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Ghost?? Hallucination?? Zombie?? Flashback?? Learn Which Long-Dead Character Is Returning To LOST!!

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Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly reports that Michelle Rodriguez is returning to “Lost” as angry cop Ana-Lucia Cortez for one episode, likely 5.2. It will mark her first appearance on the show since Michael filled her full of lead near the end of season two. Find all of Ausiello’s exclusive here.

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  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:40 p.m. CST


    by Pogue__Mahone

    Has The drunk driving band been lifted?

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:41 p.m. CST

    I wish it was Ian coming back

    by BrightEyes

    I want Boon this season but it will be cool to see ana lucia again

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:43 p.m. CST

    But why?

    by Kid Z

    ... Michael got all blowed up real good-like in last season's finale. Bet she'll be a cop in some flashback.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:45 p.m. CST


    by turketron

    Will be good to gaze upon michelle rodriguez's hotness once again. I know her character was hated by many, but I always liked her. Heck, I've never really hated anyone on Lost... <p><p>Can't wait for season 5!

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:45 p.m. CST

    Will it be to explain the mystery of her teeth?

    by tonagan

    That was a burning question that was never answered.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:47 p.m. CST

    I never cheered so much as when......

    by Dallas1701D

    ....she was shot and KILLED on this show. I hated her she was annoying and a big pain in the ass. Now I am pissed off that I have to even look at her one last time. The only thing the creative team got right is the fact that she was dirty the whole time. But that is simply because Michelle Rodrigues is dirty in real life..... Love LOST....but hated the whole tail section clan storyline.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:56 p.m. CST


    by Sithdan

    I said it once, and I'll say it again, Lost is the greatest show on television right now, hands down. It's so refreshing to see something original in this sandstorm of reality TV and American Idol.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 1:57 p.m. CST

    Ana Lucia was a good character because she was hated

    by Dapper Swindler

    It's hard to have a female character that's a bad person in just a sad, pathetic way like Ana Lucia. The character makes you feel contempt and pity. That's pretty rare in a female right?

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:07 p.m. CST

    Would much rather see Libby or Eko...

    by HoichiTheEarless

    I was not happy they offed Eko the way they did... it just confirmed beyond a doubt they really had no idea what they were doing with the tail section story line. But for my money he was one of the show's best characters, up there with Sayid and Desmond. Libby getting offed was a bit baffling too considering the reveal that she was a fellow mental patient in Hurley's ward. I would have been interested in where that was going had it been more than a way to end that particular episode with a bang, which apparently it was. I love the show, it's gotten back on track in a big way, but Ana Lucia only reminds me of when the show seemed on the verge of getting derailed.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:10 p.m. CST

    Probably appears to Locke

    by ciroslive

    She'll appear to Locke along with the others who have died on the island (or on boats near the island) as part of his journey to save the island...

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:17 p.m. CST

    Nobody stays dead on Lost

    by newc0253

    i'm still waiting for them to bring back Shannon.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:20 p.m. CST

    I saw every single episode of this show until...

    by FlickaPoo

    ...last season. Then I sort of just crapped out. Not sure why just got to the point where I felt like I had to make an effort or force myself to watch the episode every week. Still have the season finale on DVR somewhere, but never felt the urge to watch it.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:25 p.m. CST


    by bellwether

    characters you're supposed to hate is one thing. But rodriguez herself seems to be detested to the point where many people don't even want to see her on screen. Yes, really. Unless she's in for a few seconds where various guest stars get to pump bullets into her twitching corpse. That'd work.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:27 p.m. CST

    Lesbians gotta eat.

    by MaxTheSilent

    If they're gonna resurrect a character bring back Mr. Eko.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:33 p.m. CST


    by fiester

    Because that's all this giant red herring of a show is: one big endless flashback.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:36 p.m. CST

    "Get the butter."

    by Napoleon Park

    ...because AnaL's coming back.<p>Y'all kids recognized the Marlon Brando quote from Last Tango In Paris, right?

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:39 p.m. CST

    The season hasn't even started and I hate it...

    by Pdorwick

    ...seriously, the greatest waste of potential in TV History.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:44 p.m. CST

    Lost is NOT the greatest show on television...

    by Pdorwick

    ...jesus, you people have got to get out more. Greater than "The Prisoner"? No. Greater than "West Wing"? No. Greater than the new "Battlestar Galactica"? Most definitely no. Greater than "MASH", "The Twilight Zone", "Prime Suspect"? No, no, no.<br><br>Dial it back a bit people.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:48 p.m. CST

    I liked her a lot

    by sHapesHiftinLizard

    and MrEko's departure was due to Adawale-A-A wanting to go off and write and direct his own movie, he also said in a n interview in lost magazine(I read it in the shop) that he was a little burned out by episodic television(ie his genius turn in Oz as Adibisi) and so was not wanting to stay on too long. shame, he was a great partner in crime for Locke, we could've got some great team ups out of those guys. Yeah, was very surprised to read who it was coming back for one, I'd guessed Shannon. Lost is the best show just about ever , although i flip between thinking it's that or Oz.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:49 p.m. CST

    You are right AND wrong, Pdorwick!

    by Toby Wan

    Not the best ever, but better than that liberal bullshit West Wing and better than BG.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:50 p.m. CST

    Eko and Charlie...

    by Banzai Rootskibango

    ...are the dead characters that I would like to see!

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:52 p.m. CST

    It's always amazing...

    by rutgersjaffo see the venom that Lost brings out in some. It's a damn good show and I am entertained by it. And yeah, I will say it is better than the Twilight Zone because to tell the honest truth that either selective memory or wishful thinking wants to so often block, a lot of the old episodes of Twilight Zone flat-out suck. For every great episode there are like 20 that are a boring retread of the same idea. Just saying...

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:55 p.m. CST


    by HoboCode

    I never understood the hate for Ana Lucia. She's a BAD ASS!

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 2:59 p.m. CST

    Well, Rodriguez is already 2 out of 4

    by Heckles

    Hallucinating zombie is covered.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:06 p.m. CST

    Toby Wan: If you thought "West Wing" was liberal...

    by Pdorwick

    ...then there really is no hope for your country.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:08 p.m. CST

    hurley sees her?

    by Bouncy X

    since he sees charlie and is possibly mental again in the off island days, maybe he'll see her. though as someone else said, its likely a flashback where she'll be the cop in someone else's backstory.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:10 p.m. CST

    She'll show up...

    by Shepard Bauer

    with Jack about to kill himself on the bridge... just like she showed up before she was dead to help Christian out in Austrailia... she'll tell Jack to not jump and to do what Locke said. This is all just a guess...

