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At Ludicrous Speed Or In Painstaking Slow Motion!! Behold the Orb-Centric Promo For SPACEBALLS: THE ANIMATED SERIES!!

I am – Hercules!!
Clone Wars, Schmone Wars! Why settle for mitichlorians when you can have Schwartz?? Daphne Zuniga reprises Princess Vespa! And Mel Brooks is back as Yogurt and Skroob! Click here. 5 p.m. Sept. 21. G4.

$16.99 Per Season!! Part Of The Mammoth CBS DVD Sale!!

$9.99: Young Frankenstein!! 195-Title Big DVD Sale!!

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  • Sept. 12, 2008, 10:29 p.m. CST


    by cesaria


  • Sept. 12, 2008, 10:42 p.m. CST


    by MilkyLicker

    I hate myself for doing this.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 10:48 p.m. CST

    This is real?

    by robotdevil

    Cool. I think.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 10:52 p.m. CST

    No sequel? Not looking for more money?

    by PirateEmery

    Just a crappy animated porn looking thing?

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 10:54 p.m. CST


    by Dogma_Jedi

    That sucked. Brooks & Lucas.... killing fond memories at ludicrous speed.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 10:56 p.m. CST

    Spaceballs: The Flamethrower

    by Dogma_Jedi

    ... the kids love that one.... sigh........

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:09 p.m. CST

    I heard it's a Flash cartoon.

    by Chief Joseph

    And I hate Flash cartoons.<br> I almost never watched Venture Bros. because I thought it was going to be a Flash cartoon like all the other cable cartoons. He had to swear on his life that it wasn't.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:17 p.m. CST

    I saw the first episode - holy SHIT it sucks

    by ShiftyEyedDog2

    <br><br>first of all, who asked for this? nobody, thats who. Brooks hasn't been relevant for decades. But holy shit - the animation, the story, the jokes... its such a piece of crap. dont bother ever watching it.<br><br><br>

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:20 p.m. CST

    That looks like shit

    by darthvedder81

    Homestar Runner looks better than this crap. Also, is Spaceballs supposed to be that filthy? The movie had some mildly randy stuff but it was mostly a sweet and gentle farce. Penis spaceships? Really??

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:26 p.m. CST

    I will reserve judgement until...

    by Royston Lodge

    ...I hear some actual dialog actually spoken by Brooks, Zuneda, and whatever noname actors they get to do the other voices. However, I would have liked to hav seen some more direct jabs at Lucas in that trailer.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:29 p.m. CST

    Should've gotten Genndy and his crew

    by Dingbatty

    so that it resembled the original Clone Wars toons.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:42 p.m. CST

    where to begin?

    by WolfmanNards

    The animation looks like shit. And last time I remembered, spaceballs wasn't a blatant FLESH GORDON esque sex comedy.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:48 p.m. CST


    by frankenfickle

    uhh... is this supposed to be... a satirical take on star wars? because it kind of just looks like guys making a (bad) cartoon about what nerds think boobs look like.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:48 p.m. CST

    Holy crap!

    by redshirt

    That animation would have looked like crap 10 years ago! It's a worse porn attempt than "Tripping the Rift". Spaceballs is a movie I can watch with my kids and have a few laughs. This, not so much. maybe Mel Brooks and Stan Lee (stripperella) need to get together and make some hentai porn.

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:55 p.m. CST

    Mel Brooks approved this?

    by MetalMickey

    Who's the audience? Can we expect "The Erotic Adventures Of Young Frankenstein" next?

  • Sept. 12, 2008, 11:58 p.m. CST

    "Gordon's alive!"

    by LarryTate

    sorry.. had flashback to an old tb

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:02 a.m. CST


    by redshirt

    Fast fingers! Keeps my wife happy too!

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:04 a.m. CST

    This has been airing here in Canada for a while...

    by DougMcKenzie

    and it is without a doubt absolute garbage. Like Uwe Boll type awful. Mel should of packed it in earlier. His turn on CYB would have been a fitting final bow. This show is really that bad.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:20 a.m. CST

    That Looks...

    by drew mcweeny

    ... so insanely bad. Wow, Mel, is there nothing you will not do to ruin my affection for your catalog? How about HIGH ANXIETY ON ICE? Or maybe you could do a special version of HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART ONE that just consists of Cirque Du Soleil performers punching me in the dick for three hours. Sheeeeeesh.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:27 a.m. CST

    If Mel Brooks thinks dick-shaped shapeships...

    by zacdilone

    ...entering large-hole spaceships is funny, then my respect for the man just dropped significantly. Is this the same man who brought us "Blazing Saddles" and "High Anxiety?"

