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By Golly - Gee Whillikers! Santiago Segura is releasing TORRENTE 3 in Spain This Year!!!

Hey folks, Harry here! So I write a bit about TORRENTE 2 coming to DVD in the United States, gripe about there being no Region 1 DVD of TORRENTE: THE STUPID ARM OF THE LAW... and I wildly heaped enthusiastic praise upon the man genius of Santiago Segura - one of the funniest men to ever cast a large shadow upon the face of the Earth. I wrote about and suggested the film just out of pure love for the two TORRENTE films and because I'm well aware that the genius of Segura's two TORRENTE films is basically completely unknown in the English Speaking world, because... well, no U.S. distributor was bright enough to bring them here! Well, yesterday I got an email from Santiago Segura sending me the best news in a good while... TORRENTE 3 is due out in Spain this year, to prove it he sent me the image of the one-sheet and revealed that Guillermo Del Toro was going to be in the theatrical cut, but instead will only be captured on the DVD release... Which the Gods can not make soon enough! Here's the poster... this time, Torrente is retired from the law and is a... bodyguard?!?!?!?! Dear Lord, protect the body he's meant to, cuz Torrente will abuse it like a soft warm wet kitty in the barn back behind the haybales while nobody is looking.

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