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:15 p.m. CST

    Sorry to burst your bubble rutgersjaffo, but...

    by Pdorwick

    ...after having recently re-watched a good number of the "Twilight Zone" episodes I must say I enjoyed it even more than when I first watched it 25 years ago.<br><br>It is a show that actually deals with big ideas as opposed to Lost which only pretends to. "Lost" is a show which only ever promises while "The Twilight Zone" is a show which - by and large - only ever delivers. "Lost" uses narrative subtlety to disguise the fact it's actually about nothing while "The Twilight Zone" uses metaphoric subtlety to engage the viewer with a plethora of meaningful ideas and concepts.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:16 p.m. CST

    Come join us Lost lovers

    by 4we8have15to16go23back42

    ACIN talkback from the season 4 finale. Our little group is still going strong and always welcome new blood to discuss & debate Lost!<br> <br> <br> <br> Blog created and run by our little group reporting on news, Media Reports, Spoilers and everything else related to Lost. <br> <br> <br>

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:25 p.m. CST

    Dammit, I clicked...

    by theredtoad

    I'm gonna guess that she appears as a ghost, or apparition, like she did in a previous season. What we need to start theorizing now is WHO she appears to, or WHO is with her in her scene(s).

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:31 p.m. CST


    by enderandrew

    Actually, I'd say Lost is better than every show you listed except save for possibly the Twilight Zone.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:32 p.m. CST

    AnAL gotta eat

    by Mr_X

    that probably didn't come out right

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:35 p.m. CST

    The problem with the phrase "the best ever"

    by HoichiTheEarless

    The discussion will always, inevitably devolve into mindless drivel over what is "really" better. Frankly when it comes to fiction or any art, why is it so difficult to acknowledge that it is subjective? It is an undeniable point and no intelligent argument can be made otherwise. I only watch two shows at the moment... Lost and BSG... they both have their strong points and weak points... but they are both excellent shows that are worth the time I'm putting into them. That matters infinitely more than which one is better.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:39 p.m. CST

    I just got my parents hooked on lost.

    by Colonel_Blimp

    They're halfway through season 2, and my 84 year old dad is obsessing about the origin of the hatch. He's a WW2 nut, so he's got this great theory of it being a japanese bunker from the war, and that there'll probably be old japanese soldiers running around the island believing the war is still on. I hadn't heard that one before, I suppose it's a pretty sound theory from where he is in the show now.<P> How great is this show, when even my parents love it? I hope they won't get lost (haha) when the sci-fi kicks in<P> OT, I never really got a feeling whether TPTB made Ana unsympathetic on purpose or not. Something tells me she was sort of supposed to be sassy, but ended up grating as hell. (You guys probably have some podcast to prove me wrong) I'll ask my parents how they feel about her. My guess is they land on sassy. After all, she reminds me of my fathers granddaughter.<P> Who is annoying btw.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:44 p.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    Actually, I'd say you're wrong.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:53 p.m. CST


    by HoichiTheEarless

    Nope, you're wrong. Enderandrew stated his opinion as an opinion. You confuse your opinion on a 100% subjective matter as fact.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 3:57 p.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    ...I was kidding. Take a pill.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:04 p.m. CST

    That has to be the biggest letdown from a headline ever

    by CherryValance

    Seriously, I was all psyched and then I saw "Rodriguez" and my heart sank. Of all the people it could have been... *sobs*

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:06 p.m. CST

    I wonder if this show will end like Cloverfield.

    by C.K. Lamoo

    OK, ran out of ideas. The End.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:08 p.m. CST

    Has Kevin Smith approved of this?

    by Captain_Pigphucker

    He must be eating or shitting at the moment

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:28 p.m. CST

    Ana Lucia

    by 4we8have15to16go23back42

    Well Kate, Hurley, Sun & Aaron didn't have much to do with Ana Lucia, so maybe she visits Jack or Sayid? Maybe Bernard for some reason?

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:42 p.m. CST


    by Green Arrow

    Maybe Michael can shoot her again.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:44 p.m. CST

    by enderandrew

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:45 p.m. CST

    No Zombies

    by enderandrew

    They've said from day one that there will be no zombies (except for the all-zombie season 9) and that one you're dead, you're dead. If AnaL comes back, it means one of three things. 1 - Flashback 2 - Dream/vision 3 - Smokezilla posing as someone, as he has done since season 1.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:50 p.m. CST

    Wake me up when Mr. Eko is ressurected.

    by StarWarsRedux

    Who else can keep the Island together while Locke is sacrificing himself on the mainland?

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 4:54 p.m. CST


    by GravitysRainbow

    Damn it.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 5 p.m. CST


    by HoichiTheEarless

    Were you kidding when you got all uppity over people having the opinion that Lost was the best show ever earlier? Maybe we can split a pill.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 5:03 p.m. CST

    Does anyone give a fuck?

    by V'Shael

    She's a lousy actress, playing a lousy part. She was deservedly fired for being an asshole in real life. Fuck her and her loser career. She should go back to being a fucking waitress/actress at an L.A. Denny's.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 5:16 p.m. CST

    Should have been Frenchy

    by G100

    Bring back Rousseau !<p> <p>Maybe they are trying to put more of a purpose into the whole tailies saga.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 5:42 p.m. CST

    Eko shouldn't have been killed off...

    by Prof. Pop-Cult

    They could have made him go missing on the island or in the cabin, and then had the actor agree to return for an episode or two in the final season. (I guess that's what they're doing with Claire anyway.) Likewise, Danielle didn't need to be killed off if the actress didn't want to appear in too many episodes.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 6:04 p.m. CST

    What the fuck are they thinking?

    by robotdevil

    Outside of Nikki and Paolo, AnaL is the most despised character in the history of the show (and not "despised" in that good entertaining way, just plain old despised). Seriously, I'd rather they brought back Nikki and Paolo... at least Nikki was hot.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 6:30 p.m. CST


    by NudeandAroused

    If memory serves I don't know that anybody really cared for the actor who played Ecko. Thus his demise. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 6:57 p.m. CST

    Pdorwick is right, Lost isn't greatest TV show on right now...

    by Banzai Rootskibango's the greatest tv show of all time. ALL TIME! MASH and West Wing were lefty liberal pieces of tripe...Lost doesn't concern itself with an agenda...

