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Hey folks, Harry here… Sometimes attending a film festival like SXSW – you find time to kill. Empty slots in your schedule. Sunday – my first real night of films at SXSW – I saw something I wasn’t expecting. You see – there were two movies at ALAMO SOUTH Screen #2 that I wanted to see. Miramax’s New Zealand indie comedy, EAGLE VS. SHARK and Magnolia Pictures’ Sundance Horror phenom, THE SIGNAL. Come hell or high water (the rain outside was raising water fiercely) I was going to see those two. However, Yoko and I would have time to kill. We had a one film gap between the two features I wanted to see. We faced a choice. Why I love the South Lamar ALAMO location during SXSW is at junctures like this – you have two immediate choices. They were both documentaries. Both were films that didn’t seem like “fun times.” In Screen #1 was 1 MORE HIT – a doc that SXSW’s guide describes as “The filmmaker finds her friend - a once successful rap producer - homeless and addicted to crack. For two and half years, the two try everything, including a reality show, to overcome the musician's ten ton habit.” Then in Screen #2 there was THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK described as, “A politically-charged documentary look at the conflict in Darfur, through the eyes and camera of one disillusioned American soldier.” Now – I’ve read text on Darfur. I know that there is a Rwanda-like genocide going on there. I know that nobody anywhere seems to be lifting finger one to stop it. But it’s never really been a page 1 story anywhere. So I was curious. Let’s find out more. Before the film started, Annie Sundberg, one of the co-directors of the film came up to me, excited that I was there to see the film. 7 years ago we had met, when she was a producer on the amazing little indie film, TULLY – which AICN gave some complimentary press to, because it kicked ass – and well. Annie is a beautiful blonde American lady – and when you think about DARFUR – and the ugliness that you know must be inherent to the subject – you don’t think of someone like Annie staring at it endlessly cutting this film together. When I mentioned that I had never really seen footage from Darfur, but had read some articles – she nodded and said something to the degree of, “Nobody has really seen what is going on over there” and she meant, until now. THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK is a brutal documentary about a man named Brian Steidle. A retired Marine Captain – that left the military when it looked like he was going to spend time at a desk, rather than with a platoon of men, a life he had come to love. Serving his country, no matter the mission. He found himself looking for a job online. I don’t really understand how looking for a job, leads you into photographing genocide in the Sudanese province of Darfur… but that’s what happened to Brian Steidle. He had experienced combat. He’d seen terrible things. But working as an observer to document the alleged cease-fire in and around Darfur - he had to be “the witness”. The man that would shoot thousands of rounds of… pictures of the innocent women and children being raped, murdered, burned and worse. Systematic genocide. Documenting the numbers found dead, how they were killed, the movements of the killers. He was there with no gun. No way of stopping what he was seeing. His pictures were meant to motivate the world into action. His reports were to make us care. It was meant to be a clarion call to action. And things did happen. Colin Powell did declare what was happening in Darfur as genocide. President Bush did acknowledge it. UN did talk about it. International Criminal Courts did begin an investigation. And Brian Steidle testified and brought evidence to each of those and more. He took his case to the New York Times and the media networks. But the story wasn’t sexy. It wasn’t catchy. Genocide is a word that describes a horror so big as to be unfathomable. But when you watch a documentary like this one – the toil is reaped upon the viewer. There’s 50 minutes of this film that just open up the tear ducts and let them loose. It wasn’t so much the images of death, but how much the people there believe that we’re about to help. And ultimately, that America is dead. Or at least seems to be. We went after Saddam – decades after his most heinous activities were taken out upon his people. Sure – there could have been a future mass action by the man, but Iraq was fairly stable until we entered the picture. But in the SUDAN. In DARFUR, right now. As you read this. THOUSANDS of civilians are being killed systematically. However, the hardest part of the documentary and the screening at the Alamo South – was after the film ended and Brian Steidle stood in front of all of us – Here’s a man, a white man. A patriotic man. A man that believes that we’re the America of our father’s father’s. The United States of the Berlin Air Lift. The United States with the flag worth saluting. He believes in the countries of the world. In the basic goodness of humanity… even with what he’s seen. And in Brian’s eyes – as you meet him, you can see a curtain of memory drawn across his eyes that tells you that what you just saw wasn’t the work of a visual effects company – this wasn’t some work of fiction. This happened and continues to happen as I write this – as I plan on watching other movies – as I go home tonight. This is as real as anything we’ve ever experienced and he has got to share the weight of what he’s seen, because it’s more than any man can be asked to carry. He asked that we each write a handwritten letter to our Senators and Representatives. Ultimately – they treat our email as spam. Our handwritten letters – get to their desks, affect policy. Seek out their phone numbers and the phone number of the White House to say you’re concerned about what is happening in Darfur. What is happening there? You can learn more at - You can go to: this site and here. It’s an overwhelming issue, but one that can be overwhelmed. I sat there in the theater wanting to do something, and ultimately – right now I’m skipping several movies I could be watching to write about this one. Because this isn’t just a movie. A confection to snack on popcorn and lightly digest. This is a film that COMMANDS attention and action. This isn’t liberalism or conservatism – this is REALITY. It’s time we stop bickering amongst ourselves, stop contributing to the sorrow of the world, and get back to helping to give hope back to the hopeless. To be America again, not the bully, but the shining example. When I think about the coverage that Anna Nicole Smith or Britney Spears or any of the other puff pieces get in legitimate news sources. This is one of the biggest stories in the world. This is the sort of reality that makes history look shameful. I wish someone like Oprah would take DARFUR on – it’s something she could really make a difference in terms of waking people up to. Read more on this. Write some letters, watch the film, make some calls, let some people know. Don’t be complacent or blissfully ignorant of the horrors of the world. Stare at them – and let that horror fuel you to action. We shouldn’t live in a world like this one second longer than the moment we found out about it.

