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A Look At 5 Gay Related Films on the Horizon

Let's see how mature the TALK BACK on this post is going to be. Personally I hate posting the title for this article the way I did... Ultimately these are just 5 movies. Sure they have Gay films, but that's kinda like referring to WAITING TO EXHALE as a 'black movie'. To me it's all film. Last year one of my absolute favorite films was labeled a 'gay film', GODS AND MONSTERS, but for me there were many themes at play there and the gay storyline was just one of them. Here is a warning though... If you are intolerant and feel the need to 'strike out' in Talk Back raging about how this isn't what you want to read... and then begin using all types of slurs... YOU WILL BE BANNED. The title should have told you what was here... So live with it. And for those people out there that laugh like hell when you hear about purple triangled topped Teletubbies... well you might find some damn good films in this lot. Enjoy...

Hey Harry - here's my take on 5 films being released over the next few months. They all got gay themes or subplots so I hope you're not homophobic dude, cuz I just overdosed on caffeine and I'm on the flame.

Here's the cool scoop:

THE GAY INVASION IS CUMMING. The master plan has worked - Breeders Beware! Any day Ellen DeGeneres will sound the final trumpet and ride Anne Heche to victory for the homo front. Hope y’all like sodomy and eternal brunch. But first we will be sneaking our homosexual propaganda into your theaters in a matter of weeks - pink journalism and limp-wristed, bow-legged filmic snuff designated to brainwash your children who will soon turn against you as you sleep comfortably in your status quo sloth. You might have caught Tinky Winky, some of you even successfully fingered BATMAN AND ROBIN. But what about SEINFELD, GARFIELD, GILLIGAN, BUGS BUNNY, Jean Claude Van Damme movies, REN AND STIMPY, the obvious homo-erotica of FRIENDS… We Are Everywhere. And I know you’ve heard of ‘Big Brother’. Here’s the dirt on our pre-Millenium blitz. I’m telling you this because I like you. I really like you. In that special way.

RELAX… IT’S JUST SEX - opening this March in NY & LA (maybe nationally later if received well). This is the best of the bunch - a hilarious film about sex and friendship with an amazing ensemble of 10 talented actors including Jennifer Tilly (BOUND), Lori Petty (TANK GIRL), Mitchell Anderson (PARTY OF FIVE), TC Booker (LIVING SINGLE). Hilarious writing and a floating narrative akin to THE THIN RED LINE but with gossiping Angelenos instead, this film features a spastic group of gays, lesbians, straights and bis in bed and at dinner parties, like a gay 90’s THE BIG CHILL. Bad trailer though - doesn’t really communicate the heart of this flick which really comes closest than any film I’ve seen to capturing the buzz of a good friendship tribe.

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN - opening mid-May in NY & LA and nationally in June. Another coming of age story set in 1984, this film starts out kind of silly with a closeted guy and his best girlfriend getting jobs at a fast food restaurant. It’s one thing to be in junior high and spray whip cream up your nose and giggle deliriously in a laughing fit with your best friend - I well remember thinking my own geeky moments at that stage would be so great if captured in a film - but actually witnessing such behaviour is just fucking annoying. But as the lead struggles with his sexuality by dressing more and more in a laughable New Wave 80’s Nightmare, the story and characters kick into gear midway through and become phenomenally engaging. Excellent cast for the most part, particularly the best friend Maggie played by Tina Holmes - a young actress who will instantly remind you of Meryl Streep in looks and caliber of talent, and Stephanie McVay as one of the best screen moms committed to film. Both the parents are so familiar and realistically drawn they really tug at one’s own nostalgic memories of growing up. This is the kind of film that when it’s over my sister and I with our friends spent 2 hours relaying personal anecdotes to each other and laughing ‘bout our past. Really charming - soundtrack by Tom Bailey of The Thompson Twins.