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 7:09 p.m. CST

    I'm glad we have our own TB for the dedicated fans

    by theredtoad

    and occasional talkbacks for the other people...

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 7:21 p.m. CST

    Lost is pretty great

    by TheFinalSay

    Lost is pretty great, opinions are subjective and Pdorwick is just wasting his life by submitting comment after comment about something he claims not to like. And that's "The Final Say!"

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 7:44 p.m. CST


    by HoboCode

    They are bringing back Rousseau this season.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 7:45 p.m. CST

    I thought FOR SURE

    by samsquanch

    it was going to be that guy that got sucked into the engine in the first ep.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 8:12 p.m. CST

    Thank You Hobocode

    by G100

    Was totally unaware of this but great news. She needs her flashback at the very least. Her death was a real low point for me in what was a rock solid season.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 8:33 p.m. CST

    Lost WAS my favorite show until...

    by NeoMyers

    ...I discovered The Wire. Now that is the best show ever. After seeing the whole series, I can say that Season 4 was probably the best, which is pretty significant since the series' quasi star, McNulty, was MIA for much of the season.

  • If the producers want ratings gold, they need to bring Michelle Rodriguez back for a flashback episode, where she runs into a smashed Goth-Claire at an Aussie nightclub and ends up chowing her out for 15 minutes in a dirty nightclub stall. I'd buy that for a dollar.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 8:35 p.m. CST

    All I have to say is: YES.

    by Novaman5000

    It is great that they're not forgetting about AL. Coulda been another boone vision, glad they're branching out.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 8:36 p.m. CST

    Cheech is a guest star in the same episode

    by Novaman5000

    Will AL be visiting hurley? He is seeing the ghosts of those killed lately.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 9:21 p.m. CST

    "No one dies on that fucking show.

    by PirateEmery

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 9:22 p.m. CST


    by PirateEmery

    I didn't accidentally hit the enter key, fucker.<p> What I was TRYING to say was to reference Lindelof's quote from the Sunny panel from ComicCon.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 10:02 p.m. CST


    by Russman

    no one asked about them at comic con which makes me sometimes think the questions are scripted. Anyway, all season long, that's what I'm going to be asking: WHERE THE HELL ARE THE ZOMbiES

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 10:18 p.m. CST

    The Explanation

    by topaz4206

    No zombies or hallucinations, it's multiple "times" existing in the same space. PKD loved exploring this scientific possibility in some of his work.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 10:33 p.m. CST

    Dumbest part of the latest finale...

    by Pizza The Hut

    ...was when Ben was waiting for Jack in the funeral parlor. I mean, seriously... How did he know that Jack was going to break in there at that time?

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 11:42 p.m. CST


    by enderandrew

    The producers said she signed on to do one year and be killed off. That was the plan from day one. The producers also said they didn't plan to kill Libby off initially, but that was a last second thing. The producers also mentioned that Eko had to go because the actor wasn't working out.

  • Aug. 25, 2008, 11:42 p.m. CST

    Ana L is back!!!!

    by Han Cholo

    I always thought she was hot. The she opened her mouth and the stuff that came out only guys should say. But from what I understand, a lot of homeboys like the way these ex-cholas talk so there you have it. Though there are very few hot, chola-looking women that are of actual quality.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:10 a.m. CST

    So full of lead she could use her dick as a pencil.

    by Rev. Slappy


  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:30 a.m. CST

    More Bernard Dentist Jokes Please.

    by jimbojones123

    I want more AnaL!

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:32 a.m. CST

    FUCK Pdorwick - WW was a lefty piece of trash

    by Lamerz

    Topped by the other piece of trash Studio 60. Fuck that shit.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:35 a.m. CST

    One thing is for sure...

    by jimbojones123

    AnaL will sport a constant look of "I'm Sleepy" mixed with "I'm taking it from behing" at all times.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:36 a.m. CST

    This won't hit 10K posts.

    by jimbojones123

    Just Sayin'.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:39 a.m. CST

    But BSG says Frack insteat of Fuck....

    by jimbojones123

    How incredibly 3rd grade is that anyways. We'll not as bad as thinging that the word "Frack" is the greatest phrase EVER! You sneeky little nerds with your crappy space show! When will the craziness end???

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:40 a.m. CST

    Your right Jimbo

    by 4we8have15to16go23back42

    The Season 4 finale talkback will though

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:52 a.m. CST

    Pizza The Hut

    by HoichiTheEarless

    Ben wasn't waiting for Jack, he came in after Jack had broken in. Perhaps he was following Jack... and Ben has been written as someone who can think several moves ahead and play people like chess pieces, so it's not a stretch to figure he'd be able to find Jack there.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 1:46 a.m. CST

    Rats - I was hoping it was Ethan.

    by AnnoyYou

    Mapother is one scary mofo in that role. And Ana Lucia was a total waste of space. Too bad.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 4:29 a.m. CST

    I predict almost every character will die by series end...

    by Prof. Pop-Cult

    It's just a hunch. LOST could end up being like a survival horror movie where only some of the minor, side characters live in the end. It wouldn't surprise me if Lindoff and Cuse decide to suddenly kill off Jack in the middle of Season 6. Don't forget that in the original concept for the pilot, Jack was to be unexpectedly killed off by the end of the pilot and Kate was going to take over as the show's lead. (This is back when they considered Michael Keaton for the role of Jack and Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun, was considered for the role of Kate.)

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 5:16 a.m. CST

    "It will mark her first appearance on the show since Michael fil

    by Bob Loblaw Law Blog

    Not true... <p> She appeared in the episode 2.21, titled "?" during Mr. Eko's dream. This was the episode immediately AFTER the one where Michael killed her (2.20, titled "Two for the Road")<p> Remember... he's building a church, and she walks up and asks why he's building a church. He says he saw that he needed to build one in a dream.<p> She says, "A dream like this one?"<p> He looks over... she's bleeding from the stomach and the mouth... and says, "You need to help John."<p> Let's keep our "Lost" episodes straight, everybody. :)

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 8:18 a.m. CST

    I would hope the answer would be "Zombie".

    by Smerdyakov

    I want to see half-decomposed Michelle lurching around the set muttering "brains, brains".