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  • March 12, 2007, 8:33 p.m. CST

    I hadn't even heard of this

    by MikeHoncho

    Had anyone else?

  • March 12, 2007, 8:42 p.m. CST

    Your best review, Harry.

    by Julius Dithers

    Steidle can do what Clooney and Cheadle can't do for this issue: bring authenticity.

  • March 12, 2007, 9 p.m. CST

    More of a call to action than a review

    by Sullivan Smith

    which is fine, because action is needed. I'm interested to hear people who justified the invasion of Iraq because Saddam was a bad bad man attempt to tell us why we have no business in Darfur. Probably because Sudan doesn't have as much oil, I imagine.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:03 p.m. CST



    Sudan has a major oil pipeline in it... only... it is controlled by the Chinese... probably a source for international inaction.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:09 p.m. CST

    It's Hard To See Films Like This

    by georges garvaren

    because you now know what is going on and it seems that is very difficult to make any difference. Writing letters to MPs helps (or so they say.)

  • March 12, 2007, 9:09 p.m. CST

    Thank You

    by antonphd

    Now, this is the power of the press used for good, Harry. Thanks for being one of the good guys. This is the same heart that is in your love of the wonder and beauty and power of film that is the reason I read this site.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:11 p.m. CST

    Good show, Harry.

    by Nate Champion

    This is the kind of review AICN needs more of. A review about a movie that actually makes a difference, unlike the usual Hollywood bullshit about elves and gladiators and the bloody fucking Matrix. We need movies like this on screens now, no matter the subject or political affiliation, just because people need to experience a cinema that actually makes a difference in the worlds we live in. It's not just there to spend two hours watching flickering lights and munching on popcorn, folks!

  • March 12, 2007, 9:19 p.m. CST


    by Sullivan Smith

    Oh really, Harry? Well, then I think that... um... I say.... uh.... yeah... I've got nothin'.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:31 p.m. CST

    Well done

    by onefatman

    Great review. This one makes up for that Beslan review.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:37 p.m. CST


    by Brendon

    ...I mean, we wish. She's about as relevant to real life as... er... The Smurfs.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:44 p.m. CST

    oprah is too busy hawking feelgood woo-woo bullshit

    by lilgorgor

    like "the secret"

  • March 12, 2007, 9:51 p.m. CST

    well done review my large friend

    by Mad Mick of the East

    shows what can happen when a guy wanders into a "time-killer" and gets hit outta the blue with good filmmaking.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:51 p.m. CST


    by EyeofPolyphemus

    Oprah has lost a lot of her credibility, assuming she ever had any, in taking on big issues. Truth is though the only thing that will stop the slaughter in Darfur is full scale military action. There is no country, no organization, or alliance willing to do that. A lot of that has to do with the costs in blood o intervening in Somalia with only mediocre results. Tragic, but true.

  • March 12, 2007, 9:52 p.m. CST

    Wait... Daniel Radcliff is the devil?!

    by Boondock Devil

    Oh wait... should really read more than just the topic..

  • March 12, 2007, 10:42 p.m. CST

    Thanks big fella...

    by keepcoolbutcare

    would never of heard of this if it wasn't for that write up. Oprah's too busy peddling that self-help bullshit "The Secret" and picking photogenic sycophants for her school in South Africa to give a shit about the atrocities in Darfur. And the NY Times caring? Please. Ask Chomsky about their "coverage" of East Timor vs. Vietnam...

  • March 12, 2007, 10:50 p.m. CST

    wow Harry. your best review in awhile...

    by future help


  • March 12, 2007, 10:52 p.m. CST

    I came on horseback...

    by filmcans

    ...oooh baby. I couldn't help it. Sexy-ass mare.

  • March 12, 2007, 10:57 p.m. CST

    Good stuff... give us more documentary reviews

    by Granteralus

    I agree with Nate. While I love my elves and explosions just as much as the next guy, nothing hits the top of my Netflix queue faster than a good documentary.

  • March 12, 2007, 10:57 p.m. CST

    Shit heel

    by filmcans

    Fuck me for not reading the review first. I'm sorry I wasted talkback space making an ejaculation joke below a pretty interesting-sounding doc. Sorry.

  • March 12, 2007, 11:24 p.m. CST

    What happens if an American soldier dies in Darfur?

    by thebearovingian

    Their family ain't gonna like that. Politicians are gonna use American deaths to condemn whatever administration is in charge and for their own political gain. Some will say, "We don't belong there! It's not our war! It's not our problem!" and others will say, "Someone has to do something! If not us, who?!" If the international community isn't doing jack now, who's to say they'd even support a military intervention from ANY country? I'm not advocating inaction. The world knows the horrors that are taking place and MANY countries need to step up.

  • March 12, 2007, 11:42 p.m. CST

    Unfortunatley Harry, America doesn't do that.

    by ProziumJunkie

    What sucks even more is what you, and others who will see this, will feel after a day or two. The "need to do something" attitude will be replaced by an emptiness in the pit of your stomach knowing that NOTHING will be done. Instead of going into Dafur and unapologetically skull fucking those bastards into hell, complacency WILL mire those that have the firepower to do what is right and just.

