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We got enough SERENITY reviews to choke a whale!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... I don't pretend to understand the cult of Whedon. I don't get it, so I'm just going to tune everything out until I get a chance to see this flick. I hope I like it, but as someone who doesn't care about Buffy or Angel or Firefly or Alien Resurrection... I just don't understand the worshipping Whedon gets. Good on him and good on you folks for enjoying him so much. I wish I did. Here are a ton of SERENITY reviews from all around the country. All save one are positive. The first couple are spoiler-free! Enjoy!

No spoilers - just back from the Austin Serenity screening.

Wow, pretty damn good...worth every penny I paid at eBay prices for this thing. We had Nathan Fillion (Malcom Reynolds) and Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) at our screening. They suddenly appeared as the Universal marketing guy was introducing the movie, place went nuts. They talked a bit, movie started with a introduction from writer/director Joss Whedon, then the movie rolled.

I really hadn't watched the episodes since they aired on Fox, I was surprised how much I had forgotten about the show. The movie is dark, definitely darker than the TV show, a little darker than I expected. Not bad dark, just different. At the same time, it had a lot more laughs than you would expect from a movie of that genre.

I'm a little concerned about people who didn't watch the TV show (and there weren't many who did) getting the movie. I'm certainly not a fan of being pandered to, but I don't know if they did quite enough to sell these characters to non-fans, to make them care about the people.

Having said that, I really enjoyed the movie. Unlike a lot of TV shows that make the jump to movies, it didn't just feel like a glorified episode. They definitely raised the stakes and then some.

After the movie, Nathan & Ron took questions for 30-45 minutes (some of which were just terrible questions), then signed autographs for anyone who wanted one.

I'd love to see this movie do well, hopefully these screenings are a sign that Universal realizes they have a bit of a challenge to get casual fans interested in the movie.

Call me UFIA if you use this.

This one is a little more in-depth.

I’m currently suffering from some major post-Serenity insomnia, and seeing as I wake up for work in four hours and I just spent the last hour rolling around in bed unable to keep my mind from racing all around the ‘verse, I figured I should do something to get the movie out of my system.

Now, don’t take that to mean I want to forget about the movie. On the contrary; I’d imagine the main reason I can’t fall asleep is because I want to prolong that blissful period where I remember every scene with perfect clarity, before the cloudiness of a good night’s sleep creeps in…

Where to begin? I saw the show in Boston. Despite the Fandango disaster surrounding the ticket sales for Boston (“Can’t Stop the Signal”, indeed), I was in the right place at the right time to buy a ticket off of someone who found himself with a few extras.

The Boston screening had some special guests, as I imagine all of the screenings did. Actually I kind of guessed that each of the ten screenings would have one of the main cast members, with the tenth getting Joss himself. But instead, Boston got both Sean Maher and Morena Baccarin (who, by the way, is every bit as beautiful in person as she is on the screen… she smiled at me; I grinned like a moron as I took crappy low-res pictures with my camera phone). Makes me wonder what the breakdown was in the other cities, since by my count there weren’t enough people left to go around…

Anyway, the movie. I won’t go into spoilers, because trust me you don’t want them. There are shocks in this movie – sudden, unexpected, disturbing, and depressing shocks with no foreshadowing and no remorse. There are some elements of mystery as well. Nothing all that earth-shattering as sci-fi goes, but again you don’t want to know about anything in this movie ahead of time.

In short, Serenity is a beautiful film for anyone familiar with Firefly. It is a true and worthy development of the characters. All of the humor is there and the dialogue is naturally spot-on. Much has been said so far about how certain characters get pushed to the back and how a film simply can’t support nine main characters. While it’s true some characters are less focal than others (notably Shepard Book and Wash, and Kaylee to an extent), every character is given several moments to shine. And when these characters are on screen, they are so well-defined – and there is so much truth to them – that the film would seem empty without them. However small their part may be, they are all integral. (Of course, this is according to a self-proclaimed Browncoat. It will be interesting to see how people will react to the film if they are Firefly virgins…)

The film just oozes with love. You can feel it. Even in its unfinished state, you know that every last frame is the direct product of the giddy, undying love of Joss Whedon, the cast, and the audience that got this movie made in the first place. Joss said as much in a filmed intro shown before the screening, and truer words were never spoken (the intro was hilarious by the way, and needs very badly to go on the DVD). He even ends the film on this exact note, with a very touching monologue by one of the main characters that sounds almost like it is addressing Firefly fans directly. It is an obvious and heartfelt “Thank you,” and one that brought tears to the eyes of many people in the audience.

Anyway, I’m finally getting too tired to form coherent thoughts (and now it’s only three hours until I wake up), so I’ll just say that Serenity is one of the funniest, saddest, most exciting, most tense, most hopeful, and most entertaining movies I have ever seen. If you are a fan, you will not be disappointed. I was nervous the concept and characters wouldn’t translate well to one Big Damn Story, as opposed to weekly Little Damn Stories that grow them over time… But after seeing the movie, when I stop to realize that I won’t see it again for almost half a year… well, it actually hurts. I would have been at the theater again first chance I got tomorrow if only the damn film were released already (as it should have been).

If you use this, call me Mugtwaine.

P.S. – I’m sure one of the major questions on everyone’s mind is “Is there sound in space?” Well, at this point the movie is inconsistent about this. Sometimes the space shots will be completely silent, but sound will slowly start in as the ship enters atmosphere. The reverse is true when leaving atmosphere. These two make sense. But then there are some scenes with explosions in space, and some – but not all – of those explosions DO make noise (although, I guess they were in some kind of nebula when there were sounds… so the gas could have theoretically transmitted sound waves… I don’t know. It’s a stretch.) Hopefully they figure it out before the film is finalized.

And another...

Hey guys, I just got back from the Chicago showing of Serenity. I have to tell you that it is by far and away one of the best science fiction movies I have seen in quite some time. It blows away every single movie I saw last year, and is honestly the best movie that I've seen in a long time both in and out of the genre. Of course, I am a rabid Joss fan, but I also brought my brother, who is not a Joss fan (as in hates Buffy and Angel), and a friend who is into sci-fi but has never really seen much Whedon stuff. They both also loved it, and in fact both are now converts to the Whedon Way and will be picking up DVD sets on the morrow.

So, to cover the movie. First off, while I am a Whedon fan and have been since Season 1 of Buffy, I was also very worried about this movie. Shows and characters translated into the big screen can sometimes lose something in the process, either through studio intervention, or the pressure of making a two hour story that's accessible to everyone while staying true to the fans can crumple the best of intentions. I prepped myself for this showing by watching the entire DVD set and finished the last episode just last night, so I was full on into the characters and look and feel of the show. As I look back on the movie I can honestly say that all the characters, themes, plots, right down to the exact look and feel of the Serenity sets, are all perfectly intact. I felt like I picked up right where the show left off, and I am insanely happy about that. There were a couple things in the beginning that were not quite the same as in the show, but it didn't take long for it to find it's sea legs and settle into the familiar rhythms of a well oiled cast doing their thing.

So, I won't spoil the whole thing, but I'll give a quick rundown. We start off with a bit of a backstory, explaining the concept of Earth-That-Was and what happened to it, and covering the war between the Alliance and the Independents. It's more backstory than we've seen before, but it all fits perfectly into what fans already know and covers ground quickly for the newbies. Then we cut to Simon saving River from the acadamy that she's at, and here there's a little plot inconsistency, because on the show it was not Simon that actually rescued her, but others who do the rescuing and deliver her to him. There's also a bit where he suddenly knows she's psychic when he is rescuing her, while on the show he discovers it along with the rest of us. I didn't mind this so much because it's helping bring the new kids up to speed, and really in the big scheme of things it is a small detail. After that, we're steaming full on forward with the plot of a government black ops agent tracking the Serenity crew in order to get River back. Apparently she was in a room with a bunch of high level Parlaiment types and they realized that perhaps having a psychic escape with whatever knowledge she got out of their brains was a bad thing. So now they have their man looking everywhere with River, and he finds her through a subliminal signal being broadcast across the 'verse. The signal sends her into killing mode, and the ensuing fight makes her quite obvious to anyone looking for her. After that, the crew spends most of the time trying to figure out what to do about River, while avoiding the man chasing her and trying to figure out just what it is that River knows. Suffice to say there's a nice tie in with Reavers, and an amazing final battle that leaves no one unharmed, and has the best space battle I've seen on film since Return of the Jedi.

I don't want to go into too much more detail because the movie was just such a great ride that spoiling it would be like telling everyone that Luke was Vader's son. I will say that there are amazing moments of laughter, and quite a lot of them, that there is plenty of action mixed direclty in with the story, and that not all of our wonderful characters are going to make it to the end. Luckily, all of them get good screen time and none of them act as throwaway characters. Every single one of them had an important part to play in the story, unlike other sci-fi ensemble movies, and every one of them had funny and poignent lines to share. The humor was mixed directly in with the drama which was mixed in with the action, sometimes coming so fast that your head was left spinning with the wonderfullness of it all.

All in all, I give this movie 4 stars, and I think that most critics will agree. This movie had plot, action, character, drama, laughter, and all the ingredients a growing movie-goer needs to be satisfied. Universal has given us an amazing gift in this movie, and an even more amazing gift in that the movie I saw was almost complete. I saw no blue screens at all, and no music was just dropped in from what I could tell. All it really needs is some color correction and a better sound mix for some of the dialogue, but that was it. I seriously hope they don't cut anything out of this movie, and everyone I talked to afterwords agreed. It is a masterpiece. Joss has outdone himself, and I think he can finally, once and for all, shut up anyone who says he can't direct a movie. Oh, and as a special side not to Joss, I think us fans will let you take a little credit for this movie. I think you deserve it. Oh yeah, and please include your pre-show commentary on the DVD. It was awesome, funny, and dead on.