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 9:36 a.m. CST

    I feel hurt...

    by Pdorwick

    ...not really. What's all this "lefty" stuff regarding WW? It was, at best, centerist... except if you live in the US where everyone seems to lean to the right.<br><br>Also, "Lost" is very, very political. It's anti-corporate, anti-military and extremely humanist. In fact, it's a far more "lefty" show than "The West Wing" ever was.<br><br>...and I totally agree with NeoMyers: "The Wire" is the best show on TV; it makes "Lost" look like a Saturday morning cartoon.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 10:36 a.m. CST

    How did Ben know Jack would go to the funeral home?

    by EyeofPolyphemus

    He followed Jack there.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 11:22 a.m. CST

    If you think BSG is better than Lost

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    you are smoking crack rocks daily. S1 BSG beat S1 Lost probably, and from there there was some back and forth, but christ almighty the last season of BSG sucked.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 11:30 a.m. CST


    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Others are right. If you don't like the show, I don't really think your ranking of it against shows you DO like is very meaningful. Then there's the age-old question of why you'd even post in a Lost TB, but that question will probably never be answered.<p>Anyway Lost is one of the top STILL ACTIVE TV shows. Historically, I don't give a shit about TV history but I imagine it's up there. Certainly it's maintained quality better than BSG which I used to love and now feels like I'm doing homework.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:11 p.m. CST

    Good. Michelle's badass.

    by MattmanReturns

    I hated that she died. All cuz of a stupid DUI. She's hot in a "she could kick my ass" kinda way. Plus she plays video games.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:26 p.m. CST

    The DUI myth is just that

    by 4we8have15to16go23back42

    Lots of the still alive cast members have recieved DUIs and are still around. Michelle had it in her contract to only work a year and AAA or Eko got tired of living on the enclosed island and asked to be written off. If I remember correctly the actress who played Danille also got island crazy and asked to be written off. Thats why they killed her off. So Darlton is just working around the actors schedules & desires.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 12:42 p.m. CST


    by ZeroCorpse

    She's going to be seen on the shore, snacking on Michael's brains.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 1:03 p.m. CST


    by pinkfloyd2000

    Will they show her driving around in a discarded van downing Dharma brand suds and jamming to "Shambala"?

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 1:24 p.m. CST

    Thunderbolt Ross: Really?... Really?

    by Pdorwick

    Lost has maintained it's quality better than BSG? Jesus. What drugs were you on during the interminable seasons 3 & 4 of Lost? Or the last half of season 2 for that matter. BSG has never declined in quality. It has remained dramatically consistant and coherent; two things Lost can't possibly begin to claim. It continues to amaze me the nonsensical contortions Lost apologists have to go through to tie all the meainingless plot threads of their precious show together. BSG fans just don't have that problem because the show is structurally sound; always has been.<br><br>The Wire is still better than both however.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 1:45 p.m. CST


    by HoboCode

    Anti-corporate I'll give you. but anti-military? Where do you get that? Becasue of two episodes that were seemingly anti-torture?

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 1:47 p.m. CST

    BSG, Lost, The Wire, The Shield...

    by pinkfloyd2000

    Why do we always have to compare these shows? They are all VERY different. They are ALL great, in their respective rights.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 2:01 p.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    The paid mercenaries last season (who might or might not be metaphors for Black Water) were portrayed as ineffective and cruel. Also, Sayhid's military past (albiet with the Iraqi Army) is constantly portrayed as something his soul is recovering from. Yes? No?

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 2:02 p.m. CST

    ...and pinkfloyd2000...

    by Pdorwick do actually make a good point.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 2:10 p.m. CST

    Pdorwick. No.

    by HoboCode

    I guess when I think of mercenaries I don't think of military, but let's get real, Blackwater is fucking evil. And Sayid's military past is not what his soul is recovering from, it was his role as a torturer that he's not proud of.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 2:20 p.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    I could agree with that but the show doesn't seem to make the distinction between torture and military action. The survivors militarism leads to torture and Ben's militarism is almost entirely torture based - psychological torture. Also, the show, I think, makes no distinction between the violence done through a traditional militarism and last season's mercenary army: both are portrayed as the worst possible solution to any particular problem. The fact this Black Water style unit is hired by a corporation that wants to exploit the island just adds another layer.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 2:26 p.m. CST

    military vs. torture vs. mercs

    by HoboCode

    I think it does a pretty good job of distinguishing them apart though there really isn't a point of reference since an actual mitary is not portrayed on the show. Though I will give you that the American military's recruitment of Sayid as a torturer lends some weight to your argument. But that was by Kelvin and he seemed to me to be part of some black ops sect.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 4:19 p.m. CST

    Rod Sterling

    by boogalooshrimp

    would splooge if he saw how Lost has taken his sci-fi mystery/reveal formula to such amazing and epic lengths. Lost owes many things to twilight zone, hell the music is almost identical at times. But if he saw Battlestar, he'd probably just say "hey that's my phone."

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 4:26 p.m. CST


    by Nasty In The Pasty


  • Aug. 26, 2008, 4:40 p.m. CST

    Yes really

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    I don't care how "structurally sound" BSG is. It still has been corny, ham-fisted, didactic, contrived and yet still predictable - for a solid season now. And that's coming from a fan.<p>It's painfully obvious the BSG crew has forgotten the old "show don't tell" rule as they try to get their "themes" across, however clumsy the attempts. Beyond that, they have focused entirely too much on the unappealing/annoying President (how contrived and ridiculous was that "murder" scene with Baltar btw - godawful) and neutered Starbuck. And that's just a couple things. Blech. <p>So yeah you can have all the structure you like but I'd prefer the show actually be enjoyable and interesting while I'm watching it, not just on paper. Here's hoping the dreary and surprising-only-to-the-characters-on-the-show ending of this season (or 1/2 season or 3/5 season or whatever) actually leads somewhere cool, in spite of recent history.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 7:07 p.m. CST

    Pdorwick. Seasons 3 and 4 of Lost were bad?

