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Harry Tears Into The Flesh of James Gunn's DAWN OF THE DEAD Remake Script!

I have never picked up a script in my life with the anger and hate that I came to pick up the James Gunn draft of DAWN OF THE DEAD remake script. I mean, I hated this concept. I have felt that Gunn should never of left TROMA for the world of mainstream film, his satiric gross out juvenile humor was best in a world where you can show a pus dripping mangina and mutant fucking going on. My experience with his work has been one of excess, and a children’s animated show translation to the big screen was just wrong for him. But I hated his Scooby Doo script so vehemently not just because of how bad it was, but because there was another script by Craig Titley that pretty much rocked my world. Of course it wasn't Gunn’s fault that draft was discarded and he was hired, it was Lorenzo DiBonaventura’s… since he’s out of there now… I can relax a bit. The primary assaulter was detained. Long live… oh fuck, Moriarty’s review of that latest SUPERMAN script actually got me more mad at Warner Brothers than I have ever been.

As I stared at the DAWN OF THE DEAD script I wondered what travesties would be inside. How angry would I get. If pushed too far by this script, could I kill those responsible? I mean I lost my mind in anger over what had been done to SCOOBY DOO, this was DAWN OF THE DEAD which I love far more than Scooby. I looked at the script, saw the “Written by James Gunn” part and I just sat it down. I couldn’t read this thing furious.

So I sat it down, put in my ALMOST FAMOUS – UNTITLED: THE BOOTLEG CUT DVD and just basked in its glory for a while. Watching this film sometimes helps to center me, remind me that I’m not here to just hurl dung at the morons, but to just be honest and unmerciful. It’s the best way to help the lead chip eaters to stop gnawing on those 1950’s walls.

I picked up the script and scratched through the title… Picked up a pen and just marked through it and retitled the script, “NO MORE ROOM IN HELL” and thought… “Just read it as a zombie film.”

I had ALMOST FAMOUS on a loop on my screen in the room, so Stillwater provided the score to my reading this night. As I flipped open the script and began reading, I was just wanting to read a good Zombie film.

To my surprise I got exactly that. Actually this is a damn fucking good Zombie film. It is not DAWN OF THE DEAD. It is not a part of the George Romero Trilogy of Zombie films, and if STRIKE ENTERTAINMENT and UNIVERSAL have a brain at all… They’ll retitle this to something other than DAWN OF THE DEAD immediately and film exactly what is written.

You see, I know how Roger Avary read this script, why he hated it so much. He took Romero’s original in with him. The frustration that George Romero is currently having hell trying to get his 4th Zombie film financed and meanwhile the screenwriter of TERROR FIRMIER, TROMEO & JULIET and SCOOBY FUCKING DOO is rewriting his Masterwork for some new production company. They’ll never call him in on the project and if you read the script with that. If you think about the original film at every step of this script, you’re going to hate it.

But right from the get go this is on the other side of the United States. This isn’t set around Pittsburgh or the Pennsylvania area of the country. It is set in Washington State. And just like the previous films, these characters find themselves in a changed world. The script smartly avoids trying to explain why this is happening. It just is. Zombies just happened.

Loved ones die, then try to eat you. This isn’t a funny script, there are a couple of moments of levity, but mainly… This world is fucked. It isn’t examining the big urban centers of the East, this takes place in Everett, Washington… a smaller town… Only 95,990 folks live in the area. It has scenic mountains and beautiful coastlines. This is an area we haven’t seen Zombies hit. It is a bit of an intimate setting. Folks generally live in peace. Sure they have the problems with drugs and a few skinheads, but it isn’t the problems that the East Coast mega-centers have.

The film begins in a suburban house, the dawning of the day where everything changed. There is an attack and we see our first character escape – a nurse named Ana. The attack is not pretty. The person she loves has his throat ripped out by a young pair of teeth, as he dies, he then goes after her.

Instantly you notice some differences and similarities.

First, the zombie process is instant upon death. You flat line, you move and are hungry.

Second, if you’re a fresh kill with little musculature loss – you can move faster than the more decayed and damaged dead.

Third, you will notice that Zombies only attack like living creatures. So a human Zombie will attack humans, but pay no mind to the other living creatures of the Earth. It won’t eat a dog or a rat or bugs or the other wonderful creatures that happen to populate the earth. However, a zombie dog will feast upon a fellow canine that’s heart still beats. A dead vulture will attack a canary, but not an armadillo.

Now for the similarities…

The only way to kill a zombie is to take out the brain.

Zombies do attempt to imitate their actions from the world of the living, though purely from instinct. None are as great at it as Bub from DAY OF THE DEAD, but you will find a Zombie Mailman playing with a mailbox, till he spots you.

In the greatest pro-NRA argument ever “But what if Zombies inherit the Earth” those with the guns tend to be the ones that survive.

There is a MALL, but it isn’t a group of 4 that set up base there… There is no moving of semis. There are no two SWAT guys, there is no Helicopter, no biker gang. Instead, we end up with a group of about 25 or so survivors that hole up in the mall. And it is structured a bit more like ROAD WARRIOR – if there was no Max.

This isn’t a movie about isolation and going stir crazy. About the living becoming zombies themselves by just going through the motions of life. All that is replaced by the survival of a community. A microcosm of the types of people around us. A nurse, priest, policeman, neo-Nazis, crack dealer, upper class type and his girlfriend, the pregnant lady, the farmer and his daughter, the town doofus, a mall security guy, the Gap girl, a Goth girl and her father and so on.

This is a very different movie. There is a mall. There are zombies. But it has a bit more to do with MASADA and ROAD WARRIOR than the original DAWN OF THE DEAD. It is violent. Very violent. It is bleak with an ember of hope. It explores willing yourself to exist in the madness of the world of the living dead. It has the hope of finding an island and making babies and just starting over.

It has some of the themes of all great ZOMBIE movies, but it isn’t self-parody. It isn’t terrible. It has the potential to be a really wonderful Zombie movie as long as they get a good horror director to do this. Personally I’d recommend Alex De La Iglesia, but I would always recommend going to George Romero first. Bring him in, show him the script… Let him give it a shot. Sure he’s got a script of his own, but maybe… Just maybe STRIKE… You get the rights to that too, and then have Romero do this and that one.

Why do I like this script so much?

Well, I don’t want to spoil too much, but I’ll give you this much. I love that this is not about a couple of survivors, but a community trying to continue after the Earth has become Hell. That there is some pretty damn good innovative zombie action dealing with the isolation, the contagion of Zombie bites, scratches and what not. The changes that some of these characters go through. But I'll give you one bit in particular

There’s a character in this script named Michael Shaunessy – he’s one of the very strong characters in the script. He becomes in a lot of ways the de facto leader of the Mall Community. Upon the roof of the mall, he’ll often go up with binoculars and a board to communicate with a guy stuck in a gun shop. They can’t talk to one another, they’re only 250 yards apart… but there’s a good few thousand zombies in-between. They write on their boards and hold them up to look through the binoculars and they form a strange silent friendship. Reminds me of a story my Grandfather told me about a ship mate of his in WWII when they were told lights out, and they had to be quiet, he and this other guy used sign language to continue bullshitting at night.

One day, Michael looks through his field glasses and sees his friend holding up a sign saying, “No More Food!!!” And he realizes that his friend’s siege is over. At the same time the Mall community is running out of Ammo and guns. They’ve hatched a plan to escape to an island, but they’ll need more weapons… but that 250 yards of undead flesh tearing bastards… There is no surviving that.

