?

    by L.H.Puttgrass


  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:22 p.m. CST

    Is this working for anybody?

    by L.H.Puttgrass


  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:23 p.m. CST

    II''mm ssoorrrryy!!

    by L.H.Puttgrass

    'sup wit dat.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:27 p.m. CST

    Oh, well.

    by L.H.Puttgrass

    I guess I'll pop a Planet Earth BluRay in my PS3 to get my doc-u-fix. <p> Later.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 8:33 p.m. CST

    confessions of a superhero:


    i bought it(cheap and used) based on a review here at's painful. i mean, it's good, it's just painful. you have to watch it for superman- who is OBSESSED with all things superman..batman who looks like clooney but is a liar- says he was in special forces and a bodyguard etc...and the girl who plays wonder woman is so cute and's a wonder she hasn't gotten any work after this doc. check it out if you haven't.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 9:07 p.m. CST

    Everyone watch DARKON - Now

    by Mr. Winston

    Especially if you saw ROLE MODELS and didn't think nerds really went that far - well, they go that far. You will start off laughing at the people they profile, but by the end you'll be fully entrenched in their alternate world. And mind you this: there's one kid they follow around that, I swear to God, will make you never want to be mean to another human being again in your life. Or at least for twenty minutes, and that's a huge accomplishment for some of us. Great doc, very well shot and composed, endlessly entertaining on a slew of levels.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 9:43 p.m. CST

    Can't wait to watch Darkon.

    by Kurutteru Yatsu

    As soon as the replays of Olbermann and Maddow are done.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 9:51 p.m. CST

    US ONLY!

    by denzacar

    If you happen to be from the rest of the 500.245.370 km² of this planet - don't bother. Some will still make you watch commercials before they tell you that, though.

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 11:05 p.m. CST


    by Chicken Grease

    No "Cooking with Huck Botko"?

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 11:06 p.m. CST

    confessions of a superhero

    by LordTwinkie

    i live streamed that doc netflix style on my xbox360, holy crap were those guys nuts, i love the fact that the homeless black dude was the one that was the most rational of the bunch and had the most success. man that batman was really crazy, and when superman *spoiler* lost the contest he looked so sad lol

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 11:14 p.m. CST

    Who cares...

    by JumpinJehosaphat

    ...when Errol Morris will be informing our eyeballs in 2011? I'm guessing....

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 11:31 p.m. CST

    face-kicking action!

    by mrgreentheplant

    everyone watch DIG!

  • Jan. 9, 2009, 11:52 p.m. CST

    Aw. Was hoping for "I Think We're Alone Now."

    by Bungion Boy

    Best documentary of the year. Well... ok. Maybe that was "Man on Wire." Still, close call.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 12:17 a.m. CST

    well i'll be pig fucked

    by Stengah

    looks like im not going to sleep.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 12:33 a.m. CST

    Man on Wire

    by Series7

    Was meh? Don't get the love. Dear Zachary was much better. So was Bigger, Faster, Stronger. I'm gonna watch the Pug movie now.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 12:40 a.m. CST

    by BrightEyes

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 12:42 a.m. CST

    confessions of a superhero

    by BrightEyes

    is my favorite documentary of all time AND I LOVE DOCUMENTARY'S. It's not the most heavy subject matter, and crazy things are not happening left and right (although the Batman is insane, hell the superman too) It is a movie about the human spirit and our dreams and how we have to know when to come back to reality.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 12:47 a.m. CST

    Here's a funny story for you... for FREE

    by Kirbymanly

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 12:56 a.m. CST

    Bigger Stronger Faster

    by Bungion Boy

    Loved that movie. One of my favorite docs of the year. Dear Zachary... was good, but fell a bit short for me. Or perhaps it just depressed me. Usually not a deal-breaker for me, but it was still hard to make it through that. I've been near a similar situation. Not fun.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 1:39 a.m. CST

    DIG was really good

    by wash

    And I absolutely hate the two bands involved. Well maybe slightly less after watching it, but still it was fascinating.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 2:52 a.m. CST

    Not a single word about the documentaries?

    by V'Shael

    Not a review, or a two-line synopsis, or even a fragging TITLE? <p> Thanks a lot for doing some work, you hack.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 2:53 a.m. CST

    When it jumps to commercial

    by gotilk

    the films just re-start from the beginning instead of continuing. If I ever see another blackberry curve, I will crush it.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 3:03 a.m. CST

    Really, really frustrating.

    by gotilk

    Made for a crappy hour before work. Sure it's free, but I didn't know it was going to be a tease. I thought (and it says) they are showing the full films. If it's a Firefox thing, hey guess what!! It's huge. Firefox is huge now. To not support it would be so stupid.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 3:44 a.m. CST

    SUPERHERO - "Currently not available"

    by BenBraddock

    But then I am in Sweden... :-(

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 7 a.m. CST

    For Love Of Water

    by kafka07

    or FLOW, watched it last night, pretty intense and important documentary. Right now wars are about oil. But soon they'll be about water.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 10:40 a.m. CST

    US Only, but still shows me the ads!

    by Autodidact

    Thanks for the advertising!