    by Novaman5000

    Did you miss the part where season 4 was hailed as the greatest season the show has had yet nearly unanimously by critics and fans alike? And I found the season 3 finale to be maybe one of the most satisfying episodes of television ever. I've seen almost all of BSG to date, and while I am a fan of the show, my interest has wavered over the years. Even when lost was struggling in season 2, It never felt like work watching it.<p> And the fact that it continues to evolve and remain fresh is a testament to how well done it is. The format has changed drastically from S3-4 and will change again from S4-5 and it's still totally engrossing.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 8:04 p.m. CST

    Thunderbolt Ross & Novaman5000: Please pay attention...

    by Pdorwick

    Firstly, BSG isn't didactic, it's actually quite wonderfully crafted. It manages to be neither right wing nor left wing but manages season in and season out to walk a tight rope which, like all the very best drama, reflects the era in which it was made while it comments and criticises on it.<br><br>Lost is just candy. I wish it was didactic, at least it would be about something. Lost might be the greatest shell game in TV history but that does not make it anything one could remotely call "good". Lost is all promise and no delivery. Thunderbolt, your comment on what you see as this year's BSG weak season ender is laughable in light of Lost's neverending tirade of nonsensical cliffhangers and pallid resolutions. The only reason everyone liked season 3's last episode was because it was the first time that season anything remotely interesting happened; and it still didn't make any sense. What Lost apologists don't realise is that the show has no overall plan. Novaman5000, you mistake the flailings of a floundering writing staff as originality. The reason the format changed wasn't born out of brilliance, it was born out of desperation.<br><br>...and if either of you found last season's finale anything less than ridiculous, well... Also Novaman, just because a million people say a stupid thing doesn't make it any less of a stupid thing. Making aesthetic judgments based how many people like something is nonsensical at best. Pirates 3 and Spiderman 3 are among the highest grossing movies ever made but they're still shit...<br><br>...just like Lost.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 8:10 p.m. CST

    ...and HoboCode...

    by Pdorwick

    You make a good argument.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 8:39 p.m. CST

    So the brig, flashes before your eyes, and the man behind the cu

    by gwarwilleatyou

    had nothing remotely interesting happen? Plus the writers have constantly said the show has an overall plan. That being said I like all the shows being discussed and find it pointless to argue which is superior

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 8:52 p.m. CST

    "Lost has no plan"

    by HoboCode

    Jesus. Really Pdorwick? Really? You're still going there despite the set closure for the series since the end of the third season? Dude.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 9:15 p.m. CST

    BSG "And they have a plan" why was that dropped then ?"

    by G100

    Rhetorical clearly as there was no plan unless you count civil war among the cylons as a "plan".<p> <p>It sounded good as a strapline but reaching earth was the only fairly obvious long term goal.<p> <p>Don't get me wrong BSG is great SF and about fucking time too. BUT the idea that it is flawless is ludicrous. Season 4 had whole stretches of boredom as they tried for a very dull Baltar as Messianic Prophet parable. Not forgetting the four just nudged starbuck into making the disovery after all that build up and some pretty dull characterwork at times. (which is where LOST also fell down in it's less great moments in season 2 and 3.)<p> <p>When BSG advances the plot and doesn't get lost in pointless squabbling it's great stuff but it ALSO made the exact same mistake it made after the Caprica occupation. Huge buildup enormous changes to the structure of the show then... blip! it's all over in a flash. The final jumps to return to earth was equally rushed and bafflingly shorn of significance because of this.<p> <p>BTW LOST was shortened because the network wanted to stretch it out and the makers said no it's going to be this size and no more.<p> <p>YES, the Wire is beter than LOST and BSG but the idea that LOST is shit is as laughable as the idea that BSG is shit.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 9:34 p.m. CST

    Both Lost and BSG kick ass

    by HoichiTheEarless

    And this talkback is fuckin' insipid.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 9:42 p.m. CST

    Pdowrick: "Please pay attention ..."

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    "... to my opinion." Yeah, we get it. Paying closer attention to your opinion isn't going to make it any more valid. If anything, you're being more vague than anyone else. Again: I don't care how well-crafted it is if it's corny and contrived, which it has been. And again: Why are you even arguing the point HERE of all places? If you don't like Lost, why the hell would anyone care what you think of the show beyond that? It seems like everyone else posting likes both shows to one degree or another.<p>The bottom line: Two great shows, but BSG lost the plot. Lost did not. Hopefully BSG will redeem itself and hopefully Lost will never have a moment like the S3 season finale of BSG, hahaha..

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 9:42 p.m. CST

    I still love Lost.

    by jimbojones123

    They should start shooting soon. I remember that they said they wanted to have most of the seasons wrapped before the first episode aired. So things should get running in the next month or so.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 9:54 p.m. CST

    Why do I always read the spoilers?

    by Cartagia

    Seriously. I walk around all the time saying to myself "I sure am glad I don't know anything about (X)." Then as soon as I pop on AICN, "Oooo spoilers for (X)". And I can't click it fast enough.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 10:02 p.m. CST


    by Thunderbolt Ross

    I feel ya

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 11:03 p.m. CST

    Wanted to see the name "Eko"

    by Miyamoto_Musashi

    A follow on from the chess games Hurley was playing with him, but will have to still continue to hold out hope for that one. <p> Then again not sure the actor is keen on coming back, though has chosen to star in the Gi-Joe movie, which makes me think that if they offer him enough money he will do it.

  • Aug. 26, 2008, 11:30 p.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    What set closure for the series? Seriously, I know the producers announced a final end date but it's still two untenable seasons away (1 1/2?). Just because they've announced the end doesn't mean they have a clue as to how it will end. The Lost concept was, at best, a two season one which, by the time all is said and done, will have been stretched to nearly 6 seasons. That's a lot of filler as seasons season 2, 3 & 4 proved.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 12:35 a.m. CST


    by boogalooshrimp

    Don't worry about people giving you shit, my eight year old sister doesn't understand what LOST is doing either.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:19 a.m. CST

    As long as Faraday..

    by TimMighty

    .. is still in it im game.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 8:46 a.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    Smart kid. You should listen to her.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 8:54 a.m. CST

    One last time Pdorwick...

    by HoboCode

    The Lost producers have maintained that they have and have always had a beginning , middle and, and end to the series, but the way in which they get there is subject to how each season and episode develops.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 8:55 a.m. CST


    by HoboCode

    They've already started shooting the first episode and they should be nearly complete by now.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 9:12 a.m. CST

