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My Phone Call with SUPERMAN... by Harry Knowles

Hey folks, Harry here… Had a brief interview with Superman today. I really can’t communicate exactly what this was like. You’ll read the interview, but since seeing the film… I’ve continued to watch the trailers… downloaded the HBO FIRST LOOK – got the plastic lenticular Slurpee cups for the house – though I am drinking iced tea out of them, and I have to say… I feel younger than I have felt in a very long time. I feel that I did a good job of not exactly just asking the “soft” questions – and keeping my wits about me, but under that… emotionally – I was a little kid on the phone with Superman today. Sure, he was in his hotel in New York. His girlfriend was in the room with him, as was his manager. The second he said, “Hello,” I was a kid. He sounds like Superman to me, even as he spoke in a strange fourth person perspective on his Superman/ Clark Kent/ Kal-El life under the identity of Brandon Routh. He was so genuine and wholesome and yet, oddly cool sounding that I couldn’t see him as an actor in a room with his girlfriend and manager. I imagined him in the Superman costume chastising me for over-eating, me retorting that, “Yeah, let me guess, heart attack” and him probing deep through miles of chest tissue to say, “In about 10 minutes, we’ll have to be short.” But alas… We played his game of being “Brandon Routh” – rising star. And frankly, it was a blast. Here ya go…

Brandon: Hello

Harry: Hey Brandon

Brandon: Hey Harry

Harry: Sorry to be added to run of people that you’re inevitably being forced to talk to.

Brandon: (laugh) No worries (laugh)

Harry: What’s it like… Right now you’re one of the most fascinating people out there to interview, simply because you’re in the middle of that, “WOW – This is what it’s like to suddenly be on the tip of everybody’s tongue” To be the thing that everybody’s talking about.

Brandon: Yeah.

Harry: What’s it like, because for the last 2 and a half years you’ve been in the process of becoming and being Superman, what’s it like to have it kinda out of the bag and talking about it?

Brandon: It is fantastic. (clears throat) There’s been so much build up, so much hype about the film, I’ve always been very confident and very happy about what I’ve seen… and now after finally seeing the film I know now I was well founded in my confidence, I know that one of the best parts of playing this character is letting people see it and getting it out there, if not the BEST thing for me, so right now, it’s a pretty fun time to hear people excited about the film, for people that have seen it genuinely enjoy the film and that now we can see we really gave back to people and to give them something that they really have wanted to see for so long.

Harry: How did you first encounter Superman?

Brandon: My first memory of Superman is, I feel weird saying this, but this is the story, (Laughs) I was 5 or 6… young anyway… in my Superman pajamas with the cape, that my mom still has, by the way, and running around the house jumping off our orange love seat, excited to be see SUPERMAN which was going to be on television… and.. and. I was so excited that I gave myself a migraine, which I’ve done since, being excited about other things, but that was the first time. I watched half the film while sick and the other half… you know, I felt better.

Harry: Cool. What’s it like to be SUPERMAN?

Brandon: heh heh heh

Harry: Well, it’s just, ya know, like you said, you saw SUPERMAN, that original one, and you were in your pajamas.

Brandon: yeah..

Harry: That was every kid.

Brandon: Totally.

Harry: Every Boy in this country and world was SUPERMAN at some point. To be the first Superman since Christopher Reeve, in the scope of the full sense of what SUPERMAN can be. What’s that like?

Brandon: It’s… I’m learning. Because Because Because, part of it, of it is Filming it. The other half is now, of having people respond to it and meeting kids that have never seen SUPERMAN before or adults who are excited to see Superman back. And it was a weird thing filming, because “I” felt like I was Superman through filming, but filming in pieces, just the crew believed. But to the “people” that were seeing the pictures, they don’t believe it’s Superman yet. They haven’t seen the film, rightfully so… so, it’s been a weird process waiting for these days and next few weeks that are happening and I’m feeling more like Superman, but for the world and how I see people seeing me… I’m feeling more and more like Superman every day as I’m feeling that more people are accepting that. Because it is slightly presumptuous to think in the beginning that, “Ok, I’m Superman,” and that everybody is gonna believe that I’m Superman. Now, we’re actually seeing that happen. Now, when and if we do a second one, which I trust we will, that will be even more enjoyable for me because I will have kinda cemented my ability to play this role in my mind.

Harry: It is amazing in a way… to me, I run Aint it Cool News…

Brandon: Yep yep right

Harry: …I don’t know if you’re familiar

Brandon: Yes, I am.

Harry: Through this process, literally every time I write an article, there’s been an endless “Talkback” of people arguing about…

Brandon: Yes…

Harry: “He’s too young for it” although you’re the same age as Christopher Reeve…

Brandon: People have definitely argued quite a bit, yeah

Harry: Well – going back and forth through all of that. How frustrating is it to see people argue about what they haven’t actually seen what you’ve done yet?

Brandon: Right, well at first, it was actually a little upsetting. But of course these people are very passionate about this character. About this icon. They’re going to have their feelings and they should. And you know, they express themselves, very colorfully at times, I realized that these were unfounded and that they, of course, couldn’t really know until they’ve seen the film. And then, after they’ve seen the film, if that’s how they feel, that’s obviously how they are going to feel. I realize I can’t please everybody so I just do what I do and trust that most people will enjoy it, and think that I’m old enough, that I look big enough in the suit, that I can act well enough and do all of those things.

Harry: I know for me, I’ve been a supporter of the film through the process, but when I went into the theater to see the film – there were those hesitant question marks. You know, Who is this Brandon guy?

Brandon: That’s exactly right. I don’t think people should just necessarily jump on the bandwagon. I think there were a lot of people that had a good idea about it cause Bryan was behind it and had good faith in that.

Harry: I know for me, a lot of that faith came from the fact he found Hugh Jackman for Wolverine, and I felt that Bryan was not accustomed to casting bad actors.

Brandon: Right.

Harry: So other than Superman – what other things are you looking to do with yourself here?

Brandon: I really like comedy a lot. I enjoyed playing Clark and even cut out a lot of funny moments to make sure Clark wasn’t always, you know, for time – that were exciting to do that we don’t see in the film that were fun to do. I’m really looking forward to doing a film where I’m not doing so much flying around… as much as I am talking and listening to another actor and able to a lot more of that. There’s so many things. One of my favorite films is BRAVEHEART. So I love that I feel it’s very close to this film in my mind, because of the scope of it and the emotion involved. I want to do films that I’m very passionate about, whether it’s a small film or a big film.

Harry: I’ve heard rumors that you’re a World of Warcraft freak…

Brandon (genuinely surprised laughter, followed by a seemingly blushing) Yeah… …that’s true.

Harry – Just yesterday there was an announcement that Spielberg was going to be making that movie.

Brandon – (Breathlessly exasperated and excitedly) ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?

Harry – (giggling) I’m totally serious.

Brandon – (to his girlfriend – away from phone – and with an enthusiasm I haven’t heard from him) SPIELBERG IS DOING WARCRAFT!

(Girlfriend) – WHAAAAAAA?!?!?!?! Oh my god!

(I begin laughing)

Brandon: (like when he’s talking to Luthor – totally serious) Producing? Or Directing? My girlfriend is…

Harry – Allegedly directing.

Brandon – (to girlfriend) Allegedly Directing. (to me) Well… That… is… Interesting… (following was… giggly) We’ll be talking to, ummm, Legendary… about that.

Harry – Absolutely! Well as soon as I read the news, knowing that you were a Warcraft guy, I just had to bring it up cuz you’re the title character of Legendary’s biggest film to date and that’s their movie.

Brandon – Yeah, I know. They told me they went down and met with BLIZZARD’s guys, that’s pretty… that’s interesting.

Harry – Get your agent on it immediately.

Brandon – YEAH! My manager is right here, he’s perked up.

HARRY HERE: The WORLD OF WARCRAFT rumor was first spotted on that cited VARIETY as their source. Since then, this has been proven wrong. Moriarty spoke with a source at LEGENDARY who debunked the rumor.

Harry – it’s weird thinking about the movie and thinking about your performance. To a degree I feel it really is unfair to call what you’re doing with the role “a Christopher Reeve imitation” because ultimately you’re both playing the same character…

Brandon - mhm

Harry – And there’s a history to how to play that character.

Brandon – Right.

Harry – In your mind were you doing a Christopher Reeve impression or were you embodying the characters?

Brandon – I was always embodying the characters. Um, first and foremost knowing the essence of the three characters and knowing what each is feeling at any moment in the film. Chris was “my Superman.” So to say he’s not part of it, that his spirit was not in this film, that it wasn’t a part me – that would be incorrect, it was a part of me. When I read the script, I pictured him. You know, because I hadn’t been in the suit, I hadn’t done these “things” yet. So he is in it for sure. But I really did take it from the character. What I wanted out of Superman. The heart of Superman. What are those characters. Who is Kal-El, what does he feel, what is it like to be the Earth’s protector, to be the most powerful being on Earth. And I had the opportunity to take this character to richer emotional places which I think was great. To make the character deeper, and more detailed.

Harry – I think my favorite Clark reaction in the film…

Brandon - laughs

Harry – when Lois was describing Richard White’s love for Horror films and..

Brandon: Yes (laughing) that’s Courtney’s (his girlfriend) favorite part too.

Harry: This crazy bug eyed look. (Brandon tells her what I’m saying she laughs adorably) how much of that was an honest reaction within the Clark character versus it being a directed moment?

Brandon: Almost everything with Clark was me, kind or, you know… playing and stuff. Clark was always excitable, I played him as excitable and that’s where everything came from. And that’s where his clumsiness or goofiness comes out of, he’s just excited. You know, SUPERMAN, he’s excited because he’s just getting to talk to people, and he can take it a little over the top, because he’s embodying an alter-ego. You know at heart, Superman is really excited to talk to people, because as Superman… he doesn’t really get to do that alot. So that’s a deep human emotion.

Harry: How schizophrenic is Kal-El/Superman/Clark?

Brandon: He’s got different personalities, but he knows how to handle them. Even as Clark we get to see Superman which is exciting to be able to do. Cuz even when he’s Clark, when nobody else is looking, his Superman is coming out. So they’re always ever present. On a whim, it can always change, whenever it needs to change. (gets signal from a publicist) – time to wrap up, ok.

Harry: I guess, sort of as a last question, You brought more of a voyeuristic quality to Clark and I think the film does that, what Michael and Dan did to it. Was there anything about that made you think… Superman wouldn’t do that, that this is too invasive for Superman?

