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OCTO-BNAT Attendees Chosen! Did You Make It? Celebration or Sadness? Click Here To See

Hey folks, Harry here... Well I just got done with the list. There is no making everyone happy and in two years when we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of BUTT-NUMB-A-THON the odds will get quite a bit better as we're trying a noble experiment that year which could mean I'll be able to let a great deal more of you in. Keep your fingers crossed. Some people that have been to every single BNAT were cut this year in favor of fresh blood. Quite a few BNAT virgins have gotten in. And as always - I've tried to even up the sexes for swifter bathroom access for all. I know that seems like an odd criteria, but when you've got a schedule to keep, it helps. Now - what does it mean if your name is on the following list? It means that YOU and only YOU have permission to buy your BNAT ticket from the Alamo Drafthouse when they become available. Once you have bought this ticket - you are guaranteed admission to the world's most exclusive and mysteriously secretive film celebration. Which begins at 12 noon on Saturday, December 9th, 2006 and continues non-stop till 12 noon on Sunday, December 10th, 2006. Wait, didn't you mention something about screenings on the Friday and Monday before and after OctoButt-Numb-A-Thon? I did. Your ticket is good for these, but you'll need to RSVP for these events through the DRAFTHOUSE once the pages for them are set up. I will notify you here on AICN. The Friday film is Guillermo Del Toro's PAN'S LABYRINTH and the Monday film is Alfonso Cuaron's CHILDREN OF MEN. The Friday film should be starting at either 6pm or 7pm Austin Time - again - this will be clarified closer to the event. And CHILDREN OF MEN will start at 7pm Monday. The RSVP for those is so I know how many available seats can be offered to the local public, in case your travel plans don't allow for you to attend these stand alone screenings. Tickets should be purchased as soon as possible once they are made available. The ticket money goes towards the cost of the event and to sponsor the SATURDAY MORNING KIDS CLUB that screens cool and wonderful films to kids of all backgrounds - as well as the HEROES OF THE ALAMO foundation for the preservation of the Original Alamo Drafthouse which has become a non-profit in order to stay in the original location and bring the best in cinema programming to Austin. My Name Isn't On The List - Is there any Hope? Yes, you have one avenue left to you. The STAND BY LINE. Calling me, won't help. For whatever reason - your application didn't make the cut. This process is especially hard on me as many of you are friends - however after 10 years of running AICN - I've made a lot of friends. For example - BNAT has been going on for 7 years, this being its 8th - and in all that time, my sister has never been able to come - even though she loves films like you wouldn't believe. This year, she can and she will. My personal list doesn't change in size each year - to keep it open to as many people who I wish to invite to experience this experience. If you didn't make it in and you are local. TRY the STAND BY LINE. Details on the STAND BY LINE will be forthcoming closer to the event. Where's the List? Right Here in the order picked: 1. Jessica Breckenridge 2. John Carpenter 3. Shelly Carpenter 4. Alan Cerny 5. Michael Contreras 6. Megan Murray 7. Joseph McDonald 8. Darren Tange 9. Melissa Tange 10. Shauna Leveille 11. Meghan Murphy 12. Sarah Sprague 13. Bryan O’Donnell 14. Martha Tauke 15. Christopher Cargill 16. Jessica Cargill 17. Heidi Ann Zarse 18. Pamela Nail 19. John Gholson 20. Jen Bryan 21. John Osmon 22. Becky Osmon 23. Michael Reeves 24. Brianne Corn 25. Tim McCanlies 26. Ernie Cline 27. Steven Prokopy 28. Simeon