    Lost Filler

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    The idea that the mythology arc is the only important thing and the only thing worth watching is completely bizarre to me. I watch Lost partially for that, but the characters - through flashbacks or interactions on the island - are more of an attraction. So, far from seeing that stuff as "filler" I think it's the essence of the show. Without it, the mythology arc would be schematic and cold, no matter how well-crafted.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 10:14 a.m. CST

    One last time redux...

    by Pdorwick

    I don't really care what the producers say because the evidence on the screen - the only evidence that matters - completely contradicts their frankly ridiculous claims; Lost is - and has been since halfway through season two - rudderless

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 10:30 a.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    No need to get testy, I'm just voicing my opinion and responding to those of others. Isn't that what the AICN TB is all about? Anyway, for me...<br>1. The Wire<br>2. Mad Men<br>3. Dexter<br>4. Tell Me You Love Me<br>5. Rescue Me<br><br>...for now.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 10:46 a.m. CST

    Tell Me You Love Me?

    by HoboCode

    Dear lord that prententious shit sucked. IMHO of course.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 10:58 a.m. CST

    The Plan

    by Mr. Zeddemore

    Their plan consists of bullet points. S1 - Survivors; S2 - Tailies; S3 - Others; S4 - The Freighter Folk (or, at least, till S4 was cut down.) Look, I don't like the show... but I do believe they have a loose idea of where they're going. It's just that I don't think they know EXACTLY how it'll end, or what each season really entails before they start prepping. So this start, middle and end stuff, to me, is ludicrous. How can they have everything planned out and yet be unable to successfully build certain stories? Take Libby for instance, we all know she's important, they know she's important, but they don't include her. If she's so important, then logically they would know where she'd fit into the story... but they don't.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 11:18 a.m. CST

    Mr. Zeddemore

    by HoboCode

    How do you know they don't know how she fits into the story. The opportunity just has presented itself yet.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 11:26 a.m. CST

    Rescue Me?? Ugh, talk about a shit snowball!

    by IAmJack'sUserID

    I loved the first season, but by season 2 it was clear the show was being wrangled away by self-obsessed Leary. The show then because so lost in its depravity and was making lame attempts at "shock value" to keep viewers. All of the other characters were pushed back into the background as the show became "The Denis Leary" show with him doing his best to channel Tony Soprano as far as banging babes and being a typical alpha male. It's a live dramatic version of Jerry Springer.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 11:30 a.m. CST

    The Plan?

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Obviusly the character arcs aren't completely pre-planned. There are a few people (you can probably guess who) they probably have always known the fate of, as their fates probably tie directly into the resolution of the show in general. <p>As for the resolution of the show, I don't know why people find it so hard to believe the creators of the show had an idea for a kooky island, the nature of which they won't reveal till the end. It ain't exactly rocket science, so saying they know the ending isn't exactly giving them genius status or presenting them with the Nobel Prize ... <p>Conversely the idea that they didn't have EVERY SINGLE DETAIL worked out ahead of time is not a knock on them. It's a TV show, a colaboration, and it makes sense to have room to go with where the actors and characters organically go, even if it diverts a little from the "master plan". God there is nothing more overrated in geekdom than creators having a master plan. Who cares?

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 11:51 a.m. CST


    by Pdorwick

    ...I think you're wrong about Rescue Me (obviously), but now that I think about it I would probably swap it out anyway with either Big Love, Generation Kill or Weeds...<br><br>...or Californication<br><br>...or Pushing Daisies<br><br>or...

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 11:52 a.m. CST

    zeddemore's right

    by boogalooshrimp

    remember the brig? how satisfying it was when the mysteries of two characters were solved within a single story? That was just a taste of what's to come in my opinion. The answer of who Libby really is will also be the answer to other missing pieces. Think "Usual Suspects" but on a much grander scale. What's really going on with the island was set in stone from day one. They then work backwords from that premise, dropping hints all the while leading up to the core story. Adam and Eve. The African plane. The Black Rock. The Incident. Candle's missing arm. The original purpose of the Swan. Walt's abilities. Locke's true importance. Desmond's time oracle lady. Etc. Those aspects weren't thrown in there for the hell of it. They were quick windows into the core story which we have yet to see.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 11:53 a.m. CST

    I mean HoboCode's right.

    by boogalooshrimp


  • Aug. 27, 2008, 12:18 p.m. CST

    When people who are paid for their opinons all agree

    by Novaman5000

    That something is good, there is a good chance that that something is worth checking out. For example, take The movies with the highest unanimous scores are all fantastic movies. Spare me with your "just because the majority likes something doesn't make it good" elitist nonsense. I'm not talking box office grosses, I'm talking about critics. Both your examples were panned by them.<p> What in the season 3 finale didn't make sense? Are you paying attention? I'd love to see some examples of what doesn't make sense in lost so we can show you how ridiculous your arguments are.<p> And I agree with the above- You want to talk nonsensical, lets talk about the revelation that 4 main characters have been cylons the whole time. I wanted so much to love that twist but it was just so bizarre.<p> As for lost, I can't believe people are still claiming lost doesn't know where its going. Setting aside the fact that it has an end date and that the creators have already said they know exactly how it will end, take a look at how things have been set up and brought back over the first 4 seasons. Things we've seen only glimpses of in the beginning end up being important to the story. Everything has a significance, though maybe you're just not paying enough attention.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 12:19 p.m. CST

    When adam and eve end up having a point,

    by Novaman5000

    Will we get an apology?

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 12:21 p.m. CST

    And californication is an odd show. I enjoy watching it, but.

    by Novaman5000

    I don't think it's particularly good... I can't explain it. It's not very original. And that season finale was out of NOWHERE.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 12:48 p.m. CST

    Ana L was important...

    by emeraldboy

    and you are all forgetting why. Let me recap. While wining and dining juliet. ben tells juliet that he wants Ana Lucia to join the others. Ben set up goodwin as an act of revenge against juliete to say to her I get what I want and will do anything to get it. and all but turns to juliete and says youre mine, bitch. after showing her goodwins body. So here is what i think happens. Ben went to her at some point and asked her to join the others. being a rebellous and go fuck yourself type of gal, this is precisely what Ana L says to ben. and she got herself killed.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 2:07 p.m. CST

    remember when...

    by turketron

    Ben (then known as Henry Gale) while locked in the armory in the Swan jumped up and choked the shit out of Ana L for killing some of his people? That was crazy.<p><p> I want them to have some crazy ass backstory for the real henry gale, btw...

