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SCOOBY DOO script by Craig Titley... WHERE ARE YOU''!!''

Speaking of cool scripts I've read recently... SCOOBY DOO by Craig Titley is AMAZING. This is a classic. At least 4 times I had to sit it down, to calm down from laughing fits. It's an origin of the "gang" and it is note perfect. Craig apparently watched all the Scooby cartoons and created a perfect 'ode de scooby'!!! Now for the bad news...

Warners has apparently thrown out the script, not because it was bad, but because it was a pre-existing script at Turner, prior to the Turner acquisition. Seems they just tossed it, and wanted to develop the property in terms of a star vehicle for a certain $20 million dollar comedian with a vague look of Shaggy. This is a real good example of what's wrong with Hollywood. Warners is now going to waste money starting from scratch, when they have their script sitting on some shelf in the Warner Script Library. It's going basically unread. THIS SUCKS!!! I love Titley's script. I could see every single scene, not in cartoony world but in ours. This film if handled by someone who grew up with Scooby and understands the power of a dane a hundred times more powerful than Hamlet, welllll.... It would be something of a miracle. I was at the Warner's Store early today, and saw the Scooby merchandise.... Man, this would be a monster hit. I could see Warner's desire to have a $20 million dollar star to carrey the film, but don't summarily dismiss this mega cool script. It's magic, I was raised on Scooby, just like today's Cartoon Network youths. This feels perfect. Me wanna see!!!!!!!!

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