Peebler 29. Jeff Mahler 30. Nick Wilson 31. Nicky Ankers 32. Erik Secrest 33. Katie Pfeil 34. Karin Mente 35. Andy Howell 36. Brinton Bryan 37. Julie Gonzalo 38. Elisabeth Rinae Rappe 39. E. David Vespe 40. Tony Vespe 41. Kristoffer Morgan 42. Michaela Morgan 43. Jarrette Moats 44. Brian Miller 45. Patricia Jones 46. Melissa Mosley 47. Kevin Clark 48. Evangaline Keck 49. Angelique Ibrahim 50. Kipling Sanders 51. Katherine Tomlinson 52. Ryan Fons 53. Brandy Fons 54. Robin Chalkley 55. Russell Lingo 56. Jesse Lingo 57. Gordon Jones 58. Brandy Dial 59. Kim Thompson-Jones 60. Thorr 61. Brian Satterwhite 62. Walker Dollahon 63. Stephanie Nelson 64. Amy Nelson 65. Emily Hagins 66. Megan Hagins 67. Ingrid Richter 68. Mary Elizabeth Young 69. Elizabeth Katheryn Gray 70. Melvin Lee Gray 71. Alyssa Marie Saucedo 72. Michael Saulters 73. Chris Ladusky 74. Shannon Howard 75. Catherine Horlick 76. Liam MacNamee 77. Jason Alan Hong-Turney 78. Loan Hong-Turney 79. Maximilian Michael Andres Hoffman 80. Barbara Elizabeth Patnode 81. Leslie Schlotman 82. Anne Schlotman 83. Lauren Ellig Lenzen 84. Windy Therese Bowlsby 85. Chris Bowlsby 86. Perrin Klumpp 87. Jennifer Klumpp 88. Christopher Jones 89. Melissa Kaercher 90. Jeremy F Stomberg 91. Amy Tucker 92. Pat Wick 93. Timothy Wick 94. Neil Cook 95. Matthew Perniciaro 96. Annie Bulloch 97. Jeremy Bulloch 98. Amada Marquez 99. Romeo Azar 100. Lyrae Anderson 101. Neil Anderson 102. Greg MacLennan 103. Reed Oliver 104. Mark Wensel 105. Johnny Wise 106. Cheryl Westerman 107. Monica Knighton 108. Ed Kelly 109. Glenn Leavell 110. Lisa Kelly 111. Darrell Golliher 112. Laura Steadman 113. Jennifer Hoyt 114. Bob Jones 115. Sam Rowe 116. Bernadette Johnson 117. Andy Walker 118. Joey McCoy 119. W. Boyd Ford 120. Ulf Kastner 121. Shannon Leigh Jordy 122. Patrick Morgan 123. D Campbell MacKinlay 124. Derek Mahr 125. Craig Titley 126. Jamie Wesson 127. Jennifer Gray 128. Daniel Osborne 129. Jacky Lee Morgan 130. Richard Heim 131. Rod Whitenack 132. Kirk Johnson 133. Bradley Howard Jackson 134. Jed Strahm 135. Drew McWeeny 136. Roland De Noie 137. Kevin Biegel 138. Tricia Wilk 139. Sean Lavery 140. Rob Biegel 141. Jon Peele 142. Josh Loiko 143. Thomas Allen Humphreys 144. Zachariah Wood 145. Mindy Constant 146. Jeremy Daniel Smith 147. Claire Harlin 148. Jack Pattillo 149. Michael Wilson 150. Holly Blain 151. Brooks Blain 152. Dannie Helen Lorraine Knowles 153. Aaron Wade Dunn 154. Jay Knowles 155. Harry Knowles 156. Rebecca Elliott 157. Neil Reece 158. Fitz Meshbane 159. Gavin Wilson 160. Tim League 161. Andy Tucker 162. Brent Lyles 163. Justin Ishmael 164. Harry Guerro 165. Harry Guerro + 1 166. Lars Nilsen 167. Kier-La Janisse 168. Chloe Okuno 169. Vanessa Archambault 170. Jovah Siegel 171. Horst Christopher Sarubin 172. Kessa Sun 173. Katy Daiger 174. Kristal Cooper 175. Angela Lynn King 176. Jimmy Dewey Scott 177. Rebecca Thompson 178. Sam Graham 179. Ryan Stuart Davis 180. Elizabeth Margaret Rizzo 181. Susan Joy Walkup 182. Gary Miller 183. Elizabeth Christine Hickey 184. Alec Michael Joler 185. Stephanie Anne Willborn 186. Omar Salinas Ok - So realistically - are there any extra seats? Yes. But these are seats for Filmmakers bringing films and the folks that they inevitably bring along. There could be people that due to financial problems or personal issues have to say goodbye to their BNAT8 dreams. These seats become holdovers for the STANDBYS and I'm not reassigning them under any circumstances. Because this list is now in Tim League and the Alamo Drafthouse's hands. My attention is now focused on finalizing the line-up, the incredible BNAT BAGS, the Poster Art and all the other creative things I have to organize and set up. I'm sorry if you didn't make the list. For those who are on the list, welcome to Geek Christmas aka OCTOBUTT-NUMB-A-THON!!!!

