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AICN Exclusive! U.S. SHAUN OF THE DEAD Trailer Debut! Woo-Hoo!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... This trailer is pretty darn sweet. There's still a part of me that prefers the British trailers, but... this one is funnier. Although, in a way, while there's far more hilarity in the film, what this trailer doesn't prepare you for is the teeth this film knocks out when it drops the gags and tears out your heart! This is truly one of the best films you'll see this year!!! Here it is, exclusively ffor you on AICN!





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  • July 30, 2004, 6:58 a.m. CST

    Great trailer

    by harosa

    I have to admit that this trailer actually sells the movie quite well and I think it translates the idea of the movie awesomely without making it seem too British. Me, Im importing the DVD next month.

  • July 30, 2004, 8:03 a.m. CST

    The following preview...

    by GilesT

    ...has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America". Nicely followed about 1 minute later by Nick Frost yelling "oh fucking hell!" when the armless zombie staggers into the room. Heh heh. OUTSTANDING film, incidentally, but any regular viewer of this site should know that by now. Hope the DVD's got some commentaries on it, having to make do with a ripped VCD at the mo. Still spotting new little homages to Pegg and Co.'s favourite movies every time I watch it...

  • July 30, 2004, 8:08 a.m. CST


    by Evil Chicken

    Bring it! After reading about this one for months, this is one fan-boy who can't wait to see it! Good choice in throwing the Batman soundtrack.

  • July 30, 2004, 8:10 a.m. CST

    Why Do All US Trailers Have To Sound Alike?

    by Hokeybutt

    Isn't it about time to hire another voice-over guy? Not only am I tired of listening to his cliched ramblings about straight movies... I am even more weary of his mock-serious descriptions of more comedic films. In fact, I don't even think he is effective doing serious voiceovers anymore... or maybe it's just that most "serious" movies now just *seem* like parodies. Don't let the trailer put you off though... the movie is great!

  • July 30, 2004, 8:28 a.m. CST

    "It's random"

    by Squaggle

    I saw it last night at a film festival in New Zealand. Awesome film. Have to wonder though, is the usage of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' more than a little ironic in a zombie movie? Freddie's death was caused by a disease that's spread through blood after all... ahem...

  • July 30, 2004, 8:55 a.m. CST

    some different scenes...and

    by ReDWasK

    i dont remember him saying "the batman soundtrack" in the original...although i could be wrong and there were definately some scenes not in the movie or UK trailer...i wonder if we'll get a different cut, or have to wait for DVD

  • July 30, 2004, 9:30 a.m. CST

    great film

    by stvnhthr

    I loved the whole film except the last five minutes, it just goes from horror comedy to straight out comedy parody a little too fast. Yes, he throws the Batman soundtrack in the original, but I wonder if they will change any British sayings like "the phone is engaged." What the heck does that mean? Who will the phone marry? the toaster? -Steve

  • July 30, 2004, 9:32 a.m. CST

    Great Britain

    by Ra Ra Rasputin

    This film is great not only does it entertain but it is important because it shows how similar us british geeks are to you US geeks.What do i mean you ask well it is refreshing for a british movie not to feature a bunch of well spoken bumbling fools for a start plus it fairly represents us normal joes holding down jobs and geeking out on music and films to pass time.The trailer although different to the UK version doesnt feel as though it is being marketed any differently which is great all the accents are present no subtitles plus the humour has been brought to the fore you are all in for a great surprise when you catch this film because it develops into a great character piece you will care about these guys and what happens to them. Fabulous stuff.

  • July 30, 2004, 9:42 a.m. CST

    "Not being too British"

    by Cablecasual

    Well, heavan forbid that a British film being to British. I was going to go into a bit of a rant about the Americanisation of everything, but I really can't be bothered, its far to easy to take the piss. I have watched numerous american and other foreign films, and yes some references go straight over my head, but who cares, a good film is a good film no matter the country. Don't remember many people wondering about City of God being to Brazillian......But I guess a re make is probably on the cards! AT the end of the day, the film is hilarious, sad and horrific all at once, and should be watched, who cares if you don't like the "British Jokes", such as throwing The Second Coming record("Oh come on, I liked it"), most people in the cinema when I watched it didn't laugh and that was in England, not everyone over here liked The Stone Roses, the joke falls flat for anyone not a fan. So many references that there is somthing for everyone. Just enjoy it. Didn't hurt Dog Soldiers having no Yanks in it, but they have to stick more in for the sequel........Are you guys REALLY that introverted as to not watch somthing that doesn't have someone from your country in it? Or is that just the movie execs? Ooops, I appear to have a mini rant anyway....

