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I am – Hercules!!
I’m normally disinclined to link to copyrighted material on YouTube, just because I know the studios like to make YouTube pull this kind of stuff down after we link to it, but this one is too good not to share with at least a few readers. Gotta love how Prof. Farnsworth plays to the Comic-Con audience, and it’s great to hear an audience’s reaction to the character. Maybe, with the success of “The Simpsons Movie,” Fox will pony up for a big-screen “Futurama” at some point? A new “Futurama” straight-to-DVD movie, “Bender’s Big Score” (guest starring Sarah Silverman, Coolio and Al Gore) hits shelves Nov. 27. A total of four of these all-new DVD movies will be made, then chopped up and augmented into 16 half-hour episodes hitting Comedy Central sometime next year. Find the clip (while it lasts) here.

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