Rough of BNAT 8 Poster by Cartuna

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  • Oct. 26, 2006, 2:54 p.m. CST

    Do we get to see the applications?

    by vivavitalogy

    I want to see just "diverse" a group you have chosen.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 2:56 p.m. CST


    by Nordling

    Thank you so much, man.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 2:57 p.m. CST

    Oh well,

    by NubtheSquirrel

    No cool Disney concept artwork for you this year Harry!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 2:59 p.m. CST

    Jeremy Bulloch?

    by zacdilone

    As in...Boba Fett?

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:03 p.m. CST


    by ye olde shiza

    Sweet baby, Jesus! Hopes dashed! Life terminating ... maybe in another lifetime, sweetheart!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:09 p.m. CST

    Posting the Apps is way too much work at my end


    The people that got in are of all races and sexes. There's people up there that flip pancakes, exotic dance, work in comic shops, read scripts for studios, teach school, take care of the elderly, that write screenplays, that are students, that are retired, etc etc etc There are easily an extra few thousand I'd loved to have included, but the room is just so big, ya know?

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:11 p.m. CST

    For example ... both Klummps made it

    by ye olde shiza

    Just check the list ... I mean ... the Klumps. You're talking about two seats per Klump. The room is only so big.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:15 p.m. CST


    by Renholder

    Maybe some of you that are going could post up your applications. I am more then curious to see what it takes to stand out.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:19 p.m. CST

    Whoo hoo!

    by Kraken

    See you guys there! ALso, for those that didn't make it in, don't give up hope. I got into my first BNAT in the standby line. Years past many people I personally know got in on standby! Don't give up... if you really want it, you can get in, and it's worth it! To the rest of you, SEE YOU IN DECEMBER!!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:32 p.m. CST

    Muchas Gracias Grande Rojo

    by John-Locke

    See you soon.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:34 p.m. CST


    by sillymary

    Unless there are two applicants with my name.... Thank you so much Harry :) Time to get plane ticket shopping!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:39 p.m. CST


    by Nordling

    Jeremy Bulloch gets the Boba Fett thing every year.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:39 p.m. CST

    It was worth moving 2000 miles

    by TheGreatPumpkin

    I'm extremely excited to find my name on the list this year! I'm curious why people should want others to post their apps since it's not like anyone lied on their own app, so what could you possibly take from someone else's? You may not be in the group chosen this year, but the same (or similar) answers may have gotten you in before (or in the future). Just keep it real and know why you want to be at BNAT - I think that probably worked for everyone accepted now and before. For those that'll be going, I guess we'll all find out a bit more about each other via the "yearbook", is that correct? Is that what the app answers go into?