If you use this, please call me Leaf on the Wind

And another...

What's up, Harry? I just returned from the screening of Serenity in Boston and I am pumped. When I told friends I was going, the answer I expected was "Fireguy? Never heard of it." However, I was surprised to learn how many people are a fan of the show despite a certain major network's best efforts to make sure nobody watched or understood the series. Tickets were in huge demand here. One fan walked up and down the line with a sign that read "Will Pay $60 for Serenity Ticket." He must have made good on that promise because he led a rousing rendition of the "Ballad of Jayne" in the theater.

After we were all seated, a security honcho addressed the crowd, warning us that anyone taking pictures would be "approached" and that they would be using "night-vision goggles" to monitor the audience during the screening. Pfft.

There was much anticipation that cast members might be in attendance. We held our breath as the camera crew set up in front of the emergency exit and sure enough not one but two cast members emerged -- Sean Maher (Simon) and the lovely Morena Baccarin (Inara)! A massive standing applause ensued, which seemed to quite overwhelm Sean. He thanked us and said it the "best welcome ever." Morena explained that they had just flown from a cast party in London and were "jet-lagged and hungover." She also said that she and Sean were looking forward to watching the film as they had not yet seen a full cut. They stayed afterward to chat with the audience and sign autographs.

After an annoying Fandango commercial (those bag puppets make me want to claw out my eyes with my car keys), Joss himself appeared on the screen. The crowd erupted with cheers but then quickly quieted so we could hear what he had to say. He talked about how the people who made the show and the people who watched it (whom he said were pretty much "the same people"), couldn't let go of the concept and the characters. Movies based on canceled TV shows and "without an identifiable premise" are rare, he went on to say. He thanked the fans for all the great support and told us that this was "our movie." Then he said that since it WAS our movie, if it "sucked" it was "our fault," which the crowd found quite amusing. Finally he told us to spread the word about the film if we enjoyed it -- and if we didn't enjoy it, then it was "quiet time."

Without further ado, Serenity began. Now, for me, it could have been the greatest work of science fiction ever put on film, but if it didn't have Reavers in it, I would have felt short-changed. So I was quite thrilled to find out that, not only are their Reavers aplenty, but they are integral to the plot.

Without spoiling much, I can honestly say that this movie had everything I was looking for. The dynamic relationships among the crew carry over to the film perfectly and we get to witness some new developments. The unromanticized dialogue that was the hallmark of the show retains its snap and humor, and the cast delivers it perfectly. Special effects are top-notch, as evidenced by an early chase scene involving the replacement for the low-budget "futured-up ATV" that served as the crew's planetside transportation in the TV series. The music leaves a bit to be desired, but Joss did mention that it was a temporary soundtrack.

Most importantly, events unfold in this movie that change the lives of Serenity's crew in major ways. No one gets a pass in this story. Everyone suffers. Toward the end, I was wondering just how far Joss was willing to push it. I won't say how much, but he pushes it pretty far.

Unlike some recent box-office efforts from Star Trek, Serenity is not a shameless attempt to squeeze more cash out of the fanbase. It keeps the qualities that made the network series great but raises the stakes about a dozen notches. So now I'm doing my part to spread the word, and I think we'd be lucky to see Hollywood produce more films without an identifiable premise.

If you use this, call me Sergeant Chuckles.

Here's the mixed one... And what the reviewer says below is not true... We posted a few mixed reactions to the film last week. I haven't thrown out any SERENITY reviews... what you see is what we've gotten. What's happening is Whedonites are seeing the movie and gushing and non-Whedonites (who are the majority of the mixed reviews) see it and either come away puzzled or converted. Anyway, here's our untrusting friend with his mixed take.

You seem willing to post only fanboy exultation and anti-fanboy hate mongering since they are the only types of reviews which get your site hits.

Therefore, you won't post this mixed review because it's a reasonable opinion of a fun but flawed movie.

Anyhow, there are tons of spoilers which I won't post (fans of the show will be glad to see that THINGS OF CONSEQUENCE HAPPEN! THINGS ARE REVEALED!). I never saw the show, so an emotional moment that brought much of the audience to tears never really meant anything to me, though, unfortunately. I think fans of the show will like the movie, though, but that's not my perspective and not the perspective Universal cares about, I'm sure.

There is sound during the space battle, by the way since apparently in the show there is not. It works, though. Unfortunately, there's only one and it's cool but way too short. This movie lacks the budget for major action set pieces and you can tell. There's a bit of a TV-feel to it (maybe Joss isn't used to framing in anamorphic widescreen) but the effects are great. Some fight scenes are pretty weak but some are pretty good. He succumbs to cutting way too fast in way too wide a frame or not cutting at all. Some of the twirly camera movement around River just didn't do it for me and not only pulled me out of the story, it made me dizzy. The opening many-minute long tracking shot was cool though and well done. Bravo.

The acting is relatively solid and the movie is really funny. Joss writes snappy dialogue and his wit is evident throughout. The beginning of the movie is handled by a dream sequence within a flashback within a tape recording within a history lesson or somesuch. It sums up a lot way too quickly and the mix of in-jokes to please fans mixed with far too much exposition all at once. The movie really does take its time getting going. It's a bit of a meandering search narrative/mystery until it suddenly adds up (in an unfortunately unfulfilling way) at the first climax. After that, though, the movie takes a big turn in the good direction and is just good fun. The movie packs in lots of references to the show for fans, but this stuff is lost on viewers like me. It's narrative baggage and that's not good. Also, a few "cute" devices aren't cute; they're insipid. Well, also a little cute. Also, I hope a little recutting is done to clarify where the protagonists are sometimes. They seem to just go from planet to planet arbitrarily. It's not so bad, but a few extra shots of a ship flying could really help.

I don't want to give anything away, and since I haven't seen the show, I don't know what would be a spoiler and what wouldn't. I also don't want to condemn the visuals too much based on viewing a rough cut of digital rushes. Ultimately, though, the movie took too long trying to pander to fans while also explaining the series to newbies like me, but when it did get going it was a lot of fun. The bad guy is pretty bad and his motives are interesting and hint at some powerful themes the movie could have dealt with better, but character development and some motifs never totally payed off. In fact, the movie might have been better had it been longer and paced differently--like, say, a TV series! Honestly, Joss is a master of television and the movie doesn't always work. It's still pretty good, though, and fans will enjoy it very much. Those who aren't fans should find something to enjoy if they stick with it, but I'm afraid they may not. Universal has a decent movie on their hands, and one with lots of great ideas, but it's going to be a very, very hard sell.

And here's the last one, another from Boston!

Hi there!

I just got back from the Serenity Sneak Preview in Boston.

I wont be long winded and I wont get into spoilers.

The show started at 10 and we got there at 8 and there was already quite a line.

The Universal guys came out and warned us about cameras and video recorders and said they would be watching us with night vision (which got a good laugh from the crowd).

At this point, Morena Baccarin (Yes, shes that beautiful in real life) and Sean Maher came out and said a few words to the crowd. Much applause ensued and the movie began.

Before the movie, there was a short clip from Joss thanking everyone for coming, and thanked the fans for their devotion to the show and the universe. He essentially said that this movie was made by the fans, and that without them there would be no Serenity. He also said that the cut that we were about to see was not finished but that they were very close to the final product.

So, what wasn’t finished? Some of the score was a place holder, some special effects were not done, and the quality of the picutre varied. However, this movie wasn’t about the special effects. It wasn’t about the music. It wasn’t about anything flashy or showy. Infact, after coming out of the theater and thinking about it, there are really two movies in one.

There is the movie for the people who have never traveled to this universe. For those people, it starts out and gives them just enough background on what is going on to get them into the story. The “other” movie is for the Browncoats. I think mainstream reviewers will bicker over the fact that the “love” interests are shallow or maybe seem misplaced. But they’re there for the people who are already emotionally attached to these characters and the universe in which they belong.

The movie is pretty much nonstop from start to finish, with plenty of action and a lot of exposition that really lays things open and throws you into the world. The script is bar none one of Joss’s finest accomplishments ever. It’s witty. It’s sad. It’s intense. And above all, its funny.

In short, this movie was amazing even in its unfinished form. To summarize Joss at the beginning, if you see this move and love it, tell 100 people so they go see it. If you don’t like it, shut the hell up and quietly reflect on how you you’ve failed at life.

If you see this movie, and don’t get it…well, I feel sorry for you.


I lied... one more!

Hey Harry!

Long time fan of the site...3 or 4 years now. Very much appreciated your commentary on a variety of different subjects, movies, TV shows and such. I never actually written in before, but I figured this defiantly warranted a review. So down to the dirt of the issue! I literally just got back from the packed house screening of Serenity in Chicago at the RiverEast21 Theatre. Took me 3 hours...but I finally found someone with an extra ticket, and they gave it to me for free. The night only got better from there.

