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Several weeks back, I ran a review that a Coaxial reader wrote of the forthcoming NBC series “Legacy”. To refresh your memory, it’s the show with Van Helsing and Harker’s descendants doing battle against a plethora of supernatural baddies. A link to the review is still available on the main page (Monday November 24) if you want to go look for it. But if you read it, keep in mind that some major changes are currently being made to the show.

In an interesting turn of events, GENERAL STILWELL messaged me today with some follow-up information about changes being made to “Legacy”. Even those these changes will undoubtedly invalidate the review of the pilot that was posted (**sigh**), I thought STILWELL’s news was rather interesting, and warranted mention.

STILLWELL says that NBC has ordered the “Legacy” pilot and six follow-up episodes. HOWEVER, it seems the pilot (which was what got reviewed here recently) is being substantially revamped, including casting changes and “the works”. Hopefully, “the works” will include re-doing some of the FX work which is, by all accounts, somewhat lacking. Also, it seems the “Legacy” concept Javier Grillo-Marxuach (one of the show’s creators) actually pitched to The Powers That Be differed rather dramatically from what was actually filmed. So much so that Marxuach was considering having his name removed from the project.

It’s hard to know whether or not “Legacy” will improve substantially with major re-working, as no one’s sent in a review of the new version (if it’s even finished yet). But, I suppose the fact that its makers were *aware* the show needed re-working is at least a positive indication there may yet be some morsel of life left for a project which once appeared Dead On Arrival. An appropriate analogy for a show about the descendants of famous Vampire hunters, no?


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