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:43 p.m. CST

    I should have been more specific...

    by vivavitalogy

    Are all these peeps into the same kinda flicks etc. Just curious. I'm sure their choices in film is just as diverse as their choices in life. Way to go fellas/fellinas and enjoy.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:44 p.m. CST

    What no Mike Regina?

    by XoanonTORN

    Damn you to hell, Knowles! <p> Michael Regina<br> Editor in Chief/Segment Producer<br><br><br><br>

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 3:51 p.m. CST


    by SebastianHaff

    I know it's not a big deal. I know it's Harry's party and he can do what he wants. I also truly believe he's 100% sincere about wishing he could accept 1,000 more people. But it still goddamn sucks not getting in. Goddamnit.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:06 p.m. CST

    Congrats to all who got in.

    by artgutser

    Like every other BNAT, I´ll experience BNAT8 through your posts and reviews guys. Enjoy.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:06 p.m. CST

    Well, my wife is going...yay!

    by jesterean

    Now we have to think if we should risk flying down to Texas and waiting in the standby line. If I can't go, I'm not taking her with me! Or something...seriously though, I am not bitter. Good for her... Yes... Good for her...

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:18 p.m. CST


    by wave-E

    I suppose there were hundreds of compelling applications. I'll be sure to work harder next year. Congratulations to those attending, I'm sure it'll be a hell of a night.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:20 p.m. CST

    Thanks-a-fuckin-lot for getting my hopes up...

    by The Shyster

    upset much ? You damn right. = (

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:21 p.m. CST

    Holy shit!

    by IMScully33

    Elisabeth Rappe--that is me. I'm going to BNAT....!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:27 p.m. CST

    My application

    by Garbageman33

    I didn't get to the big question (why I want to go). In fact, I didn't even send in the application. I decided to attend the AFI Fest in L.A. instead. Anyway, just for shits and giggles, here's how I filled mine out. Not sure if it would've gotten me in or not. 1) Garbageman33. 2) Sorry, but the authorities generally frown on middle-aged men with their own myspace pages. 3) 40. 4) Male. 5) Chained Heat. I didn't see my first R-rated movie until I was 18. So I figured I had a lot of making up to do. Fortunately, this chicks behind bars flick crammed about 3 years worth of boobs, sex, violence and more boobs into a single evening. 6) Armageddon. I just love how unabashedly cheesy and over-the-top it is. And I think the guy who said, "Permission to shake the hand of the daughter of the bravest man I ever met" should get an honorary Oscar for getting all the way through that line without snickering. 7) Advertising Copywriter. And trust me, it's not nearly as glamorous as Tom Hanks made it seem in Nothing in Common. 8) Chicago. 9) Blindsight, a documentary I saw at the Toronto Film Festival about a group of blind Tibetan teenagers who attempt to scale a 23,000 foot mountain peak as a way of proving their worth to a society that ostracizes them. 10) Superstar by Todd Haynes. The weird part was, after about 5 minutes, the idea of telling the Karen Carpenter story using Barbie dolls didn't seem that weird anymore. 11) Mitch Kramer in Dazed and Confused. Basically, Mitch had the perfect day. He wakes up and he's a gawky freshman. And by the end of the day, he's pitched a shutout, humiliated the school bully, been befriended by the varsity football team, smoked a doobie, thrown a bowling ball through a car window and made out with a cute sophomore chick. And somehow, you know his life will never be the same again. We've all been in Mitch's shoes (at the start of the day, at least). I think it'd be cool to experience his transformation. And to see what happens next. 12) X3 never happened. They had a great director, but he wanted to do another movie. So they got another really good director, but he went away too. And before you know it, they were down to their 4,327th choice, so rather than use him and jeopardize the franchise, they said, "Screw it, if we can't do this right we may as well not do it at all". Remember? Well, that's how I remember it. 13) Hot Fuzz, Black Snake Moan, I'm a cyborg, but that's OK. 14) Le Cercle Rouge, The Killing, Throne of Blood.15) Claire Cleary from Wedding Crashers. She's gorgeous, she's got loads of family money and, most importantly, she seems like she's a lot of fun to be around. I mean, how many girls can you play touch football with? How many girls would think of impersonating a folk singing group from Salt Lake City on a lark? Or get really excited about a stupid game where you try to slap the other person's hand before he pulls it away? She just seems like the kind of girl you could grow old with because every day would bring new surprises. 16) The double-ended dildo from "Requiem for a Dream". But only because psychiatrists say we should confront the things that disturb us most. 17) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Not for the violence or torture scenes themselves, but for the fact that those horrific acts are performed by otherwise ordinary people. And that they seem perfectly logical as you're watching them. Really makes you wonder what you might be capable of under the right/wrong circumstances. 19) No. 20) I haven't tried before. See, I have this thing about rejection. A girl dumped me in grade school and I just got over it earlier this year.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 4:32 p.m. CST