Brandon: Maybe I thought about that. But Clark is a spy in my mind. That’s one of the characteristics of him that I played, that was interesting to me. It’s how he finds out about Lois. I suppose if he was doing things to damage someone or if it was a negative… or injuring or harming someone, that’d be bad. But Clark is doing things that Superman can’t. Superman can’t find out, so in an essence, he’s not spying, but he is spying. It is just Superman finding out. He is spying, but he’s spying as another character spying. I suppose in the scene where he’s going outside Lois’ house as Superman, that that would be a little bit voyeuristic as well. But he’s going there to find out, again, what he can’t find out otherwise, which is to find out for himself how much Lois loves Richard and if he still has a shot. And he realizes that right now is not the time. So it is crucial for him to find that stuff out. I don’t feel it’s really over-stepping any bounds.

Harry: I ask the question more from the point of view of those people out there that feel that that isn’t Superman. In my review, I said, Superman was “raised as a human being” and you have those fallacies about you as Superman.

Brandon: You know, I think that’s what is great and endearing about him. Is his ability to serve us and to help us is to be like us. It’s important that he have those Human emotions, because if he doesn’t, then he’s out of touch and doesn’t care about us. I think the more he becomes like us, the better he becomes capable to serve and teach us about all the great things that he can be to inspire us.

Harry: Thanks for your time.

Brandon: Absolutely.

Harry: I just can’t wait to see it again, to see it in 3D

Brandon: That is going to be amazing.

Harry: And to see whatever expanded edition comes out in the future that Bryan comes out with.

Brandon: There should be some good stuff, Rob Burnett is working very hard on the DVD and I’m very excited about seeing all that stuff myself. And Harry, thank you very much for all your kind words about the movie and my performance, I took a look at that and it was great.

Harry: Ok, well thank you. Can’t wait to see you in the next one.

Brandon: Awesome, thanks. Good bye.

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  • June 20, 2006, 4:56 p.m. CST

    Harry, could you be any bigger of a sycophant for SR?

    by Dannychico

  • June 20, 2006, 4:58 p.m. CST

    Harry and Superman sitting in a tree...

    by wolack22

    F-L-Y-I-N-G.......... lol

  • June 20, 2006, 4:58 p.m. CST


    by jig98


  • June 20, 2006, 4:59 p.m. CST


    by wolack22

    'nuff said

  • June 20, 2006, 5 p.m. CST

    nope, close 3rd.

    by jig98

    nice they are doing a world of warcraft flick with SPIEL-FUCKING-BERG!

  • June 20, 2006, 5:01 p.m. CST

    wolack22, i doubt it.

    by jig98

    as if you haven't been paying attention to last year's "box office slump shit".

  • June 20, 2006, 5:02 p.m. CST

    Nice Interview

    by aerostarmonk

    But I don't care for that Spielberg warcraft movie idea one bit

  • June 20, 2006, 5:06 p.m. CST

    jerry seinfeld must be shitting himself..

    by jig98

    he may pop up at the premiere with some new raw material.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:07 p.m. CST

    Warcraft sucks... they should make a Starcraft film

    by wolack22

    Now a Starcraft movie with the protoss and their cool lightsabre/wolverine hands and cool ass fighting that would be cool... and the scary zerg/ripley alien looking things... just dont make it like starship troopers and it would be freakin awesome.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:10 p.m. CST

    Seinfeld if your reading this... bring back Seinfeld!

    by wolack22

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... give us something, a kramer spin-off, or george spin-off... obviously elaine wasn't going to work she was the most boring character.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:16 p.m. CST

    They did it with Frasier

    by wolack22

    What about a newman spin-off... that'd be good, give him a whole new crazy ensemble... and he's looking for love.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:23 p.m. CST

    Wow, what a nice guy.

    by Giant Ape Balls

    He seems to be without ego which is always refreshing. By the way, and I knowI'll get stick for this, what the hell is World of Warcraft?

  • June 20, 2006, 5:23 p.m. CST

    I'm GLAD Harry is pimping SR incessantly...

    by zacdilone

    ...for those of you who were here, that's what made this site so fun at the beginning--Harry's unabashed love for the subject. People talk about how much Harry has changed, but I would argue that he's stayed pretty constant. It's the people here who've become paranoid, cynical, bullshitting whiners and complainers who wouldn't know true geek joy if it jumped up and bit 'em in the ass.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:25 p.m. CST

    "Achilles isn't gay! Look at all the chicks he bangs!"

    by Son of Batman

    Routh's girlfriend is in the room! Her name is Courtney! COURTNEY!!! Harry has a fianc

  • June 20, 2006, 5:29 p.m. CST

    So, where did you read this Spielberg/Warcraft...

    by crazyeyezkillah

    announcement? Give us a fucking link. Google's got nothing.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:30 p.m. CST

    We need Warcraft 101 up in here.

    by llac9

    I don

  • June 20, 2006, 5:40 p.m. CST

    Harry, WHERE DID YOU download the HBO special??

    by IAmJack'sUserID

    Great interview, btw!

  • June 20, 2006, 5:44 p.m. CST

    Harry, WHERE DID YOU download the HBO special??

    by IAmJack'sUserID

    Great interview, btw!

  • June 20, 2006, 5:51 p.m. CST


    by Azlam Orlandu

  • June 20, 2006, 5:51 p.m. CST



    He's a cool guy... I wish him all the luck in the world.... He seems like a true nerd... Classic...

  • June 20, 2006, 5:51 p.m. CST


    by chavee

    World of Warcraft is an online video game based on a series of games published by Blizzard I believe. Haven't played World of Warcraft but the RTS games for the pc are pretty fun. If you like rts' that is.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:53 p.m. CST

    Jesus Harry you're a moron.

    by Akira'sCrow

    He's a freakin actor.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:56 p.m. CST

    Yeah, back in the day...

    by wash

    This site started as a love fest for the Star Wars Special Editions, Starship Troopers, Titanic, and Independence Day. Oddly enoguh, the only one of those that I can stand to watch on a regular basis is ST.

  • June 20, 2006, 5:58 p.m. CST

    Wow, Superman is a HUGE NERD

    by Pongo

  • June 20, 2006, 6:04 p.m. CST

    Does it strike anyone else

    by Don Lockwood funny that Harry talks about this big Warcraft news in an interview but there's not a word of it on his fucking alleged movie news site?

  • June 20, 2006, 6:23 p.m. CST

    Don Lockwood

    by TheRealRatigan

    In a word: word.

  • June 20, 2006, 6:30 p.m. CST

    I agree Harry

    by Ky-El

    I feel like a kid again too. I haven't had this much excitement for a movie since Episode I. I got my slurpee cup at home. My Superman "Metropolis Rising" statue by my computer. I got movie score and Sound of Superman CD's. I ran out and bought a bunch of the Superman DVD's released today including the fantastic Ken Burns documentary. Man I really hope this movie is half as good as you say it is Harry. I believe it will be.

  • June 20, 2006, 6:38 p.m. CST

    how many times can u say "spying" in less then 15 sec?

    by RaveX

    apperently, 5 times. still, routh seems as a nice guy. damn, now that I found out that Superman playes WoW, I feel kinda bad I stoped playing couple of weeks ago. ...actually, no I don't, I got my frakkin' life back.

  • June 20, 2006, 6:40 p.m. CST

    I've always preferred X-Men comics

    by DrManhattansUnit

    and I'm more psyched about this movie than anything else this year. Great interview.

  • June 20, 2006, 6:46 p.m. CST

    Just an informational point for everybody on Legendary.

    by Orbots Commander

    I read some weeks ago in The Wall Street Journal that Legendary Pictures isn't so much a movie studio but more of a private equity fund, think Dreyfuss Fund or Vogle, who have been funding entertainment properties like movies as an investment strategy. Historically, this has usually ended in tears as everyone knows that movies are a bad financial investment no matter how big a hit you produce. Case in point, with some creative accounting Warner Brothers still considers Tim Burton's BATMAN as still in the red.

  • June 20, 2006, 6:49 p.m. CST

    I appreciate the transcript, but

    by Novaman5000

    Are all the descriptive words really necessary? Two (laugh)'s in one tiny sentence? A (clears throat)? Are these really important to our grasping of the conversation?

  • June 20, 2006, 6:49 p.m. CST

    man oh man

    by teufelhunden

    This film needs to hurry up and get here. Can't wait to see this thing at midnight!

  • June 20, 2006, 7:05 p.m. CST


    by XoanonTORN

    Enough with the gay bashing, I know many people think using the term 'gay' is some massive insult (gasp)...but frankly it's annoying...grow up or I'll tell your mommies you're on the internet unsupervised...

  • June 20, 2006, 7:06 p.m. CST


    by Shermdawg

    That Warcraft flick better not hinder a Spielberg helmed Captain America! Cap pulls rank on the fucking Horde.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:21 p.m. CST


    by Rupee88

    That's kind of a dumb is he supposed to answer that? And all this reverence for Christopher Reeve because he had a tragic gets sickening after awhile. They are both actors who played a's a role that means a lot to a lot of people, but it's just acting. Anyway, not your best interview, but then again you probably couldn't do much with it to be fair as the movie isn't out yet and he doesn't have other projects (yet) to discuss.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:26 p.m. CST

    I Still Believe

    by Evil Chicken

    This will rock. No doubt.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:34 p.m. CST

    All you need is a mouth...

    by casinoskunk

    i am sure he is fine as superman. anyone who does not know how to act like superman is an idiot. who cares who plays the man of steel, as long as they have black hair, they should be fine. it is just like playing batman, all that you need is a mouth, the costume does the rest. leave the poor guy alone.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:38 p.m. CST

    Geek Flirting

    by ZombieSolutions


  • June 20, 2006, 7:40 p.m. CST

    Yeah, they could have done lots worse than Routh

    by Rupee88

    Lois Lane is terribly miscast and Lex Luthor is questionable. They even gave Superman a friggin' kid, but at least they kept the costume fairly true to the original and got someone who will be pretty good in the part. Most of these superhero movies suck so hard, that I am happy when one is made that is fairly entertaining like X2...far from great, but a fun ride, which is what SR will be.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:44 p.m. CST


    by Datascream

    So basically anyone that plays superman or even likes superman is a total fag? your homophobic tendencies really show. Are you really THAT insecure about you sexuality that you have to take it out on other people? For the love of god...don't ever breed and please go run into a burning building to rid your existence from the gene pool.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:46 p.m. CST

    superman is so kute! im giddy with anticipation....

    by zfisk

    dear god..please make this movie bomb..ill do anything..ill be good .. i know the kids need something to do on july 4th but please just leave this to women and children to save, not the hardcore.. please make this fail so the director wont ever again pick his cast and crew based on their nocturnal emissions and make will& grace episodes disguised as hero epics. thank you

  • June 20, 2006, 7:46 p.m. CST

    Spielberg NOT confirmed for Warcraft.

    by Angry Mean Panda

    As of now, that's a rumor. Blizzard has said as much, and that they have yet to commit to a director. Whether or not he's in the running, I'm not to say, but he's not confirmed.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:52 p.m. CST

    Do not fear, Datascream

    by BayouWilly

    The day moviemack gets within even a hundred feet of a naked and willing vagina is the day the space-time continuum collapses.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:53 p.m. CST

    Angry Mean Panda you're funny.

    by Shermdawg

    Spielberg, "in the running"? LOL Spielberg would NEVER "be in the running" for anything. It's Steve who decides what films he will do, not the other way around. He ain't Ratner you know.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:56 p.m. CST


    by Shermdawg

    Of course I'll miss the first of the interview due to me catching the replay of Rescue Me. Somebody put this up on YouTube or sumthin, the Leno fucktards might wanna see it.

