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Hi, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab...

First of all, I just have to say... I don’t like STAR TREK, especially, but I can acknowledge that this might be the coolest f’ing DVD package I’ve ever seen...


A Borg megacube with 48 DVDs in it?!? That’s insane. Might well be the biggest special edition DVD package I’ve ever seen.

Anyway... you can blame Harry for no new column yesterday. I ran up against the logistics of either writing a DVD column or putting up the Monday morning update. Even so, I didn’t finish the job. I didn’t have the heart to write obits for Elia Kazan and Donald O’Connor. I confess... I never like writing those pieces. It’s so hard to sum up a life or someone’s accomplishments without sounding fawning or cheesy or even insincere. So often, TalkBackers make fun of Father Geek or Harry for professing affection for such a diverse group of people. “You weren’t really a fan” is a common cry. But the thing about being a film freak... someone who really loves movies as a whole, and who revels in all of it, is that you have attachments to stars and bit players and writers and musicians and cinematographers and all sorts of cast and crew, and it’s all for different reasons. You might not even know the names of some of the people responsible for your favorite movie moments, but you have those connections. You have those feelings about those films and those things in those films, and one of the reasons film preservation and DVD is so important, in my opinion, is so that even when Kazan dies, we can go to the shelf and take down ON THE WATERFRONT or EAST OF EDEN, or we can pull out SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN today and celebrate Donald O’Connor, and we can enjoy the hiccup of immortality that film affords all those who work in it.

I’m going to try to rip through today’s column and pack it with as much stuff as possible. We’ll get started with a quick summary of some of the best news we’ve heard in the past few days...


If you head over to The Digital Bits to read Bill Hunt’s column, he has a look at some cool cover art for BABYLON 5’s next box set and the upcoming 2-disc BAD BOYS II. More importantly, though, he runs a link to a story about the development of ultra high-definition video. Do yourself a favor...


Absolutely fascinating, and a little freaky. 4000 lines of resolution sounds like it’ll be almost too intense. That’s a radical jump in picture quality, and the reports of people getting nauseous of the reality of the image make me think of reports of people diving to the ground during THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY back in the silent days, convinced they were about to be hit by an oncoming locomotive. The leaps and bounds that technology seems to be making these days just blows me away, and I’m starting to wonder if I’m ever actually going to shoot film at all, or if I’ve already missed that age completely...

Meanwhile, our friends over at DVD File have been running specs on all sorts of great titles, including BUFFY Season Five, NAQOYQATSI, the work that Paramount is doing on the FRIDAY THE 13TH titles, and Anchor Bay’s upcoming release of their THREE’S COMPANY first season box set, quite sadly but opportunely timed.

There’s some great stuff from Ron Epstein in this thread over at Home Theater Forum. Most exciting is the news that Fox just got in their check disc for THE ALIEN QUADRILOGY. That means they’re getting close to having it ready. That box set sounds amazing, the more I hear about it, and I’m itching for the final and complete spec list to finally break online. Any day now... I just know it...


You do realize that you’re only encouraging me, right? I just mentioned DREAMCATCHER, and I got hammered with e-mail like this:

”Moriarty, why don’t you throw your wallet in the trash and stick forks in your eyes just instead of watching the WORST MOVIE THE YEAR dumass!”

If this movie is still pissing this guy off that much six months later, how can I not pick it up for a look? I know I’ll find it used. Good thing, too. There’s a lot today. Warner Bros. with ROBIN HOOD, TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE, and YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. Universal’s SCARFACE box. THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT, RUDY, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, THE TICK.

At least next week’s a little slower. The original ITALIAN JOB. THE LION KING, about which I’ve always been of mixed opinion. THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST, which I’ve never seen, but which comes recommended. HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE, which I’ve never seen, and which no one recommended. Never seen THE OFFICE, but I’ve read enough about it to pick up that Season One Box. And I’ll take the excuse that it’s October to justify picking up those new anamorphic transfers of PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS and PRINCE OF DARKNESS, unless I decide to get that Region 2 PRINCE OF DARKNESS that people keep e-mailing me about...

Anyway... off to the stores now...