He lowers a dog on a rope down the side of the mall into the sea of zombies and realizes… they don’t eat it. The farm girl that has been in the mall for months has been training the pet shop dogs with her Husky as the lead to act like sleigh dogs, and to listen to verbal commands… SO… they load the dogs up with food, and offer the gun shop guy Food for Guns and a Ticket to freedom on their trip out.

They get to the gunshop great, but on the trip back a pack of zombie dogs go after our hero dogs, eating, gnawing, devouring the fresh mutts. The folks on the mall try to shoot as many of the zombie dogs in the head as possible, but… Well… I’ll let the movie play out.

This could be, in the right hands, really great Zombie material. It is higher budget than most every Zombie flick ever made, but in a lot of ways, this is the most ambitious Living Dead Re-Animated Undead flick I’ve read a script to. Miles better than the RESIDENT EVIL crap that Paul “I suck badly” Anderson made.

The only thing that really needs to be changed is the title. Now STRIKE… UNIVERSAL… Look, James Gunn has written a good Zombie script using the basic concept of a Mall and Zombies and done something very different from the original film. It is good enough to be a start for its own Zombie film series. You bought the rights to those story elements and the title, but the title will only hurt this film.

To the folks that are familiar with the Title DAWN OF THE DEAD, they will always wish curses on this project. To those that vaguely know the title… it might scare them away from the project because they remember watching some of that a long time ago and it was just too much for them. Generally I’d say… FUCK THEM, but hey, you’re trying to make as much money as possible with the script you have… Well, stand by this script… dated July 19, 2002. Don’t Change Anything other than the title.

Create TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD, NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, ENDTIMES or even THE RATKINGS. Just don’t call it DAWN OF THE DEAD, this isn’t part of that series. Amongst those that love that series, you have essentially bought the remake rights to EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, but not STAR WARS or RETURN OF THE JEDI. Gunn wisely didn’t use the characters of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo or Yoda, but he did write a science fiction film using some of the basic themes, but took it in a radically different direction. It can be its own thing.

But DAWN OF THE DEAD isn’t the name brand that EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is. It is a cult film, and the cult in question LOATHES remakes – and truthfully you guys are not doing a remake – y’all are basically just making a Zombie movie that partially takes place in a mall for part of it. I would also recommend going with Make Up as often as possible in lieu of CG.

Now I admit, I have just recently rewatched DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD here at the house. As I read this script, which is very graphic… I read it red. The tone as I read it was very serious. These people don’t believe they’re going to win. Many are in denial. Others have had profound soul changing experiences by this. They wonder about loved ones out there, separated? Zombied? Or with a bullet in their heads? The end of this script, like all good Zombie movies is all at once tonally depressing as fuck, but with that ember of hope.

What happens on the Island? Do they get to the Island? We don’t know. We just know, they’re going to try and get there. Who? No, you have to watch the film for that… or read the script.

As for James Gunn… His SCOOBY DOO script may suck the pellets from a rat’s ass, but this script is a damn fine Zombie film. So I guess it is a good thing that Lloyd Kaufman convinced me not to have him placed in a plastic bag, 12 feet under in Nevada. I just hope nobody fucks with this script… other than the title… that is…

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  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:24 a.m. CST

    Score im 4th

    by zerogundamx

  • NOW can we quit this???

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:30 a.m. CST


    by reni

    So it's violent yeah? Not a PG-13 script? Because any film with 1000's of zombies sounds good to me, but I'm easily misled.(the silent friendship does sound good though.)

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:31 a.m. CST


    by Tres Skeek

    ...goddamn it, Hairy! You have NO IDEA what a good script is! I thank Christ that you are not in a greenlight position - this script is every bit as offensive, if not more so, than Gunn's Scooby-Doo script. The guy is a retard. He has no idea how to tell a story, let alone an original one. Lest you think I haven't read this script, the last line is "The Davy makes its way towards the island". God,,I am so pissed off that you are encouraging this fucking abortion... DAMMIT! When I settle down, I'm gonna tear you a new one, fatboy...

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:32 a.m. CST

    This might be good!

    by deathwish6

    I like the stuff about the two talking to each other through signs, its a nice touch, almost european, if you know what I mean, artistic, charming, could play out well. I'd still rather see atleat one SWAT team member. A gung-ho, no nonesense bastard, taking risks amongst the dead and losing it.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:34 a.m. CST


    by zerogundamx

    From the sounds of it, this could turn out to be a very great zombie flick. Interesting themes. I wholeheartidly agree, do not call this Dawn of the Dead.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:03 a.m. CST

    James Gunn didn't write Citizen Toxie.

    by TheAbstruseOne

    James Gunn didn't write Citizen Toxie. He wrote Tromeo and Juliet. Citizen Toxie was written by Lloyd Kaufman, Patrick Cassidy, Gabriel Friedman, and Trent Haaga. Just wanted to point this out.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:14 a.m. CST

    So, does Jor-El argue anyone out of being a zombie?

    by Lordhoban

    Wouldn't that be cool? We have a guy turning into a blood sucking zombie freak, and Jor-El comes back from the none blown up Krypton, and saves the day by arguing the guy back from being a zombie so he can go and fulfill some self righteous prophecy... AMEN.. 'Jesus Wept' right before hooks pull Jor-El to part and take him back to hell.. cooool... :) ...

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:16 a.m. CST


    by Nocturnaloner

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:17 a.m. CST

    Hey, I lived in Lynnwood for over a year!

    by Nocturnaloner

    The dead do walk, and they have really big hair.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:22 a.m. CST

    What If A Zombie Dog Bit A Hulk Dog?

    by Son Of Batboy

    Alright that part about some farm girl training a pack of mall dogs to run the Iditarod sounds almost as funny as Gay Jimmy Olsen. I didn't think malls carried anything older than a pup or larger than a Shit-Zoo. Maybe I missed something but it didn't sound all that exciting. So there's a shitload of people, each presumably carved out of the Hollywood Handbook on Middle America Stereotypes. We got a bunch of Village People stuck in a mall dreaming of their own Fantasy Island while doing what exactly? Are they just bitching at each other all day while hammering up boards and chowing down Cheetoes? Maybe you could fill us in on a few more gory details. An hour and forty of dudes scrawling on plywood, loading shotguns and blowing the brains out of dogs sounds a bit thin not to mention the flak they'll get from the ASPCA. I can't wait for the disclaimer at the tail end of the credits that says "No zombie dogs were injured during the filming of this motion picture." They should use a location other than the average mall. We have more and more of these colossal MEGA-STORES now. Why not have them stranded in a HOME DEPOT? They'd have all the tools and lumber they could ever dream of but with little food they'd be up the creek. They'd need to crack open the Bob Villa books and build a super armored battery powered steam vehicle. We could even have TERRY THOMAS make a guest appearance as one of the zombies. No additional cost for makeup. And how about DICK VAN DYKE as the store manager? Oh this is really looking up. I picture Junkyard Wars but with Zombies and a bit of cheeky british humor thrown in. Just wait til ya see the big musical number I'm planning for their escape. CHITTY CHITTY BANG DEAD Coming To A Theatre Near You!!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:36 a.m. CST

    Any one else thing Harry has sold his soul?

    by FatXander

    Why does it seem that after a movie idea/script gets everyone all pissed off and we're all reeling from the blashphemy, that Harry comes out with a review saying something like "oh, we're wrong, it's really good!" now I think theres a few kickbacks going on here. Just pisses me off that i have to work for a living. If i had a successful website i could atempt to sell shit to the masses for Satan. damn it.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:41 a.m. CST

    I'd pay 10 bucks to see this

    by Jabbathenutt

    I wonder if Anthony Hopkins will star as Wally the office clerk zombie?