  • June 20, 2006, 7:56 p.m. CST

    Brandon's a good guy

    by Orionsangels

    I usually hate good looking guys who get all the girls. come on we all do and call them gay. Well i can't hate Brandon. I'm good at reading people and he's one of the good ones. By the way, great interview Harry and just for the record. Iced Tea & Water is all i ever drink.

  • June 20, 2006, 8:01 p.m. CST



    What he does behind closed doors is his business morons... Oh and BALE DAMMIT!

  • June 20, 2006, 8:19 p.m. CST

    Spielberg NOT directing Warcraft-

    by hhh43089

    Just a rumor that was incorrectly started by Yahoo, the article was never published in Variety because it was revealed that its not on Spielberg's slate.

  • June 20, 2006, 8:34 p.m. CST


    by beelkay

    That would be great!

  • June 20, 2006, 8:34 p.m. CST


    by RaveX

    think it'll catch on?

  • June 20, 2006, 8:43 p.m. CST

    Wow. I really love these talkbacks....

    by seanny_d

    Especially when people feel the need to bash on Routh's girlfriend and call him gay. The fact is, this is his first movie. He's probably all giddy in love with this chick too. Apparently, his girlfriend is a huge Superman nut. Hell, if my girlfriend was in a huge franchise movie, I'd want to be there all the time too. And he plays World of Warcraft and he felt that his girlfriend would care enough to yell it at her. I think that's nerdy but straight.

  • June 20, 2006, 9:10 p.m. CST

    It helps to go to school

    by _Kayser_

    "Harry: Sorry to be added to run of people that you

  • June 20, 2006, 9:21 p.m. CST

    by tango fett

    superman. in 30 seconds. with rabbits.

  • June 20, 2006, 9:28 p.m. CST

    Brandon sounds like a decent chap.

    by stlfilmwire

    I am looking forward to the movie.

  • June 20, 2006, 9:28 p.m. CST

    It will be another remake...

    by KabutoKoji

    Yeah, I love Superman:The Movie and Superman II, and I can't wait to see Superman Returns. But I'm starting to fear that when I watch Superman Returns in the theater next week, it will end up being nothing more than a remake of both Superman, and Superman II. I am so shocked right now. I can't believe it. I just got back from the theater, and I just saw a remake of Doc Hollywood, you know, that 90's film( a 90's film for christsake!)with Michael J.Fox. Yup, they remade Doc Hollywood. Pixar just remade Doc Hollywood, and called it C-A-R-S! I'm talking potential lawsuit here! At the end credits of Cars it read Original Idea by John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, and Jorgen Kublien. Yeah, original idea my ass. Oh, and my left nut.

  • June 20, 2006, 9:48 p.m. CST

    I'm really amazed

    by JAGUART

    It looks as though they're actually going to pull this off. That Superman will live again.

  • June 20, 2006, 10:47 p.m. CST

    What amazes me about talkbackers is...

    by Doom II

    how fucking cruel some of you are. Seriously. You say things about Harry and directors and actors that a just mean. And you and I both know that if you actually said this shit to someone's face, you would be choking on your fucking teeth. I am guilty of ripping apart bad actors or directors, but calling people "gay" or "fat" etc is about at a 6th grade level. Is it jealousy? Rage? Hormones? Chill the fuck out. It's like walking into a library and tearing the librarian apart because she likes an author or book you don't. Harry runs this site, he gives you a place to hang out and chat and a few of you are just pathetic and mean.

  • June 20, 2006, 10:47 p.m. CST

    What amazes me about talkbackers is...

    by Doom II

    how fucking cruel some of you are. Seriously. You say things about Harry and directors and actors that a just mean. And you and I both know that if you actually said this shit to someone's face, you would be choking on your fucking teeth. I am guilty of ripping apart bad actors or directors, but calling people "gay" or "fat" etc is about at a 6th grade level. Is it jealousy? Rage? Hormones? Chill the fuck out. It's like walking into a library and tearing the librarian apart because she likes an author or book you don't. Harry runs this site, he gives you a place to hang out and chat and a few of you are just pathetic and mean.

  • June 20, 2006, 11:09 p.m. CST

    best quote

    by Freakemovie

    "Harry: Well

  • June 20, 2006, 11:10 p.m. CST


    by Shermdawg

    MELTING OWL would beat the shit out of DUNBAR HORTON.

  • June 20, 2006, 11:13 p.m. CST

    oh please.. ban the multiple handle users ?

    by zfisk

    ..youd have no more traffic. who do you think posts the most here? not the single handle folks. cmon. the blinding irony here is that THE MOST WHINING HERE comes from the guy who's trying to shut up the whiners.

  • June 20, 2006, 11:23 p.m. CST

    Gandalf The Grey, lol

    by Shermdawg

    Just trust me on this one. VILLA SMELL WILL OWN YOUR ASS!!!

  • June 20, 2006, 11:25 p.m. CST

    heh, Routh has to play second fiddle to...

    by Shermdawg

    Brittany f'n Murphy on Letterman.

  • June 20, 2006, 11:30 p.m. CST

    my post was directed at those complaining about Singer

    by calami-shami

    not Routh. Most of the people proclaiming Routh as gay are doing so because they dont like the way he looks as superman. Because Singer is gay and he is the one who chose Routh their lizard brains put two and two together and they get ROUTH = GAY. How would scheming Routh to be gay net a worldwide blockbuster opening weekend? Are people really planning to go see this movie just to figure out Routh's sexuality? Shouldn't we be worried whether he can act? I haven't read any of the reviews because I want to see at least one movie this summer without it being spoiled (even though from what Ive heard this is mostly just a rehash of I and II.)

  • June 20, 2006, 11:39 p.m. CST


    by Laserbrain

    If they did, as you say, "put a stake through the fries-and-cheese-clogged heart of this pandering, inconsistent, dumbass site?" then where else would you go to feel so superior? If AICN is so moribund, so offensive to your refined cineaste sensibilities, so obviously beneath you, then by Christ you know where the fucking door is.

  • June 20, 2006, 11:45 p.m. CST


    by ImissGnR

    wow harry i loved how you went out of your way to get an interview with BR, yet you take shits on x-3 for weeks, where is the in-depth interview with someone from that movie. once again harry shows his hippocritical ways..

  • June 20, 2006, 11:47 p.m. CST

    this site got its start by calling *B&R* a spade...

    by lynxpro

    It wasn't the unabashed love for Star Wars, it was ripping Warner Bros. and Joel Schumacher a new one over the piece of crap known as *Batman & Robin*. Now it seems like the SOP is sucking up to Warners instead of giving them a thrasing for rehashing the Donner films.

  • June 20, 2006, 11:54 p.m. CST


    by Traumnovelle

    I thought that Spielberg/WOW rumor got squashed.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:01 a.m. CST


    by Dark Knight Lite

    When I first saw some of the photos of Routh as Supes, I found myself agreeing with our good buddy and all-around pathetic loser, moviemack. But just like Batman Begins, the suit and actor look much better in the context of the film rather than some static publicity shot. The more I see of the film itself, the more hopeful I become that this will be a good, if not great return for the Man of Steel. I wish Mr. Routh the best, he sounds like a decent fella, and I'll be there on June 27 with my wife and some good friends. Cheers.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:02 a.m. CST

    as for gay...

    by lynxpro

    That is inmaterial. Rumors say that John Wesley Shipp - a soap opera star (who was not fired) but also *The Flash* - is gay. Does that detract from his performance as The Flash? Nope. He was great as Barry Allen, and he was believeable. And while he did not fill out the Flash suit, he worked out and was credible in the role. But this Superman does not seem "manly". I would bet anyone here in real life $10 that John Barrowman - who is openly gay - acts more to the tune of "hetero manly" in his openly bisexual/omnisexual role of Captain Jack Harkness in last season's *Doctor Who* than what will be shown in the title role in *Superman Returns*. He also wasn't fired from *Shark Attack 3*. He however was passed up for the title role in *Will & Grace* for being "too masculine".

  • June 21, 2006, 12:08 a.m. CST

    dawsons dad is a gay??!!??!!

    by slappy jones

  • June 21, 2006, 12:36 a.m. CST

    Hmmm.. I was banned for saying Brandon Routh was gay.

    by Cyber-Tooth2

    I didn't say it was a BAD thing. I'm gay, for fuck's sake! I was just relating a true story.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:37 a.m. CST

    Gandalf the Grey

    by Cyber-Tooth2

    Does she have a penis?

  • June 21, 2006, 12:39 a.m. CST

    Routh seems like a genuinely good guy

    by veritasses

    like Christopher Reeve. Part of what made Reeve's Superman great is that the down to earth, nice guy, ever so slightly geeky aura comes through on screen and without that, the character just wouldn't be genuine. Actually George Reeves' version too. Unlike Dean Cain's smug mug. I just hope Routh stays grounded and doesn't turn into an A-list a-hole.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:42 a.m. CST

    Joey Fatone

    by veritasses

    I just did an IMDB search on "Superman" and it appears thats Joey Fatone's nickname. wtf?

  • June 21, 2006, 1:05 a.m. CST

    I'm scared, because I dreamed of Harry last night!

    by DerLanghaarige

    He gave me a selfmade flamethrower and I burned down my room.

  • June 21, 2006, 1:06 a.m. CST

    True story, by the way!

    by DerLanghaarige

    I really dreamed that. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, HARRY!

  • June 21, 2006, 1:25 a.m. CST

    Because Because Because of the wonderful things he does

    by Regis Travolta

    We're off to see the Super, the Superest man around! Because Because Because Because Because, because of the wonderful things he does! la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-! We're off to see the Super, the Superest man around!

  • June 21, 2006, 1:50 a.m. CST

    how could you be flying if you're sitting in a tree?

    by CitizenGrape

    but yeah, I get the feeling that Harry likes Superman Returns. But what do I know.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:24 a.m. CST

    This movie will be fun

    by Rupee88

    I can point out lots of thigns that I think are wrong with the script and some of the casting, but they probably have enough great moments to ensure that your admission price will be well spent. This may be a movie that I never watch again in its entirely, but I'll get the DVD and watch the cool parts many times.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:27 a.m. CST


    by Rupee88

    You can't accuse celebs of being gay. Chevy Chase had to pay $1 million to Rock Hudson for doing that. It can affect their career and it is slanderous to make that accusation, whether you think it is "bad" or not.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:56 a.m. CST



    It could catch on... Oh and its truly funny because everyone that's bitching and moaning will have their asses parked in the theatre next week along with their heavenly buttered popcorn and their funky ass nachos.... It amazes me how ignorant so many people are.... If any of you pussies live in New York City then you know what to do after reading this... -_-

  • June 21, 2006, 5:07 a.m. CST


    by Harysuxafat1

    can't act, PERIOD. He doesn't deserve a stellar career and all the spanking this thing is getting here is kinda curious.