Impulse buys are weird. If something’s dirt cheap and looks crazy enough, I’ll pick it up. That’s the only way I can explain how I own HOOLIGANS & THUGS: SOCCER’S MOST VIOLENT FAN FIGHTS, INTRODUCED BY STEVE JONES. Yeah, that Steve Jones. The cover’s cheap, like something that took four minutes to Photoshop together. You have to really search to even find the name of the releasing company. BBF Media, whoever that is. The disc is one step above BUMFIGHTS. Maybe. I’m not actually convinced that I’m going to manage to avoid eternal damnation for sitting through this. The title is exactly correct. This is over an hour’s worth of riots and violence and close-up of blunt force head trauma, all of it set to driving techno beats. And, occasionally, Steve Jones shows up in some crazy fucking outfit and rants incoherently. It’s amazing how quickly the novelty wears off, and about the thirty-sixth time you watch someone get kicked in the head, the romance sort of goes out of it. So, remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re from the UK, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Romania, the Czech Repulic, or Mexico, Argentina, or Brazil... there’s plenty of national shame to go around in this compellingly slimy little disc.

I’m equally annoyed by the addition of POOLHALL JUNKIES to my shelves. There’s a blurb on the back from some shithole called “Ain’t It Cool News,” but those guys must be on crack, because this is one of the phoniest of the many phony con guy/scam/hustler movies I’ve seen in a long time. Played wrong, a film like this is insufferable and smug and, worst of all, predictable. The biggest problem with the film is an unavoidable one. Co-writer/director Mars Callahan is also the film’s star, and there’s no polite way to say it: the dude’s a dud. He’s Jason Lee without the burden of comic timing or charm. Because he’s such a dead spot in every scene, it doesn’t matter how hard Michael Rosenbaum or Rick Schroder or Chazz Palminteri or Chris Walken work. The film just doesn’t work. We don’t care for a second if he makes his relationship with Alison Eastwood work or not, because he’s written and played as a passive jerk, and she’s barely written at all. She exists just to complain and misunderstand him for the first two-thirds of the film, then conveniently forgive him because the film’s ending. Everything about the script is convenient and perfunctory. Rosenbaum, used to excellent effect as Lex Luthor on SMALLVILLE, is stranded here as Callahan’s baby brother. He and his friends mg through scenes stolen directly out of DINER and every shitty ripoff since, while Callahan staggers through his storyline with all the grace of Lurch from THE ADDAMS FAMILY starring in THE COLOR OF MONEY.

I haven’t listened to the audio commentary with Callahan and his co-writer Chris Corso. Maybe Callahan grew up around real pool hustlers. Maybe he sees this as an autobiographical statement of some sort. It plays totally fake, though. There’s not a narrative move here that we haven’t seen a dozen times before and better. Two moments stand out, one involving some old pool hustlers who feel authentic in a way Callahan never manages, and the other being the introduction of Walken. Aside from that, the film’s a wash. If you disagree and want to own the film, the disc from HBO Films is nicely mastered. I’m willing to bet it didn’t look that good in most of its theatrical dates. Also, if you’re a Rod Steiger fan and you want to pick this up to see his last film role, spare yourself. This is Steiger ham, thick sliced, and he’s given agonizingly dopey inspirational dialogue as Callahan’s mentor. Problem is, he’s no Mickey, and POOLHALL JUNKIES is no ROCKY, no matter how much it wants to be.

It’s always a strange proposition, capturing a live event on home video, and three recent releases attempt the feat in different ways. I was so pleased when Eagle Vision recently released SINEAD O’CONNOR: GOOD NIGHT, THANK YOU, YOU’VE BEEN A LOVELY AUDIENCE. Recorded in Dublin at the end of her final tour, the first she did in six years. Thinking of this as the end of her career is too depressing, so I prefer to view this as a summation of her journey as a performer. My own fascination with her began when one of her songs appeared on the MARRIED TO THE MOB soundtrack, still one of the best song collection style soundtracks I’ve ever owned. “Jump In The River” sent me scrambling to see what else she’d recorded, and I fell head over heels with her first album. THE LION & THE COBRA. “Troy,” in particular, got played over and over. Then the video for “Nothing Compares 2U” hit MTV, and there was a face to go with that voice, and I was just smitten. Smote. Besmiteified. She’s always sung with her whole soul at once, full force, and watching how she both attracted and even encouraged controversy was just as much a part of being a fan as listening to her music. She retreated from the mainstream with a vengeance, and part of this disc is her performing traditional Irish music. She even goes for “Molly Malone,” an impossibly cloying choice. And somehow, she pulls it off. She does what any truly great singer does: she makes even the oldest song fresh by forging a real emotional connection both to the material and the audience.