  • March 12, 2007, 11:48 p.m. CST

    Well done Harry.

    by onemanarmy

    Awesome review. Nuff said.

  • March 13, 2007, 1:21 a.m. CST

    fantastic review harry!!!

    by bouncing1

    good on you. it just sucks that the american public cant respond to acts of extreme violence or terror unless weve seen it on the television first hand. world police my ass. if darfur were a nielson country then we'd give two shits!

  • March 13, 2007, 1:22 a.m. CST

    and i can guarantee

    by bouncing1

    that this will be the least responded to talkback on this site presently. sad sad sad.

  • March 13, 2007, 1:37 a.m. CST

    Quick Question About This Conflict

    by topaz4206

    Sorry I'm no expert on international affairs, but:<br><br>Why is it that the U.N. Council was about 2 months away from authorizing a multinational peacekeeping military action against Iraq (Before Mr. Bush jumped the gun), a country that might have had WMD's, but today they're afraid to authorize a similar measure to combat blatant genocide in a country that has absolutely NO WMD's?<br><br>I guess my point is, what is the U.N. afraid of? It seems unfair to put all of the burden on the U.S. military alone, but this seems like a cause that could truly rally a multinational coalition/peackekeeping force.

  • March 13, 2007, 1:42 a.m. CST


    by antonphd

    In keeping with 'if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all' when it comes to this film... I'm happy that the Talkback is relatively quiet. I'd be happier if it were swarming with outraged and shocked concern, but I'll take silence in place of trash talk. This film silenced the trash talk. People may talk shit about movies, but this is the one thing everyone can agree to be respectful about... even if they just don't know what to say if they want to say something.

  • March 13, 2007, 4:41 a.m. CST

    MCMLXXVI appears

    by Boba Fat

    to deal with any ideas about respect around here. You've got to admire the guy's persistence

  • March 13, 2007, 5:57 a.m. CST

    I posted video of Q&A with Brian Steidle

    by SinfulAngel

    Hello Talkbackers, I was sitting few seats done the row from Harry. As soon as Annie Sundberg called down Brian, I quickly took out my compact camera and switched to video. Yes, the lighting is low. Deal with it. Harry, hope to see you again at some of the other films, this week. -Freddie

  • March 13, 2007, 6:08 a.m. CST

    Couple of problems here

    by classyfredblassy

    How come the liberals who demand action never mention what causes it? That is like protesting against people who swerve when they drive and kill people, but never mentioning the fact that the drivers are drunk. What you are seeing is massive racism/biogtry committed by muslims against people just because they are: black, christian, not following the strictest code of Islam, or all of the above. Then they same liberals who bitch and moan about America butting its nose into other people's business are now demanding we send our military in there (or just send more money that will get wasted like ass-clown clooney wants). How about the rest of the world who decides to sit on the sidelines while we fight the war against Islamic terrorism places were in can be exported? France, how about you? After all you had Paris burn for two weeks while you did nothing. Oh wait, the French peacekeepers in other parts of Africa were caught raping the local women, so scratch that. How about the U.N.? Hello Mr. Annan? You said stand for the poor and the suffering with no voice. Well, talk is cheap, you bastard!

  • March 13, 2007, 7:16 a.m. CST

    keep the relevant stuff coming

    by AllieJamison

    Of course this isn't an American problem. It's a problem of all of us. Of global, multi- and supranational structures, political organizations... It's also sad that we Europeans try do everything to keep African refugees out but don't seem to care about their inner conflicts. And there are so much more components to that. [br] [br] Thanks for writing that review and giving the film and its subject the time and space it deserves. It also would have been interesting to hear something about the way the documentary was done...its concept and style. I understand, though, that in this case the subject itself may be more important. Bring on even more reviews of the little underappreciated...

  • March 13, 2007, 7:22 a.m. CST


    by just pillow talk

    The list goes on for numerous conflicts just in Africa. Plus all the shit that is going down in Asia and, of course, the Middle East. No different than what has always happened in the world. I am by no means trivializing Darfur, I am just saying that our media has historically ignored numerous instances where situations were dire.<p>On occasions like this, it should be a world wide solution, not just a U.S. However classyfredblassy, why are you jumping on liberals? Does it make you feel better to blame one specific group? Conservative or Liberal, it's the same. To switch gears a bit, I don't think either one of those 'groups' have done enough for New Orleans, do you?<p>Bottom line is a lot of bullshit goes down (domestic and abroad) where nothing ever happens to improve that situation. The same applies to every other country in the world.

  • March 13, 2007, 7:23 a.m. CST

    oh, and nice post Harry

    by just pillow talk

    You've been on the ball with the last few. MCMLXXVI, you are a tool when you post your crap to TB's like this.

  • March 13, 2007, 7:24 a.m. CST

    Darfur is a tragedy. No oil, no US action!

    by AvengingFist

    It is the sad reality of Empire America.

  • March 13, 2007, 7:26 a.m. CST

    A sincerely moving post Harry.

    by AvengingFist

    A very RARE down to earth sincere review on a humanistic topic. Made me want to look this issue up.

  • March 13, 2007, 7:44 a.m. CST


    by AllieJamison

    And thanks for the video, Freddie. I put on my night sensing equipment and found it quite interesting.

  • March 13, 2007, 7:45 a.m. CST

    The USA

    by AllieJamison

    never cease to fascinate me...