DANCEMAKER - opening in March. Oscar-nominated for best documentary, this flick probes Paul Taylor and company. Of all the fine arts, Dance is probably the most neglected these days - onstage and in film, so this work is successful just on the basis of its rarity. But the content is constantly interesting - the dancers are so insecure and choreographer/taskmaster Taylor is so enigmatic that much of the drama uncovered regards a unique take on employer/employee relations. And Taylor is so obsessive about Martha Graham it’s hilarious. The dance excerpts are fierce, but towards the end some pieces are way too extended and while his experimental modern dance pieces are so exciting and provocative - some of the more classical ballet works are boring and trite as hell unless you’re hot for dry technique or passionless hetero romanticism by mostly obviously queer participants. Even some of the male to male couplings in these instances are just like a dry hump on heroin.

GET REAL - opening in NY & LA April 30th and nationally in May. Yet another coming-of-age tale set in Basingtoke, England - a very Americanized suburb. This one features an excellent debut by Ben Silverstone as closeted yet still slutty Steven who has a crush on the closeted school jock. Many of Silverstone’s scenes are emotionally fulfilling and subtly fantastic - hopefully his star will continue to rise - but there’s just too many cliches in the telling of the story and the jock has some really, really melodramatic speeches to deliver. One in particular had me laughing in its earnest solemnity - it was like a Mad TV parody - "…and then I - I cried… I was so alone… so very alone…" And it’s the longest long shot. Steve’s best friend is of course a slightly overweight fag hag who tries to dress like Muriel from MURIEL’S WEDDING. She looks like a barbie doll some older brother destroyed with Magic Markers. Not believable for a second - completely forced, though the actress does try her best to play it down. Many of these coming-out/of-age stories stem from a director’s own autobiography and in some cases, LIKE HERE, it’s so subjective there’s no perspective. A good film, it just should have been great.

SPARKLER - opening in LA March 19, then nationally to select cities. This film just sucks. Darren Stein’s first feature before JAWBREAKER is just now being released, and it’s a vain attempt. Now I really liked JAWBREAKER - I thought it offered many really memorable visually thrilling moments in spite of the unsatisfying storyline. But all the worst elements of that box-office and critically lambasted disappointment are more than evident here. Overacting, trite plots, painfully insubstantial script, and worst of all supposedly raunchy strip joints called "The Crack" where the girls wear poofy skirts like early Madonna and/or biking shorts - I mean has this guy ever actually seen a stripper? You know, I’m a fag but even I hate to see a production go pussy on the T&A when its obviously called for. Park Overall from EMPTY NEST plays Melba May, a white trash Punky Brewster who says things like "I’m going to Las Vegas where I’m going to be a star!" ugh. She’s nicknamed SPARKLER cuz of her get-ups by 3 dudes breezing through Victorville, CA on their way to Vegas. Now I’ve spent time in Victorville, it’s not all tacky trailer parks and haunted loser dives. The depiction of small town mentality as utterly inept and sophomoric is utterly inept and sophomoric. The 3 dudes who will soon join Sparkler’s lame fray are naïve Jamie Kennedy, lothario Freddie Prinze, Jr. and average-Joe Steven Petrarca - one of them’s gay, bet you’ll never guess which one. Sadly it’s the closest any of them come to any sort of personality.

Fuck that’s a lotta ammo for the impending marginalization of heterosexual traditionalism. And I didn’t even get to…

TRICK - opening July 23rd starring a couple gay boys looking for a spare bed in Manhattan for a quickie with Tori Spelling as a high-maintenance fag hag.Not a quickie WITH her, but… eh figure it out yourself or blow. I’m outta spy-time - Judge Judy’s on (drag queen) and then I gotta watch THE SIMPSON’S (gay).

GO - opening March with a subplot featuring Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr as gay soap stars.

…and there’s more. But I have to go corrupt my fellow man now…

Later Days, gays.


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  • March 9, 1999, 3:37 a.m. CST

    Cool, I get the first word!

    by skybum

    Harry -- I just gotta say: you rock! It's always good to see how open minded you are. All that aside, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some of these films.

  • March 9, 1999, 3:44 a.m. CST

    Perhaps a great gay film that American audiences will never see.

    by Evil Dead

    ... Wong Kar Wai's "Happy Together." The art-house director of such movies like "Chungking Express," "Fallen Angels," and "Ashes of Time," brings us a tale of a gay couple(Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung) trying to live a happy life. I'm a huge fan of Wong Kar-Wai and his direction coupled with great performances really hit viewer with force. I believe Kino International(Distributers of "Fallen Angels") may bring this to America so watch out.