Highlights here include a creepy and still disturbing “I Will Stretch On Your Grave,” a piercing rendition of “Nothing Compares 2U,” and an almost dizzying read of “Thank You For Hearing Me.” If I have any complaints, it would be that several of her best songs aren’t here, and if she’s really retiring, then that means we’ve been robbed of any record of some of those gems like “Black Boys On Mopeds” or “Daddy I’m Fine.” The last song of the show is incredibly powerful in context, and “The Last Days Of Our Acquaintance” has never seemed sadder or harder to accept. There are six additional videos here, all traditional Irish songs, but the concert is great enough on its own. At 150 minutes, this is well worth the money, and both sound and picture on the disc are incredible.

As much as I like Eddie Izzard’s work, I’m not sure I’d say CIRCLE is worth picking up unless you find it substantially discounted. It’s a good show... don’t get me wrong. All of Izzard’s live work is interesting, and it’s always amazing to try and figure out how Izzard’s brain works, leaping from subject to subject at the slightest provocation. But when the largest extra on the disc is both impossible to enjoy (it’s a performance in Paris in French) and recycled (it also appears on the DRESS TO KILL DVD), this really shouldn’t be more than $14 or $15. It’s just over an hour’s running time, and there is some very good material here, including a great and silly riff on Darth Vader that any STAR WARS fan will enjoy. It feels a bit aimless, though, and there’s no real spine to the piece. If you’re at all squeamish about the cross-dressing thing, the opening credit sequence is sure to send you scrambling for the STOP button, but to be honest, the outfit Izzard wears during the show is no more flamboyant than the purple leather Eddie Murphy wore in RAW, so chances are all but the most pathetically homophobic will be able to handle this “executive transvestite” in his full plumage. In the end, this is one of those titles that really only hardcore fans need to pick up.

Finally, there’s Neil LaBute’s THE SHAPE OF THINGS, which went from workshop to theater piece to movie in around a year, with the same actors attached all the way through. Interesting idea, and I went into it ready for anything. I like LaBute, but he’s one of those sporadically gifted guys who can either connect or miss completely, both in equal measure. I think I liked NURSE BETTY more than most people, and even though I heard some rough reactions to this film, I hoped I’d get something out of it.

Instead, this is just another cruelty game, the least interesting thing LaBute does. I thought IN THE COMPANY OF MEN worked primarily because of Aaron Eckhart’s ferocious performance, and the same can be said about YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS and Jason Patrick. This time out, there’s no anchor, and the result is a film in which the viewer drifts unconnected, unable to empathize with any of the pretty hate machines on display.

I think there might be potent material in here somewhere, but it’s handled as polemic instead of drama. Rachel Weisz is an intense and attractive artist who meets nerdy Paul Rudd in an art gallery where he works. She’s there to deface a statue, and he’s supposed to stop her. Something happens between the two of them, and she ends up going out with him. Their relationship is complicated by her reaction to his friends, played by Gretchen Mol and Fred Weller. Instant friction causes Rudd to choose... her or them.

It all comes down to the idea that relationships change us, and there’s a lot of truth to the notion. How often does a girlfriend try to dress her boyfriend better or help him lose a few pounds, even as he tries to turn her on to kung-fu movies and video games? I mean... not that I’d know anything about that. Because I wouldn’t. Ahem. There’s just no room for reality in LaBute’s script. If you just watch for the arch dialogue, the venal little zingers back and forth, there are a few pleasures to be had. Rudd and Weisz are much better than Mol and Weller, and in a film with only four actors, it’s probably not a good thing that half your cast is uninteresting to the point of invisibility.

I’ll say this for the Universal DVD... sound and picture quality is amazing. The Elvis Costello songs that are packed onto the soundtrack sound incredible, and I’ll commend LaBute for shooting in a full 2.53:1. Normally, I wouldn’t go back to watch a commentary for a film I had this mixed a reaction to, but I read an interview on CHUD with LaBute and Rudd together that was flatout hilarious. It might prove to be more entertaining hat the film itself.

Anyway... gotta get up in just a few hours. Time to wrap it up. I’ll be back with more later in the week. For now, though, I’ll leave you today with “Vroom Socko’s © ™ ® QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION,” which is "What special edition has most let you down when you finally got hold of it?" Thanks to Harry Lime for his help with today's column.

"Moriarty" out.

