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Hey folks, Harry here - Man this new web interface sure does make putting groups together difficult and really makes everyone stand out as individuals first and foremost - so this really made everyone stand out and alone for the first time. Also, the themed photos were hilarious and awesome. Amazing how inventive so many of you were. This year's yearbook will be the best yet. And I believe the whole THEMED images will become a standard from here on. Just cuz... it's that much fun. Now - if you don't see your name below - and you submitted from the Austin Area - take hope. The theater audience capacity is still being determined - along with the various "Guests and Film Professionals" that are bringing films - sometime over the next month - the standby folks will be chosen from the Austin Submissions - sometime prior to locking the Yearbook... so you may be included in there. You will be notified via email - along with a site announcement. Yes - we will also have a standby line - and possibly an additional standby line for "the second half of BNAT" depending on some hijinks that may be occurring that would increase the size of our audience. No comment, for now. More later. BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 10 is taking place December 13th-14th, 2008 at the Alamo Drafthouse South on South Lamar. We hope to see at the very least, the following, there. For now - here is the list... Harry Knowles Patricia Knowles Kristoffer Aaron Morgan Kaela Morgan CJ Cowan Aaron Lafary Rob Smith Angela Surkau Christopher Zaleski Alexandra Cranz Rebecca Stokes Pam Nail Patrick Pendergast Jarrette Moats Matt King Tiffany Sullivan Kayla Kromer Lyrae Anderson Neil Anderson Greg MacLennan Marke Wensel Reed Oliver Megan Hagins Emily Hagins Meredith Crandell Jerin Crandell Romeo Azar Amada Marquez Joan Sullivan Jay Knowles Michael Dougherty Barrett Eidson Dshanya Reese Steven Prokopy Simeon Peebler Chun-Hui Chen Lauren Williams Brian Behm Angela Behm Kristen Boykin-Spencer Graham Spencer Alan Cerny Tami Cerny Diana De La Torre Daisy De La Torre JJ Weber Domenique Bellavia Nick Wilson Nicola Ankers Neil Manners Stephanie Nelson Amy Nelson Scott Swan Cathie Horlick Sven Rump Jedd Scher Patrick Morgan Russell Lingo Jesse Lingo Ed Kelly Lisa Kelly Glenn Leavell Bob Jones Andy Walker Darrell Golliher Bernadette Johnson Daniel Metz Craig Titley Jimmy Seeley Pete Kellen Annie Bulloch Jeremy Bulloch Greg Wilson Ernie Cline Daniel Osborne Tim Wick Pat Wick Perrin Klumpp Jenni Klumpp Windy Bowlsby Chris Bowlsby Melissa Kaercher Chris Jones Jeremy Stomberg Amy Tucker Lauren Lenzen Jenifer Bryan Becky Osmon John Osmon Wes Aylor Rod Nunley Michael Reeves Brianne Corn Flavio Faz IV D Campbell MacKinlay Susan Hydzik Krister Temme Drew McWeeny Jeff Mahler Matt Ward Charles Rodgers Alma Jackie Salcedo Joey McCoy Filip Tegstedt Eric Burgess Brian Day Darren Tange Melissa Tange Alyssa Saucedo Rob Thomas Jamie Wesson Jennifer Gray Michael Saulters Derek Mahr Brady Dial Dannie Knowles Aaron Dunn C. Bob Cargill Jessica Cargill Monica Knighton Cheryl Westerman Heidi Zarse Devin Faraci Kevin Biegel Tricia Biegel Rob Biegel Ryan Biegel Jon Peele Josh Alder Emily Alder Shauna Leveille Marcus Owens Anna Harrod Gary Miller James Froeschle Rebecca Elliott Neil Reece Jeremy Smith Jack Patillo Kirsten Larson Fitz Meshbane Mike McCutchen Eric Vespe Tony Vespe Laura Harris Rian Johnson + 1 Josh Jesensky Katherine LaPorta Ro Ro De Noie Laura Torres Kim Thompson - Jones Gordon Jones Zachariah Wood Elijah Wood Tracy Bush Brian Satterwhite Andy Howell Denis McElwaine Ben Martin Beth Link Moises Chiullan Ashley Hazlewood Hadyn Porter Hailey Miller Josh Emanuel Tiffany Finch Oya Bulak Paul Alvarado Dykstra Jed Strahm Lauren Laws Matthew Perniciaro Dominic Dobrzensky Heather Leah Kennedy Andy Couch Brian Romanko Katie Romanko Katie Stotts Karen Ow John Gholson