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 10:57 a.m. CST

    DARKON is awesome

    by Eyegore

    It's about live action role players. I just watched the whole thing and it was good.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 11:19 a.m. CST

    Fixed it.

    by gotilk

    There was a layer of flash content that needed to be enabled buried under the video layer. If anyone else has the same problem and you use flashblock and/or noscript, just allow everything while you're there. I usually pick and choose what auto-plays and what is allowed to run javascript (hey , LOOK! aicn has ads now! lol). Sometimes bits of important things hide behind other things.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 11:21 a.m. CST

    And Superhero was GREAT!

    by gotilk

    Now back to the new Brad Beesly (he did okie noodling, which is fantastic if you have not seen it yet) one about summer camp with the Flaming Lips music.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 1:13 p.m. CST

    Watch Darkon!!!

    by menstrual_blitz

    that is all.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 1:37 p.m. CST

    Dear Zachary was heartbreaking

    by Broseph

    As someone who always admired canada they really fucked up bad with this case.I really admire the parents for having the strength and courage to go says something about the human spirit

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 3:53 p.m. CST

    It's so hard for docs to get viewers these days

    by Larry of Arabia

    So who cares about the ads. If people bothered to see them in the theaters they wouldn't have to resort to that, would they? Just enjoy these great films that deserve to be seen by a broader audience. I think this is a great way to get them out there.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 5:07 p.m. CST


    by evil twin

    I have nothing else.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 7:55 p.m. CST

    That looked like more than six documentaries

    by Mockingbuddha

    to me, but then, I suspect that the value of numbers changes all the time and we can't tell because our perceptions of the numbers changes too.. ummm. Darkon was very cool, I was rootin for the red and yellow guys SPOILER and they lost damn.

  • Jan. 10, 2009, 10:25 p.m. CST

    New Documentary: Straight To The Top.

    by Mr.Stiggs

    Check it out on youtube! search: "Straight To The Top Trailer"

  • Jan. 11, 2009, 6:51 a.m. CST

    Friggin CRAP!

    by Deceputronixorious

    US only. So it´s the USnet huh? And i seem to remember it as the INTERNET!

  • Jan. 11, 2009, 1:34 p.m. CST

    DARKON was disappointing

    by Le Vicious Fishus

    The filmmakers took their subject far too seriously--almost as if they were making a commercial for live-action role playing. Would've loved to see these guys between takes screaming, "You're dead, dude! I hit you on your left arm two times!"/"Nuh-uh! You only hit me once, man!" <BR><BR>Also, I wish they had concentrated on maybe just two subjects and given more in-depth attention to their lives and psyches (ala I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW).

  • Jan. 11, 2009, 1:56 p.m. CST

    DARKON wasn't disappointing

    by mutombo

    It was soooo easy for the filmmakers NOT to take their subject seriously. In fact, they completely succeeded in taking their subject so seriously so that you, the viewer, actually gets an idea of why these larpers do what they do. After that, you can decide whether you laugh, frown or sympathize with what you see.

  • Jan. 11, 2009, 5:13 p.m. CST

    I disagree, mutombo

    by Le Vicious Fishus

    The doc was thin and wasted too much time with redundant RPG-talk and not enough time getting to know the human beings and their fully understanding their motivation to spend so much time preparing and living in a fantasy world. Just my opinion...

  • Jan. 11, 2009, 5:14 p.m. CST

    Let's try that again...

    by Le Vicious Fishus

    The doc was thin and wasted too much time with redundant RPG-talk and not enough time getting to know the human beings and thus understanding their motivation to spend so much time preparing for and living in a fantasy world. Just my opinion...

  • Jan. 12, 2009, 4:18 a.m. CST

    I see your point

    by mutombo

    I would've liked to see more human being behind the player as well. But then again, the human being becomes the player and the lines between game and real life blur. So the game becomes their real life, and it is inside that game that their motivations become clear. Instead of following their subjects around some more, they used a couple of very strong one liners telling what they needed to tell. I kind of agree with you on that though, they could've cut away some more RPG footage and more 'real' footage. I just didn't agree with the 'taking themselves seriously' thing, because for me it was all the more painful to watch because everything was so serious. I wanted to laugh, but couldn't, which for me is a much stronger emotion than just pointing and laughing at a bunch of fat geeks.

  • Jan. 12, 2009, 7:56 a.m. CST

    Yes, true...

    by Le Vicious Fishus

    I misstated myself regarding "taking the subject seriously." What I specifically meant was this: the filmmaker's could've spent less time trying to transform battle scenes from Darkon into a fully scored, half-assed Helm's Deep. I wasn't sure whether their intent was to lampoon the live action RPG or aggrandize it, but the device fell flat imo. It was amusing at first, but it got redundant quickly. Time generally wasted on the RPG itself could've been spent on a few adults who are driven to spend all this time and money on Darkon. Also, I felt like the subject was literally too serious--never saw much in the way of a sense of humor from the filmmakers or the subjects. Moreover, I'd have loved to see more interviews, for instance, of Bannor's family--particularly his hard working wife but also his mother, father and brothers. It seemed almost like the filmmaker's were intentionally skirting the central question the few times they did talk to non-Darkonites: "Why do you think 'Bannor' spends so much time playing these games?" <BR><BR>I thought the doc was competently done, but I can't help being disappointed that the execution seemed thin.

  • Jan. 12, 2009, 8:02 a.m. CST

    And I agree about the ambivalence felt...

    by Le Vicious Fishus

    My wife and I were actually kind of depressed by the end of the doc. It was--more than anything--kind of sad to us that such talented, intelligent folks should apparently live for this. OTOH, how much more sad is it that people obsess over sports (or, gulp, movies) which they don't even directly participate in? There are lots of questions and points that could've been explored to a greater extent. As a long time RPGer myself (as a child, teen and young adult) I felt superior to these guys, but at least they were being physically active! In the final analysis, these guys were arguably spending their time much more wisely than I had many years ago sitting around drinking coke and eating chips slothfully for hours on end with paper and dice. Fascinating topic in any case...