  • March 9, 1999, 4:24 a.m. CST

    gay films

    by RuthieM

    You talk about 5 gay films coming soon in different areas of the US. Will these be coming to the United Kingdom sometime at all? R

  • March 9, 1999, 4:40 a.m. CST

    Gay films/"happy together"

    by Lonely Bear

    Well here we go... great article, thanx for sharing it with us ;-) Well actually there is still not enough said or written about the sometimes great (sometimes dreadful) efforts to bring gay life and style to the screen and eventually to the hearts of the viewers, but thanx for publishing the bits you get. I guess me being a german living in Germany I will be able to see most of these films in a decent movie theatre, as a lot of those usually get a national release here. So I'll be looking forward to it. Regarding "Happy Together", this movie was released nationwide here quite a while ago and it really is a must see flic, even for them hetero people, cause it's just so great. I even bought the (unbelievably costly) wideo tape later. So to everyone interested in films with a gay theme, this is one of the best so far. Oh and if anyone has a copy of "William Friedkins "The boys in the band" please tell how it is ;-)

  • March 9, 1999, 7:27 a.m. CST


    by The Graduate

    I just wanted to echo the poster who said that Harry rocks! Thanks for profiling some films which may otherwise have fallen by the wayside. Hell, because of Harry I saw "Gods and Monsters," easily one of the best pics of last year. I grew up in Texas, which can be Homophobia Central, but it's good to know that there are still some open-minded people down there since I relocated to Boston. Course, I did see Jeffery on opening weekend in Dallas with about 200 queer couples (and me with my mom!). At any rate, thanks for clueing us in on the best (and worst) of Gay Cinema '99.

  • March 9, 1999, 7:32 a.m. CST

    Bravo, Harry...

    by Bundren

    I'm sure plenty of people will bitch and moan and call you a fascist for threatening to ban them for their idiotic comments and general immaturity, but I for one am glad you took a stand. I only hope you do this with talkbacks in general in the future. People can cry "censorship" and "freedom of speech" all they want, but the simple fact is, they're wrong. You're the owner of the site, and you get to determine its content, just like any TV network, publisher, or radio station. People who are patently offensive and obnoxious (or just immature in general) do have the right to say whatever they want, but that doesn't mean they have the right to say whatever they please on this site. Here's hoping guidelines like those on this article will encourage more thoughful and considerate reponses in general. (By the way, I'm not saying talkback shouldn't be a forum for criticisms; I'm simply suggesting that blatant derogatory insults are anything but a "critique").

  • March 9, 1999, 8:12 a.m. CST

    sounds good

    by Jacob Corbin

    The first two, especially, sound like they'd be worth watching for anyone, straight or gay; I'm looking forward to the (probably long-distant) day when they open here in KC. And Harry, thanks for laying down the law regarding the talkbacks...I for one am glad to see you taking such a principled stand.

  • March 9, 1999, 9:59 a.m. CST

    i'm not gay, but my film is

    by spike lee

    I have heard nothing but good word on Relax, and the other films sound interesting. All these films are independents, which means its time for Hollywood to come out.

  • March 9, 1999, 10:07 a.m. CST

    "sodomy and eternal brunch..."

    by Black Angus thats a great rock'n'roll band name if I ever heard one. Nice post Harry.

  • March 9, 1999, 11:20 a.m. CST

    "Happy Together"

    by Cervaise

    "Happy Together" had a print circulating US repertory venues last year, and it played here in Seattle for a week. After having my mind blown by "Chungking Express," and rushing out to be similarly astounded by "Fallen Angels" and "Ashes of Time" (though "As Tears Go By" was a little too-too for me, if ya know what I mean), nothing was keeping me away from "Happy Together." And damn if it wasn't the most jaw-droppingly amazing movie of the year. Wong Kar-Wai is truly a genius, like some kind of hyperactive alien intelligence transported from the future into the body of an unassuming Cantonese filmmaker. I saw "Happy Together" twice, and I still feel like I've just barely picked up the video box and scanned the promotional pictures. Brilliant. Phenomenal. Not to be missed. I could fill this post with superlatives, and not even approach describing the film. And did I mention it's also pretty darn good? Oh, yeah, I did.