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  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:24 a.m. CST


    by Kraken

    See you guys there!!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:31 a.m. CST

    I'm in!!

    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    Hell yeah!!<p>Harry, I love you!! See you in December!!!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:47 a.m. CST

    Thank you Harry...Thank you soooo much!

    by Goonie

    I am so happy right now. Yeehaw!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:48 a.m. CST


    by cahcat

    I'm the happiest girl in the world!!!!!!! December can't get here soon enough.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1 a.m. CST


    by Mastidon

    Harry, it will be great to finally to meet you in person. Thanks for inviting us to your bday party!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:02 a.m. CST

    C. Bob?

    by Massawyrm 1

    C. Blow me.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:04 a.m. CST


    by TheIronGiant

    another year, another failed app. not even sure my app got through. did everyone who applied get a confirmation email?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:15 a.m. CST



    Awwwww fuck. Not really.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:24 a.m. CST

    lots of famous/semifamous names

    by Adelai Niska

    wonder who gets to sit next to Frodo?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:24 a.m. CST

    Another year another letdown...

    by mmaddox3


  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:26 a.m. CST

    Fuck you Sven Rump!

    by Horace Cox

    I just picked a name from the list at random so you don't really have to fuck off - unless you want to of course. Maybe you can sit next to that Titley chap. Rump and Titley side by side. Could be fate.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:46 a.m. CST


    by loonigrrl

    This sucks.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:58 a.m. CST


    by reni

    Thanks bruv.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:59 a.m. CST

    Devin Faraci!?

    by Ribbons

    Ah snap!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:17 a.m. CST

    See you in december

    by Dmann

    It's so good to have the hatchet buried. It's gonna be a great birthday, buddy.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:21 a.m. CST

    Boba Fett's gonna be there?

    by DarthCorleone

    Or is that a different Jeremy Bulloch?<br><br>Every year I check this list to see if forgotten people from my past have by coincidence decided to attend BNAT, but that never happens. One year I'd like to go myself.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:27 a.m. CST


    by smallerdemon

    To everyone that got in, woo! Geek Xmas in Austin, as is right and good with all things in the universe. Cya there. The evensmallerdemon will be in tow.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:50 a.m. CST

    They got some mighty good BBQ in Austin

    by Xiphos_2

    Make sure you hit one of several places in the area. Good eats.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 3:08 a.m. CST


    by Nordling

    Can't wait till December!!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:07 a.m. CST

    Thanks Harry!

    by TheNorthlander

    See you guys in Austin.<br> And yeah, I can't wait to get some real BBQ.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:34 a.m. CST


    by Some Dude

    Thanks, man. I am erect.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:41 a.m. CST

    Thanks very much

    by CaseyMcCall

    Appreciate it, Harry. Now on to booking the flights. Any hotel tips from you locals?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 5:40 a.m. CST

    Congrats to everyone who got in!

    by Lissa-Triana

    Now I'm going to go cry into my coffee. *heartbroken*

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 5:55 a.m. CST


    by Mastidon

    I was wondering the same. I guess we don't need a hotel room for Saturday night but certainly Friday and Sunday.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:02 a.m. CST


    by Dman Den

    If you look up Austin hostels on Google, you can get 1 for $15 a night. I am so happy to be going.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:04 a.m. CST

    Didn't make it, but that's okay...

