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RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Has Guests From The Original Films...

Merrick here...
Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards, the alien psy-kids in ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN, will appear in RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN (Disney's relaunch of the franchise). As this is a "reimagined" version of the concept (sigh), for one brief moment I thought they'd play the alien psy-kids they played in the original films...all growed up. Maybe they could help out our new alien psy-kids? Alas, such nerdy coolness 'twas not to be.
In a nod to the original movies, Eisenmann plays a sheriff and Richards plays a waitress at a roadhouse called Ray's in a town called Stony Creek. They help a cabbie (Johnson) and his two paranormal-powered passengers (AnnaSophiacq Robb and Alexander Ludwig).
...says THIS ARTICLE in Hollywood Reporter. Geeks may remember Eisenmann as Midshipman Peter Preston - Scotty's nephew - in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN. He's the guy Scotty carried onto the bridge burned, bloodied, and roundly jacked up because "stayed at his post when all the other trainees ran" (which made him either admirably loyal, or profoundly stupid...take your pick). Eisenmann also appeared in a seldom-remembered TV series from the '70s called THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY. Loved that show...I really, really wanted one of those glowing tuning-fork-of-power thingies when I was growing up.

Richards has worked regularly since the original ESCAPE films. Much of her work has been guest shots on television series, although she recently appeared in BLACK SNAKE MOAN. In 1978, Richards reunited with Eisenmann for DEVIL DOG: THE HOUND OF HELL ( I think I dated "Devil Dog" a few years back).

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  • April 29, 2008, 9:45 a.m. CST


    by el-guappo


  • April 29, 2008, 9:48 a.m. CST

    Who were you romantically involved with?

    by tonagan

    Richards, Eisenmann or the Devil Dog?

  • April 29, 2008, 9:48 a.m. CST

    Feature film version of Space:1999

    by RogueWarrior65

    Oh please oh please.

  • April 29, 2008, 9:49 a.m. CST

    Aw man!

    by el-guappo

    Nobody wants to be in a talkback about witch mountain! What the crap was I thinking? It almost negates my declarations of first.

  • April 29, 2008, 9:49 a.m. CST

    TOO SOON!!!!

    by Nico Toscani

    We need a remake of The Apple Dumpling Gang first!

  • April 29, 2008, 9:56 a.m. CST


    by PaulW

    You were romantically ensnaired with Devil Dog?

  • April 29, 2008, 10:07 a.m. CST

    There was apparently a short parody a few years ago.

    by hst666

    Ike cowrote and directed a Blair Witch type mockumentary of some people trying to find Tony and Tia. From IMDB

  • April 29, 2008, 10:08 a.m. CST

    so when's anna sophia turning 18?

    by Bouncy X

  • April 29, 2008, 10:14 a.m. CST

    So you are telling us that a remake...

    by DerLanghaarige

    ...will feature cameos of the actors from the original? Wow, this has never been done before!

  • April 29, 2008, 10:46 a.m. CST

    Kim Richards is Paris Hilton's aunt...

    by FilmCritic3000

    There's the trivia of the day.

  • April 29, 2008, 11:09 a.m. CST

    Fantastic Journey

    by Pandas

    "Seldom seen"? Depends where you're from. It was on over here in Britain when I was a kid, I can remember it quite well, it used to spook me out when they talked with a weird voice as I recall. On the other hand, I have no idea what Land of the Lost is all about, that one's going to do jack outside the States.

  • April 29, 2008, 11:17 a.m. CST

    Loved Kim Richards back in the day....

    by Darth Macchio

    That crazy long ass hair and those short skirts. She's was deliciouso in Tuff Turf. Did you notice a very young Robert Downey Jr in that one? Best scene is when Spader blasts the cockroaches off the wall with his dart gun. Pure ninja. Well..that and the anything with Kim Richards. Duh.

  • April 29, 2008, 11:24 a.m. CST

    I coudn't watch Fantastic Journey

    by Immortus45

    On our local station they replaced it every week with Gunsmoke reruns.

  • April 29, 2008, 11:42 a.m. CST


    by Series7

    This brings us one more step closer to Hocus Pocus 2! OR a re-make! I mean Sarah Jessica and director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) are so hot right now! Hocus Pocus, now thats witch movie!

  • Blah.

  • April 29, 2008, 12:17 p.m. CST

    Merrick is growing on me...

    by Frank Black

    Having hated his snarky comments since his arrival on AICN (we don't give a sh*t if you hate cats), he recently started writing in a way that makes me actually like him, this post and the Land of the Lost pot where he is seems to be holding back the unfunny smartass, and letting out a geek at heart... Merrick, you had me at hello...