  • March 9, 1999, 11:41 a.m. CST

    I am STUNNED.

    by Auntie Entity

    Wow -- I would have expected this to be open season in idiotic attacks on gay people (sorry, but sometimes the maturity level in talkback IS rather juvenile) -- but no one except that pointless "you have a soul..." guy (subtext: "...and you're gonna BURN!") decided to lecture/harass people like myself on our sexuality! Way to go peoples! Big hugs all around!

  • March 9, 1999, 12:18 p.m. CST

    Hey nazi...


    Jagmoe, I was really just kidding about all the war stuff. Just goading some moral majority stereotype like Ellen's coming out episode where they make fun of the fear some straights have that gays are always trying to convert people and when they are successful they get a toaster. I would never marginalize heterosexual tradionalism, all my fave films cum to think of it feature straight storylines. But... "You segregate yourselves more than you are segregated!" - don't give me that crap. If you're straight you've never known what it's like to be controversial just because of your natural affections. You've grown up with healthy public role models, everything supports your lifestyle from fairy tales to billboards to THE MOVIES. "don't run around forcing the world to acknowledge youre sexuality" - and what? just be quiet and thankful for the scraps the world let's us have? Please. And your "white... racist" analogy is off the mark because it's perfectly acceptable and typical for the minority previously sublimated by a dominant white-anglo culture such as African-Americans to claim "Black Power". To the boys over seas I don't know release dates for these films but check the IMDB they do a good job keeping current - you can find their address in Ain't It Cool links. Hey and thanks, Harry. You're too cool.

  • March 9, 1999, 12:19 p.m. CST

    "Happy Together"

    by zard

    "Happy Together" was a really great movie. Very touching and heartbreaking, but then again, I love all of Wang Kai War's films.

  • March 9, 1999, 1:34 p.m. CST


    by Elston Gunn

    I think on the very first recap I did back in late June/early July I remember there being news on a Gus Van Sant project named BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. It was supposed to be about two gay cowboys. (Note to South Park fans: I don't know if it was going to be in black and white and if they were going to eat pudding) He then got sidetracked with PSYCHO and a couple of other projects. I haven't heard a thing about it since. Anybody possibly read the script?

  • March 9, 1999, 1:45 p.m. CST

    Hey Tommy Terror

    by jagmoe

    Tommy when you said "And your "white... racist" analogy is off the mark because it's perfectly acceptable and typical for the minority previously sublimated by a dominant white-anglo culture such as African-Americans to claim "Black Power". I completely agree. It is totally acceptable by society, but That is just basis for more bad feelings between people. I know intimately the struggle of minorities and homosexuals, because I am a minority who sees the results of homosexuality and politics mixing within the family. I will never run around shouting Brown Pride, because that alienates people who arent brown. I dont want to alienate people. When I say that segregation is done from within, I mean that in my experiences, with family and friends who are homosexual, there is always a distinct portrayal of a sense of "I am different from you". and that sense manifests itself in such things as a sense of superiority over "breeders", a sense of higher sophistication or intellect, and removing yourselves from the social caste in such ways large and small. examples, which I can use are(and I know they are pretty lame here, but small things add up to large) here in SF my gay relative will only read literature that is gay related, view movies that are gay related, only hangs out with gay people, and only tries to patronize gay business which they find in the Lavender pages(gay phone book), and on and on. In my eyes thats narrowminded.of course I know that not all gay people are like that, but I honestly get that feeling from alot of the gay people i know. I guess having a man hating militant lesbian in my family doesnt help me any either!I have no ill feelings towards homosexuals, and I am open to conversation on this issue. respectfully Mark