  • June 21, 2006, 5:58 a.m. CST

    I wonder how long it will take...

    by DerLanghaarige

    ...before the first "Brokeback Superman" will hit the www. *sigh*

  • June 21, 2006, 6:20 a.m. CST

    Harry Knowles takes it up the ass

    by 69DUDE

    I mean seriously. How GAY is Harry? His whole conversation comes off like a 17 yr old schoolgirl getting wet while talking to the studliest jock in school. I bet he was even twirling the phone cord around his finger and playing with his hair. Homo.

  • June 21, 2006, 6:58 a.m. CST

    I love Harry and this site, but...

    by ScarranHalfBreed

    ...I found this on Wikipedia: "In 1999, he wrote an article praising a script by Drew McWeeny. He failed to mention, however, that McWeeny was a contributor to the site, writing under the pseudonym 'Moriarty'." What the HELL? Is this made up by a bitter film-maker or something? And I'm REALLY looking forward to this film.

  • June 21, 2006, 7:14 a.m. CST

    Careful everyone!!!!

    by JuggFuckler

    A couple of weeks ago Harry banned someone for making the crazy suggestion that Singer's movies have covert gay themes.

  • June 21, 2006, 7:39 a.m. CST

    Most Embarrassing Part of the Interview...

    by Blanket-Man

    Harry gets Routh's hopes up about the Spielberg/Warcraft rumor that turned out to be BS. You really need to cut out that part of the transcript; I'd be terribly ashamed to have passed on such unfounded info. Oh, wait, this is AICN...

  • June 21, 2006, 8:06 a.m. CST

    IMDB news quotes Harry's glowing review as further...

    by brycemonkey

    proof that Superman Returns is a great flick. Do not debate him on this!

  • June 21, 2006, 8:10 a.m. CST

    Although I prefered the story below it.

    by brycemonkey

    The one about Owen Wilson nearly joining the Marines. "... those marine commercials - they were so cool! Like a Led Zeppelin song come to life, full of people pulling swords from rocks and fighting lava monsters." I'm guessing his pee being green is what denied him access to the military...

  • June 21, 2006, 8:17 a.m. CST

    Just love watching the naysayers in their death throes

    by AddisAbaba

    It's a pleasure I've been awaiting anxiously since first discovering these talkbacks 2 years ago. Already the reviews sound the death knell for the haters (who conveniently ignore the stastical improbability at this stage that this film will be anything other than AWESOME.) Superman is back, childhoods are restored, and you have all been OWNED. Show some fucking gratitude that there are those talented enough to actually entertain our sorry arses and make us believe we can be something more. Holler if ya hear me, bitches.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:18 a.m. CST

    So did moviemack...

    by Childe Roland

    ...get himself banned or what? I see a lot of responses to him, but no other trace of his usual droning. I'd be Super Curious to see what it was finally put him over the line. As for the Routh interview, I have to wonder if Harry got paid in souvenier glasses for that piece of shameless promotion. Seriously, this whole Superman Returns lovefedst would be a lot more tolerable if you hadn't treated X3 so unfairly big guy.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:30 a.m. CST

    Childe: hope so...

    by brycemonkey

    I have a sweepstake running to see how many people are banned in the SR TBs. I have 5 as my number. So far we are up to 2 (FETT and moviemack) homewrecker offed himself in POTC2, which is frankly poor form on his part...

  • June 21, 2006, 8:37 a.m. CST

    I have plenty of faith in Brandon

    by Engineer_at_peac

    I have no reason not to. I'm sure he'll do fine. What I don't have faith in is the plot and the script as they have been laid out. I'll have to see.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:41 a.m. CST

    Nothing to say,as usual, I just wanted to see.

    by Borgnine JR

    ...if I was banned for some reason. I did make an unkind comment about Mr. Belvidere once. (I was drunk OK!)

  • June 21, 2006, 9:02 a.m. CST

    Couldn't help registering to respond to this...

    by Kal-L

    After years of reading, one minor comment prompted me to register and talkback. Brandon: "I just do what I do and trust that most people will enjoy it, and think that I

  • June 21, 2006, 9:04 a.m. CST

    Nice chat-up, Harry

    by Doctor_Sin

    Probably one of the better ones I've read here. Props to Mr. Routh for saying he checked out your review.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:09 a.m. CST

    Now moviemack has been banned?!

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    Ha! Then let it be known as the great cleansing flood of AICN. moviemack and homewrecker in the same week. Who would have thunk it? Too bad about ol' FETT though...I was looking forward to seeing how his return (shortlived though it was) would rile the natives.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:16 a.m. CST

    bryce & Childe

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    You should put TomBodet (aka Goatzinger!) in your Banned Sweepstakes. Also, keep your eyes on zfisk...he may be homewrecker returned to us from the grave.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:20 a.m. CST

    Tom is gone?

    by brycemonkey

    If it happened in a SR TB it means I'm 2 away from my target!!!

  • June 21, 2006, 9:21 a.m. CST

    Since the DC properties are doing well

    by veritasses

    they should make a live action Justice League with a real enemy like Darkseid, Doomsday or Braniac. The movie versions of Luthor have always been a bit of a wuss.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:22 a.m. CST

    "Without Heroes we'd never know how...

    by Borgnine JR

    ...far we could go." I think Brett Rattner said that.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:24 a.m. CST

    I think you are right about zfisk too...

    by brycemonkey

    oh no! Now I have inhereted the multi-username zionist conspiracy! I knew he wouldn't be able to stay away from the SR TBs. It's a curse... What? Is that you Pazuzu?! :-P

  • June 21, 2006, 9:28 a.m. CST

    theyre banning all the relevant voices here

    by zfisk

    and of course who remains? the multiple handle shills who collectively are a company man for the site, who moonlights as a hack screenwriter. there goeth the voice of the common man. the future is here. the facade has become the law.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:29 a.m. CST

    lol zfisk...

    by brycemonkey

    go on admit it. You *are* a regenerated Homewrecker!

  • June 21, 2006, 9:34 a.m. CST

    Eh, moviemack kind of had it coming

    by Engineer_at_peac

    There's a difference between being critical of something or someone, and being an asshole. Moviemack didn't know the difference and often invoked unwarranted personal attacks. P.S. What is up with this "Routh is gay" schtick? First of all, from all indications he isn't, but even if he was, so the fuck what? He seems like a great guy, who cares whether he's into chicks or dudes?

  • June 21, 2006, 9:35 a.m. CST

    zfisk I was thinking the same thing. But it's..

    by Borgnine JR

    ..Harry's party and he'll cry if he wants to. I move that Doc Pazuzu forms a Counter-site, an Anti-AICN. That'd show'em for giving us a place to air(within reason) our opinions.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:35 a.m. CST

    youre just saying that to get me out. whatever

    by zfisk

  • June 21, 2006, 9:39 a.m. CST

    Seems like a nice...

    by Kid Z

    ... boring midwesterner, but he was WAY out of his league (Not the goddamn Justice League, either) on Letterman last night. Like a Scarlet Jungle metal-eater in the headlights!

  • June 21, 2006, 9:42 a.m. CST

    well now that youve just accused him jayjew he will be

    by zfisk

    i swear some people.. are you people even american?

  • June 21, 2006, 9:43 a.m. CST

    Stop sulking zfisk, it's OK.

    by brycemonkey

    We know it's you. Just want to see if *you* admit it... And Borgnine, interesting idea. I'm slightly conflicted on the issue of banning etc. It's kind of a public forum where free speach should be allowed. It's not as if we are paying members of a club here with committee rule etc. Just saying.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:47 a.m. CST

    sulking? fuck off monkey.. YOU are the problem.

    by zfisk

  • June 21, 2006, 9:52 a.m. CST

    Sure ya did.

    by Dragulf

    We all have wet dreams, mine are never of brandon routhe, but I don't tell the world about them. ... ! George and Christopher spinning in their graves was my first thought of that caption.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:53 a.m. CST

    That's fine dude, I was just trying to welcome you back

    by brycemonkey

    What problem am I exactly? Let me know so I can try and improve/correct it.

  • June 21, 2006, 9:59 a.m. CST

    It's so sad

    by Engineer_at_peac

    Superman can't pet a kitten or he'll crush it.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:04 a.m. CST


    by Mr Nice Gaius

    I should have been more specific - Tom Bodet is still around. I would just put him on the *potential* sweepstakes list. I can't believe I called zfisk out but I knew it had to be HIM!

  • June 21, 2006, 10:06 a.m. CST

    Seriously though Engineer...

    by brycemonkey

    I thought The Incredibles painted a more accurate picture of what it must be like to live with super strengh. Forget cracking the glass in that frame, crush a bus!

  • June 21, 2006, 10:07 a.m. CST

    The Worst Superman Ever Award goes to:

    by llac9

    Dean Cain. He looks more like Jango Fett than Superman. Who the fuck was the runner up at that time anyway? Danny Glover? I don

  • June 21, 2006, 10:08 a.m. CST

    Ta for the clarification Mr Nice.

    by brycemonkey

  • June 21, 2006, 10:09 a.m. CST

    Moviemack = Cyber-Tooth 2? Hmmm...

    by Mr Nice Gaius

  • June 21, 2006, 10:13 a.m. CST

    zfisk...I mean homewrecker

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    Please explain to all of us here at AICN how your voice - the voice of the "common man" - the voice of anti-semitism, paranoia, and insanity is somehow "relevant". I EAGERLY await your reply.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:20 a.m. CST

    So..are you saying SR will be a bigger disaster?

    by llac9

  • June 21, 2006, 10:21 a.m. CST

    New animation is much better!

    by Dragulf

    Thanks and OUCH! Read the actual interview now. It doesn't do anything for me.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:24 a.m. CST


    by Deep Cover

    Least I ain't chicken.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:24 a.m. CST

    Not true zfisk, I agree with you. A dissenting

    by Borgnine JR

    voice is necessary for the free exchange of ideas. It's why JFK always had one dissenting voice in each of his cabinet meetings. it kept things honest.**** Hey brycemonkey i thought the idea of a TBer implemented website was pretty interesting too, although ultimately poorly thought out. With all the arguing we do hear, can you imagne us trying to run a site together? We couldn't agree on a prpoer font. But half assed ideas poorly grounded in reality are my milieu. (Can you say Federal Employee?)