  • April 29, 2008, 12:19 p.m. CST

    IMDB says "body double" used in Tuff Turf....

    by Damned if I can login

    Frag....another one'a my fond memories shot to hell. Although whomever those tits belonged to they were awesome.<p>Anyone recall if it really wasn't Kim Richards? I used to actually be interested enough to buy a movie purely for the tit factor, but these days why bother with the internet and all...

  • April 29, 2008, 12:19 p.m. CST

    I can't even get upset by this

    by Lost Jarv

    fucking hell

  • April 29, 2008, 12:45 p.m. CST


    by Nico Toscani

    Maybe it'll also pave the way for The Craft 2!

  • April 29, 2008, 12:47 p.m. CST

    Nico Toscani

    by Series7

    AWWWWW HELLLL NAWWW!!! If only we could be so lucky!

  • April 29, 2008, 12:47 p.m. CST


    by LittleDudes

    Apparently it's higher quality

  • April 29, 2008, 12:52 p.m. CST

    Roddy MacDowell...

    by Anna Valerious

    Damn, can't beat that.

  • April 29, 2008, 1 p.m. CST

    I agree...Kimmy Richards was my pre-teen dream

    by Kentucky Colonel

    Remember the "very special" Hello Larry episode when the blind boy almost felt her up? I never envied a blind person more!

  • April 29, 2008, 1:02 p.m. CST

    But they're all dead--

    by thegreatwhatzit

    Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence, Eddie Albert, Jack Soo, Bettie Davis, Denver Pyle--the WITCH MOUNTAIN veterans are all DEAD. So who's going to reprise their roles? Wait, there's Christopher Lee. He's been dying, his whole career, "to sing something operatic on film." So pledge he'll have a musical number but, when Lee shows up on the set, tell him just to whistle "Jimmy Crackcorn". What's he gonna do? Lee is accustomed to winding up on the cutting room floor (cough, LORD OF THE RINGS 3, cough). The studio owes me for this tip. Big time.

  • April 29, 2008, 1:15 p.m. CST

    The Niece Thing....

    by Half-Baked-Goggle-Box-Do-Gooder

    ....and I do mean THING. Wow, she DOES look as vacant, over-groomed and Y-chromo-tainted as her famously skanky niece. The lazy, stupid, wretched one. A strong family resemblance. Which does not speak well of captboulder's childhood bedroom ceiling......

  • April 29, 2008, 1:37 p.m. CST

    Carl Franklin?

    by ScoobySnack

    Wow... the director of One False Move and Devil in a Blue Dress was in this? (Yes, he was... I double-checked with IMDB.) I love some of the odd directions that Hollywood careers take.

  • April 29, 2008, 3:32 p.m. CST

    Watching Kim Richards get shot...

    by Roguewriter

    ... right through her ice cream cone in the classic ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 was a seminal movie moment for this fan. I about shit myself in utter shock. Other than Alex Kintner getting chomped by the shark in JAWS, I'd never seen a child whacked so spectacularly on film. Just an amazing, amazing moment. I miss John Carpenter...

  • April 29, 2008, 3:46 p.m. CST

    Rather have a remake of The Cat from Outer Space.

    by mrfan

    Now that was a classic

  • April 29, 2008, 4:24 p.m. CST


    by thegreatwhatzit

    Carpenter's best movie. Case closed.

  • April 29, 2008, 4:40 p.m. CST

    richards is a milf

    by bacci40

    and i have been in lust with her since she was in some really bad teen sex comedy...god she is hot

  • April 29, 2008, 7:51 p.m. CST

    Great, this'll make us feel OOOOOLLLDDD!!

    by Drath

    Not that I begrudge poor Ike Eisenmann to get back into acting or anything, but dangit, I just know I'm about to know how my parents felt when they saw what Spin and Marty look like now.

  • April 29, 2008, 7:52 p.m. CST


    by jimmay

    Haha that's awesome. That god damn ghost terrified me as a kid, in a good way (I used to watch the whole movie just to get to the end and see the banshee). While we're on the subject of Disney remakes, let's get Jodie Foster to star in a remake of Candelshoe. She can play the bamboozled old broad this time.

  • April 29, 2008, 8:06 p.m. CST

    My bad. Candleshoe.

    by jimmay

    I type dyslexically at times, inverting letter order in words. It was one of her first movies, before she became a big screen bitter, joyless lesb--I mean thespian.

  • April 29, 2008, 8:11 p.m. CST

    What the hell kind of name is "Annasophiacq"?!?

    by Ben_Gazzara

    Cruel parents. Sounds like a part of the throat.

  • April 29, 2008, 8:23 p.m. CST

    DARBY O'GILL: no remake, please

    by thegreatwhatzit

    DARBY O'GILL is Disney's best production (I read somwhere that it was Walt Disney's "favorite movie"). The coiste-bodhar image (banshee/death coach) is still frightening, today's CGI hasn't matched it. Though she committed sucicide years ago, I still have a crush on adorable Janet Munro (who radically changed her image in THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE; pretty torrid flashes of nudity for a mainstream film). Thank God the 007 producers spotted Sean Connery as the Irish lad--he almost yielded to the role of Tarzan!