  • July 30, 2004, 10:01 a.m. CST

    While it is funny, it ain't heart-wrenching

    by dastickboy

    Simon Pegg is one of the best comedians to come out of the UK in the last decade, but really, he can't do emotion. He is just the worst ham, and you half expect him to make a joke. BTW, the Region 2 dvd features commentary by zombies. Nice.

  • July 30, 2004, 10:11 a.m. CST

    CasualCable, in answer to your question about the Yanks being to

    by Regicidal_Maniac

    Refer to the recent talkbacks about Asian cinema nd American remakes of said films. I think there are some great examples of this kind of nationalistic, selfabsorbed, ethnocentric attitude amongst the middle American Joe Qs in the last few Grudge or Gozu talkbacks. It's a mentality that strikes us non-Americans as absurd, but only because we haven't been brought up in a culture believing the myth that our country sits at the centre of the known universe and that any old retard can become the leader of our country if he just appeals to the common man, and his brother rigs Florida.

  • July 30, 2004, 10:13 a.m. CST

    oops I meant "Cablecasual" and I also meant MOST but NOT ALL Ame

    by Regicidal_Maniac

    Then again I am quite drunk right now. It is my birthday after all.

  • July 30, 2004, 10:52 a.m. CST

    I don't mean all Americans

    by Cablecasual

    Before I get accused of sweeping statements, I recognise there are a lot of American movie goers who watched an incredibly broad range of cinema, like previoulsy mentioned, many talk backs on this site reflect the fact. But when it comes to the portion who spend most of the time talking about how film they have never heard of based on a book they have never heard of "will suck ass" mainly cos they haven't heard of it....Sadly its these guys they Hollywood machine listens to, and why the rest of the world has to suffer through Gigli/Van Helsing or Charlies Angles 2. Not really a fair deal when you get the likes of Shaun in return..... Still, very happy to see this film get so much support from this site. BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!! Now you just need to drive home the point that Spaced is one of the UKs great sitcoms, and ABSOLUTLEY DOES NOT NEED AND NEVER SHOULD BE REMADE!!!!!!

  • July 30, 2004, 12:50 p.m. CST

    Hey, we get a couple of close-ups in the US trailer! Cool!

    by Charlie & Tex

    Albeit brief, but it's nice to see it!

  • July 30, 2004, 12:55 p.m. CST


    by Zodlander

    If you enjoy the movie/trailer, be sure to track down Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Jessica Stevenson's BBC show "Spaced". They've done two series of it so far and it's awesome. Lots of comic book/movie/video game fandom mixed in the series.

  • July 30, 2004, 12:58 p.m. CST

    Too British?? WTF

    by airojam

    Cablecasual is totally right on this. I am American, but grew up watching as much BBC TV I could on PBS... I was a Doctor Who fanatic, Red Dwarf, etc... Space 1999, tons of comedy shows, etc... Lots of times the references they quoted or slang words they used were a little over my head... but DAMN those shows were good. There is NO need to Americanize those things. People will figure them out if they give them the chance. And to be completely honest... The Brits are Bloody Brilliant when it comes to story based cinema! Dr. Who had some crappy special effects (but I totally bought it at that young age...) but the stories were actually quite good... and their comedy shows are damn near PERFECT! I can't wait to see Shaun of the Dead! This movie will ROCK.... OH. I am also real excited to hear there will be a sequel to 28 Days Later! That movie was great. I just wish they would have spent more time in London... maybe the sequel will "flesh" it out a little more... (pun intended)... OK. That's it for me today. BBC - ROCK ON!

  • July 30, 2004, 2:38 p.m. CST


    by BTR 1701

    "Sadly its these guys they Hollywood machine listens to, and why the rest of the world has to suffer through Gigli/Van Helsing or Charlies Angles 2." *** Well, I don't how it works in Britain but over here, no one forces us to watch anything. Maybe they have guys in England who came to your home, rounded you up and forced you under duress to watch Gigli but in America, it's pretty much a voluntary choice, whether or not to go to a particular movie.

  • July 30, 2004, 2:50 p.m. CST

    I saw this a comic-con

    by BRTick

    best zombie movie in a decade.

  • July 30, 2004, 3:07 p.m. CST

    You know, Simon Pegg is good friends with Mark Gatiss who's a wr

    by TheTARDIS

    What you guys got against Doctor Who?