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:46 a.m. CST

    Zombies walk the Earth, and we're the A-Team.

    by durhay

    That'd be the catch phrase from the Dawn of the Dead @ Home Depot mentioned above.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 8:18 a.m. CST

    Look, goddammit...

    by Nordling

    if the guy read the script and liked it, FUCK YOU for saying otherwise. Personally, I'm holding out for Mori's script review, but at least Harry had the BALLS to try to read it fresh in his mind without putting it under the scrutiny that would ordinarily crush it if you're not open-minded enough to give it a chance. And dammit, the part about the gun shop/mall sign relationship read pretty fucking cool to me. I'm a firm believer in Hollywood redemption. Hollywood redemption allowed movies like LA CONFIDENTIAL, WONDER BOYS, acting performances like Harvey Keitel in RESERVOIR DOGS, hell, even Peter Jackson's LOTR trilogy (since THE FRIGHTENERS tanked at the b.o. - although I still love it). Keep a fucking open mind. That said, Romero needs to direct this, if at all possible. There's one thing people seem to forget when they talk about Romero movies - most of the time, he gets the people right. The people are more important than the zombies to him. The zombies are just plot devices, he's more interested in how the people work. At least that's always been my experience with his films. And if Paul Anderson comes near this, I'm going to piss on his mother and laugh. Good review, Harry.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 8:30 a.m. CST

    They should call it "Mourning of the Dead"...get it? "Mourning"

    by Eugene O

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 8:42 a.m. CST

    Dude, I'd see a zombie movie called No More Room In Hell in

    by PattyOGreen

    Seriously. But I am amongst that group of people that love Dawn of the Dead, and I was only initiated into it a mere couple months ago. That was the first time I saw it, and never did I think it was a movie that needed to be remade. So, I will be one of those people that, if they see the titling of "Dawn of the Dead" on the screen before the movie, I'll be comparing it the whole way through. *sigh* I suppose I could just close my eyes and miss that title card when I watch it, then mark it out with a magic marker when I get the DVD, and never refer to it as anything with the words "Dawn" and "Dead" anywhere in the title. Then, I suppose, I could become majorly attached to such a project... if it is pulled off properly and they don't change this script Harry's read too horribly much. Just my two pence.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 8:55 a.m. CST

    They should hole up in a Super Wal-Mart.

    by RampagingTroll

    Because, honestly, that's where I'd hole up. Only a few entrances to board up, plenty of canned goods, plenty of guns and supplies, plus all the leftover Star Wars toys I could ever need. Strap little M80s to them, throw them outside, get the fanboy zombies to pick them up, since they love their Star Wars so much... boom! Half the Wal-Mart going zombies killed like that! Woohoo!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 8:57 a.m. CST

    That's just what I was hoping to hear - can't wait to se

    by Eyegore

    I don't care if it's called Dawn of the Dead or something else, it sounds like it could be a great movie. And I don't think George Romero should get any shot at having anything to do with it. As far as I'm concerned he let us all down a long time ago. He's made it well known that he has little interest in doing further zombie movies no matter what the fans want.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:01 a.m. CST


    by timothycarey

    gee, get cameron crowe to direct! maybe it'll be just as great as _almost famous_, a travesty of cute glosses on 70's culture _dawn_ rips the throat out of and the corpse of lester bangs is doing backflips trying to avenge. harold, please retire immediately. you believe your own hype and nothing could be more dangerous. sorry, warner's has made you angry and so you want them to do a job action at your request? excuse me, what you like about this script is that it features 25 people, not 4? i beg your pardon, you didn't really just suggest george romero should be given "a shot" at remaking his own film? is it that you're more shameless than clueless, or vice versa. well, why split hairs? fuck zombies, i guess the new normal is making your peace with hordes of ravenous careerists, having babies and smoking crack...since, harry, you're evidently doing a great deal of the latter, please don't hurt anyone by attempting the former. i...just...don't fucking believe it either, tres skeek. when there's no more room in hell, i guess the dead will walk aicn. so, i'll fall on my sword and make more room for you, having reached a point like tom lehrer, who retired saying that vietnam made parody impossible. timothycarey is dead...beware the wrath of duanejones! be seeing you...

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:33 a.m. CST

    DOTD remake.

    by manwiththedogs

    Look, I love zombie movies. More to the point, I love George Romero zombie movies. His original DOTD script has more depth and human emotion than any 5 "Hollywood Blockbusters" you can name. Not just another monster, horror, gore flick, Dawn really said something about who we were at that time in America. Like NOTLD before it, Dawn took some of the fears and paranoia we were living with and focused them into a threat that seemed very real(as real as the walking dead can seem, I guess) and while this new script may be good, and could maybe become a decent movie, calling that movie Dawn of the Dead would only serve to hold it up to impossible standards(not to mention dissing the original in most fans minds) The point is, make all the zombie movies you want, "borrow" ideas if you have to, but please leave DOTD alone. Spare us another candy assed Hollywoodized and completly unnessisary remake of a classic. Dawn stands on it`s own as one of the best movies ever made, lets keep it that way.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:42 a.m. CST

    From what you've told us this could be good

    by Rayanne Graff

    But I'd like to read the script for myself. Can anyone find it on the net? I suppose if this makes money it makes it more likely that someone will fund Romero's next offering.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:43 a.m. CST


    by Tons of Fun

    I agree with RampagingTroll, I work in a Super Wal-Mart and it's the true portal to Hell, the perfect setting for a Zombie flick.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:49 a.m. CST

    Hey, you guys are nuts

    by WeedyMcSmokey

    Such vitirol attached to such a unimportant vein of entertainment. I loved Dawn of the Dead - we all know that it is impossible for anyone but Romero to do any kind of remake justice (and I'm sure he wouldn't do it) - so relax. It's a zombie movie. Frankly, we need more zombie movies, I can't think of any horror style more cathartic. So lets have some more zombie movies - this one included. Christ, you guys act like Warner Brothers have threatened to open the seventh seal or something. This remake is just one more bad decision from a company that makes nothing but bad decisions. There are other films out there worth more attention.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:49 a.m. CST

    OH! And Macho Man Randy Savage should be in the Super Wal-Mart

    by RampagingTroll

    He can just sit in a corner and cower, eat his Slim Jims, and anytime a zombie gets the shit blown out of him by the Star Wars toy-grenades, he can jump up and scream into the camera "OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!!" It's brilliant! They'd be fools to not do it! But make sure they still call it "Dawn of the Dead" because it's just like the original, and the rich fucks up in Hollywood can't seem to come up with their own titles for movies anyway.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:51 a.m. CST

    And one more thing, not on that subject

    by RampagingTroll

    Screw all you assholes who bash Harry for using "shit" so much, and yet do it yourselves. And if you don't like his stuff, don't read it. If you DO feel you need to talkback, just make sure you *don't speak for me*, asswipes. "Everyone" doesn't hate his atricles, you jerkwads. I, for one, enjoy his stuff. And Mori's too. Two great tastes that taste great together. Hmmm... sounds kinda kinky. OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH!!!!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 9:59 a.m. CST

    I find it frightening that Harry needs to watch Almost Famous fo

    by Cutter's Way

    That's like watching The Wild Bunch for interpersonal communication tips. Back to Gunn's script - Dog-sledding animal trainers? The goth girl? Zombie dog attack? DUMB. Romero's movies endure because they didn't resort to ridiculous societal cross-section stereotyping or laughably goofy set-pieces. Romero always grounded his films in some kind of reality; that's what made them alarming - the "this could happen to you" scare. Turning Dawn of the Dead into Gilligan's Island with Our Very Special Guest Zombies is the lazy, boring way around.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 10:07 a.m. CST