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 2:28 p.m. CST


    by Mr. Zeddemore

    Actually, that fits into what I was saying. Where they know, for instance, what happens in S6... but not how they get there? I'm sure they knew Locke's Father conned Sawyer's parents at the end of S1, but they didn't know how they'd address it. Then they figured out a way. Which is cool, ableit a bit scattershot for my tastes.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 2:30 p.m. CST

    Lost has clearly had a direction since the end of Season 3

    by HoichiTheEarless

    I think it seemed to be losing it's way before then but it's back in a big way. That someone would insist it's still rudderless as though it's a fact, is 100% reflective on the person with that opinion and 0% on the show. It's just a classic example of not getting it. But the use of the term "evidence" here can only have been pulled from a pit of vapid brainlessness, combined with ignorance AND pretension. And late me tell ya... fuckin' train wreck of a combo that is.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 2:33 p.m. CST

    I should add...

    by HoichiTheEarless

    That not liking the direction is perfectly legit. Insisting it has no direction when just about everyone watching, liking it or not, can see it... well...

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 3:24 p.m. CST


    by boogalooshrimp

    I hear ya, but I'd go one further and say some extra steps were made in the planning stages. Like in the brig, that was Sawyer's first time seeing the Black Rock, a good way for Locke to reintroduce the ship to the viewers. I'd go so far to say they intentionally kept sawyer from venturing there the first time around in S1 because they have seminole moments such as that planned in detail, hoping things don't change, which they sometimes have. Damn Adwale. And Hoichi, well put. keep spreading the word! Also totally agree with BilboFatwa here. Putting our three main guys in cages figuratively and literally separated them and refocused their personalities. With a plot and cast so massive, it almost underlined the main three to keep the story from collapsing on itself.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 3:29 p.m. CST

    First 6 Episodes of S3

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    They were pretty painful at the time, but maybe if I went back and watched, it wouldn't seem so tough to take. It was a lot like what's wrong with BSG of late: I'm sure there was a REASON behind it but the execution made it a bit of a chore to watch.<p>Either way there was still plenty of worthwhile stuff there. I don't expect perfection and I do expect them to reach every one in a while. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This is true of any TV show with any ambition. <p>Re-reading my last post, I agree with all my previous points hahaha.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 3:42 p.m. CST

    Wow, HoichiTheEarless, I'm speechless...

    by Pdorwick

    ...I truly am. Your delicate use of the English language and your reasoned rebuttal of my arguments has rendered me silent...<br><br>...almost...<br><br>I'm sure your comrades on this TB welcome your flying in to rescue them from someone who might not have drunk the Kool-aid like you surely have. Frankly, I thought we were all having a relatively (for TB anyway) intelligent exchange of ideas and the fact you felt the need to utilise the very pretension and belligerence you accuses me of exhibiting to "put me in my place" not only shows a contempt for me (which kind of tickles me) but it also shows quite a degree of condescension toward those TB'ers whose opinions you purport to share; they were doing fine without you.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 3:46 p.m. CST

    Pdowrick, face it - you're a troll

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    You don't like the show so posting that unadorned fact in here, no matter how articulately and/or politely, is trollish behavior. Once you accept that, then reactions like Hoichi's will make more sense to you.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 3:46 p.m. CST


    by boogalooshrimp

    that's the tastiest fucking Kool-aid I ever drank!

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:02 p.m. CST

    I'm so not a troll...

    by Pdorwick

    These are my actual opinions. These are, in fact, the opinions of most people I know. (Actually, most people I know stopped watching Lost years ago but there are a few, like me, who soldier on.) I will admit that it does say something about the show that the audience that hasn't left it has become quite passionate and unmoving in their opinions about it.<br><br>I just think you guys are being tricked into one hell of a let down once all is said and done and over.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:32 p.m. CST

    theory time

    by boogalooshrimp

    blah blah some people don't like it that's their problem. It's all guesswork but here it goes. It won't be so much our guys going back in time, as much as two times merging. Our island buddies showing up in dharma's heyday will be the incident mentioned in Orientation. But from our guys' perspective, it will be dharma appearing in our time. So it will be island present and island past at the same time. mindfuck. It seems as though Faraday will be on the side of Chang. And Locke, having just become the leader of the Others, will be leading the purge. There was a scene taken out last season of Sawyer playing the guitar. If you look at that blurry Geronimo Jackson album cover, it sure as hell looks like Sawyer's on it. Perhaps it is also why Jacob forced Ben to leave the island, because he can't be around his childhood self. We could also get Danielle's origin without it being a flashback. It's why the writers said they had to wait for the right time to address her. Things are starting to make sense, possibly.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:32 p.m. CST

    "I am so not a troll"

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Maybe I'm not up on my internet vocabulary but posting in a TB about a show you have no interest in besides the fact that you dislike it - apparently from soup to nuts - if it's not trolling, it's at least perverse.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:44 p.m. CST

    man I hate Dancing With the Stars

    by boogalooshrimp

    I think I'll spend half my day finding people online who do like it and tell them how wrong I think they are..... because I'm gross.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:48 p.m. CST

    man I love Wipeout

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Best show on television. Best show ever. Best anything ever. More drama than the Sopranos. More laughs than BSG. More confusion than Lost. More everything, ever. Makes other shows look like Saturday morning cartoons, including Saturday night cartoons. Which is a criticism by the way.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:48 p.m. CST

    man I love Wipeout

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Best show on television. Best show ever. Best anything ever. More drama than the Sopranos. More laughs than BSG. More confusion than Lost. More everything, ever. Makes other shows look like Saturday morning cartoons, including Saturday night cartoons. Which is a criticism by the way.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:48 p.m. CST

    One last time pdorwick....

    by HoichiTheEarless

    It's not that you have an opinion here, it's that you've consistently exhibited a complete lack of discernment between your subjective opinion and fact. Your take has been that people who don't share your subjective opinion here are wrong and not seeing empirical "evidence". So you don't get to prance your way out of it now by saying "golly gee, I'm only stating my OPINION", not without clearly acknowledging your own folly first. Sleep in that bed you spent all this time and energy making. And don't snivel about anyone being condescending towards you when you've been flaunting and stroking your own brand of condescension the whole time. You reaped it bro.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 4:48 p.m. CST