Before I dive into real spoilers or any such things, Ill give a basic lay out of how it went. There was incredibly tight security. I had to go through four different check points in order to even get into the theatre itself. Before the movie began, there was some footage Joss had filmed of himself for all those who were there. He talked about how this was because of the fans, and because we believed in him, in the cast and crew, and in ourselves enough to pull Firefly/Serenity out of death and onto the life of the silver screen. Belief was a huge part of this its very well as one of the central themes of the movie itself. It was very fitting. He also commissioned us to go out and tell people about it. Not just so people would like the show, but to bring other people in to something special as he said. Because it is special for sure...anyone that can pull what was viewed by the world as a failure into a major motion picture...there is something to be said for that and Joss wants that shared with people.

The movie effects wise, was incredible. It is near completion as we saw and as Joss stated in the opening clip. There were obvious points where there was still work to be done, such as in the first five minutes of the film when the whole thing got fuzzy. You could still see everyone and 96% of what was going on, but because of the fuzziness, the lighting was off and it distorted the cockpit a little bit. The fuzziness happened periodically throughout the movie, but unless you were looking for it, after while most people didn’t even notice anymore. There were also moments of fragmented music and such, but nothing all that noticeable. It did not really take away from the movie itself. The intensity alone drives it the whole way.

The intensity of the movie was incredible. There is almost not a moment to catch your breathe, but it never feels rushed. The pace is so consistent that it worked through out the course of the whole movie. Even though it is fast paced, there is still plenty of character development. You see where each character has gone since the end of the series and see them continue to develop through out the course of the movie-all the way until all of the startling big reveals as the end.


There are a couple of HUGE things that happen through out the course of the movie. I’m going to go through and name a bunch, and I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who want to wait spoiler free like I did until I saw it, so stop now and skip the end if you don't want to know.

River is an assassin type weapon being conditioned as such by the Alliance. The Blue Sun Corp. makes no appearance in the film, but their superiors are eluded too. They are basically a counsel of individuals, described as a Parliament, that act of the Alliance government.

There is large animosity between the Mal and Simon most of the beginning of the movie. All the conflict is in regards to River, as well as her earning her keep by using her special abilities to help the crew on jobs and heists. It is because of these special abilities that become exploited that the main plot of the movie, namely, why River is crazy and what secrets her brain holds that are making her that way.

You see major developments in areas that Firefly fans are SCREAMING for...such as Kay Lee and Simon. You also see some surprising developments between Inara and Mal...but to tell you what happens would give to much of the fun stuff away. I must say...that do have some very interesting conversations though and feelings are expressed in one fashion or another on both their parts.

You see the death of two predominant characters as well as the death of a new player, called Mr. Universe.

You see full fledged Reavers in all of their vicious glory-as well as some very incredible fight scenes...many actually...involving them.

You see the origin of the Reavers, the return of Rivers sanity and the Captain regain a little bit of what he lost back in the very first episode of Firefly.

*************End of Spoilers****************

The movie was superb. Opening day, I will be back again. To all those who said that this movie would be a bust...plain and simple...YOU ARE WRONG. I can say that in good conscience. I was not even a fan of the show until months after it went off the air. This is not a movie for just fan boys either. There were people of all ages in this screening, from young teenagers all the way up to senior citizens. It’s a movie that has got something for everyone. My friends, it was and will continue to be, until it is released in September, worth the wait. Defiantly get your friends excited for this one. I don’t think anyone will be let down by the flick.

To go by your scale Harry, **** hands down. No questions at all.

If you use me Speedstream15

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  • May 6, 2005, 3:48 a.m. CST

    Where are the photos?

    by docfalken

    Did anyone take photos from their screenings? Email them to doc @ and we'll get them up.

  • May 6, 2005, 3:53 a.m. CST

    What this movie needs is more cowbell.

    by Hung-Wei Lo

    And a two-minute clip of Morena Baccarin spread eagle -- that's all I need...two minutes. Yeah, that's right! Get in line, ladies!

  • May 6, 2005, 4:01 a.m. CST

    Damn to the sound in space

    by Gheorghe Zamfir

    Not a terribly big thing but it was just something I dug a bunch on the show, sad to see convention win out on that, hopefully that's just test screening stuff, and maybe silent space will win out by the release date.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:02 a.m. CST

    I smell...

    by johnnyfartpants

    FANBOY reviews. Come on, let's have a proper fucking review.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:03 a.m. CST

    Austin Screening

    by lizard_boy

    I saw a few people taking pics in the lobby, but didn't see anyone taking pics during the actors chat before/after the movie.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:09 a.m. CST

    You can't take the sky from me....

    by Dogma_Jedi

    Really looking forward to this.... Have a buddy who went to the Austin Show... can't wait to hear his take on it..... should be fun.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:09 a.m. CST

    "It blows away every single movie I saw last year, and is honest

    by Triumph poops!

    Ok, that settles THAT. Someone mentioned in another talkback that the problem with any SERENITY reviews was going to be the fact that the diehard fans were the ones scrambling to see these test screenings, and it would be debatable how many non-FIREFLY devotees would get in as a result to balance the scales. Given a review sentence like the one I excerpted, it's clear these preliminary reviews are going to be as insanely lopsided as the fan SITH reviews. So I guess until we see some moderate media outlet reviews...or September rolls around and we can judge for ourselves...the jury's gonna be out on this one a while longer.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:34 a.m. CST

    Usni: "But if this movie does the very least there won

    by Commando Cody

    LOL! Ok, THAT made me laugh simply because until it was framed so direct and basic, it really hadn't dawned on me before what a unique position SERENITY will now be in as it tries to straddle between its die hard fans and the general public who are non-converts. Usni's got a point. IF the movie isn't all it's cracked up to be or IF the critics are lukewarm towards it or IF the general public doesn't vote for it with their wallets, that's true: the Firefly fans really can't start up a petition. This is the end of the line completely. I really hadn't thought of it before, but this movie really is the "do or die" defining moment for the property. I mean, hell, it's not like the studios are going to say "Ok, it bombed as a show, but we rolled the dice and made a big budget movie out of it. Ok, that bombed too, so to keep the property alive let's downscale it to a TV show and--Oh, shit! We did that already, didn't we?" Well, for the sake of Whedon geeks since they seem so over the top (even more so than SW or TREK or LOTR fans around this site), I hope it delivers because if it the movie does fail at the box office, Usni's right: they have nothing and no one to blame for anything but Whedon himself at this point.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:59 a.m. CST

    Saw the SF screening

    by podunk411

    Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres showed up at the San Francisco screening (she is way more gorgeous in person)and they were pretty hilarious together. (spoiler-free) The movie is very good as it stands now--it does need some editing work (both for clarifying characters/plot points to non-Firefly viewers as well as just technical editing) and the music/sound was stand-in stuff. The dialogue is fantastic, nothing like I've seen before in a movie in this sort of genre. I've seen the original Firefly series so it's tough to say how virgin-firefly peeps would take to much of the character-(re)definition. But the action/mystery part of the plot is totally gripping, and the movie was surprisingly funny. The themes are obviously well thought out and run as deep as you want to go with them (and are as relevant as ever). I really love the scrappy-ness feel of both the characters and their world. Though I am glad they seemed to have an 11th hour influx of money to help shine up their FX scenes (and music) pre-Sept. I doubt this will be a pitch perfect film by then, but out of 5 stars it's a good 4 for me.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:07 a.m. CST

    Commando Cody

    by Duck of Death

    "They have nothing and no one to blame for anything but Whedon himself at this point." This is the only part of your otherwise sad-but-true comment I disagree with. Serenity's success or failure with the mainstream moviegoer won't have anything to do with Whedon's abilities as a storyteller or filmmaker -- the consensus among Whedon fans seems to be that he's come through...for THEM -- but rather, the mainstream appeal of the Serenity concept itself. So, if the movie flops, the blame, so far as fans are concerned, can be placed squarely on the general public's insipid lack of imagination and/or taste. Mass riots, beatings, and street battles will ensue. Then a real rain will fall and wash the scum from the streets.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:10 a.m. CST

    Firefly DVD set

    by redtom

    Got this last week and spent the last three nights watching the whole thing - all I can say is how the fuck did this show get cancelled? ~~~~~~~~ Great characters, great effects, great dialogue, great fun... never felt anything more than indifferent when watching Adam Baldwin in anything (well, maybe until he appeared in Angel - somebody get this guy a terminator outfit soon...) but Jayne Cobb has to be the funniest character I've come across in a long time... ~~~~~~~~ I could've gotten into this in a big way on TV...

  • May 6, 2005, 5:10 a.m. CST

    Box office success

    by AeroB

    I've heard in a couple places now about non-fans having a tough time understanding what's going on. I hope they can clear up whatever problems there are in editing. In any case Universal is apparently stunned at the fast and massive response selling out every screening, so hopefully they'll give it a good bit of marketing punch as a positive result. The word of mouth can't hurt either.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:14 a.m. CST

    I'm confused. If the movie is SO good as these geeks make it out

    by Big Dumb Ape

    Seriously, if it's so good as the geeks rave -- and essentially 99% ready -- you'd think Universal would throw more money at it simply to move it UP. So it could still slide into home and make the summer when clearly more teens are out of school and going to the movies. Not to mention, given the resoundingly great reviews and momentum SITH clearly has going for be followed by Speilberg taking no prisoners with'd think Universal would want to capitalize on the whole summer movie "space" momentum and they'd get the movie out. I really don't get why they're holding it till September which is where Paramount killed SKY CAPTAIN. Besides, wasn't this thing supposed to be good to go NOW anyway? Wasn't this supposed to be even an April movie that came out BEFORE Sith -- or am I remembering the schedule wrong?