    The Dude Abides, you are officially labeled idiot.

    by Nordling

    Didn't you read the fucking article? Harry LIKED the script. Grab some Hooked On Phonics or make a run for the border, good buddy.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 10:20 a.m. CST

    God I hate it when Harry somehow finds a positive twist on thing

    by IAmLegolas

    Maybe his mind finally snapped because he couldn't deal with a remake of a GREAT film like this. This will still be cr@p and a pox on all who go to see it. But F*CK YEAH the special edition DVD is coming to out next summer via Anchor Bay Entertainment!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 10:35 a.m. CST

    When There's No More Room In Hell, The Remakes Will Walk The

    by DukeTheBastard

    Sorry, but fuck the shit outta this. Why not just call this some other title. This is not Dawn of the Dead remake, so just leave it the fuck alone. The only similarity between this Shite remake to be and Original, is the Mall. Hyst re-title it and make a fresh new zombie movie, not something that has been fucking done before. I FUCKING HATE HOLLYWOOD!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 10:52 a.m. CST

    Oh, The Horror!

    by MaryTylerMorbid

    Remaking this movie would be a mistake of biblical proportions. Please, Harry, pull some of that weight. Don't let this happen!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 10:54 a.m. CST

    1.85:1 has the right idea! Just combine it with mine!

    by RampagingTroll

    The modern world of the walking dead IS Wal-Mart! Especially in buttfuck rural Washington! See!! My idea is perfect! Macho Man is the walking dead too! It all's so perfect!!! Underlying messages galore! Haha! Okay... off my damn Wal-Mart soapbox. It's not funny anymore. Though it is still true, I would hole up there.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 11:27 a.m. CST

    Grammar and spelling


    One thing I can't stand is poor grammar and spelling. Of course, technically speaking, a site called "Ain't it Cool" has already decreed its standards. In any case, the statement "I have felt that Gunn should never of left TROMA..." is wrong. It would be "never should HAVE". In your mind Harry, I am sure you were hearing "should've", but think about it. 'Should of left' is a meaningless statement. On the other hand, it is refreshing that you didn't dismiss Gunn's script out of hand. It does sound interesting, and being someone that loves zombie movies, I would like to see it on the screen. I have to disagree with your assessment of Resident Evil, though. I thought it was pretty decent, especially helmed by Anderson. While it didn't contain the over-the-top gore that is typical of zombie films, it allowed itself to appeal to a wider audience. One of the reasons the studios don't want to back Romero is that gratuitous zombie violence is only appealing to a niche audience.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 11:32 a.m. CST

    Wait, I've already seen this movie

    by Otto

    Turn the mall into a truck stop, replace the zombies with tractor trailers, cast Emilio Esteves as the lead, keep the part about escaping to an island at the end, and you come up with "Maximum Overdrive". Even if the movie isn't that great, they can still probably get AC/DC to do a kick ass soundtrack.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 11:36 a.m. CST

    Like the NRA quip, but...

    by Sheamus

    ... I'm fed up with people completely dismissing RESIDENT EVIL as a movie. While certainly not a masterpiece, that film had a tone and atmosphere that I don't think has been seen since EVENT HORIZON (also by Anderson) in terms of creepiness. The film was beautifully shot and had some great scenes. Yes, it was toned down and wasn't as good as any of the DEAD trilogy, but it *was* out to make money (which it did). If you watch RE with an open mind it's a pretty decent effort. It's much easier to make 'bold' movies when the public has zero expectation and you're talking of an audience of thousands as opposed to millions - that's why Romero's DEAD trilogy works, and bullshit like THE DARK HALF does not: because he actually had a decent budget on the back of the DEAD success! :) Ten bucks says Romero never makes another movie of worth *ever*. Getting back to the DOTD remake, it looks okay but I agree about the dogs. Anyway - hasn't that already been scooped by RESIDENT EVIL? (And very well done at that.) Oops Harry, missed a beat there.

  • Because he hates everything he does. Jealousy?

  • Sept. 24, 2002, noon CST

    Resident Evil was no zombie movie

    by WeedyMcSmokey

    Just a action set piece. I don't care if you liked it - it just doesn't hold up to any critical examination - It looked to me like they tried to save it in the editing room and came out with a picture completely different from what they originally shot - hyper cuts, colour bleeds and the like substituting for any shred of character development and the shittiest exposition and most self-serving dialogue I've seen and heard in a while ("I remember now!"). Man, every movie looks "cool" these days, the technology makes it easy - its just not enough.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 12:05 p.m. CST


    by Mr Chuff

    Dont you fuckers EVER think? It makes a change from seeing some "hilarious" gif of your fat asas shaking about but I think most people think the idea of someone in a wheelchair with a Superman suit on kinda sick? I dunno...maybe I'm over reacting...ask Christopher Reeves and see what he says.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 12:16 p.m. CST

    Name Change? Not Likely.

    by hipcheck13

    The script, if untouched, sounds good. Unfortunately, Harry, they ain't gonna call it anything 'cept "Dawn of the Dead" for its "name recognition" factor. Even people who've never seen the movie - or were born when it came out - know the name. In today's *FILMS CREATED AND PR'D BY SOULLESS, NAMELESS FUCKS IN GREY SUITS WHO SIT AT LONG, SHINY WOODEN TABLES DRINKING PRISSY LITTLE CUPS OF COFFEE AND DECIDING HOW BEST TO MARKET "PRODUCT," NOT HOW TO MAKE A GREAT MOVIE* they'd never change the name. How else could they post the numbers on opening weekend?

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 12:24 p.m. CST

    Moriarty is a MILLION TIMES better a writer than you Harry!!!!

    by David Fincher

    I mean come the fuck on! Moriarty is a far better writer. His writing is far more interesting and he talks to me in such a way that it's like he's just having a conversation with us and involving us! With you it makes me feel like you're just some film-geek that thinks he's above everyone -- and if you don't like it then it shouldn't be made. Postive review, or negative review MORIARTY IS A FAR BETTER FUCKING WRITER!!!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 12:32 p.m. CST

    James Gunn

    by The Colonel

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 12:34 p.m. CST

    James Gunn's Novel

    by The Colonel

    I hate Troma, haven't seen Scooby-Doo (never will), and couldn't care less about Dawn of the Dead, but about 2 years ago I read Gunn's novel, The Toy Collector, and it's one of my favorite novels of the decade. Hilarious, true, sad, and demented. Maybe he just can't write scripts. Check out his book tho.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 12:44 p.m. CST

    Mr. Chuff

    by WeedyMcSmokey

    The animation gif is a regular character on this site called Hercules the Strong - he contributes to a lot of the reviews for TV and DVD and all Harry had done was slap a Superman suit on. But that's just the facts - the fact is you're a PC thug who doesn't see the hypocrisy of your thinking. Christopher Reeve is a celebrity, he should be subject to the same treatment as any other celebrity - Or would you have me treat him with kid gloves, because of his misfortune? I'm sure he doesn't think of himself as an object of pity, why should I? Plus, I think a man of his obvious intelligence sees the irony of "Superman" becoming a quadrapoligic. See, you look at the gif and see a joke, an attempt to make fun of someone disabled - You are creating the malice, the intent - it is your bias and opinion of the disabled that causes a negative reaction to the image. Since I know the characture, and know that Harry and Mori and all are huge Reeve as Superman fans, and fans of the Donner films, I know that they're just being ironic, and any actual malice is just to be a little controversial. To sum up - shut the fuck up, you don't know what you're talking about.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 1:02 p.m. CST

    I've read and seen...

    by radio1_mike

    I've seen DOTD, I've read the Dead Reckoning treatment and just read this stuff... Just don't call it DOTD! That's it-- the movie sounds okay enough. JUst call it something else and get a good director. Oh, yes, someone does need to get GR to installment 4.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 1:21 p.m. CST


    by Flypay

    You are off base on your reply to chuff...It's not PC, it's just simple human respect. Reeve deserves the same treatment as other celebrities? What treatment is that? Derision? Ridicule? Mocking? How about treating him as a human being. You want to know if he appreciates the "irony"? Send him your inane comments and the gif in question and see.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 1:39 p.m. CST

    So I'm sitting here at work reading this review...

    by Manaqua

    ....and Harry says its in Everett, WA? WTF?! Hahahaha. I'm sittin here in Everett right now, that kind tripped me out.........