    by KnightShift

    A few days after applying I wound up with a role in our local theatre guild's production of "Oliver Twist" and this production is being dedicated to the memory of my old drama teacher who passed away last year. So I wound up kinda hoping that I *wouldn't* get the invite so that someone else who had never gone would be getting in instead, if that makes sense.<p>But for those of who you are going who have never had the pleasure before: you are in for a very wonderful time indeed! Last year's BNAT was the greatest film-going experience of my life and I can even say that it changed my outlook on some things profoundly. Just make sure that you've got PLENTY of room to carry back loot 'cuz Harry is quite the generous soul indeed! :-)

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:19 a.m. CST


    by CaseyMcCall

    I remember Harry mentioned a pre-party on Friday. Am I gonna have to arrive a day early, Harry? No problem, just need to book the transatlantic flights, you know. ;-)

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:31 a.m. CST

    Are there any hotels within walking distance of the theater?

    by Garbageman33

    If not, how's the cab situation in Austin? Driving a Chevy Cobalt around a strange city after not sleeping for a couple days sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:48 a.m. CST


    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    On the LiveJournal BNAT group, Harry mentioned a pre-BNAT gathering (last year, it was at the Texas Chili Parlor) and possibly a pre-BNAT screening of the new The Day the Earth Stood Still.<p>My advice: Get there as early on Friday as you can so you can get settled and be ready for any pre-BNAT stuff.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:59 a.m. CST


    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    I don't think there's anything within really close walking distance, but there are some not terribly far away. <p>Austin has a bus system, if you don't wanna pay for a cab<p>Check this link out for the closest hotels on Google Maps near the Alamo Drafthouse South:<p>And here's the Capital Metro Bus system Web site:

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:02 a.m. CST

    Reed Oliver?

    by DerLanghaarige

    Is this a real name? :D

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:19 a.m. CST

    Rian Johnson

    by Series7

    So I guess Brothers Bloom will be shown?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:28 a.m. CST

    Series 7


    Actually BROTHERS BLOOM played at Fantastic Fest, which disqualifies it for BNAT inclusion. No - Rian just wants to experience BNAT like many of you do.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:41 a.m. CST

    Thanks Harry!!

    by Rustle

    I'm thrilled to be going, and am looking forward to celebrating another of your birthdays!! How many submissions this year?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:42 a.m. CST

    I knew I shouldn't have photoshopped!

    by vitruvius

    Damn, better luck next year. Maybe I should have burned a real bush on my head...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:44 a.m. CST


    by Dman Den

    If your name is on the list but you did not get the confirmation email, should I resend my email address. Admin should have mine on record anyway.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:47 a.m. CST

    Congrats, all

    by TheGreatPumpkin

    I'm disappointed to not see my true name on the list again, but now the tortue of refreshing the page will be replaced with the torture of hoping beyond hope that I get an e-mail invite someday soon (I'll sit on the roof and listen through a glass if that seat's still available). Otherwise, whatever line there is to stand in, I will be there standing.<p>I thought it was kismet, too! I guessed it was going to be BNATX even! Harry, is this about the apostrophe?! ;-)

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:05 a.m. CST

    Confirmation mail?

    by CaseyMcCall

    Never got one. Name is on list though. Can I go ahead and book the flight?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:13 a.m. CST

    Thanks to Harry

    by rodnunley

    I got in and now I am off to thank those lucky stars of mine. And thanks to all you wonderful people who had the job of sifting through all the applications ... I can't imagine the hours that must have taken. I can't wait to share the best day of the year with all my fellow BNAT attendees. See you all soon. I'll have my bear slippers on, be sure to say hello.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:24 a.m. CST

    Hotel info

    by John Maddening

    Someone gave us an excellent tip at my first BNAT: The Austin Motel at 1220 S. Congress. It's an awesome 1938 motel, with each room decorated differently. It's also very cheap for an awesome stay. There's tons of great food options around, like El Sol, Zen, Home Slice Pizza, and Amy's Ice Cream!<br> <br> You could walk from there or take a cab (it's about a mile and a half by road). We'll probably drive, as we'll have rental cars anyway.<br> <br> Unless you have a rental car, you'll want to have a hotel room to store your clothes and stuff, as you need to fit everything you bring into the theater to fit under your seat. As well as that, the more stuff you bring with you, the longer it will take everyone to get through security.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:29 a.m. CST