  • June 21, 2006, 10:29 a.m. CST

    Hell, if you work for the Government...

    by brycemonkey

    Just get $100 million and we'll set it up! If we run into problems we can always throw more money at it, it's only taxpayer's cash. Always more where that came from... ;-)

  • June 21, 2006, 10:43 a.m. CST

    So F@*%#'n What

    by Decker71

    I'm so sick of you fuckity fuck nay sayers. See the film in question first then run your fuckin' mouths. Every actor to take the role of Superman was a relative unknown. What is known is that Bryan Singer can get fantastic performances from his cast. He gets super heroes and he respects the comic history. Yeah, Yeah, X this and X that. You try squeezing 40 plus years of history into two hours. I haven't seen Superman Returns yet but I'm chomping at the bit. With Xmen spandex wasn't going to work with Superman it has to work and there is no getting around it. No one thought Reeve was going to fill it out but he did and so does Brandon Routh. The photos of Supes on a white background such as the Pepsi ads misrepresent his scale. The dude works on film and so does the suit. The shit storm of negativity towards Harry. Why? He built this site to provide a place to inform and converse about what we all love, film. I've been reading for nearly a decade, it's a staple of my daily routine. Why shit on the man? So what if he is pushing the Superman Returns button a bit too much. Superman is in his heart and it is after all his site. In the years I have been reading this site Harry has been honest, open and objective. We all know his passion for comics, Star Wars and Spielberg. He wears it proudly like a badge, it's in his blood and he bleeds all over this site. What is the point of throwing daggers at him for it? More importantly how fucking small do you have to be to throw shitty comments about his relationship with Yoko. This site is Harry's life and family so he opens up and as always shares his passion. Don't shit on him like some rot bloated maggot.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:47 a.m. CST

    as for the corner animation...

    by tango fett

    why aren't you fighting back harry? why?...harry?

  • June 21, 2006, 10:51 a.m. CST

    What a tease

    by savagexp

    So, uh, yeah. I freaking pissed myself at the Spielberg-Warcraft thing. Damn it for not being true.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:51 a.m. CST

    Hit shift + refresh

    by Engineer_at_peac

    The animation actually changed a couple of days ago, but only if you clear your cache of the site for some reason. I'm certainly glad, I was tired of watching Jack Black and Harry have what appeared to be non consential sex.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:54 a.m. CST

    If only it were that easy,brycemonkey.

    by Borgnine JR

    You see, the American gov't doesn't really have any liquid assets to give out. Whatever money we're not spending on wars gets sent right back to the wealthy in the form of tax cuts. Then the wealthy give it back to the politicians as campaign contributions,filtered thru the lobbyists. So no money for us, unless we convince a politician that his re-election is dependent on TBer voting patterns. And we'd have to form a lobby in Washington. Who should we send?**** On another note, I've benn wearing pretzel crumbs on my shirt for the last 3 hours. I guess I can kiss that manager spot good-bye, unless the other manager REALLY likes pretzels.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:57 a.m. CST

    The animation creeps me out!

    by DerLanghaarige

    I mean, a man is crushed while having sex with a car and the car gives birth to a human baby, who let his mother fall down on his dad! My mind just get raped in every hole by this shit!

  • June 21, 2006, 10:59 a.m. CST

    Interesting view on taxes you got there,

    by Engineer_at_peac

    So the government owns all of our money, and when they take less money in the form of a tax-cut, it's a gift, the government is actually giving us money. OK, yeah.

  • June 21, 2006, 11:02 a.m. CST

    brycemonkey and Borgnine JR go to Washington!

    by brycemonkey

    I smell Oscars!

  • June 21, 2006, 11:02 a.m. CST


    by casinoskunk

    are you trying to quote Mallrats? cause you got it wrong!

  • June 21, 2006, 11:12 a.m. CST

    Howdy Jarv...

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    Regarding Tom, yeah I had to go back and clarify what I meant to brycemonkey. It's all up there somewhere. Anyway, all these folks getting banned...kind of like the salad days, eh?

  • June 21, 2006, 11:30 a.m. CST

    Sounds like a good guy...

    by JiggamanSpence

    Looking forward to seeing his performance

  • June 21, 2006, 11:30 a.m. CST

    I think the speculation...

    by brycemonkey

    stems from the fairly well known and sometimes legendary, exploits of Singer. That and the fact that he cast an unknown to play Superman in one of the biggest movies of all time. Personally I couldn't care less about people's preferences, but there you go.

  • June 21, 2006, 11:37 a.m. CST

    Anyone else...

    by DocPazuzu

    ...enjoying the irony of multi-username-accuser loony homewrecker now denying that he's zfisk? It must be eating him alive having to tone down the homophobia and racism for fear of being banned again.

  • June 21, 2006, 11:39 a.m. CST

    Actually I did enjoy it...

    by brycemonkey

    that he now has/had multi user names. And if he had integrity he would be Homewrecker1/2/3 etc,

  • June 21, 2006, 11:47 a.m. CST

    Routh=straight. Singer=gay. Supes=light on his feet!

    by R.C. the "Wise"

    Afterall, superman's got to fly doesn't he?

  • June 21, 2006, 11:50 a.m. CST

    The STARCRAFT movie

    by Archive

    I'm with you on that one - George Clooney as Jim Raynor, Uma Thurman as Kerrigan, Avery Brooks as Tassadar, Paul Newman as Duke, Gary Oldman as Arcturus Mensk. The film opens with a craggy hillside... A phalanx of seige tanks pounds a valley twenty miles away filled with black ichor and the squirming shapes of unspeakable horrors... Squadrons of wraiths knock the flying terros out of the air, and in the middle of it all, Raynor. He send a ghost out to lase a target for a nuclear strike to end the fray and win the battle, and as Kerrigan makes her way through the dripping hostile terrain, plants her beacon, and calls the shot... NOTHING HAPPENS. The wraiths are retreived. The Seige tanks are airlifted out, and there stands Kerrigan, alone and helpless in a sea of creep. Suddenly, a light in the sky, and a message... YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:11 p.m. CST

    I'm enjoying it immensely, Doc.

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    It will be interesting to see how close he's willing to come to crossing the line...again. -- Jarv: Seriously, isn't this like the 7th SR TalkBack on the front page now?!

  • June 21, 2006, 12:13 p.m. CST

    And TomBodet...

    by Mr Nice Gaius have just issued a clear invitation to the dance.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:21 p.m. CST

    lol... Tom

    by brycemonkey

    looks like you are going trying to fulfill the prophecy... <gets snack and drink and settles down to watch this>

  • June 21, 2006, 12:26 p.m. CST


    by Weapon M

    There&#39;s alot of charm to the guy. It&#39;s funny. I&#39;m not one to judge good or bad on someone. But I cant help but be influences alittle bit about the rumors people spread about how one actor is in person and how another actor is in person. Brandon Routh seems so humble and strikes me as a stand up guy, someone you could just chat with or make small talk to. I have only heard good things about him from so many places. But Toby Mcguire on the other hand, I&#39;ve heard he&#39;s stand-offish. I dont know if thats ever fair though at the same time, cause I&#39;ve heard this about certain people and I&#39;ve met them in person and they are really cool. Everyone seems to have their bad days. Same time, if you keep hearing it, then you know, you start to think, "damn is this guy really that effacing with people?" I just think it&#39;s ironic that the guy that plays Superman, the most powerful unstoppable popular character in the world is described as so down to Earth and friendly, and the guy that plays a superhero that is everyday, down to earth, normal, hard-luck strikes people as so stand-offish.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:46 p.m. CST

    Routh IS Superman

    by performingmonkey

    brycemonkey, you&#39;re pissing me off.

  • June 21, 2006, 12:55 p.m. CST

    Serenity will own your ass!!

    by DerLanghaarige

    Just wanted to throw something useless in...

  • June 21, 2006, 12:57 p.m. CST

    What&#39;s up performingmonkey?

    by brycemonkey

  • June 21, 2006, 1:18 p.m. CST

    Superman Retires!

    by NegativeTwo

    funny stuff

  • June 21, 2006, 1:22 p.m. CST

    I concur with Novaman, all of the

    by Lando Griffin

    (clears throat), (giggles), (laughs) can be omitted from the transcript unless they are relevant to the sentence/phrase/question at hand. I can see where (laughs) would be relevant, don&#39;t really see how "clears throat" would be but I will say that "giggles" would NEVER, EVER be appriate other than to describe a little laughing schoolgirl which is understandable from Harry. Grown MEN laugh, when they laugh in a less amplified manner they "chuckle" but it still not relevant to the transcript 99.9% of the time. And can&#39;t we all be thankful that Harry didn&#39;t utter the sickeningly used "delicious" line during this conversation? Although I was expecting some name dropping and when Routh mentioned his girlfriend I was fully expecting Harry to refer to his as well.

  • June 21, 2006, 1:33 p.m. CST

    Tom Bodet you magnificent scalawag..

    by Borgnine JR are the Official Harry Interview Parodier. Keep&#39;em coming bud.

  • June 21, 2006, 1:47 p.m. CST

    I will miss Moviemack

    by monkeybrow

    and his wild Batman prose

  • June 21, 2006, 1:55 p.m. CST

    I seriously doubt that Routh is Gay

    by IamNumber1

    Brandon Routh has more of this green kid nerd look to him than anything else. Chris Reeve looked tough. Then again, it&#39;s kinda hard to be tough when you&#39;re playing world of warcraft a lot. No offense, but video games are a passive hobby. I think Routh just needs to do some kickboxing and hit the gym for the next two years, and then he&#39;ll have and edge to him. Oh, and if moviemack has really been banned, see you around man. It&#39;s been fun and it will be fun figuring out what new handle you&#39;re under.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:10 p.m. CST

    Moriarty&#39;s Superman Returns Review

    by Turd Furgusen

    Where is it? Does anyone know? BTW I played both Warcraft One and Two. I had to stop there because I got a little addicted. Routh sounds like a pretty genuine guy from this interview.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:14 p.m. CST

    Lots o&#39; monkeys in this room.

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    brycemonkey, performingmonkey, monkeybrow, TomBodet...

  • June 21, 2006, 2:17 p.m. CST

    Mr. Nice Gaius

    by Turd Furgusen

    that&#39;s funny stuff. thanks for the laugh.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:27 p.m. CST

    Hey! performingmonkey...

    by brycemonkey

    I&#39;m still waiting to find out what I did to piss you off. The suspense is killing me...