  • April 29, 2008, 8:36 p.m. CST

    Paris Hilton

    by Sylvia Fowler

    I love Kim Richards but she is Paris Hilton's aunt which saddens me on many levels.

  • April 30, 2008, 1:46 a.m. CST

    Race 2 Witch Mtn Set on Disney Studios Lot

    by ElectricDreams

    A friend of mine who works production at the Disney studio on various films gave me a quick tour a couple weeks ago of the Disney Studio when I came to town. He showed me Stage 2 (I think it was) where they are shooting Witch Mtn. There was a huge underground cave set and some structures that looked like a cabin and other interior sets. He also showed me the underground tunnels on the studio lot that I never knew existed that were dressed up that week as the tunnels for the underground mountain complex in Witch Mtn for this movie, kind of like an Area 51. Saw the ROCK and a bunch of guys dressed like SWAT and US Military standing out by the Steam Plant there at the studio, pretty cool! Was fun to tell all my pals on the East Coast when I got home.

  • April 30, 2008, 2:56 a.m. CST

    Kim Richards Legs in Tuff Turf were part of my puberty

    by Orionsangels

  • April 30, 2008, 3:12 a.m. CST

    Oh there it is!

    by Orionsangels

    My penis! no wait, that scene from Tuff Turf

  • April 30, 2008, 10:18 a.m. CST

    fantastic journey = lost in space reboot

    by ArcadianDS

    Agree that they missed out on a great opportunity to have the original 2 kids reassimilated into society and learn that their own kids (no not together, you morons) are suffering the same disconnections as they did - so the search begins anew.<p> Making them random background filler characters for 15 seconds of screen time = worst.stunt casting. ever. and will not get me to watch this movie.

  • April 30, 2008, 10:37 a.m. CST

    Race to Bitch Mountain

    by Pizza The Hut

    I hear only bitches live on this mountain

  • April 30, 2008, 1:12 p.m. CST

    I loved Fantastic Journey as a kid!

    by HoldyourfireAl

    I had totally forgotten about that show! It always bothered me that I KNEW I KNEW that guy in Star Trek II, but could never figure out from where I knew him!

  • April 30, 2008, 2:13 p.m. CST

    TV Sci Fi shows and movies in the 70s

    by Ingeld

    Everyone remembers Battle Star Galactica and Six Million Dollar Man, few remember (or perhaps care to) Fantastic Journey, Land of the Lost, Buck Rogers, Ark II, Logan's Run, Genesis II, The Questor. Tapes, The Invisible Man. Corny and cheesy, yes, but I you took what you could get. I even watched the crappy live action superhero shows--Spiderman, Isis, Captain Marvel, Hulk. So what did I forget?

  • April 30, 2008, 2:58 p.m. CST

    Ingeld, you forgot....

    by seniorspeilbergio

    Project UFO, Space Academy, Jason of Star Command, Shazam, Isis and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Man, Kim Richards is still hot. You can see her on the Devil Dog special features. My Girlfriend wants to have a threesome with her.

  • April 30, 2008, 3:38 p.m. CST

    I had a crush on Dyna Girl.

    by mrfan

    Remember Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? Hubba. Hubba.<p>Count me in as also loving Kim Richards.

  • April 30, 2008, 5:10 p.m. CST

    Wow - nice pull

    by Jawa 007

    on Fantastic Journey. Can't wait for Witch, frankly. (all ye of little talkbalk faith).

  • April 30, 2008, 7:58 p.m. CST


    by sic_b_oy

    Great. Another remake, sorry..."re-imagining" of a movie that was a part of my (and I'm sure a whole lot of other people's) childhood. It was great the way it was but that's not good enough for the damn studios. They're gonna make the movie again just so they can try and reach "today's teenagers" who don't have the mental capacity to watch anything that doesn't have a big movie star or fucking explosions. I know...why not remake Old Yeller but it'll take place in a futuristic Los Angeles and instead of a yellow lab we'll make it a robot...a giant f***ing dog robot with rockets and machine guns...and instead of rabies it catches a computer virus, goes on a killing spree, forcing Zack Efron to put it down. That'll sell.

  • April 30, 2008, 11:51 p.m. CST


    by seniorspeilbergio

    Honestly, aside from talking about these old shows with other geeks, I don't think there's anyone here who disagrees with anything you wrote. We're all sick of this remake shit.

  • May 1, 2008, 10:30 a.m. CST

    So, was THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY any good?

    by Squashua

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • May 1, 2008, 12:19 p.m. CST

    Kim Richards as a roadhouse waitress?

    by Borgnine JR

    My first dream hottie bringing me food and beer. Let me just think about that for awhile......