    Thanks, Harry!!

    by film_chic

    Happy, happy boogie dance! :-D

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 9:01 a.m. CST

    not even cool enough to get into a geekfest!

    by irrelevntelefant

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 9:09 a.m. CST

    THE Michael Reeves??

    by evolvingsensblty

    Will he be screening his version of The Oblong Box? I thought he died? Damn! I wish I had the same name as an awesome filmmaker, maybe I would have been picked!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 9:29 a.m. CST

    THE Michael Reeves??

    by rodnunley

    No. He is in fact dead. This is a different Michale Reeves. But I doubt it's a different Elijah Woods that's on the list. And I didn't see Eli's name on the list this year ... who'll bring us our pink lemonade?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 9:50 a.m. CST

    what are the chances....


    Elijah Wood and Mike Dougherty hook up?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:03 a.m. CST

    DGDB, the over/under on that bet is...

    by irrelevntelefant

    over- elijah, under- dougherty...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:07 a.m. CST

    my two year old even thinks I'm a loser for not getting in..

    by irrelevntelefant

    he calls me by my first name now.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:11 a.m. CST

    worth the wait!

    by hippolyta

    This one could quite possibly be the best ever and I'm really happy to be a part of it!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:15 a.m. CST

    Flavio Faz IV?

    by HoboCode


  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:21 a.m. CST


    by Mastidon

    Thanks for the tip! Just booked the Austin Motel. Only problem with it is you have to book Sat & Sun. But in the end, it is still cheaper than most other places at $80 a night.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:22 a.m. CST

    Elijah Wood!

    by The Reluctant Austinite

    And his brother too? Oh Fates, why have you chosen THIS year to wrong me? I want to go! Even if I have to sell my car to make ends meet! I knew it was going to suck having to pass this year, but now I feel like thowing up. Excuse me.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:30 a.m. CST

    I keep looking to make sure my name is still on the list

    by Garbageman33

    So far, so good. I just hope I end up sitting behind Elijah Wood. Not because I'm some weird starfucker. I just want to make sure I can see the screen.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 10:42 a.m. CST

    Print screen...

    by CaseyMcCall

    I need proof...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 11:01 a.m. CST

    Famous People

    by rodnunley

    There are always a few at each event. Either in attendance or as a special guest. But BNAT folks are always very cool and laid back about it. We tend to keep or nerdgasams to a minimum.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 11:18 a.m. CST


    by AugustusGloop

    Very true. You could tell the FantasticFest/BNAT crowd this year, because we were the ones NOT mobbing Bill Murray. Damn Hipsters!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 11:53 a.m. CST

    True. Very true.

    by The Reluctant Austinite

    Even though I'd think it was cool that Elijah Wood was in the house, just like everyone else, I'd just treat him like any other film fan in attendance. We generally geek out in private and amoungst ourselves. As Alamo film fans, we're not celebrity obessessed like the mainstream. There's respect and appreciation, but no clamoring for cell phone photos like the hipsters and Bill Murray situation you referenced. That cave party was indeed a strange scene.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, noon CST

    Rob Thomas?

    by jrbarker

    The dude from Matchbox 20?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:01 p.m. CST

    You don't want to mess with Elijah Wood

    by Garbageman33

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:02 p.m. CST

    Did you see Green Street Hooligans?!

    by Garbageman33

    Apparently, he's an ass-kicking machine.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:04 p.m. CST


    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    Last year, my wife very casually said, "Hmmm... Laura Harris from 'Women's Murder Club' is here."<p>Knowing that she loved that show (may it rest in peace), I asked her if she said hi or anything. She said, "No. I'm not going to bug her... but, it's cool that she's here."<p>It seems Ms. Harris is on the list again this year, but like rodnunley said, BNAT folks are always cool and laid back.<p>I can't wait... see you guys in December!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:12 p.m. CST