  • June 21, 2006, 2:42 p.m. CST

    Something nice for Brandon on

    by dmm0240 is a Christopher Reeve tribute page. Bashers - please give this guy a break. They posted the following today: Dear Brandon Routh... I have watched a number of your recent interviews, and footage of you as Superman and Clark Kent, and I must say that I am very happy and grateful that you are our new Man of Steel. My family and I wish you much success in your awesome new role, and in all of your future professional and personal endeavors. Kids, and kids at heart, from around the world need a hero...and you are that hero that we&#39;ve waited to see fly again into our hearts for almost 20 years. I know that my friend Christopher Reeve would be very proud of you. And, yes, Christopher and you are both Superman! Thank you. Jim Bowers, 21 June 2006.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:54 p.m. CST

    why the dissing of Tobey McGuire?

    by lynxpro

    I seem to recall for a supposed standoffish actor, he did a set visit on the original *Spider-Man* movie to say "hi" to all of us extras. If you recall, for both films, he also chose to work out to get "cut for his size" for the role. He also had to train twice as hard due to his vegetarianism in terms of gaining muscle mass. Where&#39;s the similar commitment for this [Superman] role which is arguably far more iconic than our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? In terms of dedication for the role and for being qualified for it in the first place, I&#39;m voting for Tobey.

  • June 21, 2006, 2:55 p.m. CST

    But, was Harry in his Underoos? We need to know!

    by Doctor_Sin

    How much geekiness was exuded during the interview? Harry, you can sense people blushing over the phone? Can you sense me blushing? Right now? As I type this?

  • June 21, 2006, 2:59 p.m. CST

    Rot In Hell, moviemack

    by BayouWilly

    As funny (in an infuriating way) he was, he was just a flat-out dick. I&#39;ve never met someone that could not admit defeat, or fault, and was consistently mean in every talkback and every endeavor. Good riddance. I don&#39;t know how easy it is to create a new ID to return, but at least, if he&#39;s smart, he&#39;ll shut up or face another unmasking.

  • June 21, 2006, 3 p.m. CST

    Routh is actually pretty cut

    by Engineer_at_peac

    You just can&#39;t really tell in the costume, but in other pictures, he has biceps out to here.

  • June 21, 2006, 3:23 p.m. CST

    I like monkeys.

    by Childe Roland

    Which reminds me: I&#39;ll go to Washington for you, Borgnine. There&#39;s a certain curious chimp in those parts I need to palaver with. Or perhaps I&#39;d get more answers if I spoke to his gunslinging handler, the Man in the Yellow Depends. Anyway, whilst we&#39;re sorting things out, I can strongly recommend they allot (puts pinky to lips in true Kevin Spacey style) one billion dollars for this Web site of which you speak. If nothing else, I can confuse them by dressing one of the Man&#39;s good friends as a pheasant and dangling a banana in front of the chimp.

  • June 21, 2006, 4:14 p.m. CST

    moviemack is alive and well... as kintar0.

    by JDanielP

    Ol&#39; moviemack must&#39;ve forgotten which "user ID" he was under when he singled me out, a while back. It was obvious (to me) it was him when he unleashed his furry on me for no reason at all. And when I responded to "kintar0", he came back in classic moviemack style. He even admitted who he was! Watch your back, people! And how creepy, thinking that someone amongst us is... (cue shock/horror soundtrack) ...moviemack!

  • June 21, 2006, 4:42 p.m. CST

    I can&#39;t think of anything more unoriginal

    by BayouWilly

    as gay humour. Why don&#39;t you just admit you have According To Jim tattoooed on your chest?

  • June 21, 2006, 5:51 p.m. CST

    Superman&#39;s site taken over by Luthor! - pretty cool

    by dmm0240

    Wanna see something funny? The site sabotaged by a certain criminal genious...

  • June 21, 2006, 5:59 p.m. CST


    by lynxpro

    They must have been invisible biceps because they certainly weren&#39;t "out to here" as evidenced by the appearance on the MTV Movie Awards. Reminds me of how some people tried to claim that Natalie Portman had great cleavage based upon scenes from Episode II.

  • June 21, 2006, 6:07 p.m. CST

    Clark Kent as a spy

    by lynxpro

    That&#39;s an interesting perspective from Routh in the interview. However, that essentially relegates "Clark" to being a Matches Mallone alter-ego. But its quite a stretch of the imagination for a person to grow up as an alter-ego and then manifest into the "true" persona after the teen years. Some might say "well, look at Batman". But Bruce Wayne had been angry since the murder of his parents. He just assigned the Batman moniker to his true self and made the public "Bruce Wayne" a persona for public consumption. Like how most public figures - politicians and celebrities - hide their true selves from their fans/electorate. Its an interesting idea but I don&#39;t think its really an accurate interpretation any more than saying Jesus was a radical devoted to ridding Palestine of the Roman Empire as some academics have tried to suggest in the past century.

  • June 21, 2006, 7:38 p.m. CST

    Ever notice that the vast majority of talkbackers

    by GetaLifeFanboys

    are drooling morons who can barely string a sentence together?

  • June 21, 2006, 7:58 p.m. CST

    by Weapon M

    "Blanket-Man says: Harry gets Routh&#39;s hopes up about the Spielberg/Warcraft rumor that turned out to be BS. You really need to cut out that part of the transcript; I&#39;d be terribly ashamed to have passed on such unfounded info. Oh, wait, this is AICN..." Blanketman I see what your saying, but I think its cool that he posts that part of the interview. So what! he got it wrong! The fact that he still posted it shows that he aint afraid to admit he made a mistake, and he still let us fans see that part of the conversation. I really like how he even types when Routh coughs, or laughs etc. I think it just makes one feel like they are on the third line. LOL Everyone makes mistakes its no big deal. As for dissing Tobey. I dont think I am dissing him at all. And I dont think working out hard for a role has anything to do with how you behave with people. Yeah I think that is a valid point though that he hung out with the extras. See thats what I am saying. Sometimes you hear things from people, and just maybe his personality shows that side of him and gets read the wrong way. There&#39;s so many reasons for how someone might project the wrong energy, or undesirable energy to other people that might get read the wrong way. That&#39;s why in my statement I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But at the same time I wondered why I hear so much good things from so many sources about Routh, and so much of opposite from Tobey. Regardless. Dont matter till you actually meet the person. It was just something I wondered aloud and expressed my feelings about.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:01 p.m. CST

    Dear god...

    by Harysuxafat1

    the new commercial for this is just... well it&#39;s awful. Who was the fucktwit that put together the cast for this thing. It was like watching a commercial for The OC. Lois looks like she should be sitting in a trailer park in a nightgown with a bottle of mad dog in a paper bag wearing pink fuzzy slippers in some of what they showed. Bosworth looks terrible with brown hair.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:06 p.m. CST

    One very last statement about this.....

    by Weapon M

    Tobey is one of my favorite actors and I anticipate meeting him one day, so I&#39;m a bit concerned about how my experience might be. Routh is also fast becoming one of my favs as well. I actually cant wait to see him in other roles. He strikes me as an actor that can blend and fall into roles. There&#39;s something chameleonish about him. Whether he does I think that really depends on promotion though unfortunatly.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:54 p.m. CST

    WHAT THE F@ck

    by Darth Hater

    I am stunned by the amount of focus on one sexual orientation. A good fag joke here or there, ok. but it doesn&#39;t feel like joking. Why does it even matter they&#39;re actors /directors/best boy/ key grip/ boom mike... wait i lost my train of thought. Any way it does matter brandon can&#39;t really fly. So does it matter whether or not he really kisses a girl. By the way I wish to go on record as to not believing him to be gay and trust me my gaydar is flawless...zfisk & Harysuxafat1 et al.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:56 p.m. CST


    by Darth Hater

    Any way DOES IT mater? Brandon can&#39;t really fly.... is what i meant too type.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:57 p.m. CST


    by Darth Hater

    stop drinkin stop drinkin stop drinkin... MATTER not mater.

  • June 21, 2006, 8:59 p.m. CST


    by Darth Hater

    no more posts til&#39; i sleep ( i know,, Yay!!!)

  • June 21, 2006, 9:34 p.m. CST

    gay comedy is great if done well...

    by lynxpro

    For example, my retooling of Beowulf in high school as a tissy fit between Beowulf and Grendel with a narration in the style of Blaine and Antwone was comedic gold. I think Hollywood ripped that off from me and cast Christopher Lambert in it.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:16 p.m. CST

    Harry, did you hear?

    by LouGossetPhillip

    Scorsese just announced that he&#39;s attached to the Grand Theft Auto film! Don&#39;t wait to confirm this, no matter how ridiculous and obviously fake this piece of news seems to be, just trust me and get Jake Gyllenhaal on the phone now. You could be the first to break the news to a real life Hollywood actor! You would feel so important! Get off your ass and get to the phone.

  • June 21, 2006, 10:37 p.m. CST

    When the fuck...

    by Harysuxafat1

    did I say he was gay? I just said he can&#39;t fucking act not he sucks dick at the drop of a hat.

  • June 22, 2006, 1:46 a.m. CST

    "When I read the script, I pictured him.(Reeve).

    by DoctorWho?

    That is so cool.

  • June 22, 2006, 7:07 a.m. CST

    Harry, dude - your editing.

    by Zarles

    Cool interview, man, but is it necessary to transcribe every word the man says? &#39;Because because because&#39;? What the hell is that? Because of the wonderful things he does? Good stuff, though - talking to Supes really is the Everykid dream.

  • June 22, 2006, 8:16 a.m. CST

    GTA IV

    by cockstar_06

    From a disgruntled ex-employee of Rockstar

  • June 22, 2006, 8:21 a.m. CST

    "it was him when he unleashed his furry on me for no re

    by havocSchultz

    DanielP - I hear ya...and I wish I could have someone unleash their furry on not try to debate me on this...

  • June 22, 2006, 12:33 p.m. CST

    Our First Superman Returns Image is Up

    by donuts


  • June 22, 2006, 1:47 p.m. CST

    Weapon M

    by Blanket-Man

    "So what! he got it wrong! The fact that he still posted it shows that he aint afraid to admit he made a mistake." Yeah, but that was kind of a doozy, don&#39;t you think? And re-reading it, Harry didn&#39;t present it as rumor, but as a fact that had actually been announced somewhere. If I&#39;m Routh, Harry would now move to the top of the list of Interviewers I Refuse To Speak To Again. But I agree about sticking in the Coughs and Laughs that not all interviewers do. Lastly, Tobey Maguire can be a complete prick (within legal limits of course!) as long as he keeps making great Spidey movies!

  • June 22, 2006, 1:47 p.m. CST

    Oh, god, hilarious,

    by savage_henry

    Those faux Harry interviews by TomBodet. On SR, I don&#39;t give a shit what anyone&#39;s sexual orientation is, as long as they help tell a good story. Also, Harry must have some pretty thick skin to allow many of these posts to remain intact; he&#39;s either tough as hell, or just clueless. I know some have been banned so far, but what is left is dangerously entertaining.

  • June 22, 2006, 1:54 p.m. CST

    I agree with the poster above who said...

    by savage_henry

    that giggling should not be used to describe any sound that a grown male makes. Or rather, a grown man should not giggle a la the Big Lebowski, when the dude goes to Maude&#39;s studio, and that baldish, John Water-y looking guy is sitting in the chair, just giggling away. Now if that is the sound that Routh and Harry were making, then fine, call it giggling, but I hope not.