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 2:33 p.m. CST


    by WeedyMcSmokey

    Ridicule, comment, exposure - the price paid for celebrity - I would challenge that considering that the gif is of an AICN contributor Hercules the Strong, who's saying anything about Reeves in the first place? Besides, Superman is an invalid - I don't see why we have to elevate him to an untouchable status, we converse regularly about violating any number of celebrities - why should he be treated differently? I don't see a need for a double standard. Knee-jerk reactionism is equally misinformed - and I couldn't care less what Reeve thinks - you can go ahead and coddle the disabled and unfortunate, it contributes to making them pariahs. I say let them be subject to the same horrible human conditions that we all are. People don't seem to mind continually making fun of Harry's waistline - an accident is the direct cause of that - Fuck the double standard. Either no one is fair game, or we all are.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 2:53 p.m. CST

    Everett, Washington

    by Vern

    Actually, Northgate is in Seattle. Everett is up North more. I was surprised to see that it is the setting of this blasphemous-but

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 3:12 p.m. CST

    My theory about why this got a good review

    by Maggie

    Anybody else think that Harry was promised a part in the movie as a zombie if he gave the script a good review? If this gets made, I'll bet a million bucks, Harry shows up in it and geeks out over the experience of being a zombie. He'll rationalize the fact that it isn't a Romero movie the whole time. Blah Blah Blah.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 4:04 p.m. CST

    Doesn't sound TOO bad, but still.....

    by Dj Tiesto

    It shouldn't be called Dawn of the Dead. Why even title it that? If Harry is right and James Gunn has wrote a pretty decent ZOMBIE script that only borrows general concepts from DAWN, then don't piss off us fans of Romero by keeping the title!! I personally like NO MORE ROOM IN HELL...that is a damn cool title and would likely catch the public's eye (at least as much as any other shitty slasher movie can anyway). I always knew I'd be seeing this movie regardless if AICN praised it or hated it. I fucking love Zombie movies and there just aren't enough of them to go around. Why Romero can't get funding for Dead Reckoning (it should be called Twilight of the Dead though...has Romero fallen off his rocker?), I just do not understand. Is he hard to work with...too demanding, what? One thing I don't like about this though is the "instant zombieage change after death". Obviously, the zombie thing is some kind of disease in the Romero films and this one. NO DISEASE is rapid like that! That's why I loved Romero's DAWN so much...when Roger died, Peter just had to sit and wait for his friend to get back of the best scenes in the movie! Oh yeah, put more emphasis on HUMAN zombies too. THe part with the zombie dogs in Resident Evil was absolutely retarded and there is no need to retread that ground. I hope this movie is as good as Harry hopes it will be. But it will never be any DAWN OF THE DEAD!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 4:08 p.m. CST

    As long as Goblin does the soundtrack, I'm happy.

    by Red_Floyd

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 5:36 p.m. CST

    As If I'm Not Going To See A Zombie Movie...

    by NoCureForFools

    i love zombie movies. the Romero movies are the best, but the legions of imitations, satirizations and blatant rip-offs are fun too. shit, i even enjoyed Resident Evil, and everyone hates that. it is a shame that their gonna call it a remake, but i don't really care that much. there will always be the original Dawn DVD to watch. so no big deal. i just hope they keep the violence and gore level up. if they play down the gore, i'll be dissapointed (the major disappointment in Resident Evil was it's lack of hardcore gore, if they amped the gore up, i would've liked it alot more). i wish they would amp the gore up to NC-17 levels. but, alas, you know this isn't gonna happen. so... i just hope it turns out as good as it can given Hollywood's reluctance to give us the buckets of blood and gore we so desire in our B-Movie horror genre films...

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:04 p.m. CST

    James Gunn's best work

    by comearocking

    Definitely James's best work was his novel The Toy Collector. It is about a drug addicted toy collector who sold his massive collection of toys to fuel his drug habit and vice versa. Also I worked on Tromeo & Juliet and I read James' script before Llyod Kaufman Tromaed it up. It was humorous. Thats all I have to say, I haven't seen the Specials or Scooby Doo.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:18 p.m. CST

    Zombie failings

    by Sheamus

    All zombies films (without exception, I believe) suffer from the same flaw - namely, that they all share the premise that when bitten, scratched etc by a zombie, you ultimately become one when you croak. Problem is: the zombies are out for FOOD. Why do they suddenly stop eating somebody? Surely they'd eat every scrap? If like in the script above there are thousands of starving zombies groaning for food, they're going to consume every scrap of a living person. (Let's ignore the key point that they're also eat EACH OTHER if they're starving. What part of their non-intellect seperates alive from dead? Duhhh.) Nobody would come back from a zombie attack. There would be nothing to come back! (OK - if you get bitten or scratched and *escape* that's different, but zombies seem to start chomping on someone and then twenty minutes later he's in there fighting with them! Okay....) And I like the comments above about *how* exactly zombies would reanimate without blood moving etc. At least RESIDENT EVIL had the T-virus to make it somewhat plausable.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:20 p.m. CST


    by Sheamus

    I'd just like to add that the most underated zombie movie that never gets a mention is Fulci's THE BEYOND. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more eerie movie (that darn piano/blind woman combo gets me every time). And the ending is amazing. Rent it.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 6:39 p.m. CST

    The Original Day of the Dead script...

    by Roger Thornhill absolutely amazing. If you can find a copy on the it. If that script was filmed, Day would've been on par with BOTH Night and Dawn...maybe even surpassing Dawn of the Dead as the best of the series. If you want my opinion, I think Romero should do a remake of Day with his ORIGINAL script that was a joy to read. If anyone else has read it and agrees with me, please post your thoughts on the original Day of the Dead screenplay that Romero wrote.

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 7:17 p.m. CST

    Wal-Mart zombies...

    by gonkthud

    RampagingTroll and Tons of Fun, you guys need to get together on that stuff-that's hilarious! The Star Wars and M80s idea is great! One more thing, write it more like "Return of the Living Dead" with over the top humor and have the zombies turning slowly into the undead and calling fresh meat over the intercom. Said in a zombie gutteral voice-"Clean-Up on aisle 5, clean-up on aisle 5." Then a scream comes over the intercom. Yeah, baby!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 8:31 p.m. CST

    Original Day of the Dead Script here

    by JAGUART

    It is on this site, click on films then Day of the Dead.....