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  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:12 p.m. CST

    Quantum Leap

    by cornstalkwalker

    the only thing i know of is the pilot episode that you can already get on dvd. I believe amazon has that. that would be sweet if they put a whole season on dvd though. Or, better yet, a reunion movie where they actually find Sam after he has been missing.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:21 p.m. CST

    Treasure of Sierra Madre!!!

    by bava's ghost

    Just curious why you spent more time on HOOLIGANS & THUGS: SOCCER

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:37 p.m. CST


    by BlockbusterWhore

    Eddie Izzard is one of the most brilliant and underrated performers out there working today. It's too bad more people do not know about him and how frickin' hilarious he is, I am seeing him in Chicago Friday night and I cannot wait. I hope one day he gets the recognition he deserves but it will probably not happen because mainstream-conservative America would never accept him. For your own sakes, get off your collective asses and check him out if you do not know who he is!

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:45 p.m. CST

    A clock?!??!

    by Han Ol' Buddy

    A fucking clock?!??! The packaging isn't bad, but a fucking clock??!?? That's lame. Also, when the fuck are they going to come out with the New Twilight Zone (from the 80's) on DVD? Those were the bomb-diggety, yo.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:48 p.m. CST

    Better Luck Tomorrow

    by cgLoki

    Why the no mention? It came out. Go get it. End.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:52 p.m. CST

    The Scarface Cocaine Suitcase edition is kicking major ass.

    by The Tao of Joe

    This was probably the wisest packaging ever made for a dvd. I bought one of those big boxes this morning at 10 am, and I came back at 7pm, and they were all sold out, all 40 plus of them. This movie will probably outsell any new major release this week. Even 2 Fast, 2 Furious, a movie that has a similar audience to half of that of scarface. They should have put this at theaters first. Add a rap video or two before or after the movie, and you would have probably the number one movie of the week. ToJ out.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:58 p.m. CST

    Are you sure you don't mean 'Vinnie' Jones?

    by Cash Bailey

    Because I read somewhere that he copped a huge fine for doing a video like that.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 9:58 p.m. CST

    Dreamcatcher is the worst film of the year??? It's the BEST COME

    by godoffireinhell

    How many films did this guy watch? 2 or maybe 3? Dreamcatcher is a bad film but it is one of those bad films that is at least entertaining. The first 40 minutes or so are excellent, actually, very atmospheric and (mostly) true to King's mediocre novel. When the assblasting shitweasels (I'm not making this up) turn up the film goes from good to hilariously bad. I laughed more during the rest of the film than during any of the so-called comedies released this year. Just wait for the RETARDED ALIEN!!! And you can say what you will, the film cost 80 million and it looks the part. This is a silly, B-grade (bordering on C-grade) film filmed on a big budget and with name actors. How they ever thought this would make its budget back is beyond me ... I mean it has alien worms blasting out of peoples' assholes after they run around for hours farting painfully!!! Again, I'm not making this up! Do yourself a favour and pick it up for under 10$ and have a good laugh!

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 10:22 p.m. CST

    'Assblasting Shitweasels' is my phrase of the day.

    by Margot Tenenbaum

    Is DREAMCATCHER really, actually centered around butt worms and farting?

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 10:42 p.m. CST

    Assblasting shitweasels!!!

    by godoffireinhell

    Yup, they're the main villains (apart from Morgan Freeman in his worst performance ever) of DREAMCATCHER and they have A LOT of screentime. The Aliens can take other forms as well but mostly they wriggle arounds as assworms. Enjoy!!!

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 11:25 p.m. CST


    by ph27

    I seam to be the only person other than moriarty who is excited about that video display system mentioned in the article. i think of it like this. I'm looking at my monitor now and i'm far enough away that i can't see that the image is made up of dots. Then i imagine that the screen is four times taller and four times wider and it's bigger than my actual feild of vision. if they could make this sytem 3d as well there would be no need for any more improvement in the technology. that'd be it the best you can experience visually. Well that excites me.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 11:39 p.m. CST

    worst DVD "Special Edition?"

    by microwavable?

    . . . you could go several ways on that one. horrible movies with horrible "Special Editions" don't really count in my book. for all-out disappointment in DVD content, i'd have to name a couple of newer war movies: "Saving Private Ryan" and "Glory." the former has "SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION" across the cover of mine, but the only content is some sappy patriotic tribute to Steven Spielberg and WWII veterans (in that order, it seems). and "Glory" is a double DVD set, so i was excited to tear it open a couple years ago. but again, another boring pretentious historical perspective, and a laughable video commentary. why laughable? my favorite actor in the film, Morgan Freeman, JUST COMPLAINS THE WHOLE TIME! "The director made me run here. I'm old, running is hard. Goddammit." kind of took some of the magic out of the movie. hopefully he won't be on the special edition 10th anniversary "Shawshank Redemption" DVD coming out next year (which i'm sure will be modestly good). "I had to sit in that prison cell for 10 takes. Damn, it was cold. Goddammit."