  • May 6, 2005, 5:14 a.m. CST

    Saw it in Seattle, and OUR 'Special Guest' was...

    by ChikeX

    Adam Baldwin. He didn't talk too much, but the people there loved it anyways. Now, my two cents: I REALLY liked it, and I am sure others will too. All the things you were afraid of from the trailor turned out to be baseless. The dialogue? Witty, smart and believable. The characters? All excellent, with no cliches. (Even the man baddie.) The visuals? With the final cleaning will be amazing. The story? Very well thought out and rewarding. My only fear is that since it doen't spoon-feed newcomers to the history, it may not be a really big hit. I think with a bit of cleaning up, this film will be a truly welcome addition to the genre. PS.-We had a guy in the lobby offering $150.00 for a ticket. And me being the good capitalist I am, would have sacrificed my ticket to him... IF he had doubled it.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:21 a.m. CST

    Big Dumb Ape

    by AeroB

    How do you know Universal won't move it up? I hear they had a marketing campaign ready for these 10 screenings, but they never the chance to roll it out because the showings sold out too fast. I also read that Universal execs have been meeting to figure out plans regarding the film.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:21 a.m. CST


    by ChikeX

    I am sorry about my poor spelling skills. TRAILER instead of trailor and MAIN BADDIE instead of man baddie. I must now go hang my head in shame in the corner...

  • May 6, 2005, 5:31 a.m. CST

    Universal pushed the film back

    by Gheorghe Zamfir

    Obviously cause they don't believe in it, which isn't a terribly big deal, don't let the studios dictate quality to you, in a commercial sense this reads as a niche film and so they planned on releasing it to a niche market. Don't know what these positive test screenings will do for the film, but these screenings were scheduled mainly because Universal was caught so off guard by the overwhelmingly positive response of the first screening (to mostly Whedon fans), so it seems they're turning their heads around at least a lil bit on this. Hopefully at the least the positive response spurs a stronger ad campaign than I'm sure Universal was going to initially give it.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:43 a.m. CST

    Blake 7

    by Trevor Goodchild

  • May 6, 2005, 5:49 a.m. CST

    "They had a marketing campaign ready for these 10 screenings, bu

    by Triumph poops!

    What the fuck? That makes no sense at all. That can't be right. REGARDLESS of how fast the tickets sold once they were put up for sale, Universal was STILL locked into a particular night as their screening date for the 10 showings. So if they had a "marketing campaign ready", it wouldn't matter if the tickets sold out in an hour...or it took 2 weeks to sell out. The bottom line was they still knew the pre-picked date the screenings were taking place on. I mean, unless I missed something there, it's NOT like Universal sold the tickets with a blank date on them and they were kicking back and saying "Well, once we sell ALL the tickets, THEN we'll schedule the screening." Bottom line: however fast..or slow...the tickets sold wouldn't affect anything. If a campaign was ready to go, it was ready to go. So my guess is there was no campaign and you must've heard a bad rumor since it makes no logical sense at all.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:55 a.m. CST

    My review.

    by Venardhi

    I sent one in but if it doesnt end up on the site, you can read it here:

  • May 6, 2005, 6:08 a.m. CST

    Triumph poops

    by AeroB

    Believe it came from Whedon himself but I'll be damned if I can find the link now. I was under the impression they didn't think the 10 showings would sell out and were going to advertise it to get butts in the seats (stupid of them, granted).

  • May 6, 2005, 6:08 a.m. CST

    Saw it in Sacramento

    by browncoat13

    I went to the Sacramento screening tonight and was very impressed. The movie definitely has the goods from a fan

  • Christ - if these reviews are anything to go by, it's going to be BRILLIANT. I am so excited. Serenity is going to be the Citizen Kane of the 21st Century, kids.

  • HAahahaahah! Joss is bloody brilliant. And it's nice to see that people are saying this is bar none the best thing Joss has ever done - but what about the Buffy Musical? That's easily the greatest motion picture ever made. I doubt anyone could possibly top that, except Joss himself!

  • May 6, 2005, 7:41 a.m. CST

    Hey, Joss, COWBOY BEEBOP Much?

    by ZombieSolutions

    i kid. i kid because i love. i love the BUFFYVERSE, that is. in short -- enough with the Firefly spinoff! Get with the SPIKE and/or ANGEL and/or *real* BUFFY film (as if SMG's career is going anywhere else). cmon now. wtf?

  • May 6, 2005, 7:56 a.m. CST

    Things are fluid

    by Trienco

    Just what exactly Chris Buchanan really meant is open for debate. He used that expression when describing the execs reaction to the sold out tickets, along with an amusing question wether to have local advertising if they tickets wouldn't be sold out by date x. I don't seriously expect Universal to shuffle their schedule again to move Serenity forward again, though it might be possible. Might still worry that people could be just a BIT tired of scifi after Sith, Hitchhikers and War. About objective reviews, several fans dragged along non-fans or Buffy/Angel haters and it seems many or most of them ended up borrowing or buying the DVD set. Would sound like a logical reaction to enjoying the movie but feeling that you missed a few points. Anyway, I'm sure some of these dragged along folks would be willing to write an anonymous review from their point of view (anonymous as to not feel like it would have to be "all hail Joss" to save the friendship). Question to those would be: is there even any point in editing and trying to clear up the parts that were targetted at fans? I'd kind of doubt it. Sure, some of us geeks could just get the comic books before watching the movie, or the DVDs, but something aimed at the normal audience wouldn't hurt. Some kind of special to show on TV before the premiere? At least in the US we shouldn't expect Fox to air the show again (while it seems the UK is already repeating it the umpteenth time). So far the reviews sound like the average viewer might have fun, but walk away a little confused.

  • May 6, 2005, 7:57 a.m. CST

    I was wondering how long it would take for I mean Jos

    by Big_Bubbaloola

    Looking forward to this as I picked up the box set cheap, purely on the basis of good word. And I love it, only half way thru and I love it. 'You don't name your gun, do you?' 'Of course I do....I call it Vera!' Classic!

  • May 6, 2005, 8:07 a.m. CST

    OK so we got

    by BitterMan23

    Boston - Sean Maher and Morena Baccarin San Fran - Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres Austin - Fillion and Ron Glass Seattle - Adam Baldwin so where were Jewel Staite, Summer Glau, and maybe Joss? Or Chwelitor (sp?) and Krumholtz, perhaps?? Did Some screenings just get nobody at all?

  • May 6, 2005, 8:10 a.m. CST

    Chicago got no one. No one! And I really wanted to see Summer!

    by ProzacMorris


  • May 6, 2005, 8:13 a.m. CST

    Four Things

    by BitterMan23

    that need to be fixed. SPOILER-Y 1. The reavers arrival early on was too abrupt. Something so big needs a better setup. 2. We need a scene of Zoe and Wash together as husband and wife. I would be willing to bet that most non-fans wouldnt even realize they were married. 3. The scene of the bad guy (cant think of name) showing up at Inaras was unneccessary. Not only does it introduce two characters almost back to back, but its so quick it just seems like a mis-edit. take it out entirely. 4. Both Inara and Book need to be mentioned earlier on. Fans are wondering where they are, non-fans are going to be confused as to why they are important when they finally DO show up. Especially Book, at least Inara had that little photo scene but still not enough. Otherwise (why am i making paragraph breaks when this shitty system just lumps it together???) i think the movie was good. not great, but good. but more importantly, it did a great job at making it easy to follow for both fans and n00bs, much better than the X-Files movie did.

  • The thing is, it HAS to happen. A Spike TV Movie is what I was born to watch. It's the movie I've been dreaming of my entire life. And Joss HAS to write and direct it - because even though the others would do a good job, Joss is GOD. Oh how I wish that Joss hadn't signed on for Wonder's going to be great, but still.

  • May 6, 2005, 8:29 a.m. CST

    Serenity released in UK in November

    by loggerlee

    Why do you lot hate us so much? Bad enough that we had to wait six months for Hell Boy. Look, we've voted GWB's lackey back into power, cut us some slack here.

  • May 6, 2005, 8:30 a.m. CST


    by Trienco

    Without double checking it, I think Joss and Summer were at Vegas. Jewel would have been in Seattle but had to film her guest appearance on Stargate Atlantis. However, different sides mentioned a potential "next batch" of screenings. I'm wondering if there will be screenings until everybody has seen the movie twice before September ,-)

  • May 6, 2005, 8:30 a.m. CST


    by BitterMan23

    So we are NEVER going to learn what that assassin guy meant when he said about Book "That man aint a preacher."???? WTF?

  • May 6, 2005, 8:32 a.m. CST

    Thanks Trienco

    by BitterMan23

    but unless i know that Fillion or Joss are gonna be at the boston one next time, i shant be bothering. Dealing with the crowd full of diehard fans is just not the best way to enjoy a movie, since you cant hear the dialogue half the time from everyone cheering over the first appearance of a character or whatever. Calm down fellas. Joss cant hear you.

  • May 6, 2005, 8:33 a.m. CST

    Edit feature would be nice

    by Trienco

    Loggerlee, wasn't the release moved to 10/06 weeks ago? Even the UIP UK site says 10/07.

  • May 6, 2005, 8:42 a.m. CST


    by loggerlee

    Thanks much, I'll check it out. I got Nov 05 from Empireonline.

  • May 6, 2005, 9:04 a.m. CST

    Joss Fucked Over Buffy for this crap, so...

    by Zoolander

    I might see it - if it comes to HBO and I can see it for free ..and I'm really bored. Screw Whedon for throwing Buffy to the wolves of Marti Noxon during those last two seasons the Greatest Show in the History of Mankind was on. He will never be forgiven for that.