  • March 13, 2007, 8:09 a.m. CST

    AvengingFist up the ass

    by classyfredblassy

    yeah we got tons of oil from Somalia when our boys got dragged threw the streets. and I am sure we are getting tons of oil from Afghanistan. such a fertile land. and we got tons of oil from indonesia when we sent our carrier group their to help after the tide wive hit. Yep. PS. So you are admitting the UN is useless then? good for you!

  • March 13, 2007, 8:23 a.m. CST

    The best part of your review Harry was...

    by quentintarantado

    Mentioning Brian Steidle meeting the audience, and mentioning he still believes in America despite the apathy America's had towards Darfur. Somehow in this context it's not Pollyana-ish or Dorothy-ish (from Wizard of Oz). He's made me interested, and I'm from a faraway place that's hardly involved in this. Except maybe we have a few countrymen (I bet) trying to make a living there as an overseas worker.

  • March 13, 2007, 8:32 a.m. CST

    Reminds me of the genocide in cambodia during the 70's!

    by samuraiyao

    It was the most recent one we had after the Nazi regime era, until now we have the Darfur genocide. I don't know about you but, they should just have greenhouses of Marijuana plants all over Africa with schools and applebees. Seriously weed and some steak will stop a genocide like a milli vanilli soundtrack. Put up a basketball court too, that should help.

  • March 13, 2007, 8:32 a.m. CST

    Ahh yes, nothing like exorcist-based dutch porn

    by triplefive

    now to actually read the article

  • March 13, 2007, 9:20 a.m. CST

    But Harry...

    by BGDAWES

    ...what game were you playing on your PSP before you watched the movie. Was it the Star Wars Lego game again?

  • March 13, 2007, 10:15 a.m. CST

    So America is the bully, huh Harry?

    by SPECTRE Agent

    NONE of you could ever deny that if President Bush had invaded Sudan to stop this and American soldiers wounded up dying in large numbers that the media would turn against him and they're would be anti-war protesta all over the world. We're trying to prevent a genocide in Iraq NOW, before it happens but the same idealists who want intervention in Darfur are clamoring for a withdrawl in Iraq. Ridiculous.

  • March 13, 2007, 10:17 a.m. CST

    The Devil Came on Horseback

    by purplemonkeydw

    Should have taken the train, would have been faster.

  • March 13, 2007, 10:44 a.m. CST

    I stand by what I wrote

    by AvengingFist

    Somalia? Afghanistan? Indonesia? Come on. Count the number of countries that the Empire has touched. Agent Orange, Vietnam, Khmer Rouge we trained them to fight the vietcongs, Afgahnistan, we trained the talibans to fight the USSR, Central America, funding the Colombian rebels, using the drug trade, Nicaragua, Panama, Central Africa, dumping toxic waste in Korea, rapes at army bases in Japan and the Philipines etc etc. Yes, the US did many good things but dont be ignorant to the bad things.

  • March 13, 2007, 11:30 a.m. CST

    thanks Harry

    by CheriBomb

    I wasn't sure I wanted to see this one this week, but I have it on my schedule as a must-see now. Great review!

  • March 13, 2007, 11:57 a.m. CST

    "UN did talk about it."

    by Lando Griffin

    Do they do anything else?

  • March 13, 2007, 1:45 p.m. CST

    SPECTRE Agent

    by antonphd

    No. It's very different.

  • March 13, 2007, 2:19 p.m. CST

    Great review.

    by rbatty024

    If anyone is interested in a great book about Darfur, they should check out "What is the What?" by David Eggers. It's a partially fictionalized account of a Darfur immigrant's life. It not only makes you want to take action but it's a great read.

  • March 13, 2007, 2:30 p.m. CST

    Why doesn't Europe get off it's ass...

    by Banshee7

    and do something? Why is it always the US that has to solve the world's problems? We're a little busy right now if you hadn't noticed. Come on Europe, send in 100,000 troops and try to end this. ps: the UN is worthless.

  • March 13, 2007, 2:32 p.m. CST


    by MC Vamp

    I don't completely disagree with you, but the point Harry made wasn't about getting out of Iraq NOW he was saying that immediately prior to our invasion of Iraq, the region was fairly close to stable (at a massive cost of human life in previous years, unfortunately.) Darfur's massacres are occurring RIGHT NOW and we're not doing anything about it. But it doesn't matter either way because right now, it's damned if we do, damned if we don't. Either our government acts like the World Police in an attempt to maybe make what they perceive as a better future and the USA looks like a bunch of violent, opportunistic, propagandist dicks. Or, we withdraw our troops and leave the rest of the world alone and we look like heartless, hypocritical, isolationist dicks. Either way, far too many people in less fortunate countries end up perceiving us as dicks...either because we won't help them or because they think we're only helping them to benefit ourselves. Frankly I don't see a solution and this is why I should probably stay out of political conversations... so never mind!

  • March 13, 2007, 3:02 p.m. CST

    We're so fucked up

    by neonist

    Did any of you guys see the shit on 60 minutes last week? The footage of the border between Syria and Iraq? It's a goddamn full-on refugee crisis! Hundreds of thousands are fleeing Iraq into Syria. CBS estimated there are over 100,000 Iraqis that have been working to help the US, and the US is not offering any protection for them as they and their families are now hunted down by the Sunnis. They are going to the embassy begging for help because they're lives are in danger, and the US basically says 'too bad'. They sacrificed their lives for the US and we are doing nothing for these people. Just when you think our reputation can't get any worse...<br> <br>Fuck the GOP and the everyone else who is responsible for lying to Congress to get into the bullshit Iraq War. We should be in Darfur helping those people. It's goddamn outrageous... the carnage that the US is responsible for in Iraq, and people still believe that we did/are doing a good thing over there...