  • June 23, 2006, 1:48 a.m. CST

    The 2

    by Darth Maui

    At least Brandon has a girlfriend.

  • June 23, 2006, 7:53 a.m. CST


    by zooch

    Kate Bosworth looks smokin&#39; hot in the new issue of Interview magazine check it out on the web

  • June 23, 2006, 1 p.m. CST

    Nice Interview Harry

    by ProfGriffin

    Great job Harry, Brandon seems like a very nice guy. Looking forward to seeing the film. Superman on the big screen again. "Saints be Praised!"

  • June 23, 2006, 2:46 p.m. CST


    by MrBoinfoint

    The baldish, John Water-y looking girlish giggler was played by David Thewlis, of Naked fame, also Lupin in Harry Potter and most recently the photographer in the Omen remake.

  • June 23, 2006, 2:54 p.m. CST

    "i seriously doubt this movie is gay"

    by zfisk

  • June 23, 2006, 7:20 p.m. CST

    so anyone know

    by Darth Kal-El

    what moviemack did to get his ass banned?

  • June 23, 2006, 8:24 p.m. CST

    Darth Kal-El

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    Look no further than the post right above you my good man. zfisk is actually homewrecker. And he has been turned into a cowardly TalkBack handle afraid to do anything other than provide links or direct quotes. Basically, he went full-on anti-semite in the Trade Center/POTC2 TB and was deal the fatal blow.

  • June 23, 2006, 8:25 p.m. CST


    by Mr Nice Gaius

    "dealt" not "deal". My apologies.

  • June 24, 2006, 12:19 a.m. CST

    thanks gaius

    by Darth Kal-El

    hes been a thorn on our side over on the comic book talkback. im glad to hear hes gone...altho im sure hell be back no less annoying and idiotic with his new screen name

  • June 24, 2006, 8:32 a.m. CST

    Wow... really?

    by Zarles

    Does it MATTER what moviemack did to get him/her/itself banned? We should be opening bottles of champagne, not asking questions.

  • June 24, 2006, 11:20 a.m. CST

    Wow, I really goofed here Darth & Zarles...

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    For some reason, I thought you were talking about zfisk/homewrecker NOT moviemack. As for moviemack, it appeared that he was indeed banned. However, it looks like his name has popped up again in another TB. We may not be rid of him just yet...

  • June 24, 2006, 12:06 p.m. CST

    Zfisk, I didn&#39;t say i doubt the movie was gay....

    by IamNumber1

    I just said that Routh aint gay.

  • June 24, 2006, 1:16 p.m. CST

    I just came from a screening this morning

    by gildersleeve

    it&#39;s a winner, it isnt gay, and anyone who still thinks this won&#39;t make HUGE money is on crack

  • June 24, 2006, 7:06 p.m. CST

    Review of SR is up over at the fox news site.

    by Orbots Commander

    Roger Friedmans&#39;s verdict is Superman Returns is good but not great; a fantastic first hour, but a letdown afterwards that gets boring and is way long at over 2 hours. He also cites wooden performances by Routh and Bosworth.

  • June 25, 2006, 12:10 a.m. CST

    by the way...

    by lynxpro

    Jon "Freakin&#39; Polar Bears" Peters produced the film. Considering how he screwed up *The Wild Wild West* with his mechanical spider, do you really want to pay to see this film and reward him with his percentage share of the box office?

  • June 25, 2006, 12:16 p.m. CST


    by DECKERS

    This movie is gonna suck longer and harder than Singers latest &#39;po white trash&#39; 17 year old chicken beeeeeatch. Should have done a follow up to the majesty that is The Quest For Peace--Nuclear man Rules!!!! I&#39;ve just cummed!!!!

  • June 25, 2006, 6:34 p.m. CST


    by zfisk

    "Routh is so bland in this thankless role that Posey&#39;s droll moll and Spacey&#39;s Ken Lay impersonation steal the show. Superman&#39;s not much of a fighter, either. Instead, he mainly floats in space and waits to be called on rescue missions: deli robberies, falling window-washers and fires." --Jurger Fauth, ------------------------("Kal Penn being reduced to a mute, drool-jawed bystander is one egregious error out of the film&#39;s many.. Singer steals amply from &#39;War of the worlds&#39;, most notably in half-glimpsed 9/11 imagery and half-baked father/son shenanigans.." ---Keith Uhlich, -------------------------from rottentomatoes, where the two new reviews dropped its rating to 71%: "First I want to say that I really wanted this movie to work! I am a big big Superman fan, and just as big Bryan Singer fan, and man did I want this movie to be just great... I have been following all the news, and stuff since production started, and was very hyped about what looked like a masterpiece in the making, blah blah blah.. Sadly what I saw was a poorly acted, short on action way too serious melodrama about who the baby&#39;s daddy is, and LEX wanting to take over land again! And to top it off there was no "OTISBERG" this time on the Map! Bryan Singer has let us all down big with this one, and he should never do another Super hero movie again... Let this one be a 1 movie deal, and just let this storyline RIP! Wait 10 years, and either re-start this thing or continue the Smallville tv show into the new Superman. Either one would work fine... But this movie does not. The big reasons this movie fails is because of it&#39;s cast... Brandon Routh to put it simple folks is no Chris Reeve... Heck he&#39;s no Tom Welling. (Thats not saying much I know) but I now see why he was fired for bad acting in the past, the guy simply can&#39;t act! When ever he delivers a line it looks like he&#39;s reading from a cue card, and also feels very wooden. But as bad as he is he&#39;s not nearly as bad as Kate as Lois wow this is worst casting EVER! It&#39;s down right cringe worthy! The rest of the cast isnt much better... Spacey as Lex is boring, and at times very campy, Parker Posey as Kitty is just a Teschmacher replacement but with really nothing to do. The rest of lex&#39;s "henchmen" look like something out of Austin Powers, and that folks is funny for all the wrong reasons. The plot is tired, and boring, and really so un original it&#39;s just sad... I wanted to have tears of joy in my eyes after watching this movie, and sadly the only tears I had in my eyes were out of anger for the mess Singer has created out of the Superman Character. I have a feeling that this movie is going to appeal to the Gay community more than anything. I would rate this mess 2 stars.."--Rottentomatoes

  • June 25, 2006, 8:10 p.m. CST

    Wow, and Slant Magazine, huh?

    by R0BTRAIN

    I mean those are some pretty prestigious voices in film criticism. I mean I like how you chose to ignore the postivie reviews from Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter,and Variety. I&#39;m sure those publications can&#39;t stack up to and Slant Magazine. Guess I should go ahead and just get my money back for my tickets...

  • June 25, 2006, 9:24 p.m. CST

    Routh auditioned for Smallville...

    by lynxpro

    I didn&#39;t know this. So for the already-SR fans saying that Routh is a better acting choice than Welling, read it...Welling beat him for the Clark Kent role on *Smallville*...

  • June 25, 2006, 10:48 p.m. CST

    Robtrain,Time & Entertainment Weekly are owned......

    by JUSTICE41

    By Time Warner, you know the people who made Superman Returns. Why should anyone trust them? 300 million dollars in investment and you think they would allow their owned businesses to skewer their products?

  • June 25, 2006, 11:25 p.m. CST

    You&#39;re right Justice41, you got me...

    by R0BTRAIN

    I&#39;m only left with Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter on my side. Who are they working for? Are they all studio thugs also? Who am I to doubt the luminous word of critics that have stood the test of time such as and Slant Magazine? Rotten Tomatoes&#39; Cream of the Crop Meter is still getting 100% on the film. I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll keep arguing that the film is terrible even though you haven&#39;t seen it and that there is conspiracy to give it good press. Also Richard Corliss and Owen Gleiberman have hammered big Time/Warner releases before, so tell me another one.

  • June 26, 2006, 12:11 a.m. CST

    Have you seen it? Rottentomatoes got it at 80%

    by JUSTICE41

    No. So shove it. Once you see it then you may call me out until then you and I are just casual observers and reviews mean nothing to me, only what I like.

  • June 26, 2006, 12:48 a.m. CST

    has *Extra* praised the film yet?

    by lynxpro

    *Extra* is a Time Warner product. AccessHollywood is Fox+NBC Universal. Entertainment Tonight was Paramount/Viacom, but after the splitup of Viacom and CBS into separate companies, I think it belongs to CBS. But one also has to look at advertising dollars involved as well to guarantee favorable reviews. MySpace is owned by NewsCorp (aka Fox) and not AOL (99% TimeWarner owned, 1% Google), but Warners has them as a partner in hyping the film as evidenced with the link on the Superman Returns site.

  • June 26, 2006, 9:57 a.m. CST

    It&#39;s a conspiracy to make mucho mullah

    by JUSTICE41

    The 28th will prove to be a dark or light day in Supes history.

  • June 26, 2006, 9:59 a.m. CST

    So reviews mean nothing to you?

    by R0BTRAIN

    And yet you were quoting that SR was ONLY getting 80% on Rottentomatoes, which only makes it the best reviewed BIG release to come out this year. Seems as if you don&#39;t care about reviews unless they help your argument, which apparently they are not doing at the moment. Then again, how can I argue with such a tremendous comeback as "So shove it!" I don&#39;t think I&#39;ll be able to recover my dignity after that. So go ahead, keep blindingly bashing SR before it hits theaters. Make yourself look like an idiot.I don&#39;t really care.

  • June 26, 2006, 10 a.m. CST

    "prestigious voices in film criticism"

    by zfisk " for roling stone, has it occurred to you that maybe jahn wenner and peter travers might be a little biased by their personal stake in this as gays? and how many other "established&#39; gay critics are siding on this?"...."ultimately it&#39;s on ebert and roeper.. i expect them to split on this and that&#39;ll be the smoking gun right there. ebert will totally cave in to the pressure and roeper still has some stones left.."

  • June 26, 2006, 10:40 a.m. CST

    So its a gay conspiracy now?

    by R0BTRAIN

    So all of the nation&#39;s great critics are either being paid off or they&#39;re part of a gay conspiracy to make Superman Returns look good to the public? OK, I suppose I have to bow to this superior wisdom. No please, I concede, I&#39;ve been outwitted the titanic minds of zfisk and Justice41 and their amazing and well though out theories. When I stop laughing I&#39;ll go get my money back for my tickets...

  • June 26, 2006, 10:47 a.m. CST

    Prestigious Voice in TB Lunacy = zfisk

    by Mr Nice Gaius

    Give it up, homewrecker. Your homophobic/anti-semitic ways have no power here.