  • May 6, 2005, 9:22 a.m. CST

    Whoa, whoa, whoa...

    by grendelson138

    did I just read that Whedon had something to do with Alien: Resurrection? Because if he did, I would like for him to give me my $6.50 back. That movie was possibly the worst piece of shit that I've ever seen, and I even like Alien III. It made Plan 9 from Outerspace look like a masterpiece. Crossbreeding the aliens with humans....dumbest idea ever. If he did have something to do with it, I will never, ever watch any of his shows or movies...ever.

  • That's one of the conspiracy theories going around, anyway,

  • May 6, 2005, 9:26 a.m. CST


    by Jossisgod

    I had to put that in capitals to let EVERYONE know. WHat happened was: Whedon wrote an awesome script for the movie. Then a foreign, non-english speaking director was brought on to direct the thing. The stupid director changed EVERYTHING. Once Whedon saw the finished product he desperately campaigned to get his name removed off the film, and he cryed when he saw what they'd done to his script. Quint mentioned it above because he knows how pissed off Whedon fans get when people bring up THAT FILM as an example of him not being God. Got that?

  • May 6, 2005, 9:30 a.m. CST

    Uh... Jeunet is not stupid

    by BitterMan23

    Say what you want about Alien 4, but Jeunet is FAR from a "stupid" director. Delicatessen, City of Lost Children and Very Long Engagement are far superior to anything with Joss' name on it, sorry to say.

  • May 6, 2005, 9:48 a.m. CST

    yeah, gotta go with Bitterman23 on that...


    Jeunet has much more talent than Whedon. And I love Buffy, etc... but from an artistic standpoint, despite the stumble with Alien Resurrection, Jeunet is really amazing. One thing I'm not sure of is whether or not JossIsGod is serious in her teenage fanclub adoration schtick or not... anyone? Guesses?

  • May 6, 2005, 9:53 a.m. CST

    Hey, Big Dumb Ape...

    by Theta

    You asked and I shall inform. Universal has jack shit this summer; "Kicking and Screaming", "The Forty-Year-Old Virgin", and "Cinderella Man." In other words, they don't have a huge summer tentpole. "Serenity" is the big action movie they have this year, and once they realized there was rabid fan enthusiasm...they realized dumping it in a pretty heavy April would probably wind up killing it. Relocating it to September, where the frame is mostly clear (seriously, go take a look, there is jack and shit on the schedule), means they can take more time on the effects, it can kick more ass and at the very least snag at least one #1 weekend. Having seen it, I can tell you now it doesn't LOOK like it cost $30 million. And their marketing campaign is a model of getting the most bang for your buck. It doesn't need to make $100 mil to break even, just $60 mil. Personally, on fan enthusiasm (and the fans dragging their non-Browncoat friends to the theater so they can get some Brownie points) alone I think it's going to crack $60 mil; I'm showing up to see it again opening day. I will also note that although Joss is playing for keeps, he also wrote the movie so it can serve as a conclusion to the series if need be. So either way, the fans win.

  • May 6, 2005, 10:24 a.m. CST

    $60 mill

    by Trienco

    Now I'm curious. How much does the studio make with every sold ticket? Probably the better part of the price, since theater owners keep complaining about being ripped off and greedy studios being the reason for tickets to have become so expensive. So, let's say $4, would mean 15mill tickets need to be sold. How many fans are there? Trailer says millions worldwide, so let's play it safe and say 1.5mill. Some will go and see this movie a LOT (as in "a dozen times or more"), others won't. Say the average is 3 times and they drag at least 2 friends along the first time. Would be $30mill. But who worries about that? Crap like House of the Dead can make $50mill (including DVD sales), so Serenity should be able to reap a nice profit as well.

  • May 6, 2005, 10:24 a.m. CST

    No, Jeunet is highly overrated. He DESTROYED Joss Whedon's scrip

    by Jossisgod

    Didn't he do Amelie too? Thing is, it was good and all, but nothing like an Action Film. He wasn't suited to Alien Resurrection and tryed to change it all to make it 'better' - even though he knew nothing about making those kinds of films. Also, he didn't understand any of Joss Whedon's wit either. He's Joss Whedon's arch nememsis and thusly MY arch nemesis. If I see him...I will crush him.

  • May 6, 2005, 10:29 a.m. CST

    Trienco, you're forgetting about the internet word of mouth, and

    by Jossisgod

    Firstly, this film WILL get excellent reviews. Secondly, this film has the most internet popularity I have seen since Fellowship Of The Ring. Internet word-of-mouth will be HUGE for this movie, and it already is 5 months before it's released! Also, sci fi fans (and there are a lot of them) who have never seen firefly will DEFINATELY watch this: that's big bucks right there. And finally you've got the casual audience who will love it based on the great dialogue and characters that have been mentioned in every review so far. Serenity is going to be big: the question is, will it be HUGE?

  • May 6, 2005, 10:46 a.m. CST

    "Having seen it, I can tell you now it doesn't LOOK like it cost

    by Triumph poops!

    That's probably because it didn't cost $30 million. It's reported budget is actually 40, though I have a friend at Universal who says that was still off and given all the last minute tinkering and what not, the final tab will probably be more like 50-55. So if it looks better than you thought a $30 million movie could look, keep in mind there's actually about $20 million MORE in play (which almost DOUBLES the amount you're thinking of) to put stuff up on the screen -- and 20 million bucks is not an insignificant amount of money to be sneezed at.

  • May 6, 2005, 10:47 a.m. CST

    Of course there will be others

    by Trienco

    but the $30mill number was meant to only include fans (and those directly brought along by fans). Not counting whatever they will spend on marketing us fans alone should cover most of the production cost (and not even including DVD sales at this point). So basically, if every fan goes to see it 2-3 times and buys the DVD, then Universal shouldn't have any reason to worry. Everything else can be considered "bonus".

  • May 6, 2005, 10:51 a.m. CST

    Laughingstock of Hollywood?

    by BitterMan23

    Uh.... first off he works outside the Hollywood system, partially because his one attempt to do so was a failure (and not entirely his fault either, you forget FOX was trying to rebirth their franchise - so between Jeunet, Whedon, and FOX, you have 3 different opinions on how to make a film). I am quite certain if he decided to go hollywood again, hed have no trouble at all getting the finance to do so, especially after Amelie did so well (despite being his weakest film other than Alien4).

  • May 6, 2005, 10:54 a.m. CST

    Trienco, it'll need more like $100 million to break even, not 60

    by Triumph poops!

    SERENITY should break even, unless it truly, truly bombs at the box office. But as far as how much theaters take home, that's negotiated film to film. For example, when SITH comes out, Fox and Lucasfilm will likely have a deal in place similar to PHANTOM MENACE where the theaters had to (1) agree to book the movie for a specified time and even then (2) they had to agree to give the lion's share of money off ticket sales for the first 2-3 weeks to Fox and Lucas, after which it flipped and the theaters got a better percentage. So it can vary film to film. The bottom line is, you have to remember the cardinal rule of Hollywood accounting. SERENITY cost $40-55 million to make, but when you hear that number tossed out, remember that's the cost to simply get ONE FINAL LOCKED PRINT in the can. THEN you have to tack on the costs of striking thousands of prints plus all the marketing costs (TV ads, billboards, posters, whatever). And these days, striking prints and shipping them coupled with marketing costs easily EQUALS the production cost. Hence the standard math rule that you need to make back 2 1/2 times whatever the budget was to break even. So if SERENTIY cost even the $40 million, it'll take $100 million to break even...not 60.

  • May 6, 2005, 10:55 a.m. CST


    by Da Bri-Man

    I can't believe noone has talked about Summer and Joss in Vegas yet!! They came in to the theater and the crowd went wild and was on it's feet for a good three minutes. He gave a great little speech then they both came back after to sign autographs. I asked him to wirte "I am a leaf on the wind..." on mine and he happily obliged. I was cheering so loud I was hoarse when I left.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:05 a.m. CST

    Boston Screening....Mass Appeal?

    by The Colonel

    I was in Boston last nite. I am a Whedon fan and I love the Firefly DVDs, but the atmosphere last nite was BIZARRE. Never in my life have I ever seen such a NERDFEST. I've never been to any conventions or anything (ahell no), so this was the biggest NerdPalooze I've ever witnessed. From the guy who lead the crowd in sing-alongs to songs from the show (the Jayne song and then the theme song) to the people who wet themselves every time an actor's name or face hit the screen, I was slightly embarrassed to be there. I love the show and all, but it's not the greatest thing ever and being referred to as a "Browncoat" makes me feel dirty. As for the movie...............................................................It was good. VERY Sci-fi, much more straight sci-fi than the show, and it had that B-movie feel that a lot of hardcore sci-fi has, which I frankly think might be better suited for television. I can not say how this movie will do with the general public, but I will be very surprised if it's a big mainstream hit. The fanboy Whedon cult will do their duty and see the movie multiple times, get it to 30/40 Mill I bet, but at best it prolly achieves cult status with the rest of the population. Whedon is a hell of a writer, but his dialogue can be a turn-off to a lot of people. There will be many that know nothing about Whedon or the show that may very well love this movie, but I bet a lot of people are turned off by the way the people talk and interact (Wash's line, something like "I am like the wind!" or something is a good example. That style can be a bit too much for many people...)............................................................ The movie was very dark, the central plot, mystery and ensuing revelation are satisfying - a lot of movies muck-up the big secret and inflate expectations only to puncture them with something obvious or insignificant. Not here. The Reavers are effective villains, as is the Operator, although he comes off as a bit TV-ish as well. I think part of that was the unoplished look of some scenes. And hell, the original Star Wars looked amatuerish as hell back in the day, so there is always the chance that people will embrace this. But I doubt it. It's definitely quality, and sci-fi goons and Whedon goons will wet their pants. The tone is intense and scary at points, but not without laughs, the relationships are a bit rushed, some of the dramatic/touching moments are a touch cheesy. The violent moments certainly elevate this above TV material, but it can't entirely shed that feel. I'm very curious to see howthe public reacts, but these screenings are NO WAY to gauge the mainstream. This was a fanboyfest to the EXTREME. The response should be enough to push it to the theaters (not entirely convinced that execs are sold on that, as opposed to a straight-to-DVD release) and will proll help it be a modest, cult success. But I doubt this thin will be huge. What they SHOULD do is eliminate Whedon's name and connections to Buffy/Angel from the marketing. Lots of people are prejudiced against those shows, with their monsters and teenagers and superwomen. Market this to sci-fi and action goons. Every who knows Whedon's name already knows about this. To infiltrate the mainstream, sell it in a vacuum without that crap and they'll have a better shot at sneaking up on the mainstream.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:33 a.m. CST