    Hotels and the famous

    by John Maddening

    Like I was saying, it's good to have a hotel for Saturday night to store your stuff. Also, since you get out of the theater on Sunday at noonish, you'll want some place to fall asleep, and your hotel might not let you check in until 3 or 4.<br> <br> As for other people there that may be famous, they're there to watch movies, just like the rest of us. We treat them like everyone else.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:20 p.m. CST

    For those of you who did not get in this year...

    by Goonie

    Do not give up hope. I applied many years in a row and did not get in. Finally, 3 years ago, I was accepted to BNAT 7. Howeverm, following that awesome experience, I was turned down for 8 and 9. I almost gave up hope this year, but in the end I love BNAT too much to not try my hardest to get in. never give up! Never surrender!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:25 p.m. CST

    it's 'height-ism'- they don't want tall people around..

    by irrelevntelefant

    the short actors...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:39 p.m. CST


    by Gelfin

    That depends. Are you attractive? Would you not recognize that Rob Thomas (or even the Cupid one) on sight? Would you be all giddy with lust for somebody you've mistaken for that Rob Thomas (or even the Cupid one)? If so, I have great news for you.<br><br>With that out of the way, condolences to everyone who didn't get in, and congratulations to everyone who did! See you in Austin!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 12:58 p.m. CST

    see you next month!

    by AnnaHarrod

    can't wait to see you all in December! :)

  • Just sayin'.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 1:53 p.m. CST

    Somebody ask Michael Dougherty ...

    by Geekgasm

    ... how hung Bryan Singer is. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:39 p.m. CST


    by Goonie

    Is the list in any particular order??? Just curious!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:57 p.m. CST

    Yes! I'm Brian Satterwhite!

    by IAmMrMonkey!

    Okay, i'm not really but that's what my fake ID will say when I turn up at BNAT! (Insert evil laughter)

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 2:59 p.m. CST


    by Count3D

    My BNAT v-card is going to get swiped. :O Thank you Harry! See you all in December!! Can't get here fast enough. :)

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 3:41 p.m. CST


    by hippolyta

    Try Ctrl/Apple + F

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:01 p.m. CST


    by IAmMrMonkey!

    Okay I'm going to go with another one from the list instead then. How about Elijah Woo - ohfuckit.<p>I'm giving up on that idea now.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:31 p.m. CST


    by The Reluctant Austinite

    I've seen "Green Street Hooligans" and if there's one thing I wish Elijah Wood could do it would be to pass along his co-star's name to Kenneth Branagh and Marvel Entertainment. I know he's young, but he's a good actor who could pull off a potentially ridiculous and expensive trainwreck. We don't need a wrestler; no Triple H. With 6 months training to pump up, Charlie Hunnam would fill the boots and winged helmet of Thor.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:45 p.m. CST

    Elijah Wood?

    by wontyouletmeknow.

    what the hell.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 4:47 p.m. CST

    That's amazing.

    by wontyouletmeknow.

    really. I never apply to this. I'm Canadian.<p>Also, I love Lord of the Rings. Almost absolutely more than any of you. Elijah Wood being there is pretty sweet. Have fun guys.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 5:16 p.m. CST

    I will get to BNAT eventually

    by rhcp2sweet

    Once I'm out of college that is. It's unfortunately right during finals

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 5:24 p.m. CST

    Drat!!! Foiled Again!

    by Rando Calrisian

    3 years running... No BNAT for me. Now I will go drown my sorrows in Shiner Bock.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 5:31 p.m. CST

    "Famous" geeks

    by Dmann

    yeah... the "famous" are just movie geeks on the 13th and 14th.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:28 p.m. CST


    by MathiasRoyal

    Now I just need to find a way to get to Austin. Also, how much are tickets? Oh the info. As you can tell, I'm a first-time BNAT-er. I think I just wet my pants.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 6:41 p.m. CST

    Question, though

    by MathiasRoyal

    How do I know that it is my name that I'm looking at? I have kind of a common name. Is there a way to get affirmation?