  • July 30, 2004, 3:32 p.m. CST


    by Bouncy X

    actually believe it or not...there are 3 movie voice guys now, i noticed the second make his appearance during the 90's and i've noticed a 3rd in the last 5 yrs or so. so it isn't always the same guy...just 99% of the time. lol

  • July 30, 2004, 3:51 p.m. CST

    Awesome Movie

    by AudioKarateKid

    Great trailer to an equally good film, I'll be there on release day. To anyone out there who knows "advanced movie downloading techniques", this movie has been online pretty much since it released in the UK. To anyone who hasn't seen it yet and can't wait till the US release date, you owe it to yourself to search for it, download it, and watch it a dozen times, if only to know all the great lines before you go see it in theaters.

  • July 30, 2004, 4:59 p.m. CST

    As an American

    by super Cucaracha

    I REALLY DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK if a film is American or from another country as long as it's good. I do have a problem with fools that have a "HOLLYWOOD SUCKS" mentality. I agree that there can be some shitty movies coming out of Hollywood but,... you mean to tell me that anything made independent and foreign is perfect? It's just like Harry drooling over anything that comes out of Asia. Not one single time have I heard Harry diss a movie from there. I like Harry, I share his passion for movies and he had the balls to create a site to express himself ,but when you go all out to give a positive approval to anything and I mean anything that is Eastern...that's just fishy.

  • July 30, 2004, 7:01 p.m. CST


    by Godzilla2004

    The scene where they are walking and pretending they are zombies was done 100 times funnier by SAM LEE in BIO COPS.

  • July 30, 2004, 11:20 p.m. CST

    I have to admit a fondness for British humor..

    by Yossarian

    or should that read "humour"? I say color, you say colour. You say theatre, I say theater... Anyway, It seems this movie is mentioned every other breath on this site, so with that much word-of-mouth, there must be something there. I'll bite.

  • July 31, 2004, 8:38 a.m. CST

    smoked Cucaracha

    by Wyrdy the Gerbil

    Just a thought mate but theres a hell of a lot of films made in Asia. And though it looks like Harry`s creaming over everything Asian you might want to consider he`s only doing it over some of the best of them......pax

  • July 31, 2004, 9:43 a.m. CST

    Mark Gatiss

    by Seepgood

    So one of the League is writing for the new Doctor Who? That could be...interesting. Of course, they already did that story with Davros running the cryogenic mortuary and selling what might be described as "special stuff".

  • July 31, 2004, 11:15 a.m. CST

    Looks Better Than Anchorman

    by EvilRobot

    Oh man, he was all messed up, then he jumped in the bathroom for a second and now he's not. Thats comedy folks!!

  • July 31, 2004, 11:54 a.m. CST

    This movie rocks....and its out on Region 2 DVD on September 6th

    by mathew_shires

    The DVD will feature: Audio commentary from actor/writer Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright Audio commentary from actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Kate Ashfield and Lucy Davis Audio commentary from actors Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton Audio commentary from the zombies! Extended bits with audio commentary Outtakes 'The Man Who Would Be Shaun': Simon Pegg and Nick Frost impersonate Sean Connery and Michael Caine 'Plotholes': comic strip sequences with voiceover from Lucy Davis, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost including What Happened To Shaun When He Ran Off? / What Happened To Diane When She Left The Winchester? / How Did Ed Get From The Cellar To The Shed? Extended edits of the TV Shows within the movie: Coldplay on T4 / Fun Dead (full version of It's a Knockout Zombies) / Trisha - 'Your nine lives are up!' / Trisha - 'I married a monster' 'Remembering Z Day': an interview with Jeremy Thompson 'Electronic Press Kit' featurette Vignettes: Simon's cam / Lucy's cam / Joe's diary 'Edgar Wright's and Simon Pegg's Flip Chart': a presentation of the first draft SFX comparison from Double Negative Make-up tests Photo Gallery: photo's by Simon, Lucy and Charlotte Poster Designs: from the original Oscar poster to the final official poster 2000AD Strip: 'There's Something About Mary' TV spots Official trailer Official teaser trailer 'Fright Fest' exclusive trailer Interactive menu Scene access It's the BUSINESS, folks.

  • Aug. 1, 2004, 6:25 a.m. CST

    Aha haaa. First the team america Trailer now this. What a fuckin

    by TheGinger Twit

    Now I think I'll look at boobies.

  • Aug. 1, 2004, 1:23 p.m. CST

    ...Okay, I have to admit.

    by Boxclocke

    It DOES look entertaining. I admit it. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen it, but, that is in fact impressive.

  • Aug. 2, 2004, 5:34 a.m. CST

    Sweet, its got Dawn Tinsley in it.

    by cornstalkwalker

    The pretending to be zombies scene got me crackin. I'm looking foward to this.