    "I'm very curious to see how the public reacts, but these screen

    by Big Dumb Ape

    This comment is the most dead on target assessment yet. Nice post, Colonel. You talked about it fair and square. And this is the comment to keep in mind as all the "fan reviews" come in pouring in now, gushing a bit too, too heavily. That's not to say the movie won't be good, it's simply to say that the wave of reviews we're going to be seeing here of late really ARE coming from the converted and those that were already very, very, very, very predisposed to love the movie no matter what. Hell, Whedon could have spent 90 minutes of film time sitting at a desk droning on and reading his last tax return and some of these fans would have written in "It was different for sure, but still brilliant! Josh's vocal inflection on that 1099K exemption he took really caught me off guard! Which is why I can safely say this is going to be huge! The best movie ever!"

  • May 6, 2005, 11:35 a.m. CST

    This thing *WAS* a major part of the "Marketing Campaign"

    by Damitol

    It was advertised here and other key places so that the browncoats new all about it and would fill the seats. Of course it sold out fast - if they had done a screening in Dallas I would have gone too. It did exactly what Universal expected it to do, produce fan gushing all over the net to help create positive word of mouth. The real test of this film will be the blind screenings they will be conducting now where Firefly fans will only occupy a handful of the theater seats. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the DVD set, look forward to this movie and hope there is a "Book" based sequel, but let's not get too excited until we hear from some of the "Firewhat?" reviewers who isn't either a browncoat or a troll.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:44 a.m. CST

    Will someone PLEASE CAM THIS MOVIE

    by thedoctor28

    and put it up on bit torrent. Thanks!!! :-)) I can't wait any longer, is killing me. AHHHHHHHH!!!

  • May 6, 2005, 11:50 a.m. CST

    Reasons this movie will tank

    by Dick Fitzwell

    Three come to mind. Firstly, Firefly sucked donkey balls and wasn't worthy of big screen treatment. Secondly no one except the couple hundred geeks fanboys has even heard of it so no one will go. And thirdly, said geeks will all get it from BitTorrent as soon as it's posted, not spend any money buying tickets and then all whine, bitch and complain when it's yanked out of theaters after 2 weeks and goes straight to the DVD dustbin. And you can take that to the bank.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:52 a.m. CST

    Cult of Whedon

    by Malx

    There's such a thing? Yikes. I actually didn't like Buffy that much, thought it aged poorly, and didn't really get hooked on Firefly while it was on tv. But the DVD set does a great job of keeping everything together, and for some reason being able to see multiple episodes back to back let me connect with the series much better than I had on television. I hope Serenity does well because there's a lot going on in the series that's not obvious to the casual viewer, and a film may be a much better medium to get things going. Plus everyone loves (relative) underdogs.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:53 a.m. CST

    BigDumbApe and Damitol

    by The Colonel

    I am a fan of Whedon, as I said Ape, but you're right. The problem with sites like this is that the hyperbole overwhelms reason. Fanboys need to sit back and realize where their fanboy fervor starts to cloud their judgment. Damitol echoes what I said: we need the uninitiated to respond and the fact is, people at those screenings and people on this site are fanboys. Either Whedon fanboys or just film fanboys, and it's hard to get objective reactions from ANY kind of fanboy. Make no mistake, the Firefly/Whedon fanbase is like the Star Wars fanbase, jsut much much smaller. Star Wars is MAINSTREAM but their are hardcore pockets of superfans who can't help but repulse even the regular SW fans, who are legion. With Firefly and Whedon, there are ONLY superfans, and that's fine, soemthing this cult NEEDS that fervor to have a shot at the mainstream. Without the fanboys, as Joss said in his promo reel, there'd be no movie. But that's not to say everyone else is gonna love it. I am a big Whedon fan, but I am NOTHING compared to the people at this screening. I didn't stay to get anything signed and I'm not calling this movie the 2nd coming of Kane. It's good. Firefly and Whedon fans will love it. He's a niche writer. Not everyone likes his style, it's very distinct. The same way Sorkin has his trademark West Wing kinda feel to everything he does, from A Few GOod Men to Sports Night to American Prez to WEst Wing itself, Whedon does as well. Sod I don't push his shit on my friends that I already know aren't into it. There's only so much you can say about the "great writing" to puncture the prejudice of people who can't see past the monsters and the milieu and the teenagers and the girlpower. And often times, the vernacular and rhythm of Whedon's world turns people off. So be it, it's not a mainstream thing. Let it go. I am hopeful this movie will do well outside the fanbase (or at elast that the fanbase is big enough to push it over the top and get some more Whedon movies made) but I am skeptical.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:54 a.m. CST

    I am not a Joss lover by any means...

    by thedoctor28

    But Firefly was an awesome show. My friend lent me his DVD set and I loved the show. WAY BETTER than anything the idiot Berman has done in years. I don't really like Buffy or the Vampire guy thing, whatever... I like Sci-Fi, Firefly was a good show. Serenity will rock! So, I am not a *fanboy* of Joss. I like Firefly for what it was, a good sci-fi show, though short lived. So as a non Joss lover I think the trailer looked ok. This cast of people just clicked together really good. Not like ENTERPRISE where nobody gives a shit if anyone on that show were to die, preferably, horribly! I'm just going to see Serenity to *have fun* watching it. Not expecting it to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, just, fun.....

  • May 6, 2005, 11:57 a.m. CST

    Dick Fitzwell

    by ripper t. jones

    You're a boob. The only thing to "Take To The Bank" is your missing penis.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:58 a.m. CST

    And oh yeah btw

    by Dick Fitzwell

    If Vegas was taking odds on this piece of shit losing money I would bet my entire life savings that it falls short and then retire on my winnings. Make 60-100 million or whatever it needs to break even? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • May 6, 2005, 11:58 a.m. CST

    Were all the screenings as nerdy as Boston?

    by BitterMan23

    Cuz i agree with Colonel, that was almost embarassing. My friend said he was glad he didnt bring his girlfriend. The lady in front of me in line for autographs i swear was about to rape Sean Maher and Morena Baccarin, she was gushing so much. I hope when it comes out in Sept, i see it with a normal crowd.

  • May 6, 2005, 12:07 p.m. CST

    I have a question for Triumph Poops:

    by Barry Egan

    You mentioned that your Universal contact said they are putting more money into Serenity. Is that a sign that Universal is happy with it? If they weren't wouldn't they hid it from the public and try to minimize their losses? Might these May 5 screenings be used as litmus tests on the film to see how hard they push it in the fall? OK, this was a series of questions. Sorry.

  • May 6, 2005, 12:09 p.m. CST


    by ripper t. jones

    Too bad you have to be 18 to place a bet in Vegas. Bwhah...<pfft> Asshole.

  • May 6, 2005, 12:11 p.m. CST


    by thedoctor28

    if you don't like what the internet has to offer, than get the fuck off it! You are such an asshole. What the hel do you care if people DL this stuff to see if its any good before spending money? Maybe you just need a life and stop being so pissed off at bit torrents. Have you ever kissed a girl? I buy all this stuff, DVD's cd's, concert tickets, movie tickets, so screw off. What do you buy? You need a life. I am not a "lowlife" because I bit torrent. But you are a complete asshole for saying that I am. You don't know me or what I buy. People like you need their fucking face smashed in for having such high opinions of yourselves and thinking people like me are "lowlifes" because we DL stuff. 3 types of people DL this stuff for free. 1) the person who dl'ed it and would never buy it,even if said person could dl it or not. 2) the person who dl'ed it and will buy it even if said person could dl it or not. 3) the person who if he *can* dl it won't buy it at all. Seems to me person #3 is the only one who could actually hurt any income or money. Go cry someplace else you asshole!!!

  • May 6, 2005, 12:16 p.m. CST

    Thanks Triumph poops!

    by Trienco

    for the insight into Hollywood economy. I knew marketing wasn't included but didn't think of the rest. At some point I thought about the cost for dubbing the movie in a couple places (unfortunately that includes Germany, land of crappy translations and wrong voices, which pretty much kills one of Whedons trademarks).

  • May 6, 2005, 12:21 p.m. CST

    no stars in denver

    by reinhold

    I'm jealous of some of these folks at the other screenings! I agree that these reviews are too gushy. I liked the film a lot, but I can't claim to be objective. Why Universal really wants the opinions of a bunch of fanboys is my main question. Wouldn't it have been better to just give away tickets to random moviegoers? I guess if the movie didn't work with the fans, they'd *know* they had a stinker on their hands. Fortunately that wasn't the case.

