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Sony's got a rival 9/11 film with Don Cheadle and... Adam Sandler?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a little info on yet another 9/11 flick that Sony is circling at the moment called REIGN O'ER ME, not to be confused with WORLD TRADE CENTER or SEPTEMBER or whatever the hell Oliver Stone is calling his movie with Nic Cage now.

Writer-director Mike Binder (Mind of the Married Man, dude that Tom Cruise saw himself kill in the future in MINORITY REPORT and the recent film fest favorite THE UPSIDE OF ANGER) wrote the script and has Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler "poised to join him." People give Sandler shit, but I thought his work with Paul Thomas Anderson in PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE was very solid. Don Cheadle is one of the masters of the form right now.

I know for many it is still too soon for Hollywood to make a movie about 9/11, but it's not an uncommon trend. There were Pearl Harbor films out within a year of the Japanese attack (of the rah-rah propaganda variety), Vietnam films out while we were still in Vietnam. I know that personally I am ready to see a great story set against this back drop. If you have a master like Don Cheadle involved, all the better. What about you folks?

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