  • March 9, 1999, 1:59 p.m. CST


    by raindog2

    Not to detract from Mr. Terror's unique mode of presentation, and not to take away from the importance of these films to people who are coming to terms with themselves (hey, I actually liked Torch Song when it was released), but I am SO tired of these "young man seeks acceptance or whatever" plotlines. I can't believe I'm the only guy who just did it without resorting to girlfriend charades or suicide attempts. And as long as I'm being a jerk, are there really no good science fiction screenplays to be written where the guy gets the guy? It would kick ass as a surprise ending of the next SW/ID4/SG/Alien clone: no meaningful looks in the mirror to soft piano music, no gay cowboys eating pudding, and Roger Ebert would even get to ruin the surprise for millions of people again. "Sorry, Princess, but I'm going with HIM!"

  • March 9, 1999, 2:42 p.m. CST

    "gay" films

    by dagger

    not meaning to be incendiary here - these sound like promising films and all, but I really have yet to see a "gay" film that I especially liked or felt like I could relate to (and I'm bisexual, so that's saying alot). Movies like Jeffrey, the Birdcage, even My Beautiful Laundrette have all either seemed like ridiculous caricatures that insult any reasonable person's intelligence or just left me feeling less than drawn in. Very few heterosexual films exist in which the point is to make a film about the "heterosexual" lifestyle, but it seems like everytime a "gay" one comes up, it ends up being a symposium for "acceptance" and a parade of stereotypes and issues. I have yet to see a decent film that featured a same-sex couple as romantic leads while being *about* something genuinely interesting (such as a nice thriller or sci-fi intrigue). If the point is to de-stigmatize homosexuality, why do the only films that include make it such a central issue? Even Gods and Monsters has that problem, which calls to mind the word "token" and frankly kills whatever enthusiasm I might have for any film with the word "gay" stamped on it. Maybe someday someone will make a film with that element that I can actually relate to, while functioning as a great classic romance in general or at least giving us a truly enthralling involving story, but I haven't seen it yet and don't expect to anytime soon. Sorry. It's not my intention to take swipes at anyone here. I don't think there's anything even remotely wrong with making films about gay characters, I just wish hollywood would put it's money where it's mouth is and genuinely get past showcasing the *issue* long enough to employ some real imaginative filmmaking.

  • March 9, 1999, 2:43 p.m. CST

    Eh, Trustno 1?

    by Double Down

    No offense here trusty, but who says religion should have anything to do with your sexuality. I do believe this post is about movies my friend. If you want to rant quasi-religious beliefs, please do it somewhere else. I took offense to what you said. No, I am not gay, but I am Jewish. Why should I care how Christ? Where in the bible does it condem homosexuality? Way to go Harry for posting this. A lot of sites have overlooked these films, and good to see you've got balls(no pun intended!) Kudos!

  • March 9, 1999, 3:58 p.m. CST

    Get Real, GO and some other good gay themed films

    by LightHouseShines

    I have actually seen GET REAL already about a year and a half ago, as they screened on 3rd Street Promanade ( Harry posted my review for it here). Not telling anyone that the film had gay themes, which naturally surprised a lot of people. Including me, though in a good way as ended up really liked the film. As I thought it was well written, well acted and very thoughtful overall. Along the lines of BEAUTIFUL THING, though I think I like GET REAL just a little bit more as it has a sadder tone to it ( The school jock turns out to be somewhat of an asshole in the end since he wont come out). So if you guys get a chance to see it and you are not too squemish about gay themed films ( There is no real sex in the film, just talking and kissing for the most part and one ass shot), go see it. As well as EDGE OF SEVENTEEN as I have friends who saw it and said it was great, very sad though, which is the reason why I am still waiting to see it ( They played it at OUTFEST 98, but it was like 15 bucks to go and I usually see all my films for free so I opted to wait). Which just leaves the film GO, which is by far the better of large cast films as of late ( 200 CIGARETTES sucked in my opinion, as I got to see them both like a year ago). Though if you expect it to be a gay themed film, you were mislead. As there are only two gay characters in the film, and that is just a little surprise thrown in. So the person who mentioned that should have kept that little tidbit to themselves, as it was a nice (funny) surprise to the film. As Mohr and Wolf play TV stars on a Cop show who are secretly lovers, something you do not find out about till the near end of the film. Regardless all of the above mentioned films, besides 200 CIGARETTES, are good, so take the time to go see them if you have a chance. As well as THREE TO TANGO with Matthew Perry and Neve Campbell, as that was pretty good as well ( Perry has to pretend to be gay for a building design job, while he also has to watch over his bosses girlfriend, Campbell's character, who thinks he's gay and therefor doesn't realize he's falling in love with her). Either way if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or check out my site at and take care!