    That double post was not my fault

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Swear to the Gods.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 5:13 p.m. CST

    The direction of the show

    by HoichiTheEarless

    BTW, I'm more or less shared some of pdorwick's concerns over season two and the first two thirds of season three. It really seemed like the showrunners were making stuff up on the fly, and to a certain degree they were. In retrospect that's not a bad thing... I don't know there's been many television shows that have EVERY detail laid out from the beginning. Still you could feel the strain of the showrunners searching for new material, which was not a good thing. Then the end of season three happened. The final scene was, in my opinion (spelled out specifically for benefit of mr. pdorwick) one of the most unexpected, clever, and revealing plot twists I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing in any work of fiction. Go ahead and try and insult me for having that opinion. But what became clear now, and especially through what unfolded in season four, that the show has plenty of direction for the remaining two seasons. We know now that the castaways who made it off the island have to get back. Jack, who has become a mess of a person, has to convince others who will be resistant, plus they have to find the island which they have no idea where it is. That right there is plenty of direction and material for season five. And the final season of course will have to be devoted to concluding the series, and will be plenty of mysteries and loose threads to work with. Again, it's not an issue should one feel this is not interesting material for the rest of the series, but suggesting the material doesn't exist is insufferably obtuse.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 5:14 p.m. CST

    that bit in the armory...

    by emeraldboy

    that was ben response first reaction to the death of goodwin. But as we all know, goodwins death was a set up by ben after juliete "went behind bens back". So ben used Ana L to kill goodwin. before using Micheal to kill Ana and libby as retaliation. Ben likes blondes.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 5:21 p.m. CST

    I cannot wait for this show ...

    by emeraldboy

    I love it and Its amazing how you all forget the writers strike, that really screwed them up.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 8:26 p.m. CST

    Thanks Hobo.

    by jimbojones123

    that is all

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 8:28 p.m. CST

    If the first 6 of season 3

    by jimbojones123

    Wern't hyped so much as a two part season, and they just split it up without making a big deal about it, nobody would have cared. Especially if they would have pushed it back another week or two into mid October. Then they could have ended at the end of the November ratings book and had the natural break. The marketing department screwed up promoting the break so much. That's about the end of the story there.

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 9:25 p.m. CST

    I believe Lost is planned out, but...

    by DanielKurland

    the creators have said numerous times that Ben was never meant to be a permanent character. HOW can you have the entire show plotted out (and I'm referring to the broad strokes, not the minor details), but not have planned for Ben to be a permanent fixture when he's obviously become an incredibly important character. I'm not trying to flame, and like I said, I do believe they are planning this out, but can someone explain this? Ben will almost certainly be in the finale, and leading up to it, so if he was never meant to stick around past season 2, how can they say they have this all worked out?

  • Aug. 27, 2008, 9:52 p.m. CST

    Ben was too good an actor to be minor

    by G100

    So they folded him into the head "bad guy" reveal at the dock instead of some other actor or character.<p> <p>It's not that uncommon in long running shows for guest stars to shine and impress the directors and producers into giving them a permanent role. Shows great wisdom if you ask me.<p> <p>Also remember Jack was supposed to die in Ep 1 NOT the Pilot so they changed his role fundamentally.<p> <p>The thing to remember is the broad arc was planned from the beginning not every episode or every character as people have already said.<p> <p>One last thing. If you are watching LOST merely for a punchline in the final Ep you CLEARLY don't get it.<p> <p>The journey is most of the enjoyment and I for one am enjoying it. Was The Usual Suspects improved by the ending ? YES. But if it had been a shit film with a surprise ending it would still have been a shit film. Likewise it wasn't The revelation in the first Matrix film that made it good it was the entire film.<p> <p>LOST has had some superb moments already and it will have plenty more before it's through.<p> <p>I'm confident going by what has transpired it won't be a shit anti-climax like Sopranos or "it was all just a dream" fake out.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 3:06 a.m. CST

    about the sopranos....

    by emeraldboy

    and its ending. Tony is dead. Death is silent. death crept up to tony while he was in the toilet of the restraunt. He didnt see it coming and he said so earlier in the series. The cut to black represents the blackness of death. the people who hated the ending wanted a bloodbath and didnt get it. I read an article about the ending of the sopranos online. it was pretty indepth.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 8:52 a.m. CST

    Re: Ben

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    This exactly what I mean about having some flexibility. Thank GOD they don't have every detail planned out, otherwise Benjamin Linus never would have become the awesome character he is. A mutli-season show absolutely needs to be able to roll with things a bit in order to make the most of its assets.<p>PS I loved the ending to the Sopranos, though I don't agree it meant Tony Soprano was killed at that moment.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 10:37 a.m. CST


    by BobParr

    Is George Lucas producing LOST now? Why bring back the most hated (not in a good way) character of the entire show? Her story line went nowhere, she had no romantic chemistry, Rodriguez is not a good actress, and I hated her fucking sneer!! The most annoying thing about the character was the way she beat up Sawyer and killed one of the "Others" with her bare hands after he snapped some guys neck. I didn't know that 5'1", 100lb. female cops had superpowrs.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 10:47 a.m. CST

    Great, bring Lucas into the discussion

    by Thunderbolt Ross

    Why not? <p>Seriously though, it sounds as if it's just a one off thing. Personally, I never had a problem with the character. I thought her flashback was actually one of the better ones that season.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 11:12 a.m. CST

    The AnaL hate is pretty funny,

    by Novaman5000

    I feel like the people who feel really strongly about her just don't like strong women characters in general. They want all the women on lost to be like Kate or Claire. She had alot to do in Season 2 and was involved with some of the bigger plot twists that year. I personally thought she was a great addition who got killed off a little too early. She shook things up a bit. And the other 48 days is one of the best episodes of the series.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 11:19 a.m. CST

    As for her being small,

    by Novaman5000

    If you know how to defend yourself, size becomes less of an issue.

  • Aug. 28, 2008, 11:36 a.m. CST


    by HoboCode

    As always the voice of reason. Always good to see you.