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 10:01 p.m. CST

    my thoughts on the (Dawn of the Dead) remake..

    by Christavo

    I LOVE Dawn of the Dead, it's one of my all-time favorite films. When I first heard of the remake, I was really surprised and a little cynical, but since it's been soooooooo long since there has been any good zombie movies, I am totally open to seeing a remake. Now, as far as this script goes, it sounds a bit like Night and Dawn mixed together. I don't like the idea of it being called "DAWN OF THE DEAD" if it isn't an exact remake (same characters/story, etc.)... If it's called something else, I'm cool with it. I really like the fact that it has totally new characters and supposedly shows what's going on in other parts of the world when the dead walk. I don't like the Zombie dogs. Sounds stupid. I really don't want to watch dogs getting shot in the head. etc. The other stuff sounds ok. I'd go see it. If it's good and SCARY (that's a keyword... zombie movies should be SCARY and realistic... the comedy shit like Return of the Living Dead part 2 makes me roll my eyes) then i'd be cool with it and would welcome the thought of seeing more sequels. One thing for sure... why do all the zombie movies take place in these little small towns?!? I WANNA SEE AN L.A. ZOMBIE MOVIE!!!

  • Sept. 24, 2002, 11:04 p.m. CST

    To Weedy

    by Flypay

    I agree with some of what you said. Celebrities SHOULD be subject the same ridicule, harrassment, and humiliation the rest of us are subject to when deserved. My point is that Reeve (in the guise of Herc or not) has not done anything to deserve mocking...I'm not overly passionate about this. It's not a free speech mantra or's just that I don't go around telling people they look funny walking around with their club foot simply because it's rude, uncivilized, and disrespectful. These talk backs are hardly the place to talk about civilized discourse, but I still think everyone is entitled to a little respect WHEN ITS DESERVED. Reeve/Herc/"Superman" has done nothing to inspire mocking of his situation. Respect and consideration do not equal pity.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 1:20 a.m. CST

    "Zombies just happened"

    by drompter

    New catch phrase?

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 4:03 a.m. CST

    Amazing Larry, Northgate Mall isn't in Everett

    by St.Buggering

    Everett has the Everett Mall, or even Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood. Northgate is quite a ways south of there. It's also not terribly posh anymore; it's actually getting quite old, and the exterior shows it, especially now that they've closed the freaking Northgate Cinema (one of the few remaining single screens in the city...bastards). What's sad about doing horror with a mall setting is that it was so recently done with "Eight Legged Freaks". Given the short memories of most film-goers, that's the parallel they're going to come away with, rather than the original "Dawn". Hell, most of the audience for horror these days seems to be teenagers, and most of them have probably never heard of George Romero. I think Harry's suggestion of simply changing the title is a good one. It will generate much more good will if it isn't a remake.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 8:39 a.m. CST

    Cool. Hopefully, they'll film it on location.

    by DouglasAH

    Everett Mall is just a few minutes' WALK from my place. Of course, they'll scout locations and pick the place that works best for the script. Still pretty cool, though.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 9:17 a.m. CST

    Encouraging, but your previous quote still remains:

    by Charnelhouse

    "The executive told Roger (Avary) that he liked James Gunn's script and that they wanted to make it. That they want a director that can give it that MUMMY-esque quality, since UNIVERSAL is the distributor on this future load of shit." So you've got a solid script but a studio who is looking for a director who will water it down. Not good.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 9:44 a.m. CST

    Aussie Zombies

    by Bob871

    Have you heard of the Aussie zombie film UNDEAD.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 10:12 a.m. CST

    Aussie zombie movie

    by Idiot Jed

    I went to film school with the brothers who made it. Are you one of them trying to get a plug in? If so, for shame. :) Why don't you just put in the link to the official site?

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 12:38 p.m. CST

    will louis anderson play michael shaughnessy?

    by bootyschool

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 12:46 p.m. CST

    nobody listens to me

    by petrifiedscat

    sweet muther of satan!! this is exactly what i said on an earlier post!! if your gunna call it dawn of the dead...your an idiot!! if your gunna have anything to do with romereo's zombie gotta have it based AFTER day of the dead..which is based in the 1980's!! Don't you get it? because romereo's last movie takes place in a zombie infested world of the 80's. NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE!!! no technology. no advancments. no cell phones. no computers. no new cars. no new buildings. If...if there is a new romero movie..dead reckoning, twilight, dusk..whatever..he HAS to make it take place in the world HE created..which ends in 1983. So, even if he makes a new movie which takes place in the late 80's, 90's now have to remember that society has crumbled. It's a friggin logistical nightmare. as for this 'remake' what an embarassment. hollywood can't make a completly new zombie flick without making some kind os association with romero or resident evil. no one would go. and you know what? george romero is a bastard. he has never pubically explained WHY he doesnt do another. if he just plain doesnt want to..fine! say it! if it's problems with copyrights..ok. say it! no funding? say it! say it! say it! it irks me to no end. even the return of the living dead movies had a reference to romero's world. it actually takes place in the same universe! that whole 'filming of night was a coverup for an army experiment' crap. face it, romero aint never gunna make a new movie. and if he does, it will be some kind of modern day rehash, because it will be too expensive to re-create a crumbled world from the 80's. do yourself a favor: read living dead UK or the 'books of the dead' series. all take place in romero's zombie created universe. boycott a dawn remake.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 12:48 p.m. CST

    yes, i meant..PUBICALLY!!!

    by petrifiedscat

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 1:12 p.m. CST

    LD vs D

    by radio1_mike

    Romero could not add 'Living' to the titles of the last 2 movies because of a court battle. He and his partner who made NOTLD had a business falling out, part of the settlement was that he could not use 'Living' in any titles...

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 1:15 p.m. CST

    Fanboys DEMAND the name is changed

    by Eyegore

    Personally I don't care what name it has...I want to see this movie done and done right. But the fanboy backlash against it for being called "Dawn of the Dead" will probably hurt it more than it helps. Even if it turns out to be the best zombie movie ever made, fanboys will blast it just because of the name.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 1:29 p.m. CST


    by illerphenom

    this sounds like good news to me. HOpefully they handle it correctly. i would actually love to see this movie if it's a good zombie movie and they don't try to infringe on my sacred Dawn of The Dead.. renaming it would be an AWESOME Idea.. oh yeah i didn't read any of this tlak back, it's way too long and overwhelming.. i just wnated to add my two cents. WHatever.. george romero rules, peace

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 2:47 p.m. CST

    gimme it!!

    by JiggamanSpence

    I want to read this really bad. if u know where to get it or have it, please e-mail me!!

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 5:02 p.m. CST

    Weedy, is your life that shitty?

    by Garbageman33

    The other guy is right. Christopher Reeve has done nothing to deserve your ridicule. When Anna Nicole Smith debases herself on national TV, she deserves whatever she gets. When Randy Moss runs over a meter maid, he deserves what he gets. Christopher Reeve fell off a horse, for godsake. It was an accident. And for that, you think he desrves ridicule? Do we make fun of your mother for having you? Again, it was an accident, you sad sack of shit.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 5:24 p.m. CST

    Romero's former "partner" is...

    by Nordling

    John Russo, who deserves face rape.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 5:46 p.m. CST

    Harry, I hate to say it, but you are almost never "honest & unme

    by Lenny Nero

    I respect you, but you are not those things.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 7:05 p.m. CST

    Ridicule and anyone, let alone Reeve

    by wuulfgar

    You pansy-ass, pseudo-avenging do-gooders seem to not want to get the point! Do you expect little cookies and kudos from the Chris Reeve's of the world for "sticking up for them"? The point being made was NOT Chris Reeve *deserves/has- brought-upon-himself/needs-to-have-everyone-visit-upon-him* ridicule or mean-spiritedness; oh no, you shameless lackers of reading comprehension, rather it was that his condition/disability/whatever does *not* afford him special protection should ridicule or mean-spiritedness be given unto him. I know I was quasi-intellectually convoluted there, so please take a few moments and read it again. We'll wait. Does anyone remember Dennis Miller's rant on homosexuals? To wit (paraphrased): "I think so little of their so-called deviation from the sexual norms, that I will give them every bit of vitriol I save for any other member of the human race." In a nutshell: what you do, what you have does not afford you any special protection from anything. You want to be included in the general pantheon of human existence? Then belly up to the bar and take whatever is dished to you like anyone else would.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 8:29 p.m. CST