  • March 9, 1999, 5:17 p.m. CST

    The Gay End Of Days


    Those religious posts are classic! As if there really was one 'true Christian religion'. Maybe in some Sunday School in the hillbilly Bible belt, kid, but where I come from that's some kinda blind dogma and I'm sure the many gay Christian organizations would object. But my only religion is cinema. Hey Lane Myers, I was just posing. I assumed this was a site of mostly scrappy boys and their toys so I was just fucking with the machismo as you say. But I think I left all that out of the reviews themselves. Howveer until the day gay marriage is legal, gay sex ed is given equal time, gay couples are featured prominently in coffee commercials and the right wing doesn't have a conniption fit over every primetime fag and cease those homo-content warning demands... til then the deck is clearly stacked to favor straights. Jesus, I'm not a fag just to get the attention. Don't be so lame dude. I agree, there really are not that many truly kickass films with gay leads. And the ones that have admirably attempted to push beyond the stereotypes using gay characters in cool plotlines like Gregg Araki and Pedro Almodovar, well often they just aren't good enough due to budget restraints or just basic filmmaking flaws common in any genre. But I do suggest, Dagger, to move beyond mainstream fag fodder like BIRDCAGE and JEFFREY and IN AND OUT - they're entertaining but, you know, ultimately lame Cinema By Committee fluff. There's so many memorable gay films out there - LAW OF DESIRE, THE HUNGER, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN, LIQUID SKY, CABARET, LILIES, Fassbinder's QUERELLE and BEWARE OF A HOLY WHORE or Bertolucci's THE CONFORMIST has a major gay storyline - God I gotta see HAPPY TOGETHER now! - and so many secondary storylines of a supporting character's unrequited love like PANDORA'S BOX, PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK... And a few of these are even good. Not as good as the next SW/ID4/SG/Alien clone: "Sorry, Princess, but I'm going with HIM!" ...I'd cream. RELAX...IT'S JUST SEX is the first film I've seen tho that actually reminds me of my own experience hanging out with my freaky geeky gang of mostly straight or preferentially vague friends (despite the occassional thematically cliched contrivance). However, there is definitely a new crop of formulaic gay film propped up by gay film festivals - the gaysploitation flicks of the 90's - that for all their positive exposure can easily be as insidious as all that NAKED BOYS SINGING NAKED AND STRIPPING NAKED crap in theatre.

  • March 9, 1999, 5:34 p.m. CST

    Hey Tommy, whats this mean??

    by jagmoe

    you said "cuz I just overdosed on caffeine and I'm on the flame." what is that all about couldnt find it in my "gay"dictionary : )