  • >>Firstly, Firefly sucked donkey balls and wasn't worthy of big screen treatment.<< Pointless, as Universal is NOT advertising it as "The Firefly Movie". >>Secondly no one except the couple hundred geeks fanboys has even heard of it so no one will go.<< Also pointless, as Universal is still not advertising it as "the movie based on that show you never heard of". So it got pretty much the same chances as every other scifi movie coming out of nowhere. >>And thirdly, said geeks will all get it from BitTorrent as soon as it's posted<< Shows you have no idea what you are talking about. These geeks are the people shelling out money for 2 or more DVD sets, just to have spare ones to lend out or having inofficial merchandise produced. If you think your average FF fan is male and 15-20 you might be pretty disappointed that 25-45 with a small majority being female seems to be a lot closer. Why? Because your average 16 year old boy will be bored by FF and spew oh so eloquent descriptions as "it sucks donkey balls". Keep in mind that most fans have long ago decided to stay away from AICN and imdb due to the highly "intellectual" level of discussions around these places.

  • May 6, 2005, 12:33 p.m. CST


    by Trienco

    Don't make the mistake to think that these screenings were meant to collect useful audience reactions. I'm sure that kind of screening will still be done in the usual fashion (as it was already done with Serenity and maybe will be done again). Why would Joss attach an introduction clearly aimed at the fans? Why would the first announcement be on the official site (even as email to all members) hours before other sites get the news? They never expected a test audience and didn't Joss somewhere write that Universal agreed on these advance screenings as -the way it sounded- "gift" to the fans? Of course it's a gift with quite some benefits for Universal, lots of buzz, positive fan reviews showing up everywhere and even a quick test how long it takes to sell all the tickets.

  • May 6, 2005, 1:07 p.m. CST

    Attack me all you want

    by Dick Fitzwell

    At 37 I'm a big boy and can take it just fine. When I'm proven right and this movie makes no money I'll have the last laugh. If it is so great it wouldn't be pushed back until the fall. And Trienco if you honestly think that isn't being billed as "The Firefly Movie" it's time to get your head out of your ass. It is a TV show being made into a feature film. Period. The vast majority of those suck. Too many to list here. And check your demographics. I'm part of that 25-45 group and can't name one person I know who watched Firefly. None. I do have a great circle of friends by the way before you try and bash that. And if fans have long ago decided to stay away from AICN, what are you doing here? None of you will BitTorrent it? Again, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • May 6, 2005, 1:43 p.m. CST

    What I'm doing here

    by Dick Fitzwell

    Just fighting the status quo. Heaven forbid anyone come out here and post a negative opinion on this Serenity thing. I won't literally laugh, nor will I lose any sleep if this movie does poorly. And I will also humbly eat crow if it is successful. I'm just trying to point out to people that the odds of it doing as well as they think it will are slim. Ask why the series was cancelled? Not enough people were watching that's why. Apparently Whedon has enough pull to drive a project to the big screen and power to him if he can pull it off. (I still don't understand why he didn't do Buffy or Angel, both of which had much higher fan recognition.) But it's being released in the fall which usually sounds the death knell for a movie. Remember Sky Captain last year? The thing is, I do have a life and a very good one at that. I have offered one person's opinion which is obviously not very popular. Continue to attack me if it makes you feel better but I still stand by my original statement. This movie will flop.

  • May 6, 2005, 2 p.m. CST


    by ripper t. jones

    As you can see, no one gives a shit about your "negative opinion". Have you seen the film? No. Do you have anything worthwhile to contribute to this TB? No. And if you knew ANYTHING about what you are pontificating, you'd know that Serenity has an EXCELLENT chance to make money. Just the DVD set sales alone proves you are a know-nothing post before-you-think-dumbass. So, call your vast wealth of friends and tell him your moronic opinion, cause no I can see gives a rats ass about what you think.

  • May 6, 2005, 2:16 p.m. CST

    Feel better now ripper?

    by Dick Fitzwell

    And btw I noticed you added absolutely nothing to this talkback except to attack me. You posted nothing before I did offering your vast insight. I will agree with one point you made. You are absolutely right when you say I haven't seen the film yet. I doubt you have either. But I do disagree when you insinuate I have nothing worthwhile to contribute. I contributed a different opinion and point of view. Perhaps a little over the top but it did get people talking. Are you saying that every post should be positive and we should all think the same way? Have you not read any of the Sith threads? Vast difference of opinions but that's the great thing. People are entitled to their opinions. I gave mine about Serenity. People want to take the time to attack that, then knock yourselves out. I have not criticized anyone's personal opinion in any thread on this site and never will. I offer opinions on the subject matter. Try it yourself sometime instead of bashing others.

  • May 6, 2005, 2:34 p.m. CST

    These sneaks done last night are probably designed to function i

    by Barry Egan

  • May 6, 2005, 2:42 p.m. CST

    Except Church Pastors don't gab on about it on the internet

    by Daddy Tones

    I doubt there was any word-of-mouth generated from the church pastors. Passion was a hit because it was a realistic portrayl of the crucifixion, which had always been toned down before. It generated huge controversy for it's gore and violence. Serenity is generating huge fuss because of it's QUALITY - and that's the big difference. Serenity has deserved the all the attention not because of any gimmicks (eg The Matrix) but because it's a very good movie in a world full of average movies.

  • May 6, 2005, 2:49 p.m. CST

    Studio vs. theater grosses

    by FlowCytometer

    typically, the studio/theater percentage of every ticket is 70/30 for the first week, then 60/40 for the second week, down to 20/80 where it holds until the film is out of theaters. Special arrangements (ala Star Wars) can change that, but you can see why studios love to get the box opening weekends and then let the film fall off the box office charts. It's also why theatersalways claim that they make most of their money through concession sales.

  • May 6, 2005, 2:49 p.m. CST

    Studio vs. theater grosses

    by FlowCytometer

    typically, the studio/theater percentage of every ticket is 70/30 for the first week, then 60/40 for the second week, down to 20/80 where it holds until the film is out of theaters. Special arrangements (ala Star Wars) can change that, but you can see why studios love to get the box opening weekends and then let the film fall off the box office charts. It's also why theater salways claim that they make most of their money through concession sales.

  • May 6, 2005, 2:54 p.m. CST

    can't figure out how to delete/edit comments

    by FlowCytometer

    Where do I find that info, if it exists? Anyway, I didn't try to get tickets since Sacramento is too far and I hate driving in that area of San Francisco.

  • May 6, 2005, 3:18 p.m. CST

    Daddy Tones, were you in a coma last spring?

    by Barry Egan

    Churches all over the country (led by their pastors) bought out theaters everywhere. The pastor of my church did a sermon series on the curcifxion during the run of the film. The grassroots marketing campain made Passion a blockbuster.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:13 p.m. CST

    Serenity Now!!!!

    by TheFount

    Serenity now. Insanity later.

  • May 6, 2005, 4:34 p.m. CST

    Remember this show called Star Trek...

    by BristowBoy

    ...ran on NBC, got yanked after two seasons, went on to become a huge film success, and spawned an armada of sequels and TV spinoffs that faired just as well (minus Enterprise)? Who's to say Serenity/Firefly can't have the same fate? Not to mention, Serenity has the benefit of only having what- 15 original episodes- some of which didn't even make it to air. Does Serenity have a backstory due to Firefly? Yes. Does it have an extensive one that the mass public- or even the hardcore fans- is aware of? No- it never got the time. I was at the screening in Boston and I had a blast. I went in knowing I wouldn't be disappointed- as a Firefly fan, this was a movie that was never supposed to be made, never supposed to happen, so getting anything at all was a treat. What I didn't expect was to be as completely wowed as I was by this film. The story is rock solid, the characters are engaging, and the film manages to be funny in spite of the dark tones it takes. Personally, I feel that the mass public will enjoy this film having never seen Firefly. With the excpetion of the lack of clarification on Zoe and Wash being married, I feel the film did a solid job of setting up who these characters are and the conflict they have to face. It maintained a near perfect balance of action, humor and drama and on more than one occasion hit me with something I didn't see coming. So, please stop worrying about the fate of Serenity. It's going to do just fine- between domestic gross, foreign gross, DVD sales, DVD rentals, PPV, and selling off the film rights to cable/network- it will more than recoup it's budget. Instead of worrying, tell a friend about it- and when they enjoy it, have them tell another friend. Word of mouth- it works better than any advertising you'll ever see on television.

  • May 6, 2005, 5:07 p.m. CST

    Dick Fitzwell = uninformed idiot

    by AeroB

    Serenity may not become a blockbuster but this moron is nuts if he thinks Firefly's fanbase is a couple hundred people who would only pirate the film. How uninformed can you be? Oh well, it's always funny when people make asses out of themselves in public.

  • May 6, 2005, 6:11 p.m. CST

    Why Yes Dick, I Do Feel Better, Thanks For Asking.

    by ripper t. jones

    From your last post, it seems you are not grasping my point. The topic I believe is "Reviews from the Serenity Sneak", not "Dick Fitzwells Uninformed Opinion". Had you seen the film OR had an opinion that was based on at least some kind of intellegence, perhaps I would give it creed. However you did not...and you do not. Hence your negetave opinion means less than shit. So to use the "If Opinions Are Like Assholes" addage, yours is smelly, crusty and offending because you couldnt find it with a map and a compass.