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 11:43 p.m. CST

    The worst S.E. DVD I have is ..Army of Darkness version 6.6-45A,

    by Monkeybrains

    The movie is still great, I should know because I have all 7, 845 differnt versions of the DVD. Can't wait until the "Sally Forth" version comes out later this year, followed next year by the "Give me some Sugar, Baby" version next May.

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 11:43 p.m. CST

    oh, and another thing . . .

    by microwavable?

    i don't care WHAT movie it is, "special feature content" should not include photo galleries, movie trailers, cast biographies, talent files, or production notes. NOBODY LOOKS AT THOSE! (well, maybe a trailer here and there.) and WHAT I CAN'T STAND IS WHEN THEY ACTUALLY LIST "SCENE SELECTIONS" AS A SPECIAL FEATURE ON THE BACK! ARRGGH! I FEEL SO SPECIAL GOING TO A CERTAIN CHAPTER IN THE MOVIE!

  • Sept. 30, 2003, 11:48 p.m. CST

    Adventures of Robin Hood...

    by Bockopolis

    Kicks ass on DVD. The color is amazing. Whoever did the restoration did a kick ass job.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 12:17 a.m. CST

    BOTH versions of The Italian Job!!

    by EmilyQFan

    Just wanted to add that BOTH the old and new version of the Italian Job are out on Oct 7th

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 12:20 a.m. CST

    The Babe "Special Edition" that came out last week was lousy.

    by Osmosis Jones

    A moldy four-minute(!) EPK from 1995 about the then-amazing CGI (which you can see in any pet food commercial these days), plus a six-minute(!) chat with producer George Miller (about a minute of which was comprised of film clips), comprised mostly of anecdotes he recycles in his coma-inducing commentary (which ranks with Tim Burton and John McTiernan yack-tracks as one of the most disinterested and sporadic I've ever heard). Oh yeah, and some shitty games for the kids, plus trailers before the film (for crap like The Cat In The Hat) you can't even chapter-skip past or use the menu button to avoid. That's it for your $14.99. No substantial new documentary, no deleted scenes, not even the original trailer (although it *is* on the Pig In The City disc...). Yeah, it's worth owning just for the film itself with a crisp new anamorpic widescren transfer and DTS sound, but I found the disc a crushing disapointment for one of my all-time favorite movies.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 12:29 a.m. CST

    Worst Special Editions:

    by Cap'n Chaos!

    All the Disney one-disc editions that they put out of their animated films with nothing but kiddie features on them, thereby making you buy the 2-disc collector's edition if you actually want some of the production art. (That said, the 2 discers are USUALLY pretty damn good. Atlantis is probably the best.Love the Mignola sketches provided.) Also: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. You have to got through a freakin' lame-ass game before you can even watch the deleted scenes.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 12:31 a.m. CST

    underwhelmed by better luck tomorrow...

    by Acne Scarface

    aside from the clever dumping on the stereotype of asians as overachieving straight arrows, the movie is awash in teen movie cliches: sex (guy loses his cherry? original!), drugs (dope is dope, but with cocaine, u get the money, then u get the power, and then u get the women), crime (that last offense came about rather preposterously). these elements, and a soundtrack that demands 2 show up every other minute, basically killed my investment in the film.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 12:47 a.m. CST

    Worst Special Edition

    by HillerDiller

    Most disappointing special edition I own is the "Scream Ultimate Edition DVDS". It has some alright outtakes and cut scenes but the usually very interesting Wes Craven commentary is quite dry and reduced to "oh that person did a great job". Plus the "bonus" 4th disc that came with the trilogy is a pretty dry documentary, some dry audition tapes, and just about the worst goddamn spoof trailers from "Sunrise Studios" I've ever seen! All in all, I just wished I bought the 1st and quit while I was ahead, ok maybe the second one too.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 1:20 a.m. CST

    Eddie Izzard - Circle

    by TenDeuChen

    Buy it at only $13.47 and free shipping... That sucks the Paris show is the one that's on the Dress to Kill cd...but...c'est la vie...Je peux le regarder encore une fois...and no, it's not impossible to enjoy for those people who are smart to learn french and/or work the subtitle button on their dvd remote. In fact the Paris show is really funny. Whenever he forgets a french word, he asks the audience what the word he wants it works b/c the majority of the people that came to watch him in France were British who spoke French, lol... anyway...I almost got to go to the show that's on the disc...and i pulled up 3rd row center tix too! trip to NY then didn't work out right...oh well... Eddie is still hilarious.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 2:35 a.m. CST


    by pothers


  • Oct. 1, 2003, 3:16 a.m. CST

    The worst so-called 'Special Edition' I've ever sprung for was..

    by Cash Bailey

    The Australian version of DRESSED TO KILL. What made it so 'special'? How about a... THEATRICAL TRAILER!!!