    big huge thank you

    by smallerdemon

    Many thanks Harry. I was sad to see some names missing, but not enough that I'm not delighted... er, wait, FUCKING ECSTATIC to see my own name there. You're the king!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:10 p.m. CST


    by konkrete590

    Even though I was pretty certain I wouldn't make it, I still feel devastated 8 (

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:17 p.m. CST


    by smallerdemon

    There are several people's entries up over in the BNATTERS LiveJournal community if you want to read them.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:21 p.m. CST


    by John Maddening

    LiveJournal users can post their applications in the "bnatters" community.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:22 p.m. CST


    by John Maddening

    You owe me a Coke at BNAT, smallerdemon!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:30 p.m. CST


    by smallerdemon

    One Coke on me 433.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:32 p.m. CST


    by ryanislyin

    Who's dick do I have to suck to actually get into this event? Fucked again. : /

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 5:35 p.m. CST

    You know what's REALLY sad?

    by ryanislyin

    I actually checked the ticket prices for flights between Los Angeles and DC. Was going to be the last thing I did before my third daughter was born. (Insert sad puppies and wilted flowers

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 6:36 p.m. CST

    Re: Jesus... (dicksucking)

    by sithlet

    Harry's, I think... but I haven't tried that part.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 6:48 p.m. CST

    YAY (happy dancing even as we speak)

    by Y T

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! I really am happy dancing and it's silly since I'm sitting and typing! I promise to have fun!! For the guy who wanted to know what applications looked like here's mine. 1) Full Name and Aliases Barbara Elizabeth Patnode/Betsy/Y.T. 2) If you have a website/myspace/live journal/blog type of thing - what is the URL? 3) Age 26 4) Male or Female? Female 5) First R rated Movie You Ever Saw? Risky Business 6) Biggest Guilty Film Pleasure? Girly movies like Stick It and Drop Dead Gorgeous 7) Occupation? Luxury Box Waitress/Building Manager 8) Where you currently live? Oakland, California 9) Best Film You Have Seen Thus Far This Year? A Scanner Darkly 10) Weirdest Film You Have Ever Seen? Videodrome 11) If you could be any film character and could explore yourself, who would you be and what would you do? (maximum of 150 words) I would like to be Leeloo from The 5th Element. I would like to walk around East Oakland at night looking for people who deserve to get beat up! If space travel was an option (do I get to live in her world or be her in mine?) I would get my own ship and fly around being a pretty, petty super hero type, having fun and being awesome! 12) What did you think of the portrayal of the Phoenix Storyline in X3, if you saw it? (maximum of 150 words) WEAK, you can really go two ways on this issue. Either she was too weak to be called Phoenix and made a lame addition to the Whedon story rip off or there was too much going on in the film (i.e. too much story for a film) and her character was sidelined since she is so powerful. Either way it was a weak way to dispose of an otherwise kick ass female character in a franchise that is sorely lacking strong female characters! 13) What 3 future films that you could reasonably pray to see at BNAT do you most hope you'll see? >1. Ratatouille >2. Children of Men >3. Grindhouse 14) What 3 vintage films do you most wish to see on the big screen at BNAT? >1.The Killer or Hard Boiled >2.Labryinth >3.The Lost Boys 15) If you could live happily ever after with any film character ever - who would it be and why? (maximum of 150 words) Larry, played by Clive Owen, in Closer. He seems to like ladies that are a little bit left of normal, which would work out. The apartment in the movie doesn’t seem like it’s his taste which means he probably doesn’t insist on trying to decorate. The character is also a plastic surgeon so you know he makes good money and in the waning years of woman’s life who wouldn’t like to know that her man can take off 10 years for free! Oh, and Clive Owen…dreamy! 16) If you could possess one film prop, what prop would you possess? “The one ring to rule them all”.... no, just kidding, ummm… maybe the mithril shirt that Frodo wears. That think looks pretty bad ass and I bet it would look good with jeans and heels so I could wear it out to bars and stuff. The when people asked me where I got it I could say Thorin gave it to me and see how long it would take them to figure it out! 17) What film most warped you? Saam gaang yi,aka Three...Extremes. Not all of it warped me but the one where they make dumplings out of babies so the rich woman can look younger….man I still can’t eat dumplings at a Chinese food restaurant to this day! 18) Why do you want to come to Butt-Numb-A-Thon 8? (maximum of 350 words) It sounds really fun, I know lame answer but I haven't been on a real live vacation (that wasn't a wedding) in like 5 years. I work 3 jobs and get time off but I’m always on call for one of the jobs so it’s not really “time off”. I love movies and I love sitting and watching good movies for long periods of time. This has become increasingly difficult with all the crap being churned out these days and I’m pretty sure you (Harry) will come up with some really great movies that even a hater like me won’t be able to complain. It would be like a 7 year old going to Disney World for me and my dude to get to come to the OctoButt-Numb-A-Thon. Also that is a really great name for it! 19) Have you ever attended a BNAT, if so, which ones? No 20) If not - have you tried to get in and couldn't? No Extra Credit: Why can Moriarty (Drew McWeeny) never be as cool as Harry Knowles? Because Harry is the coolest guy ever, he even talks to strange people in parks when he is playing Bullitt on a giant screen in the park in San Francisco!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 7:01 p.m. CST