    I'm impressed

    by Garbageman33

    You seem to be really, super duper smart. By the way, how late are you open tonight and do you have "Lord of the Rings" in stock? You pseudo-intellectual, $6.00 an hour, chain-smoking motherfucker.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 8:41 p.m. CST

    Review of "The Toy Collector"

    by jmachinder


  • Sept. 25, 2002, 10:12 p.m. CST

    Original Day of the Dead script

    by DouglasAH

    Actually, the training of zombies was my least favorite part of Day of the Dead, and the original script had even more of this nonsense, including a fast-draw gunslinger zombie. I do like the epilogue in the original script better, however.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 10:16 p.m. CST

    You film geek cunts.

    by Guttersniper

    LEAVE Dawn Of The Dead alone. ALL of you, you film geek cunts, including fat repressed schizoid sociopath Harry. DOTD is beautiful. You fucks are not. Die in a hotel fire.

  • Sept. 25, 2002, 10:43 p.m. CST

    Toy Collector

    by StandandDeliver

    That Toy Collector review's a bunch of crap. Just do an internet search, and you'll see that 90% of all the reviews are great.

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 12:15 a.m. CST

    Remember Me

    by Stinky Stank

    So Moriarty posted my review of the script up about 2 weeks ago. I didn't want to give too much away about the plot but I wanted everyone to know that this could turn out to be one hell of a good Zombie movie. Reading the talk backs I found that the general consensus was that i didn't know what I was talking about and that this movie was gonna suck big time. I read what Roger Avery had to say and again I was losing confidence in my opinion. I started to read Harry's script review and really thought I should just give up claiming to be a zombie movie fan. Then as I read on I realised that Harry had seen what I'd seen. This could be a really great Zombie movie. Thanks Harry you restored my faith in my geekness and know matter what some of these talk back losers say, they still keep coming back!! You are The Dude!! Feeling pretty smug. Stinky Stank

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 12:15 a.m. CST

    "pus dripping mangina" and "I lost my mind in anger over what ha

    by Darth Phallus

    I don&#39;t know what the former is and if the latter is true, Harry, please lay off the caffeine and get a little perspective my friend. Plus, with this and the Superman script review there has been a disturbing trend around these parts about fantasies of extreme violence towards people involved with making these movies. Y&#39;all need to chill out! Take a deep breath and repeat after me: It&#39;s ONLY a movie. There are much worse enemies in the world <cough George W. cough> far more deserving of your ire. As far as the script goes, I love the idea of the guys contacting each other over a sea of zombies. Sounds like a cool date movie for Halloween. I do agree with Harry that they really should change the title. DoTD is such a classic. Zombie movies give me nightmares for weeks after I see them. Something about&#39;em really creeps me out. So, of course, I&#39;ll go and see it.

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 12:38 a.m. CST

    BTW, weren&#39;t MALL ZOMBIES already explored in NIGHT OF THE C

    by Darth Phallus

    &#39;nuff said.

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 5:32 a.m. CST

    bring on brit-flick SHAUN OF THE DEAD !!!

    by superstar

    anyone know anything about the british zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead? I MUST KNOW !!!!!

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 7:51 a.m. CST

    Zombie Movies are just too damn few and far between....good ones


    When it comes to zombie movies i is to it mildly a bit of a purest, having had to sit throught crud like "Children of thr living Dead" (Tom Savini or not someone sucked off the devil to get the funding for this movie), and even the "BOUNS" footage that was filmed for the NIght of 30th aniversery just made me want to go outside and hurt myself. So the idea of them messing with DOTD fills me with a sensation no unsimilar to burning lighter fulid being poured down me old man-rocket...BUT i think any movement in making more zombie movies is a good one and while i agree with Harry in that why not just make a A ZOMBIE movie instead of a remake of one the genres classics. Think of it get someone a director e.g the del toro&#39;s, Jake Scotts, Dominc Sena, Rob Bowmins,of this world give them the same money you would through at yet another one of these "I know what you screamed last valientine muppet" movies and watch the boys go. Just don&#39;t let Micheal Bleedin Bay near itand yes Paul Anderson you may well hang your head in shame. Or and here&#39;s just a suggestion GIVE GEORGE THE MONEY!!!!!! ideally before he dies. Slangei Var WEAMDEBEST

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 7:53 a.m. CST

    Can anyone email me a copy of the James Gunn DOTD script!


    Yacky Dah Man i desperatly want to read this if you&#39;ve got it could you please sent it to me at Thanks dude

  • Sept. 26, 2002, 10:29 a.m. CST


    by CuervoJones


  • Sept. 27, 2002, 2:54 a.m. CST

    Why did they even buy the rights to DOTD?

    by Ronnie_Dobbs

    Is buying the rights to a video game or a classic film the only way filmmakers can get zombie movies made? They should do this script and any other super-violent zombie movies. With a good makeup budget (no CG) this could be kickass ---- as long as they don&#39;t call it DAWN OF THE DEAD.

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 7:26 a.m. CST

    re: Shawn of the dead

    by The-Doc

    I read an article a couple of months ago in SFX magazine. It&#39;s basicly a comedy version of I Am Legend, with Zombies instead of Vampires. Apparently central character Shawn wakes up one day to find that everyone in the world is a Zombie except him. It&#39;s starring/ written by Brit Commiedian Simon Pegg, who worked on BBC comedies like Big Train and Spaced. I can&#39;t remember much else about it, cus I didn&#39;t buy the mag, but I believe it may have gone into production already.

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 1:05 p.m. CST

    first time posting

    by ThatKindOfDay

    Truthfully, let&#39;s just pray they change the title, I kinda&#39; dug the whole "No Room In Hell" thing, that would be a cool little "tribute" style to the original. A huge fan of DOTD, I never wanted to see this movie made, until I read that it&#39;s going to play out like "8 Legged Freaks" with Zombies, and hopefully no "Mummy"-style jokes in it as previously reported. I&#39;m out. For now, muah ha ha

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 3:37 p.m. CST

    Western Washington Malls and James Gunn

    by Neil

    Having the beginning set in Everett and move to Northgate would be pretty weak, especially since Northgate absolutely is the same kind of mall shown in the original DAWN. In fact, it is the first indoor mall in the world (or possibly just North America, one way or the other...). I&#39;m not sure what the imagined benefit of the faux posh feel is, but Northgate hasn&#39;t had it in many, many years. The neighborhood has even gotten pretty seedy in recent years. You could play off that, but I&#39;m not sure how or why, since it&#39;d be complicated getting them that far south already. Everett Mall also has that same old school mall feel, but would at least make sense geographically. I think Alderwood Mall is the best choice. Those of us who know the area might be momentarily distracted by the minor geographical shift, but not enough to care. Heck, my high school - Mariner - had an Everett address and yet most of us went to the Alderwood Mall to do whatever teenagers do at malls. It&#39;s really the closest we have in this area to a functioning modern style mall. The SuperMall bombed big time and is all outlet stores now, Lakewood Mall in Tacoma finally busted and the downtown malls go up instead of around and would feel weird in that context. Does anyone know why Everett? I grew up around there and it wouldn&#39;t have occured to me to set it there and James Gunn isn&#39;t from around here. And why is no one crediting him with THE SPECIALS, which I thought was a pretty solid and low-key indie comedy?