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 4:35 a.m. CST

    That's "Vroom Socko

    by vroom socko

    For those of you not following the joke, take a look at the latest AICN Comics update. As for the Special Edition letdown, for me it's the "Collector's Edition" DVD of American Graffiti. Can we get a commentary track for this movie? Or how about a music-only track? Please?

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 5:42 a.m. CST

    The Office

    by Sheeld

    is the greatest new comedy serie I have seen in the last decade. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 9:30 a.m. CST

    Those three Miyazaki dvds.

    by Vegas

    I love, LOVE the movies on them, but two disc special editions? What the fuck was on those things that couldn't have been put on one disc? That couldn't have been left off ALTOGETHER? Those had the worst extras of any movie I can remember...and they all had them on an extra disc, upping the production cost, which means they probably upped the price. Fuck. Great movies though, and I still recommend the purchase of these to all, just for the films.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 10:03 a.m. CST

    I felt somewhat raped shelling out for the T2: EXTREME EDITION

    by Tall_Boy

    but dammit, I wanted a James Cameron commentary track!

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 10:33 a.m. CST

    Hey Cash Bailey, if you have a region-free player, get the regio

    by Osmosis Jones

    An excellent new 45-minute documentary featuring interviews with De Palma and most of the cast (sans Michael Caine), two other featurettes totalling another 15 minutes, split-screen comparions between the unrated and R-rated cuts (and even the hilariously inept TV version!), the trailer, a six-minute montage of production photos set to Pino Donaggio's score, and a mountain of unused poster designs and lobby cards. Oh yeah, and it lets you choose between the unrated and R-rated cuts of the film. Whew! You can buy it in any Circuit City or Best Buy for about $10 now.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 11:14 a.m. CST

    without question...worst special edition ever is

    by outtosea

    Punch Drunk Love The extras are crap. Others with similiar problems: Spiderman, The Others, The Matrix Reloaded, Tool DVD,

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 11:56 a.m. CST

    you got one of those song titles wrong, Mori...

    by gigaloff

    I believe that's supposed to be "I am stretched on your grave". "I will stretch on your grave" sounds like a eulogy to Jane Fonda, very disturbing. Nice to see someone else appreciate "Daddy I'm fine" from her patchy second to last album though. Now if only Kate Bush could get her arse in gear and finish her album...

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 2:45 p.m. CST

    I agree most of the PDL extras were crap...

    by Cap'n Chaos!

    especially for a special edition, but I love the Matress Man commercial where PSH falls on his head. Plus the Korean subtitles...

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 3:29 p.m. CST

    Nurse Betty

    by SuperTooth

    I actually liked Nurse Betty, mostly because of Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock in a non comedic performance, except when he scalps the dude cuz that was hilarious. There was some parts that I didnt care for, but overall I was happy I saw it and I'd probly buy the DVD if I saw it for $6 or less.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 3:34 p.m. CST

    Mori, I'm stunned

    by LewMoxon

    You have mixed feelings about "The Lion King", but can't wait for "Rudy". Why? Did you go to Notre Dame, or are just short and talentless?

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 3:40 p.m. CST


    by VatoLoco

    One of the best-minghella on Ripley One of the worst-Spade on Joe Dirt.So bad.So So bad.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 9:34 p.m. CST

    Best Commentary . . .

    by microwavable?

    this is probably another weeks' question, but i gotta say . . . BEST: The Goonies! GOOD BECAUSE OF ONE TINY THING: The Man Who Wasn't There ("Look, Ed's got a boner!"). MOST PREPARED SPEAKER FOR COMMENTARY: Bob Gale on "Back to the Future" set.

  • Oct. 1, 2003, 11:16 p.m. CST

    Sorry, I have to say this...

    by Latauro

    Shouldn't this column be called "Tuesdays With Mori" ? It should.

  • Oct. 2, 2003, 12:01 p.m. CST

    So I'm late, but I just had to say...

    by rev_skarekroe least favorite DVD Special Edition is "Repo Man". Sure, it's gota metal box and the soundtrack, but no deleted scenes? I want my Lorna Dunes scene dammit! sk