    Hey YT

    by Nordling

    are you the same one from the CHUD messageboards?

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 7:08 p.m. CST

    How can I get my time back?

    by BGDAWES

    Is there an application I can submit to get all the time back I completely wasted filling out my BNAT application? Who would I send that to? Let's be honest, not getting picked sucks ass.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 7:24 p.m. CST

    Who's that Girl?

    by Y T

    No sorry Nordling, I'm not that YT! We probably get our names from the same place, or maybe not mine is from the novel Snow only other persona is the Y.T. from the zone....I post about Futurama and Lucifer and got teased! haha

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 7:35 p.m. CST

    I made it?

    by thebearovingian

    I didn't even apply!

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 8:15 p.m. CST

    anyone else get the new Reservoir dogs dvd?

    by guyincognito27

    If u havent got the new Reservoir Dogs DVD that is a complete waste of money if u already own the other version save for one new special feature which features Harry Knowles referring to the film as, "Res Dogs" over and over...god this pisses me off like star trek dorks referring to Captain Kirk as Bill Shatner... what a fucking the know indeed

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 8:19 p.m. CST

    harry damnit!

    by jonboy83

    give me a ticket please. im not a real nerd but i do love movies and i hated xmen3. so there

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 8:57 p.m. CST

    Quick Question

    by nuetro

    John and Shelly Carpenter, as in the HORROR LEGENDS?! The real John and Shelly Carpenter? As in Halloween I, Halloween II, The Thing, Escape from NY, Escape from LA, The Fog, Prince of Darkness, El Diablo, and, may I include, Christine?! Because if this is true, then you can expect an application from myself in the coming years.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 10:12 p.m. CST

    Harry should take himself off the list for once.

    by Nate Champion

    That would make room for about thirty more people.

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 10:26 p.m. CST


    by reckni

    bet it blows

  • Oct. 26, 2006, 11:57 p.m. CST

    Thank You!

    by stephers

    My sister and I are two very happy, very surprised BNAT virgins. Thanks so much!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 12:15 a.m. CST

    A Klumpp!

    by footnotegirl

    Ewww, we're not those Klumps! And we've lost a total of 78 lbs altogether since the last bnat, so officially, we'll be taking up about 3/4's less of a seat!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 12:20 a.m. CST


    by where_are_quints_hobbit_set_reports

    Cartuna has only improved over time. See y'all at Butt-Nine-Athon (here's hoping)...