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:14 p.m. CST


    by Series7

    Well that's cool. I guess I'll keep wanting to experience BNAT next year.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:16 p.m. CST

    wontyouletmeknow., there are Canadians at BNAT!

    by John Maddening

    Plus folks from the UK, there have been people from Australia and New Zealand.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:22 p.m. CST


    by CaseyMcCall

    from The Netherlands. There will be this year: Me.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:47 p.m. CST

    I swear, I only photoshopped the background...

    by Beeslo

    I hope that I wasn't disqualified because my picture involved a photoshop of the background piece... I assure you, the person you see in the picture is in fact me and took 2 hours to create including the bald cap and make-up. See for yourself... I really want to see the pictures of the people who made it...because damn...I worked really hard on this one...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 7:54 p.m. CST

    Big question...especially for those that got in...

    by Beeslo

    When you sent your app in...did you get a freakin' confirmation e-mail? Because if you did...I am going to throw this computer against the wall. Like i said above, I spent 2 hours on my picture and an additional 2 knocking out the app. I decided to sleep on it and submit it the next day only to find that my computer restarted for some reason. I even tried saving my text in MS Word but like an idiot, I included the web scrolls too which kept me from reading what I wrote. So from memory, I spent another hour rewriting the application before sending it in about 10pm on the deadline day (with 2 hours to go). I didn't receive a confirmation e-mail, but I was too scared to submit again to see if I'd get one because I felt I'd be pushing my luck and I'd get rejected by submitting twice. Seriously. This computer will be in pieces if I was supposed to receive a confirmation... Pray for my computer...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:07 p.m. CST


    by the milf lover

    okay so I didnt enter the contest and thus didnt win, but still, ELIJAH WOOD! OMFG! I'm missing a chance to meet Huckleberry Finn! <p> Yeah, I'm not a big Rings fan. Or an Elijah fan, although he was also Kevin the Cannibal. But I think it would be funny to walk up to him and geek out "You're Huck Finn!!"

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:19 p.m. CST

    You invited Chun-Hui Chen?!?!

    by themasterofnonsense

    Him owe me 10 Yuan!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:24 p.m. CST

    BNAT 9

    by TheIronGiant

    I've applied every year since I got into BNAT 5, and have never gotten in officially since. But last year, my friend and I went anyway and rushed for standby. We were the only 2 people there, and we waited over 10 hrs. But we got in on Sweeney Todd! I think standby seats are probably gonna be even more prevalent this year. Still debating whether or not I wanna try for it, I'm dying to go, I wish I could get to another BNAT so I could actually forge some actual friendships instead of feeling like a loser getting rejected every year, I think Harry doesn't like me or something.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:33 p.m. CST


    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    Sorry, buddy... but the answer is yes. I got in... and I did receive an email after sending in my app.<p>It read exactly like this:<p> Subject: You have submited you info for BNAT 2008 [your name].<p> From:<p> You have sumbmitted your information for BNAT 2008, we will post a list of everyone that is accepted once it is done.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:34 p.m. CST


    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    You should have also seen a confirmation screen after you submitted your app, but prior to receiving the email.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:41 p.m. CST

    Fuckin' Great...

    by Beeslo


  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:52 p.m. CST

    Confirmation e-mail

    by Series7

    I didn't get an e-mail, but I got the confirmation screen.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:56 p.m. CST


    by happybunni

    I am sure Harry is very upset about your loss, and the guild is driving him to sob himself to sleep every night. Perhaps they will build a shrine to mourne your loss at BNAT. I'm going to state the obvious here, you are not the type of person BNAT wants and that is the reason that you didn't get in. See a psychologist, fix your massive personality flaws, and perhaps you have a chance next year!