  • March 13, 2007, 3:07 p.m. CST

    Avenging fist..

    by playahatersball

    Not to start a flame war, but you're way off regarding our involvment in the Cambodian genocide. Pol Pot (Their leader) was educated by the French, of all people, and we had nothing to do with them, as they were agrarian marxists (like the green party, only with Ak-47's and black pajamas). The US does have culpability (specifically Henry Kissenger and Nixon) because the secret bombing runs they ordered in Cambodia and Laos (in order to target vietcong positions outside of Vietnam) destablized the region to such a point that the Khmer Rouge were able to fill the power vacuum, march everyone out of Phenom Phen, make them clear farmland with their bare hands and shoot them where they stand. It's quite a bit different from our funding the taliban to fight the Soviets. oh, and whoever said there's no oil in Afghanistan must be unaware that Halliburton was negotiating to build an oil pipeline from Kazjakstan (sorry about the spelling) across Afghanistan and into Pakistan as late as July, 2001. Also, Afghanistan does have a fertile agricultural base- they are the worlds largest producer of the opium poppy.

  • March 13, 2007, 4:16 p.m. CST

    Iraq vs. Darfur

    by madoo14

    Well the civil tone lasted a lot longer than I thought, but it was bound to end eventually. For those who use the argument: "You want us out Iraq, you would want us out of Sudan if we had gone there" I would just like to say you are wrong. Had the rationale for going into Iraq been to save the Iraqi people from the very beginning, and not plan B, then I think the President would be on much more sound moral footing. However, the original argument was WMD and that is the justification that I still hold them accountable for to this day. The fact that Iraq faces the civil unrest we see today is a direct result of our actions there, hence our actions need to change. I personally like Joe Biden's plan of dividing the country into three independent provinces (Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd), taking all the oil money and putting it in an outside trust, and having the money divvied up equally among the three. For further proof of the American public's recent willingness to intervene militarily on humanitarian grounds I point to Bosnia and Gulf War I. Both conflicts were peacekeeping efforts with international support and while any war is going to see some opposition, neither of these conflicts were opposed by a majority of Americans as the current situation in Iraq is. Action is needed in Darfur immediately and I think it's great that Harry brought this issue up.

  • March 13, 2007, 4:35 p.m. CST

    Great double feature with "Zoo"

    by BannedOnTheRun


  • March 13, 2007, 4:48 p.m. CST

    There are obstacles

    by BDT

    In countries and regions in getting the real help there. I read about Darfur over a year ago. There have been international medical groups trying to help but it is difficult to get people in. There are also things going on that we don't understand. What leads one group to commmit genocide against another? Deep seated hatred that sometimes is hundreds of years in the making. Whatever the obstacles are to changing the injustices and travesties in the world, the first one to overcome is ignorance. When the world is informed, we all become accountable for action or inaction as well as the good and bad in human nature. I am sure many folks won't see a movie like this because they don't want to be accountable. In this day and age there are so many issues at stake regarding the entire planet and human race. We need to regard ourselves as much citizens of the world as of any particular country. Thank you, Harry for alerting us to this see this movie. I am grateful for your big heart.

  • March 13, 2007, 5:29 p.m. CST

    Why do people think...

    by Doggus47

    That those who want to help in Darfur want to pull out of Iraq??? I think religious groups all over the US want it to stop, including the evangelicals. I think what's scaring the westfrom entering is that there will be claims in the Muslim world that any Western intervention is christian/zionist/western imperialism, blah blah blah. If the West is scared of offending the Muslim world with cartoons, then we're even more scared of the fallout of "invading" another Muslim country (they will call action there an invasion).

  • March 13, 2007, 7:28 p.m. CST

    the difference between Darfur and Iraq...

    by datachasm

    is simply right and wrong. Iraq was WRONG, its not a noble cause because they LIED to the world to get into IRAQ. ultimately they hung Sadaam for murdering 120 or so insurgents... while the US has occupied Iraq, some 650,000 Iraqis have died... people are against Iraq because its a huge fuck up, and we were tricked into it. i think in Darfur we could do some good.

  • March 13, 2007, 7:44 p.m. CST

    Became a member because of this post.

    by enjoy151

    The trailer really opened my eyes, and made me interested to find out more. I looked the situation up online and it does look like there is aid from the US being put into the region. About 1.5 Billion. When compared to the 8.5 Billion in cash we LOST or that "DISAPPEARED" in Iraq. 1.5 seems very minimal, for a much more justified cause. I emailed the White House to try and find a Liaison of some sort that I can contact. I would like to help in anyway possible and try to reach out to any govt officials to tell them I support additional aid and reform in Darfur. email them as well:

  • March 13, 2007, 7:50 p.m. CST

    650,000 Iraqis have died at the hands of Muslims

    by classyfredblassy

    Who is it bombing the Mosques ans shelling the schools for girls? do you honestly think if some kurds were able to kill Saddam and his dipshit sons Iraq would not have seen violence between Sunnis and Shiites? Get real. Just look an the "in-fighting" between Hamas and Fatah. They had a friggin' drive by shooting to kill the children of Fatah government official. That type of savagery isn't brought into being because 130,000 US Troops are in Iraq, it is part and parcel to their society

  • March 13, 2007, 9:15 p.m. CST

    Like Harry said: actually there is a LOT of oil in

    by Orbots Commander

    the Sudan region, but again like he mentioned, one of the major reasons for international inaction is that the Chinese government has major financial (read: oil) interests and would begin saber rattling against possibly Taiwan if there were a military intervention in Darfur. It's a tragic but complicated situation. It's sort of like how nobody can say anything about Russian atrocities in Chechnya because Putin's government controls natural gas and other energy companies with crucial pipelines to Europe.