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 3:26 a.m. CST

    jennifer gray???

    by thegoldencalf

    you better not put her in the corner harry, or your ass will be swazye-d!!!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 8:02 a.m. CST

    Bnat'y goodness!

    by Grendy

    BIG Thanks to Harry for this! I can't wait for it. I called smallerdemon, dmann, saffy and mongo yesterday to plan and grin over the phone, which, while dorky, was at least shared by their dorky grins. For those going, Miyazaki has started a BNAT community on myspace. find it, and many of us, there. We'll fgiure out hotel stuff and hanging out pre-show and calling each other. come on out!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 8:27 a.m. CST

    Woke up this morning

    by Nordling

    and the days just seem that much better right now. Thanks, Harry!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 1:12 p.m. CST

    Are the tickets transferrable?

    by ryanislyin

    If so, let's get some EBay action going on here!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 1:43 p.m. CST

    I guess thera arent going Free Tikal T shirts for every

    by gogreen

    Too bad maybe next year

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 6:49 p.m. CST

    Not going this year...

    by Vegiterrorist

    Well, I've been to BNAT 6 & 7, but bowed out this year due to my unwillingness to leave my wife alone with our 6 mo old daughter for three days while I party at the Drafthouse. Plus I have tickets to take my four year old to his first concert--They Might Be Giants--on December 9. So yeah, I'm sure I'll be mopey hearing about all the stuff the attendees get to watch, but I'm hoping to be back in the mix next year. At any rate, I think it's amusing when people post "Who'd want to sit in a theater with smelly nerds for 24 hours blah blah blah..." The thing is, this shit is a blast. Even when the movies suck hard (Phantom of the Opera?!? Lemony Snicket?!!?), it's still worth it. Nothing beats being at the Drafthouse, drinking ice cream sodas and eating pineapple & ham pizzas for 24 hours straight, then washing it down with a good ol' Schlitz before heading to the airport and vomiting on the flight back to Jersey. The Drafthouse is the happiest place on earth, with the possible exception of being in Disney World while really high. Folks who are going this year, have fun. See you next December, with any luck.

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 7:35 p.m. CST

    Awesome! Thanks!

    by cahcat

    I didn't have computer access yesterday so I didn't get to check my usual sites, My friend calls me up and says, Hey you made it into But-Numb-A-Thon! I was so stoked! Thanks for choosing me Harry!

  • Oct. 27, 2006, 8:29 p.m. CST

    i feel so ... uncool.

    by emu47

    Seriously. What a terrible thing to not get into. I am not worthy of geekdom. I'm sad. Very sad. Oh well. Have fun, you lucky few. Sure there's always next year, but that's what you said when Biggs and Tank left. Guess I'm going nowhere.

  • Oct. 28, 2006, 6:06 a.m. CST

    BNAT newbies, regulars, and oldtimers!

    by Nordling

    Go here!

  • Oct. 29, 2006, 4:46 p.m. CST


    by hippolyta

    Man it feels good to see my name up there! Is that the seating list order as well? Where's zee German?

  • Oct. 30, 2006, 3:53 p.m. CST

    Well, I didn't get a shot this year.

    by MC Vamp

    Wah, wah, wah. Oh well, I'll have my own festival! With blackjack! And hookers! In fact, forget the festival!

  • Oct. 30, 2006, 4:14 p.m. CST


    by Nordling

    "Zee German" is in Berlin this year, apparently shooting a short film, so he didn't apply. He wishes he could come, but events have conspired to make him BNAT-less.

  • Oct. 30, 2006, 9:08 p.m. CST

    Thank you.

    by MockPrufrock

    This is Meghan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't put in words what this means to me beyond that.