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 8:56 p.m. CST


    by TheIronGiant

    I didn't get the confirmation email after posting my app. Dammnit. Now I'm gonna be beating myself up over not submitting again just to be sure. Ugh! So who wants to meet up in Austin and tackle that standby line?? :D

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 9:07 p.m. CST

    To happybunni, with loving care...

    by Beeslo

    Understand when I say that I was expecting rejection when I begin to read the list. Its become somewhat of a tradition. And every year when I am said rejected, I simply say. Oh well. Hopefully I can get in via stand-by and if not, always next year. And that was going to be my same attitude this year. In fact, when I read the list and wasn't surprised my name wasn't on it...I shrugged my shoulders. Sure, I spent a lot of time on my app and pic but at least I gave it my best shot...and hey, there's a new stand-by system for Austinites this year, well thats cool. Then I caught a glance at someone asking about a confirmation e-mail. Holy shit. I didn't receive one. So understand that my above tirade was not due to being rejected, but was because my hard made pic and app didn't even make it in because of the assine web system they decided to go with instead of the much more reliable e-mail system. Its simply too much. Rejection I could take but finding out I never had a chance because of a glitch? Bullshit. I even looked all over the website and never once did it say there would be a confirmation e-mail sent. But like I said, I was tempted to send again just in case, but decided not to in fear that I'd be rejected on the grounds that I double submitted. I've jumped through the hoops year after year and don't mind it even when they make it harder by setting the hoops on fire. But when they make me jump through a flaming hoop that ends up in a kiddie pool full of shit. I just have to throw my hands up and say, "Seriously. WTF?" And bunni, you can try not being a prick. Try placing yourself in my position and try to empathize with the situation. I suggest you try to fix your massive personality flaws but first I would suggest you take your head out from your ass.

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 9:11 p.m. CST


    by Beeslo

    I will admit that my harsh words directed at Harry were in poor taste...but were unfortunately made within minutes of reading Joe's "good news". But whatever, I've vented. I'm still steamed, but feel better. Congrats to all that got in...and who knows, maybe I'll get lucky this year with the stand-by. If not....well...we'll see how I feel after a year. Cause at this point, I'm just tired of the hoop jumping now...

  • Nov. 3, 2008, 11:31 p.m. CST

    I was gonna...

    by Kingdaddy

    make a joke about the gun barrel tasting funny until I read Beeslo's rants. Dude, it's a 24 film festival. I get more joy out of seeing my daughter's smile than 10 movies. Breath deep, look around, and realize it's not too big of a deal. "I've had bigger spots on my lip and I never stopped whistlin'" - Max Fry, my grandfather that passed away 2 DAYS AGO.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 12:13 a.m. CST


    by Beeslo

    Hey, everyone has their certain things to look forward to each year. For me, the BNAT film festival is an awesome concept that I obviously want deeply to be a part of due to my endless applying and rejection year after year. But I will repeat this one more time. I'm not upset I didn't get in. What upsets me is that the "new and improved" system didn't accept my app and pic that I sweated and toiled over for 5+ hours. Its the fact that my hard work was all for not... Also, I don't have children and until I do, I get my joy from other things, one of which is movies.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 12:14 a.m. CST


    by Beeslo

    Sorry about your grandfather. He sounded like a great guy. My grandfather is a lot like that.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 6:28 a.m. CST


    by goldenage

    You are a stupid cunt.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 7:17 a.m. CST

    so enjoy watchmen frodo et al

    by Timahh

    i guess.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 7:54 a.m. CST


    by hippolyta

    Some people didn't get a confirmation email but their name is on the list. It's possible it went to your junk mail or something. If that's the case, you were indeed rejected. Or, he actually didn't get it and it was amazing and you really would have gotten in if it was submitted. Whichever makes you feel better.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 8:18 a.m. CST


    by Beeslo

    That thought crossed my mind, but the thing that sucks about that is that I'll never know. Well regardless, after a night's sleep I know I overreacted a lot at first. Like I said, that first post was made in the heat of the moment after Bob gave me the news. But now the next morning, I feel better. People be damned, but it feels good to vent. And it was nice to know that there were others who weren't sure like myself on the fate of their apps like IronGiant and Series7; and for their sake, I hope hippolyta is right and they still have a shot for that virtual stand-by line (if they are Austinites, of course). Having said that, I'm done with this thread now and moving on to other the Election. So congrats again to those who got in and have fun. Oh, and goldenage...right back at ya, bud.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 8:28 a.m. CST