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:30 a.m. CST

    Yikes, so it is Flash..

    by Chief Joseph

    ...and all comments here are negative. Not one "give it a chance, don't judge" or "turn of your brain and enjoy" guy.<br> I won't even bother watching this preview then. Thanks for warning me!

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:39 a.m. CST

    looks fucking TERRIBLE

    by RokurGepta


  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:48 a.m. CST


    by The Marquis de Side 3

    I thought Mel was making that. what happenned? he was supposed to make a live action sequel.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 1:07 a.m. CST


    by pierrelabite1

    I think he could hook that up. But seriously, I'm unimpressed by this...And I liked the Chrinicles of Riddick.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 1:41 a.m. CST

    It's on G4? DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    by F-18

    I can't watch it. My piece of shit cable company, Charter Communications, moved G4 from expanded basic to digital cable. In it's place there's no channel, just static.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:01 a.m. CST


    by wash

    I think even Mori would agree.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:31 a.m. CST

    It looks about as funny as the film...

    by smellmycheese

    ... which is "not very".

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:49 a.m. CST

    Spaceballs? Oh shit...there goes the internet...

    by Circean6

    What did the team from Booberlla get a new gig, only more unfunny?

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 3:29 a.m. CST

    Damn G4 for producing this.

    by Ayii

    They paid for this. Seriously. I knew G4 lacked taste, but I didn't think it was this low.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 3:51 a.m. CST

    Christ, it looks like The Big Bang...

    by Charlie & Tex

    ...boy, we haven't seen that for nearly 20 years. We think they're barking up the wrong tree with this one - it seems WAY too smutty.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 4:07 a.m. CST

    Darn it...

    by hillvalley

    Smut, shmut. Todays comedy honestly has to go blue, especially on a third tier cable channel. But it definitely doesn't have to look like flash from shockwave, circa 8 years ago. And I was looking forward to this...*sigh*

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 4:11 a.m. CST

    Cheap Cash-in

    by killmeagain

    That's not Spaceballs. It was never an out-and-out sex farce. My heart bleeds.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 4:28 a.m. CST

    Looks spectacular!

    by Lloytron

    Spectacularly shit.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 5:19 a.m. CST

    looks more like animated Flesh Gordon

    by RokurGepta


  • Sept. 13, 2008, 5:40 a.m. CST

    What I REALLY hate about this...

    by DerLanghaarige that it looks like VH1 Illustrated.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 6:22 a.m. CST

    better than movie

    by LeftFoot

    That little promo was funny than the whole original SpaceBalls movie. Grow up. The movie was almost unwatchable. Just endless Star Wars gags and lame sci-fi jokes.<BR><BR> The animation looked very similiar to the animation in the upper left hand corner of AICN.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 7:09 a.m. CST


    by BrandLoyalist

    At least it ain't a stage show... <br><br> LeftFoot, there were a lot of jokes in the movie. Well, two or three. But at least Rick Moranis was really good. Ok, you're right, it was awful.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 7:38 a.m. CST

    Maybe I'm still a 14 year old, at heart...

    by Darkman

    ...but that was a great preview. <br><br> I'm sure there are other kinds of humor, but that's enough for me. <br><br> As far as movie-based cartoon shows, it looks much better than "Lilo and Stitch", "Emperor's New School" and "101 Dalmatians". (So, I watch a lot of cartoons. As I said, 14 year old at heart.)

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 7:49 a.m. CST

    Mel Brooks raped my childhood!

    by Bramton1

    You knew it was coming.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 8:58 a.m. CST

    Brooks has lost it.

    by thedarklinglord

    I remember several years back, not too long after The Phantom Menace came out, I saw a Photoshop image for the perfect follow-up to Spaceballs. It was a mock-up movie poster for Episode 0 that had a little kid with Dark Helmet's glasses, standing in the desert, holding the helmet. All the crap that could be mined from the Star Wars prequels and Brooks doesn't have it in him to make a proper parody prequel? That's fucking sad.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:09 a.m. CST

    Finally. Aired in Canada months ago.

    by jimbojones123

    I don't care how bad it sucks. I'll give it 3 episodes out of the goodwill of the original. Oh, and I'm still sad about John Candy.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:19 a.m. CST

    I once dated a beautiful 6' Blonde who Loved...