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 4:29 p.m. CST

    Why not go the &#39;Return&#39; route

    by Vern

    meaning RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. It was a semi-sequel and everyone knew it but since it wasn&#39;t exactly a sequel nobody minded that they changed the abilities of the zombies, where they came from and the tone of the movie. If the zombies are different, the characters are different, etc., you gotta call it something else man. Another question, are they going to call it ZOMBI in Italy? As for the Seattle area discussion, I agree that Alderwood Mall would be the best mall in the area to film at. They got scaffolding business all over the ceiling they could climb around, it&#39;s bigger than other malls and very modern looking (to distinguish it from the superior original so it&#39;s not as much of an embarassment). Also it would be nice to see that huge skylight shot out in a zombie battle. Or if they really wanted to make it different they could do it downtown at Westlake. It would be nice to see those giant photos of models and athletes at The Gap and Niketown and shit looming over the proceedings. And as long as they&#39;re a big fuckin studio movie they might as well do the first zombie holocaust in a major city. I would like to see them corral zombies into skyscrapers and then toss them out the windows to see what happens.

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 5:06 p.m. CST

    RETURN concept

    by Neil

    It&#39;s all kind of odd. In essence, all zombie movies made after NOTLD are semi-sequels to it, since they all use the flesh eating corpse motif and hardly deal with Voodoo at all. I agree with Harry. Call it "No Room In Hell" or something else that would play as a tribute rather than a remake - From how it sounds at least. I&#39;d really, really love to read this, with this much controversy surrounding it and it taking place in the stomping grounds of my youth. And, well, it being a zombie movie. - and that&#39;ll play exactly the way ROTLD did, as tribute/sequel. As to malls, I can&#39;t quite picture where you could see Niketown from Westlake at. I think Pacific Place would have a more cinematic look. Both, however, lack for a place to buy guns, I think. Alderwood Mall has the advantage that the Big 5 across the street does (or, at least did) sell guns.

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 5:14 p.m. CST

    Other sundry points

    by Neil

    The original DAWN OF THE DEAD predates NIGHT OF THE COMET by eight years, so unless that was intended as some kind of ironic joke that I missed, the logic of that is twisted. As to buying the remake rights, that makes sense enough to me, despite being against NAMING the film DAWN OF THE DEAD. CYA. Wanna make a zombie movie in a mall? Why not have the rights to DAWN OF THE DEAD so no one can fuck with you legally. Make the credit "Inspired By" or "Loosely Based On" or one of those things and be done with it. A new zombie movie in a mall movie could come out every month and I&#39;d go. I can&#39;t see how using the name DAWN OF THE DEAD won&#39;t just cause more problems than it&#39;s worth.

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 10:23 p.m. CST



    I have always really liked Night Of The Living Dead, but never got around to seeing Dawn Of The Dead, until now. After reading all these posts proclaiming it a classic, I rented it tonight. Man, this movie was really stupid, I thought Resident Evil was better. I guess if I had seen it when I was a kid, it might have done something for me, but just walking in cold, I was barely able to sit through the whole thing.

  • Sept. 28, 2002, 11:38 p.m. CST

    DAWN OF THE DEAD is a legitimate classic

    by Neil

    It&#39;s not simply a youthful fancy of some post-Baby Boom kids who grew up with that as our gore movie du jour and are left with happy memories. It is a straight horror movie that works at least as well as an action movie and a broad comedy. It has been held up by critics and genre fans both as a film that sets the bar for its genre - You can find some reviews from all sorts of schools of thought on Rotten Tomatoes: - and few films of any kind live up to its standard. Now, I&#39;m not trying to say that means you have to like it. Hell, there are a lot of things that some smart ass would describe in those same kinds of ways I just described DAWN. Would I agree? Not exactly. I would tend to understand that factually may be the case, but that people are reading something in or whatever... Nevertheless even I could bring myself to be pompous enough to dismiss them outright.

  • Sept. 29, 2002, 1:27 a.m. CST

    classic ?


    I wish I could see this movie the way everybodyelse on here sees it, but when I watched it, all I saw was a cheap, badly acted, dated movie. I was planning all week to watch it, I had read all the opinions on here, and read a bunch of the reviews on IMDB, it obviously has an avid following. But after seeing it, I have to think that a lot of that comes from pleasant childhood memories. I guess Night Of The Living Dead was cheap to, but since it was in black and white, the zombies didn&#39;t look as fake. But hey, I didn&#39;t think LOTR was that great, so my tastes may be a little different than others on here.

  • Sept. 29, 2002, 2:58 a.m. CST

    Thanks for the vote of confidence

    by Neil

    But really, I&#39;ve been in the position I described enough to know that, while I once was able to dismiss films like that out of pompousity, I really can&#39;t now. Now I&#39;m old and just not often competent at writing in a manner that doesn&#39;t convey a different tone than I intend. I do agree with your earlier point about the consumer culture metaphor being pretty trite. I&#39;m not sure what the new thing would or should be, but then if I were to write a zombie movie it would be from an entirely different angle...

  • Sept. 30, 2002, 12:53 a.m. CST


    by Ronnie_Dobbs

    RE is, with the possible exception of MR DEEDS, the worst movie so far this year. Anyone who even compares it to any Romero movie can blow my dog.

  • Sept. 30, 2002, 12:55 a.m. CST


    by Ronnie_Dobbs

    RE is, with the possible exception of MR DEEDS, the worst movie I&#39;ve seen all year. I really liked Paul Anderson&#39;s previous film, EVENT HORIZON, but RE was worthless. Anyone who even compares it to any Romero movie can blow my dog.

  • Sept. 30, 2002, 12:57 a.m. CST

    Sorry &#39;bout that, it didn&#39;t go up at first.

    by Ronnie_Dobbs

  • Oct. 1, 2002, 4:29 a.m. CST

    dawn of the dead remake

    by damonkd

    Frankly I&#39;m just happy to see a zombie movie being made. who cares about the script and all that other stuff. Its not as if the original was a Hemingway novel. Can&#39;t be any worse than Resident Evil. I&#39;ll judge it when I see it, and if it sucks ass then it sucks ass. I for one will just be happy to see a zombie movie

  • Oct. 27, 2002, 12:41 a.m. CST


    by DIZMO2001

    I remember this was a board game about zombies in a shopping mall, maybe Gunn's script should be renamed since it differs from DAWN's plot. I feel that selling it as a DAWN remake would definately hurt it's marketability being that its not the story of Frannie, Peter, Roger, and Stephen.

  • March 28, 2003, 1:09 a.m. CST

    where do today's fashionable zombies shop?

    by vanjorne

    word on the street has it that the "remake" of dawn of the dead is going to be filmed, in part at least, in toronto. and why not? it seems to fill in for everywhere else.

  • June 3, 2003, 11:06 p.m. CST

    sounds cool, maybe.

    by JaphyRyder

    Sounds like it could be a sweet movie, can't wait to see how Hollywood manages to completely fuck it up. Screw gore, tension and horror, we need product placements, a hip cast, and a happy ending. right.

  • Aug. 22, 2003, 3:45 p.m. CST

    dawn of the dead remake

    by bafcrew

    i would love to give the dawn of the dead remake script a review myself. i have read the first script and i liked it very much . if you can help me get a hold on it i would be very thankful .

  • June 5, 2004, 1:31 a.m. CST


    by brendancowles

    do you know where I can find this script on the web?