  • March 13, 2007, 9:18 p.m. CST

    Why exactly isnt Europe already there?

    by JackieJokeman

    Are we evil Americans stopping those morally superior Europeans from stopping genocide?

  • March 13, 2007, 11:40 p.m. CST

    The US pulled out Somalia, ingored Rewanda, etc.

    by PurityOfEssence

    The politcal stance on Africa (both parties Clinton's administration dropped the ball with Rewanda; Bush's administration has all but completely ignored the Darfur situation). One of the most interesting things I have seen is companies like Black Water petitioning for UN contracts to deal with the situation in Sudan (not saying it's a good idea just interesting).

  • March 14, 2007, 12:11 a.m. CST

    Rwandans are now turning to Islam after the war.

    by AvengingFist

    Not by force but by their own choice after being betrayed by the church. Read it from Washington Post

  • March 14, 2007, 2:51 a.m. CST

    to classyfredblassy..Christian Nazis killed millions

    by AvengingFist

    Christian killed the aztecs, other original races in American continent, started the Inquisition which killed hundred thousands of Jews and Muslim, Nazis kill millions of Jews during WW2, Christians dropped the bomb on hiroshima. As classyfredblassy put it, "it is part and parcel to their society"

  • March 14, 2007, 5:20 a.m. CST

    It's sickening.

    by DocPazuzu

    What's going on right now is that endless "discussions" and "summits" are being carried out between the Sudanese and the rest of the world, with only one purpose: to make it look like something is in the process of being achieved until all the undesirables in Darfur have been exterminated. Once that's been completed, the Sudanese will agree to allowing troops in to "inspect" the region and "keep the peace" for however long is necessary. The rest of the world is, of course, mostly opposed to the genocide, but is more interested in not having to do anything about it until it's over as it would require massive amounts of money, equipment and quite possibly the deaths of troops in order to end the violence. And with no financial gain in the works, that equals a big no-no -- especially for countries where free elections are held and citizens are more concerned with consumer gas prices than the murder of thousands or millions of innocents.

  • March 14, 2007, 5:26 a.m. CST

    Nazi were Christians?

    by classyfredblassy

    More Liberal nonsense. Real christians would no more worship a "twisted cross" than a satanic goathead.

  • March 14, 2007, 7:03 a.m. CST


    by just pillow talk

    I just want to point out that lots of stuff has been written up that Hitler was anti-Christian. I am by no means defending classyfredblassy's generalization. And Doc hit it on the head. As always, many things are just done for show, ie positive media coverage.

  • March 14, 2007, 7:24 a.m. CST

    Re: classyfredblassy

    by dancetothebeatofthelivingdead

    Yes, Nazis were Christians. Dude, you need to read a history book. The vast majority of Muslim violence is Muslim on Muslim, they are called extremists for a reason. Before i say this, i want you to know that i am a devout christian, I don't think the numbers of muslims killing Christians could ever possibly even compare to the number of people throughout history killed in the name of Christ. Just look in this country alone, we landed here, decided to teach the natives christianity or kill them if they don't abide. Christians throughout history have been an awful, disgusting, and heinous people. All done in the name of a man who preached nothing but love. Ever heard of the Crusades? When the Christians went all the way to the middle east to slaughter muslims for the rights to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the biggest false idol this world has ever seen. All the blood that's been spilled over it, you can have it. As far as Darfur is concerned, this was a story that started to trickle into the newspapers about five years ago, big smart important people got together to talk about what they were going to do about those crazy muslims killing all the christians again. Surely, they all took their own private jets to and from the meetings, threw a little money Darfurs way, and felt really good about themselves. Then they went to the movies to see Hotel Rwanda and thought "I prevented this from happening again" Colin Powell even made a visit to the Sudan, you probably saw it, there werew hundreds of photographers there ready when his private jet landed. He was only allowed access to one refugee camp, the government hid the others from him. He came back home to more photographers, and we decided to throw a little more money Africa's way. Which went to the warlords, of course. You may have missed the story about how the money we're sending there isn't getting to the refugees. Might have been a little preoccupied reading about Britney's haircut. Africa is cut and dried. It's strictly Muslim against Christian. That's one of the main reasons noone's getting involved. HERE, the Muslims are clearly the bad guys. But we'd still have to pick a side. Saying there's no oil in the region, or no money in it for us, and that's why we're not going there is naive and an argument that was tired the day it started. Saying China's got interests in the region, and we're scared to death of China, now that's an argument that you won't see in any newspaper. Writing to your congressman is a noble thing to do, Harry's right there, it will go nowhere though. Someone needs to stand up and be noticed, I'm not high and mighty here, I'm sitting here, too. Has America really become the type of country that lets this shit go on?