  • May 6, 2005, 6:32 p.m. CST

    ATTN: Dick Fitzwell

    by Theta

    First of all, I refer you to my post addressed to Big Dumb Ape where I offer an alternative view. Please note that April has had a LOT of movies, and that "Hitchhiker's" was maybe two weeks after "Serenity's" initial release date. If they had wanted to dump it...they would have done it then. Instead, they moved it to September, which gives Whedon more time to finish the effects (which actually looked pretty good considering the print in the showing I saw), apparently handed him more money (and it still looks like they spent a lot more than they did) and furthermore take a look at what lies between September 30th and Halloween; the main genre challengers are "The Fog" and "Doom." Sure, we're all planning on seeing "Wallace and Gromit" but trust me, "Serenity" is not aimed at the kid market (taking your kid to this movie would probably be a bad idea, actually.) But I guess we'll see in September, won't we?

  • May 6, 2005, 6:35 p.m. CST

    Will anybody but the internet geeks care? I think not.

    by Swarmy

  • May 6, 2005, 7:45 p.m. CST

    More Kaylee! Personality-wise, she's the Willow of the crew.

    by FrankDrebin

    For the sequel: Kaylee & Inara go on a pub-crawl of the galaxy and end up in a hot tub. Can't stop the signal! (No idea what that means, but...yeah!)

  • May 6, 2005, 9:25 p.m. CST


    by War_Tourist


  • May 6, 2005, 11:51 p.m. CST

    Firefly DVDs

    by Mafu

    I'm going to remain level-headed about this film until I head into the theater. One marketing ploy that would benefit me personally: remaster the Firefly DVD set in 5.1. Dolby Digital 2.0 -- even with my receiver set to Dolby Pro-Logic II -- just doesn't do it for me anymore. Plus, a lot of people would re-buy the set as a prelude to "Serenity." Make it happen, Joss. Thanks.

  • May 6, 2005, 11:56 p.m. CST

    As far as fanboys always giving their "pet projects" a free pass

    by Fuzzyjefe

    While I will admit that Whedon fans ofttimes border on the rabid, I have to disagree that fanboys will praise any film or tv show that they look forward to or should be inclined to like. As examples, based on talkbacks and reviews I have read here and elsewhere: The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy seems to have been very divisive. Some loved it, some found it wanting. Star Trek fans seemed less than pleased with Enterprise and the last couple of films. Do I even need to mention the legions of Star Wars fans' reactions to Eps 1 & 2? So yes, while there are those who will like ANYTHING from certain creators/properties, many times fanboys will not hesitate to draw and quarter something that falls short. So far, it seems Serenity is hitting the mark far more often than it is missing. While this is no guarantee of financial success, I find it very reassuring. I'll just wait and see if there's any mass appeal. Just so you know where I am coming from, I enjoyed Buffy and Angel (seen most of them once, though my wife can watch them endlessly). I love me some Firefly. But if the movie sucks, it sucks. I'll be disappointed, but I won't kill myself. And with that, I'm spent.

  • May 7, 2005, 12:04 a.m. CST


    by AnnoyYou

    I said previously we'd have to endure 5000 manufactured glowing Serenity reviews between now and September -- make that eleventy million now. Jesus, you Joss freaks are starting to sound like Scientologists -- true believers all. Starting to scare me a little bit...

  • May 7, 2005, 1:47 a.m. CST

    season seven was

    by dr.bulber

    the. worst. thing. ever. ever....ever.

  • May 7, 2005, 7:28 a.m. CST

    "I doubt there was any word-of-mouth generated from the church p

    by DarthHomercles

    WRONG. Those screenings were all about getting the word out amongst the religious sect Why do you think the movie opened as big as it did? Because the heads of churches all across the country were promoting the fuck out of the THE PASSION. Why do you think business was gangbusters through Easter? Because the movie was talked about in churches every week AND on the internet on religious sites. Why do you think business took a nosedive after Easter? Because the churches wanted the money back in their collection plates and they did their part to honor Jesus by glorifying his death.

  • May 7, 2005, 9:25 a.m. CST

    Fitzwell and Triumph

    by Sicuv Uyall

    I'm gonna repeat what someone else said in the Jedi talkback. Never seen the show or any of Whedon's work, but I saw the trailer. This might not be that great, but it's still gotta be better than The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Hell, even my childhood favorite StarCrash, starring the beautiful Caroline Munro, the charismatic Marjoe Gortner(once again, somebody get Tarantino to help this guy with his comeback) and some the best miniature effects since Thunderbirds, was better than TPM and ATOC. Gotta problem with that? Nibble on da cock, bizaaaatch. bwahaha to you, bastard boyz!

  • May 7, 2005, 10:33 a.m. CST

    I'd rather eat my own shit than see this movie

    by Drunken Rage

    Damn, it gets so tiring reading posts by SFBs. You like Joss Whedon? Wonderful. But put things in perspective, please. The movie won't make any money until it gets released on DVD and then it will do very well. Just like most sci-fi/horror/niche films.

  • May 7, 2005, 11:27 a.m. CST

    Boys and Men ??

    by Umba

    I'm 30 years old. After thirst thinking of "Buffy" as a show for teenagers i discovered by accident that it was in fact a very intelligent tale about growing up. "Angel" dealt in the same clever way with being a young adult. At least the original script of "Alien: resurrection" shows, that Joss Whedon's talent is not restricted to the description of youth. And if so: What was wrong with that? Nothing! On the opposite: There are still too few artists dealing with the topic of childhood and youth in an adequatly realistic way. Niche or not, I estimate highly Mr. Whedon's, so I'm looking forward "Serenity." Will I find it a bad movie I surely will admit it as I did with other films I disliked, f.e. "Phantom Menace", "Gladiator", "Troy", "Alexander" to name a few. But somehow I think that I won't be disappointed. We'll see. That terminus "fanboy" I find somehow strange. The tendency of certain posters to qualify themselves as real "adults" or "men" whereas fans of mr. Whedon are disqualified as only "boys" is very disturbing to me. It's a kind of verbal abuse I don#t like at all.

  • May 7, 2005, 11:29 a.m. CST

    That's where you're wrong. Serenity is not your average sci-fi/h

    by Daddy Tones

    Reviewers love the term ' a rollercoaster of a movie'. It sounds like Serenity is actually going to be the first movie that really IS a ripping rollercoast of emotions and excellence. Trust in Joss, people, he won't let you down. Have faith, and he will show himself to be faithful.

  • May 7, 2005, 6:39 p.m. CST

    How about a review from someone who wouldn't collect Joss Whedon

    by ZeroCorpse

    Seriously- The Whedonites are ridiculously loyal to the guy. I can't wait until he makes a revised Buffy and starts getting the same kind of response from his fans that George Lucas now gets.

  • May 7, 2005, 8:02 p.m. CST

    not a Whedon fan myself, but DAMN!

    by ikkyu

    not into Buffy, never watched Angel. i did, however, just finish watching Firefly DVD set and i REALLY don't understand how this series got cancelled. it's a gem - undoubtedly one of the best sci-fi series ever made, imho. it would definitely have taken off mainstream given time and exposure. if i had the money, i'd back it - as an investor, not a fanboy. foolish to judge it's worth on the basis of one movie; however good it may be it could still bomb. given time, this series would be massive, possibly even Trek-like. sadly, Fox wants an overnight sensation and a quick buck. what a shame. i actually think i'd sign a petition for this series, which is saying something. don't listen to this, tho' - check it out for yourself.

  • May 8, 2005, 1:42 a.m. CST

    Director loyalty

    by Sicuv Uyall

    Since we're taking sides in the bloody Lucas-Whedon battle, I'm bringing a 3rd party in this war. That's right.... Uwe Boll is here to kick all your fat hairy asses. Who's with me??? BOLLITES IN THE HOUSE, BITCHES!!!

  • May 8, 2005, 4:06 a.m. CST

    We Need More Christian Movies Like This One

    by Mark Twain

    Serenity sounds like the perfect antidote to Kingdom of Heaven.

  • May 9, 2005, 3:03 a.m. CST

    i saw it in atlanta

    by darthchase

    i agree with most of these's a great film for fans of the series (myself included among them). but i do have doubts about how it'll play to newbies. for example, the relationship between zoe and's mentioned that they're married, but i can hardly recall a scene where they interact together. i get the feeling that this is a story joss was going to tell over the course of a couple seasons on TV, and it really should've been. as a 2 hr film, it might play rather confusingly to the Firefly virgins. and there was one HUGE continuity problem at the very end (unless i just totally misunderstood the climactic fistfight) which absolutely must be fixed (but hey, joss has like 5 months to tinker). but, compared to your typical sci-fi releases (chronicles of riddick anyone?), it's far, far superior. it's incredibly funny, exciting, interesting, and shocking and brutal. i just think that if you want to see this movie, get the DVD set now, and familiarize yourself with the show, because it'll be SO WORTH IT if you do! and yeah, no sound in space except for the end space battle, so it is a little contradictory. i'll answer questions you like.

  • May 9, 2005, 5:16 a.m. CST

    Movie still tempting enough..

    by Trienco

    to make those "newbies" go, watch the show/DVD and come back to watch it again? I don't see leaving them a bit confused as a bad thing, as long as the rest leaves them intrigued enough to catch up on the "backstory".

  • Nov. 17, 2009, 10:32 p.m. CST



    Great movie, loved the show, not a Whedon fanboy. Good times...<p> Moving on!