    by conspiracy I watched it out of a burning desire to empty my ballsack into her moist hot baby oven. WORST movie EVER, silly, stupid, corny, Borscht Belt humor. Its like Brooks just shat it out without the least bit of thought..a pure cash in on his good name and the "Star Wars" phenomena. I hated it so much it tainted all later sexual experiences with her, and not even the offer to sample her plush anal pleasures, and her warm hungry mouth could repair my new lowered opinion of her.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:22 a.m. CST

    Typical G4 crap.

    by ZeroCorpse

    So bad, I almost thought it was going to air on Spike. <p> Here's a tip: NOBODY likes flash toons.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:26 a.m. CST

    Just watched an episode...

    by hillvalley

    ...on You Tube. It's easy enough to find by just searching. It was pretty bad. Mel Brooks almost saves the show with his voice acting as Skroob and Yogurt, but everyone else's was awful, sounded like they weren't talking to each other and worse, didn't sound at all like the characters. This includes returning cast members Zunniga and Rivers. Part of the later problem is the script homogenized all the characters to irrecognizability. Dark Helmet's Napoleon complex is gone. He's there only as a lacky to Skroob and occasionally to deliver a Garfield-ish one-liner when plans go awry. Vespa isn't a brash beyotch, Lonestar isn't a roguish a-hole. All the characters exist as empty vessels to deliver exposition or a stale joke without regard to characterization. Why couldn't this have been done right or was this project really just "The Search for More Money"?

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:38 a.m. CST

    12 episodes are available on itunes

    by bluebottle

    not worth it though...

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:45 a.m. CST

    Spaceballs the Movie was awful.

    by Chewtoy

    If there's a single movie that illustrates bad comic timing, it has to be 'Spaceballs'... and Mel Brooks movies just got worse from there.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:51 a.m. CST


    by VoteRoslin08

    I guess if the show isnt funny just show animated boobs bouncing through the whole commercial.. and then talk specifically about the animated boobs bouncing... Nobody will be able to tell there aren't any jokes.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 10:09 a.m. CST

    Wow -- What's with all the Spaceballs hate?

    by robotdevil

    Yeah that cartoon looks like schmeg, but the movie was hilarious (Brooks' last funny movie). I'm genuinely surprised to see how much hate it's getting here.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 10:27 a.m. CST

    I shall reserve judgement until I've seen an episode

    by Col. Tigh-Fighter

    Could be funny, shit animation and all.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 10:45 a.m. CST

    Herc always sounds like such a whore

    by I Dunno

    Whether he's peddling shit for Amazon or trying to drum up enthusiasm for dreck like this, he makes me want to pull out a $5 bill so he can let me pee on him.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 11:17 a.m. CST

    I know I know, u all hate G4TV & wish you still had TECHTV

    by Orionsangels

    Blah blah blah! Well too bad. The late 90's are over. Shows like Screensavers and Call for help existed back then for one reason. Computers and the Internet were still in their infancy then. Many were early adopters, using both for the first time. They needed help using windows and finding shit online, but today Computers and the Internet are grown up. We don't need that shit anymore! Now they only exist in boring podcast that no one listens too. That's were they belong. Put out to pasture. So just accept G4TV. It's been 8 years now. Get over it you whiners!

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:11 p.m. CST

    Spaceballs has it's moments

    by BizarroJerry

    It's a bad to mediocre movie with a good few laughs sprinkled in. This 'toon just looks so... immature. "Moichandizing! Moichandizing!" I still chuckle at, "You idiots! You've captured their stunt doubles!" Of course, some of the humor is completely un-sci-fi related. "I knew it! I'm surrounded by assholes."

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 12:37 p.m. CST

    Spaceballs doesn't hold up very well

    by I Dunno

    Sure, it was a riot when I was a kid but watching part of it recently, not so much.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 1:29 p.m. CST


    by J-Dizzle

    but my favorite part of that movie was Darth Helmet flying into the wall of Spaceball 1 after doing an emergency stop from Ludicrous speed. "Bullshit! Stop this thing, I order you! Stop!"

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 1:36 p.m. CST

    S-U-U-C-K! S-U-U-C-K! S-U-U-C-K!

    by alice 13

    hilarity ensues.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:17 p.m. CST

    Sure, the animation sucks. . .

    by Nice Marmot

    . . . but how can you judge it w/out hearing any dialogue? It was all just bouncing tits.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:25 p.m. CST

    Brooks is a one hit wonder

    by Wrecks

    Young Frankenstein. The rest are schlocky, juvenile unfunny shit. This looks the same.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:45 p.m. CST

    I am not a member of Cirque Du Soleil...

    by Alonzo Mosely

    But I am available to punch Mori in the balls for three hours at any point. Just have your people contact my people...