  • June 26, 2006, 11:36 a.m. CST

    Rob I wasn&#39;t quoting anyone but the person who posted

    by JUSTICE41

    That Rottentomato&#39;s has it at 80%. You said 100% he said 80%. The 80% checked out so now who is being blind. And no, another&#39;s opinions about just about anything matters little to me. Some things must be left up to you yourself to decide. Being led around by the nose is for sheople like you and the other fawning Harry idiots. So you keep basing your likes and dislikes by what someone, who doesn&#39;t even know you, says. Must be nice to be a zealot eh. Homewrecker man we can smell you out no matter what name you hide behind. Give up this shit man it aint funny anymore. You have crossed over to dangerous grounds man. Go take a nap and rethink this entire silly gay mafia garbage you keep spewing.

  • June 26, 2006, 12:39 p.m. CST

    ok, so first

    by R0BTRAIN

    If you&#39;ll notice my earlier post, I noted that it was on the RT&#39;s "Cream of the Crop" rating was at 100%, which it is still at. These are the critics of major publications, and not just internet critics who happen to have websites they publish reviews for. And to accuse me of zealotry is a bit far in my estmation. I&#39;m just not ready to condemn a movie that HASN&#39;T COME OUT YET! Yes, I am a huge Superman fan, but to say I&#39;m hardly being blindly lead by critics. I do like how you&#39;ve logged onto AIN&#39;T IT COOL NEWS to state that you don&#39;t believe in movie critics. Why are you here then? To blindly complain about Superman Returns? Which one of us is the zealot?

  • June 26, 2006, 1:33 p.m. CST

    Naw I used to come here for early scoops of movies

    by JUSTICE41

    There haven&#39;t been much for some time. Just rumors and spiteful diatribes from HarryCo. Like I said I don&#39;t put any faith in anyone&#39;s views or opinions because much like witnesses to crimes people see what they want to see and have built in bias. I have my own bias&#39; and only trust my own views. I&#39;m the only one who knows what I like. Besides I only pointed out the magazines some are quoting are owned by WB. I wouldn&#39;t trust any industry rag either. That&#39;s too inside baseball for me to trust. So like you I haven&#39;t seen the finished flick but I haven&#39;t any interest in what Singer is doing. From the mess of a costume to the rehashed regurgitated story to Spacey Hackman luthor and his sill plot for world dominance. It&#39;s all too stupid for a relaunch of a major franchise. The costume mistakes just leads me to believe Singer made some grievous mistake in judgement and as far as I&#39;m concerned that bodes ill for any of the other decisions made in bringing this flick to life. But you enjoy yourself, I&#39;m a collector and I collect comics and I will buy the DVD of this flick if nothing else but to continue my collection of Comics to film Adaptations. I&#39;m still waiting for Catwoman to get down to 5 bucks at Wal-marts before I&#39;ll buy that.

  • June 26, 2006, 3:44 p.m. CST

    What grievous mistakes has he made?

    by R0BTRAIN

    Having this film be a continuation of films that are now cannon for most Superman fans? Perhaps you&#39;re talking about fighting Lex Luthor, who has unquestionably been his best villain throughout the decades? Every major story of Superman&#39;s has always included Luthor. Look at both the first two films, Smallville, Alan Moore&#39;s "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?", "Superman: The Man of Steel", "Kingdom Come", "Superman: Red Son", Superman: For all Seasons. All with Luthor as an intregal part of the story. We&#39;re talking about THE most important villain in the history of Suiperman. And exactly what is wrong with Luthor&#39;s plot in this movie? It&#39;s brillaint and achieveable. He&#39;s an instant Superpower, running a continent of his own design. Perhaps another problem? Casting faces that are young enough that by the time the thrid film rolls around, and it will roll around, they won&#39;t look like Margot Kidder did in Superman 3? Maybe your problems stem with what appears to be incredible actions sequences? And the costume? Is it really that bad? Have you seen what Burton and John Peters wanted to do to the costume? Perhaps you&#39;ve forgotten Supes with no cape, in a black leotard where the S turned into metal knives? Now singer brings you a costume where the "S" MAY BE A LITTLE TOO SMALL!

  • June 26, 2006, 4:12 p.m. CST


    by lynxpro

    Uhm, Jon Peters is the producer of this film. Supes still starts out the film in a dark costume, from the reviews I&#39;ve read. And just like the dictates of Peters before with Kevin Smith&#39;s script, there is a fight in the Fortress of Solitude. Anyone who agreed with Kevin Smith&#39;s assertions about the problems with Jon Peters and then goes and sees this film is supporting the very same Jon Peters. As for Lex Luthor, its the same lame ass interpretation as in the Donner films. They just didn&#39;t have the decency to ask Hackman to reprise the role. Once again, its all about real estate. He amasses his fortune by marrying a rich old lady. Now tell me, would the Byrne version of Lex Luthor, or the Lois&Clark version of Lex Luthor, or the Smallville version of Lex Luthor do this? Nope. They are smart enough to make money on their own. They certainly would not be stealing a page from Cobra Commander&#39;s playbook in trying to create their own island continent [Cobra Island] to rule the world from. I sure hope Larry Hama is getting a royalty check from this.

  • June 26, 2006, 5:07 p.m. CST

    Yes, Peters is Producing this picture...

    by R0BTRAIN

    and if you&#39;ve seen Look Up in the Sky, he&#39;s on there apologizing for his earlier ideas with Superman. He also states that Bryan Singer is the one that finally showed him how wrong he was about the creative direction he was taking the Superman franchise. And yes, when he actually comes back to Earth in his ship, Superman is wearing a silver Kryptonian costume, that looks to be a comination of Brando&#39;s costume from Superman: The Movie and Superman&#39;s costume in Return of Superman after his resurrection. Also, if you&#39;ve read anything about the movie at all, marrying a dying widow is a way for Singer to elevate Lex from evil scientist to power hungry businessman. And for those that don&#39;t like Hackman&#39;s Lex, remember that before that take on the role, which added quite a bit of humor and wit, Lex was basically just the villain from Superfriends. He was actually a guy who hated Superman because as a boy, he had cost him his hair. What Singer has done is, just like the costume from the beginning, is a nice marriage between the old and new mythologies of Superman. He&#39;s hasn&#39;t created a crazy new take on the character that abandons all that has come before him. Do you have a better plot for Lex? I love he&#39;s obsessed with land. Singer has updated the man without going too far. God, Abrams wanted him to be Kryptonian. Here, we get KEVIN SPACEY playing a very well conceived version of the villain. Have you seen the Prometheus clip that&#39;s been online for a week now. Say what you want, that guy IS Lex Luthor. What more could anyone ask?

  • June 26, 2006, 5:42 p.m. CST


    by lynxpro

    Two words to answer your last question....Michael Rosenbaum. The *Smallville* interpretation of Lex Luthor, which is similar to every *modern* rendition of the character is the "preferred" version of the character. Not some scheming huckster that has to marry into wealth to become a businessman, but an actual genius who also happens to run a megacorp too. But if you don&#39;t like *Smallville*, you could always rent yourself on DVD the 90s animated version of Superman to see yet another example of how to do Lex Luthor&#39;s character properly.

  • June 26, 2006, 5:47 p.m. CST

    as for Peters...

    by lynxpro

    If he is truly sorry for his past mistakes, he should repay out of his own pocket to the TimeWarner shareholders the $40 million that was wasted on the contracts signed by Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage who were paid for no work based upon the problems that Jon Peters himself was responsible for inflicting on that failed production. Then he could repay TimeWarner for Kevin Smith&#39;s salary for writing a screenplay that was not used. Or even better...repaying TimeWarner for whatever money they blew on the JJ Abrams screenplay as well as the monies paid out to McG and Ratner before both left the project. They certainly did not earn their pay in Mexican Pesos. Now those would be examples of a sincere apology. Not some lame CYA stunt on a promo piece on his latest production meant to generate interest in getting us off our sofas and into a paid for theatre seat.

  • June 26, 2006, 5:57 p.m. CST

    Yes, I do like Smallville...

    by R0BTRAIN

    But again, Singer is working within the story he has set fourth. Make no mistake Michael Rosenbaum is a nice take on the character, but again that&#39;s a different continuity than the one Singer is using. If he&#39;s carrying over everyone else from the other films, then surely he would take Lex Luthor from a completely different continuity. And if you hadn&#39;t noticed, he HAS updated the character. As I&#39;d said before, what Singer has done is a marriage of both the jokey Lex and the sinister Post-Crisis Lex. Luthor is doing something in this film that A) gives him the money and power that the modern Lex hungers for and B) does it in a way that the Pre-Crisis Lex would have gone about it. I haven&#39;t heard any mentions of Otisburg in the new film. Spacey and Singer have crafted a sinister villain, that yes, does have lighter moments, but still has the gravitas to be a threat to Superman.

  • June 26, 2006, 6 p.m. CST

    In the case of Petes...

    by R0BTRAIN

    I&#39;m sure if he did pay all that money back, then you would also say that it was a publicity stunt. You know, since the movie is awful and needs a myriad of conspiracies from critics, corporations, the gay community and studios to be a success.

  • June 26, 2006, 9:43 p.m. CST

    moviemack.. try this one.

    by zfisk

    NY times----"In a witty scene, one of Luthor

  • June 26, 2006, 10:25 p.m. CST

    actually this one&#39;s better

    by zfisk

    anthony lane-the new yorker: "Mind you, if Superman is such a paragon, how come he wants to save a species so universally dumb that not a single member of it recognizes him when he puts on a pair of glasses?"

  • June 26, 2006, 10:32 p.m. CST


    by lynxpro

    Why defend Singer for his "vision" of rehashing a nearly 30 year old film? Did Christopher Nolan set out to make a direct sequel to 1989&#39;s *Batman*? No. It was flawed, just as the Donner films are as seen through the modern motion picture viewer&#39;s eyes. If anything, its a lack of vision worthy of instigating Palpatine&#39;s mighty fury. Its a half-assed approach. Do you want Christian Bale to reach for the Bat-Shark Repellant from his utility belt in the next film? Because that would be a merging of the current continuity with the Adam West continuity. I think not. Then don&#39;t settle for the same crap with this film. And no matter what is said about Routh, he lost this very part on *Smallville* (which many online consider to be an inferior work and Welling&#39;s performances wooden) to Tom Welling. What does that say to you? Still think Singer has a great vision? I guess the moral of the story is if you spend a couple of hundred million and get some damn good CGI, anything will sell. Maybe Bryan Singer should rehash *Howard the Duck* next with a giant budget for CGI.

  • June 28, 2006, 3:03 a.m. CST

    Harry and Herc are MAJOR assholes...

    by Jar Jar 4 Prez

    for that animation that they&#39;re using of Superman in the wheelchair. Yeah, I can hear your responses already: "Oh, but that&#39;s Herc&#39;s little avatar! We mean no disrespect!" Yeah, right... and I&#39;m sure that as you were creating the animation and posting it on the site nobody made the connection that Christopher Reeve was confined to a wheelchair for the last few years of his life. You&#39;re gonna have to delete this post, because I&#39;m totally calling you assholes out bigtime. There&#39;s no excuse for this type of shit.