  • March 14, 2007, 7:50 a.m. CST


    by classyfredblassy

    You ask "Has America really become the type of country that lets this shit go on?" Dude, if American does something, they are slammed as invaders. If they do nothing, they are cursed as self-centered. Don't find it ironic that the same people who cry about America ruling the world and call for a "counter-balance", like China, Iran, France and the rest of EU, never put their men and money on the line? Heck China was a lot closer to the US to the countries wiped out by the Tidal Wave, but the US is the one that send Army Corps to help out. THe even sent aid to Iran after their big earthquakes, even as they "Death to America". How about the EU, China, or India stepping to help for a change?

  • March 14, 2007, 7:51 a.m. CST


    by classyfredblassy

    You ask "Has America really become the type of country that lets this shit go on?" Dude, if American does something, they are slammed as invaders. If they do nothing, they are cursed as self-centered. Don't find it ironic that the same people who cry about America ruling the world and call for a "counter-balance", like China, Iran, France and the rest of EU, never put their men and money on the line? Heck China was a lot closer to the US to the countries wiped out by the Tidal Wave, but the US is the one that send Army Corps to help out. THe even sent aid to Iran after their big earthquakes, even as they "Death to America". How about the EU, China, or India stepping to help for a change?

  • March 14, 2007, 7:51 a.m. CST


    by classyfredblassy

    You ask "Has America really become the type of country that lets this shit go on?" Dude, if American does something, they are slammed as invaders. If they do nothing, they are cursed as self-centered. Don't find it ironic that the same people who cry about America ruling the world and call for a "counter-balance", like China, Iran, France and the rest of EU, never put their men and money on the line? Heck China was a lot closer to the US to the countries wiped out by the Tidal Wave, but the US is the one that send Army Corps to help out. THe even sent aid to Iran after their big earthquakes, even as they "Death to America". How about the EU, China, or India stepping to help for a change?

  • March 14, 2007, 7:53 a.m. CST


    by classyfredblassy

    You ask "Has America really become the type of country that lets this shit go on?" Dude, if American does something, they are slammed as invaders. If they do nothing, they are cursed as self-centered. Don't find it ironic that the same people who cry about America ruling the world and call for a "counter-balance", like China, Iran, France and the rest of EU, never put their men and money on the line? Heck China was a lot closer to the US to the countries wiped out by the Tidal Wave, but the US is the one that send Army Corps to help out. THe even sent aid to Iran after their big earthquakes, even as they "Death to America". How about the EU, China, or India stepping to help for a change?

  • March 14, 2007, 8:20 a.m. CST

    classyfredblassy: Malaysia and China was in Aceh first

    by AvengingFist

    to aid the tsunami victims. If you hadnt check your history books, the tsunami hit the day after Christmas. Malaysia was there right away even though it was hit. China and Japan came to assist because they had tsunami experience. India was hit by the tsunami themselves.

  • March 14, 2007, 8:22 a.m. CST

    classyfredblassy is blind to history and xenopobic

    by AvengingFist

    classy go to school and read up.

  • March 14, 2007, 8:38 a.m. CST

    classyfredblassy may indeed...

    by DocPazuzu

    ...have to go to school on a number of matters, but what he says about America being damned if they do and damned if they don't is essentially correct. However, the current administration's boundless fucking up has created a situation where America won't be engaging in actions like what's required in Darfur for decades to come, if ever again. Since the rest of the world won't be picking up the slack under any circumstances, it's basically carte blanche now for any dictator to start eliminating whatever peoples seen fit to wipe out for political, ethnic, social or religious reasons.

  • March 14, 2007, 8:57 a.m. CST

    damned if they do/damned if they don't

    by just pillow talk

    Since when has that ever stopped us from doing something outside our borders? What should be done is the right thing, not what appeases others in this case. The rest of the world's governments are like the Memphis basketball team - unwilling to play against anyone good outside their shitty conference. These countries have no desire to stretch any type of their resources thin. The U.S. is, however, we are of course stretching them thin for completely wrong reasons in a bullshit war.<p>If a certain people/culture is being eliminated, no one gives a shit unless it impacts them economically and politically.

  • March 14, 2007, 9:17 a.m. CST

    "What should be done is the right thing...

    by DocPazuzu

    ...not what appeases others in this case." Oh, I agree. I think if there ever was a clear-cut case for righteous American action, it's in Darfur, as it was in Kosovo and should have been in Bosnia and Rwanda. This doesn't absolve the rest of the world of its guilt, however.

  • March 14, 2007, 10:20 a.m. CST

    i completely agree Doc...

    by just pillow talk

    but I think that we should not use the rest of the world as a measuring stick as to what we should/should not do in situations where clearly there is bad shit going down. Europe sits on its mighty throne of judgment and condemns us whenever we (the U.S.) does something wrong. Never do they get their prissy ass off of that throne and throw down when they need to. Now I love Europe, I love the people of Europe, but I do not condone what their governments choose not to do in world crises. The same applies to our own government.

  • March 14, 2007, 11:28 a.m. CST


    by DocPazuzu

    Don't get me wrong - I don't dismiss outside criticism as meaningless and would want America's reputation restored, but I do think America should do the right thing no matter what. The problem is the current administration is willing to do the WRONG thing no matter what. I fear that the stupid and heinous adventure in Iraq will sour the American public on all interventions in the future, no matter how righteous.

  • March 14, 2007, 12:33 p.m. CST

    cant wait for this shit to hit London

    by council estate scumbag

    going f**king crazy for this. heard about it a few times but it aint come over. UK is s**t for films. we always get it well late. no wonder i gets pirate copies all the time or i mug posh twat passer-bys thru my manor. Up the Orks!