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 2:45 p.m. CST


    by sirbroiler


  • Sept. 13, 2008, 3:15 p.m. CST

    wow... I'm saddened

    by MurderMostFowl

    PLaying up the least funny throw away jokes of Spaceballs? Turning it into an animated Benny Hill show episode? WTF

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 3:29 p.m. CST

    All you morons saying SPACEBALLS sucked...

    by brokentusk

    Fuck you.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 3:31 p.m. CST

    I mean that in a nice way, obviously.

    by brokentusk

    Honestly, I love SPACEBALLS. That part where they rent SPACEBALLS: THE MOVIE and fast forward in order to find out where the princess is? Genius.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 4:19 p.m. CST

    I love Spaceballs

    by Pop_aristocrat

    This is not Spaceballs. Comments from lovers of the old saying the characters are flat and unrecognizable, and the comedy doesn't mesh at all with the style of the old show...all totally correct. I found a full episode on Youtube and could barely get through ten minutes of an episode. <p> For those of you questioning why it was made as a Flash Animation; because when they started on this, Aquateen and Sealab were still ruling the nighttime airwaves, and they're nothing more than cheap flash. (of course, they had the writing to back it up). We created a monster. <p> Mel, did you have to sully your own name with this shyte? It was looking bad enough as it was...

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 6:24 p.m. CST


    by Chief Joseph

    I hated Aquateen and Sealab, too. I realize that's not a popular thing to say.<br> The animation sucked and the jokes are only funny if you're stoned. My pothead friend loves those shows and actually believes that the world is run by 5 Jewish bankers now. Thanks a lot, Flash.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 6:26 p.m. CST

    Holy Crap!

    by Merrick

    That "cartoon" actually makes the movie seem *good*!

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 7:56 p.m. CST

    Spaceballs hate?

    by Audio_of_Being

    It's nice to finally see that I'm not the only one who thinks that movie is crap. I guess the cartoon is just the apple not falling far from the tree.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:19 p.m. CST

    No one is going to say it??

    by johne5

    Daphne Zuniga gotta eat!

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:37 p.m. CST

    Bad Flash animation would have worked...

    by Royston Lodge

    ...for a "Special Edition" reissue. It could have been hilarious. You could have Mel Brooks in a bad fake white beard do an introduction at the beginning about how only today has technology caught up to his "original vision", and then have REALLY CHEESY Flash animation (or better yet, Commodore 64 animation) clips cut at random points in the original movie. NOW, with ENHANCED special effects!!! Now THAT is a DVD I would have paid money for...

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:38 p.m. CST

    Where's Bill Pullman?

    by Royston Lodge

    It must be REALLY lousy if he's not willing to compromise his artistic integrity...

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 9:44 p.m. CST


    by Xaximus

    Oh. My. God. They resurrect Spaceballs to churn out this fucking atrocity?!?

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 10:32 p.m. CST

    Doesn't Futurama already do sci-fi farce pretty good?

    by Drath

    I mean if you're gonna make a Spaceballs cartoon, maybe it should cater to people who liked that movie and not just try to do what Futurama already did? Whatever. We will always have Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, and History of the World Part 1 (and to a lesser extent, High Anxiety, and Silent Movie). I remember Attack of the Killer Tomatoes made for a surprisingly funny cartoon series, but that wasn't a sex romp either. It wasn't Brooks either, but shit it was good.

  • Sept. 13, 2008, 11:19 p.m. CST

    "We ain't found shit!"

    by Heckles

    Actor who delivered the best line in the film would later play Tuvok on Voyager. Fun facts are fun. And Spaceballs was great.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 3:59 a.m. CST

    it's just gone from SUCK to BLOW!!

    by Maniaq

    'sall I got

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 4:48 a.m. CST

    She's gone from suck to BLOW!

    by Doc_Hudson

    That movie has a shitload of oneliners in it you cant say in public to this day!.. Screw you haters, aint hardware wars! "Water my ass!.....get this man some pepto bismo!"