    Iron Giant?

    by Grendy

    I met you last year, and you were not a loser. You're a nice guy who had some nearly-poor luck. I didn't make it this year either, and a great many people whom I LOVE to see there are encouraging me to fly from Atlanta to be in stand by. So, If you do, I might. Also, there's the pre-post shennagins that folks go to. Maybe you would too?

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 8:35 a.m. CST

    iron giant -2

    by Grendy

    I am going to look for your card, (if you're Andy)... and call you today to discuss. If you're the other guy, I don't know how to reach ya.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 9:14 a.m. CST

    Could somoene ask Frodo and Boba Fett to fight?

    by phool2056

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 11:01 a.m. CST

    Stand by from far away..

    by Rustle

    I don't think it's worth it.. Your odds are simply not good enough that you should buy a plane ticket for stand by.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 1:03 p.m. CST

    Elijah and Dougherty argument straight out of CLOSER....


    An argument regarding Bryan Singer between Elijah Wood and Mike Dougherty. <p> <p> Elijah: Do you enjoy sucking him off? <p> Mike: Yes! <p> Elijah: You like his cock? <p> Mike: I love it! <p> Elijah: You like him coming in your face? <p> Mike: Yes! <p> Elijah: What does it taste like? <p> Mike: It tastes like you but sweeter! <p> Elijah: That's the spirit. Thank you. Thank you for your honesty. Now fuck off and die.<p>

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 3:16 p.m. CST

    I didn't get in

    by zacdilone

    But then again, I didn't apply.

  • Nov. 4, 2008, 4:17 p.m. CST

    To be fair

    by Campion

    No one but harry's personal friends should be able to attend two in a row or more than two every 3 years. It lets more people get a chance, instead of people getting in every year. This was the first year I tried. Since I didn't have time to do a "themed" picture was it just trashed without looking? Post some of the winners aps so I can see what they said to get in.

  • Nov. 5, 2008, 8:35 a.m. CST


    by TheIronGiant

    Check your email! I got your message. Let's go for standby! We're nuts, btw, nuts. Neither of us are Austinites.

  • Nov. 5, 2008, 5:01 p.m. CST

    I didn't get in either

    by snax

    and like zacdilone I didn't apply. I was so busy with Scare for a Cure that I missed the original BNAT post and didn't see the post until the 24 Hours post. Since I worked on my app last year for days and didn't get in, I would want to commit my time and energy to a proper application. Of course, being an Austinite and a mere passing acquaintance of Harry puts me in a "not likely to be accepted" category. No worries - I enjoy the pleasure of many great film experiences thanks to Harry and the AICN/FF crew year-round (and the lovely sweet Patricia), and am still sated from Fantastic Fest 2008. Have a great time, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!

  • Nov. 5, 2008, 5:21 p.m. CST


    by DennisMM

    What I'm saying is that I shouldn't have to alphabetize the list myself. I can copy and paste, myself. But I shouldn't have to. Guess I didn't get my point across. Also, I don't have an Apple. Yes, I know, I'm scum.

  • Nov. 11, 2008, 11:52 a.m. CST

    me not too but

    by davidroland

    Like many others, I also did not get in, so if any of you were hoping to see me there, you might, but it's doubtful. Help Me celebrate My Birthday by showing up at the Ritz for Terror Thursday 20 Nov 2008 to watch 1978's INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. My birthday is 22 Nov, and Zack and the Alamo let me request a movie to help me celebrate. I wonder what film fans who don't use computers do for fun these days? Peace! David "Moses Hussein" Strong