  • March 14, 2007, 12:53 p.m. CST

    Well Dick "Shooter" Cheney is still

    by just pillow talk

    on the same old song and dance with his Al Qaeda connections to Iraq. I can only hope and pray that whatever new administration takes office (Republican or Democrat) that some of these horrible policies/stances will be shifted.

  • March 14, 2007, 7:25 p.m. CST


    by dancetothebeatofthelivingdead

    I live in America, and although the founding fathers were some seriously immoral motherfuckers, we are a country founded on good solid morals. When i say why are we putting up with this, I don't say it with a Can do gung ho, we'll kick everybody's ass attitude. I say it because, we elected a President who preached values, a "Christian" President who has made very unpopular and questuonable decisions under the guise of "doing the right thing." I'm not going to get in any arguments about the current war, I will say you are absolutely correct with your damned if we do damned if we don't statement. Look at Rwanda, our main fihgt was to get our embassy people and ambassadors the hell out of there, and to hell with all those people killing each other. The state of the Darfur region is not a political issue, it is not a regional issue, it is genocide. As far as the other nations doing less than we have done ourselves, and that includes Africa, I don't give a damn. I live here, and i hold my country to a higher standard, as I would expect everyone in other nations to do as well. I elected my officials, and I want something done with my money, other than liberating a people that doesn't want our help. You want some good PR, President Bush? Try helping someone that will look to you with tears of appreciation in their eyes. These people are DESPERATE beyond belief. They need help. If it pisses off China or Korea, to hell with them, we can't avoid war with China forever, it's going to happen, it's ineveitable. Look through your history books, the world can't handle two enormous powers. one of them will always try to piss a little further than the other. Might as well try to look like the good guys to the rest of the world along the way, hell, we may even get a few allies or, God forbid, some help out of it. Sorry this went so long, people.

  • March 14, 2007, 7:30 p.m. CST


    by dancetothebeatofthelivingdead

    I just went on the Lost TB board, and I know this is AICN, and not a news board, but Lost got over 60 TB's from 1 to 7:30 today, this board got none. Sad

  • March 14, 2007, 9:11 p.m. CST

    Real christians would no more worship a "twisted cross"

    by PurityOfEssence

    I love that statement. Since a) The Swastika is widely used in Dharmic religions it is not in anyway derived from the Crucifix/Cross of Christianinty (which has pagan origins anyway). b) "Real Christians" shouldn't worship any cross, as it would be idolatry. The QUESTIONS I have for you are what is your operational definition of Real Christian? And do you always dismiss everything that you disagree with as a product liberal bias (as your bias would be what exactly - or do you claim to be unbaised)?

  • March 15, 2007, 7:27 p.m. CST

    "Real christians"

    by dancetothebeatofthelivingdead

    I swear, I drink, I have tattoos, I am a recovering heavy drug addict, and I LOVE Chuck Palahniuk. I am also what I like to believe is a "REAL" Christian. I do not pray to saints, I would rather give a bum a dollar then kiss the fucking pope's hand. I respect other people's opinions, and have empathy for people in a situation like Darfur. I also believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I try to live my life by His word, and I fail everyday, I don't put on a facade for people and pretend I lived a good day when I haven't, I tell people I fucked up. I try to improve and learn from it, and I sometimes fail at that too. it's okay because Christ's forgiveness, just like his patience knows no bounds. I know you didn't ask me, but I really would like to get my two cents in on that question before other people start chiming in. I have the utmost respect for Chris Tucker and Bono. Bono's charity is well known, and to list it here would take up too much of my space and your time. If anyone has wondered whatever happened to Chris Tucker, why he was the hottest commodity in comedy movies, and then just fell off the face of the earth, well, people, he's been in Africa, in the fight. With all his money, and all the money he's basically throwing away by not pumping out movies, he's been there, quietly. Would you do the same? Think about that. There aren't a lot of honorable people in the world anymore, the few who are deserve praise.

  • March 18, 2007, 7:29 a.m. CST

    Yawn ... and Uganda ... and Congo...

    by JackRabbitSlim

    Pretty fuckin sad that certain people need to see a documentary to realize *GASP* there are wars that USA isnt involved in. Wheres Harrys righteous anger over the fuckin Congo - the bloodiest war in terms of total death toll since Vietnam? Oh thats right - no pics of twisted black bodies with somber intoning of chicken soup for the guilty soul words over an oh so elegiac soundtrack.

  • March 18, 2007, 3:52 p.m. CST

    Jack - I do agree with you on people's lack

    by just pillow talk

    of knowledge on wars/conflicts that exist outside the realm of U.S. involvement. It drove me crazy when one of the guys I work with didn't realize what was/is happening in Rwanda until he saw, of course, Hotel Rwanda. Most people don't want to know about anything that happens outside the U.S. unless it is gift wrapped in a nice DVD case with special features and a stellar soundtrack.

  • March 19, 2007, 2:44 a.m. CST

    Change to Q&A video with Brian Steidle

    by SinfulAngel

    I made a correction to video therefore the link changed

  • March 23, 2007, 10:18 a.m. CST

    Self-Deceiving Patriotic Crap

    by Cassiel1972

    Since when has the USA been a "Shining Example" of anything? Unless it's the best way to mass market the executions of innocent people.

  • April 19, 2007, 12:54 p.m. CST


    by Psynapse

    Next time you feel like slamming Harry for something, haters. As always Big H, you da man. (*_^)