  • March 9, 1999, 7:03 p.m. CST

    Gawds and Mawnsters

    by Lovefield

    Finally somebody speaks the truth about this film - no big fucking deal. As a gay person I do make a point of seeing gay themed films, but most of them leave me cold or make me angry. Gods and Monsters left me cold, and as far as I was concerned Ian McKellen walked off the set of Apt Pupil and onto that of Gods and Monsters without changing characters (although, I'm not sure what order they were shot in). I just didn't like the performance, it was just another icky old gay man putting the moves on a (supposedly) attractive straight guy. The whole Frankenstein thing wasn't that deep, and Brendan Fraser cannot act. Lynn Redgrave was the best thing in it. Plus, Gods and Monsters seems to believe that (a) movies are really important to peoples lives (debatable), and (b) that movies about people in the entertainment industry are inherently interesting (down-right false). The idea that a straight guy can learn what it means to be a man from a fag is all very inclusive and welcome, but I'd be happy to see a different film on that theme -- this one didn't work for me. As for some good 'gay' films from the past year, I loved Velvet Goldmine because it took all the faggotry of Glam rock and made it really gay again, and the original music was very good -- where's the Oscar nomination for original song? I'd much rather see Buffalo Tom or Thom Yorke at the Oscars than Aerosmith. Plus, I liked that straight people didn't get it. I saw it three times and I know that the gay audience got it, and the straights just didn't. So much for assimilation. I also really like Wilde, which got middling reviews, but it had several things going for it: a) a really good performance by Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde, (b) a gay icon that had a real impact on the world generally, not some Hollywood puff, (c) a main character that was gay and not blonde-haired, blue eyed, and beautiful -- someone whose charm was based in his use of language, and his wit, not his bulging pecs. A really touching film, and I loved the ogreish imagery of Wilde with his children and then later in jail -- that was a lot 'deeper', I thought, than Brenden Fraser as Frankenstein. And there was an Italian film called Steam: The Turkish Bath, which was marketed almost as soft porn but was a really interesting meditation on personal and familial history, and the desire to return to an older, slower and more social way of life. Well worth a second viewing. As for the 'worst' gay film of the year, my vote goes to Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss, which actually had some interesting formal aspects, but what it was trying to do (to make excuses for gayness to straight people) was just the same old offensive nonesense. Das awl, out.

  • March 9, 1999, 7:32 p.m. CST

    Hey Lovefield

    by jagmoe

    I have to agree with lovefield about Wilde. I was hesitant to watch it initially because when my wife rented it, I had walked in right at the moment when Wilde was getting it on for the first time in the movie, and well, for straight guys walking in on that unprepared and totally unaware, it wasnt exactly appetizing. I sat and watched the movie and became invovled and was deeply moved by his choice to stand and face the societal powers that be as opposed to running, and was even moved by his monologue about the love that dare not be spoken(or however he put it). It wasnt a patronizing movie, it wasnt a propaganda movie, it was a movie about a man and his life and how he lived it. I felt a sense of sadness and respect for the man afterward. I had read some of his works as a kid, but never got too much into his person. anyway, it was a well written, well produced and well acted movie, and I think it was worth sitting through a little gay intimacy to view it and get an appreciateion for the man and what he did

  • March 10, 1999, 1:15 a.m. CST

    Something Wilde


    Wilde would have been an excellent film except for the fact that it really misrepresented the man. He's presented as practically a suburban family man tempted into homosexual behaviour by young horny devils leading him down the path to his destruction. Fact is he was always a fop, his mother dressed him as a little girl, his works were the queerest shit ever. There's only 1 scene showing him actually working and a snippet of one play and even then it's a mild moment from IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST - the end fluff, none of the bite. He was notorious for throwing orgies and equally goaded his sugarboy Bosie into randy debauchery. Hardly a hapless lovelorn victim. And he was very cruel. Plus many of the basic facts are conveniently altered - I was rather indignant when I saw this last year. Brilliant art direction and acting, but what a way to homogenize the brilliant little beast.

  • March 10, 1999, 3:57 p.m. CST

    Dagger: What about...

    by Cervaise

    "Bound"? A gangster/ripoff/caper/heist flick where the conspirators/thieves are lesbians (or one is, and the other is nebulous, probably bi), and, well, that's just the way it is? The plot would be pretty much the same if Corky had been the male neighbor; the fact that it's two women together doesn't figure into the plot much at all. ...Plus, it's Gina Gershon. RrrroowwWWRRR!

  • March 11, 1999, 1:37 p.m. CST

    Gay Stuff

    by loxhig

    Gay films don't have to be about being gay. I'm a homo and I think the finest gay film EVER has to be "White Squall". Well, I didn't actually see the FILM, but I saw the trailer and I've never, ever forgotten it since. Maybe I'll rent it this weekend. And how excellent was the "sodomoy and endless brunch" line? Genius. Pure genius.

  • July 11, 2006, 8:45 a.m. CST

    How do they pack so much fudge into this pudding?

    by Wolfpack