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TRANSFORMERS Movie Optimus & Starscream Protoform Images/Toy Packaging Leak!!

Merrick here...
Bruticus sent in this heads up... has posted pictures of toys from the TRANSFORMERS movie. The toys reveal Optimus Prime and Starscream in their "protoforms" -- the configuration in which they initally arrive on Earth, before scanning our vehicles (thus adapting themselves into the Transformers designs we've already seen). To avoid crashing acttoys' server, we've presented one of their images here to give you a sense of things. But be sure to jump to their website (at some point) for more pictures -- including clear shots of toy packaging. You can do so by...


Thanks to Bruticus for pointing us in this direction. Here's one of the pics. You can click the image to make it substantially larger.

Hey, I didn't know this was a GUNDAM movie!

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