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 6:25 a.m. CST

    id be up for

    by BrainFart

    spaceballs episode one featuring frankie munez as a young dark helmet.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 12:15 p.m. CST

    "Spaceball-Busting" episodes air at 5pm?

    by Immortal_Fish

    Great! The kids still have plenty of time to absorb all the sexism before mom and dad get back home.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 12:19 p.m. CST

    Can't get this to work.

    by IAmJack'sUserID

    I go to the page and I see Spaceballs and this little bar below it that always has like 1/20 of it filled up. Never moves or does anything.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 3:09 p.m. CST

    That was worse than the Holocaust

    by smackfu

    You heard me.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 8:54 p.m. CST

    G4 suicide bombs another fond memory..

    by AssassinWithSon

    I was excited until I saw it was on G4. Could that network suck harder!?!? 2 years ago it was great, now it has 80 year old Cops episodes and a game show about eating until you puke. I will give this a shot, but CODEMONKEYS sucks (even with DANA SNYDER!) so this will probably suck too.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 8:56 p.m. CST

    PS on G4

    by AssassinWithSon

    Is it just me, or does it seem that after every sentence that Kevin Perrera(SP?) speaks he might as well add "Also...I am the funniest coolest, and most attractive person ever in case you havent noticed." ??

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 9:32 p.m. CST

    Oh I get it! The cats are after Vespa because

    by AssassinWithSon

    she smells like fish. Wow, classic ending, my main concern now is will I EVER stop laughing? Thanks to Youtube I was able to watch an episode of this shit without even having to give G4 any ratings. Whose bright idea was it to make Dark Helmet Vern Troyer? It's always fun to ruin your best character. And Lonestar being all, "You know you want me." When did he become Stiffler? I still love the movie, but this is truly awful.

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 11:20 p.m. CST


    by redshirt

    I miss Liana K. That was one hot woman!

  • Sept. 14, 2008, 11:43 p.m. CST

    Only one man would dare

    by worldofwarcraft

    give me the raspberry... Lone Star.

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 12:39 a.m. CST

    Absolutely Diabolical

    by Samson_K

    I love Mel Brooks - he's a funny, funny guy<BR><BR> I love Mel Brooks on the strength of 3 movies - 'Young Frankenstein', 'Blazing Saddles' and 'High Anxiety'.I kind of like 'The Producers and the 12 Chairs<BR><BR>I hate 'Silent Movie', 'History of the World Part 1' (apart from the Inquisition which I fucking adore), 'Spaceballs', 'Robin Hood:Men in Tights', Dracula Dead and Loving it, Life Stinks - <BR><br>With anyone else I think I'd have given up but everytime I hear of a new project I get excited and hope that he'll do something great again.<BR><BR>Mel, this looks absolutely diabolically bad. It looks like the work of an old guy who doesn't know what makes the young people laugh!<BR>Please - no more, just retire Mel and let us love you - don't keep eating away at that with substandard crapo.<BR>Please!?

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 1:41 a.m. CST

    Why was this even posted?

    by happybunni

    This show is godaweful horrible, I don't see anyone actually enjoying it. Also real world blows and that topic should not have been created either. Wastes of space, so many better shows out there that don't get covered.

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 1:45 a.m. CST

    I just threw up a little in my mouth...

    by digitalcos

    Holy Crap! I could barely tolerate the opening titles. I managed to get threw about eight minutes of it on the youtubes before I threw in the towel. Wow.

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 2:29 a.m. CST

    I love everything from

    by papabendi

    The Producers through to High Anxiety. History of The World part 1 is very very hit and miss. Everything afterwards isn't worth mentioning so let's just forget any of it happened. People in the industry should stop encouraging his output. It like watching Harold Zoid trying to make his movie in Futurama.

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 7:20 a.m. CST

    I 'effing HATED Spaceballs

    by malificus

    That corny-assed shit went out with vaudeville and Lucy fucking Arnez.

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 12:49 p.m. CST

    Cartoon boob jokes

    by Heckles

    It's gold, Mel! Gold!

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 1:25 p.m. CST

    Suddenly Clone Wars & Jabba's little shit son...

    by Engelhast

    is not looking so bad is it?

  • Sept. 15, 2008, 11:06 p.m. CST

    4 episode mini marathon...

    by jimbojones123

    Sandwiched between airings of the movie. News keeps getting better and better.

  • Sept. 16, 2008, 12:01 a.m. CST


    by slkboxrman

    watched the boob preview and the standard promo, looks great, ill check it out...i wont say fuck u to all the haters like someone did earlier but spaceballs is hillarious...yes i say IS, it still holds up today...all of mel brooks movie parodies are hillarious....spaceballs and men in tights are 100 times funnier than any pardody movie made since then ...u all have to admit that..this cartoon should be good, mel brooks made it , has to be decent, ill check it out...cant be much worse than FACTORY on spike.