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Attention, citizens. Ain’t it Cool News is giving away five copies of Disney Home Entertainment’s “The Tick Vs. Season Two,” streeting today! There are two ways to win. 1) Pretend that attorneys for the Tri-State Superhero Congress have informed The Tick that his famed battle cry, “Spooooon!,” has been improbably adopted and copyrighted by troubled rival hero Souper Man. Come up with a (preferably less nonsensical) replacement battle cry. 2) A big-screen “Tick” movie has been stalled in development since the twelfth of Never. Come up with a title better than “The Tick: The Motion Picture.” To win, you must enter your battle cry or movie title in the subject line of the talkback below. This means the movie title or battle cry has to fit in the subject line. If it’s not in the subject line, we feel no particular obligation to look at it. You may enter as many times as you like. No points will be deducted if I can’t figure out whether your entry is a battle cry or a movie title. If and when you registered for AICN talkback, you supplied us an email address. It is to that email address that a winning entrant will be sent notification of his or her good fortune. If that address is currently dead, forgotten or otherwise unusable, it would be behoove entrants to create and utilize a new talkback account for this contest. Deadline for entries is 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 14. Find the "sizzle trailer" here. Good luck, crimestoppers.

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