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Spoilers from someone who purports to having seen Episode One

Ok, this info was stuff I wasn't going to put up till I had more confirmation, but given the info posted on THEFORCE.NET and their confirmations... well it goes hand in hand with this info. I have attempted to get confirmation on several details of this report for about 5 days now, as has Glen, but until I saw THEFORCE.NET posting, I didn't have any. So, let's continue...

FIRST OFF, I would like to strongly urge those of you that waver on the the line of reading spoilers and not reading spoilers to STAY AWAY from the info. It is very very very spoilerish. I can not strongly advise you to not read it, if you are sensitive to this sort of thing. Also, this is the sort of news people like to talk about... DON'T DO IT IN NON-PRIVATE AREAS. Please. Consider the feelings of others. That said, I'm going to do a countdown from 10 to 1, then I'm going to comment on the news, and then the news. This comes from someone who purports to having seen a roughcut of the film. People have seen it, and I might be getting a fulfledged review from this fella soon. So here's the numbers....












Ok, here is another reference to these things called midiclorians. And below our spy shows how they come into play in the film. Personally, I think explaining the Force away in scientific terms is an evil thing. The Force is a mysterious thing for which there is no explanation, at most it should be explained as Yoda did. To look in a microscope or a midi-scope or what the hell ever scope, and seeing 'the force' This feels sooooo wrong, sooooo unright, sooooo non-in touch with the force. It's like Greedo firing first, I just don't see the need in it, and ultimately it only brings harm. As for the 'religious' implications of a virgin birth, I have heard rumors that there was some religious sub-text in the prequels that worried merchandisers. Well this kinda fits into that area. I don't know folks, it's kinda scary for me. But hey it's like 98% scary and 2% exciting, or maybe it's 2% scary and 98% exciting, that's what's so cool about it though. Once again a warning about reading this stuff, if you have a doubt... leave.







I've seen a rough cut of SW:Episode One (The title crawl still says "The Beginning" I can't imagine it being released with such a lackluster title) and I have some "best of" spoilers which I would like to share:

1. A person can not just "feel" The Force anymore. It is revealed that a symbiotic, sub-microscopic race ("Midiclorians") lives in people, and only through this species can you "feel" The Force. There is a scene where Qui-Gonn takes a blood sample of young Anakin (while asleep...creepy) by means of a thimble-like device, which sends the Midiclorian levels back to Obi-Wan on the Queen's ship. Obi-Wan is amazed that Anakin's Midiclorian levels are off the chart, which is no surprise to Qui-Gonn. We also learn that Anakin has NO FATHER. That he was generated by the Midiclorians in his mother's womb. Which, in the big picture of all 4 films, portrays Anakin/Vader as a fallen Christ figure. Wow.

2. No Boba Fett. No Mandolorians (unless they'll be added in the HUGE Galatic Senate scenes).

3. Senator Palpatine is also Darth Sidious, a younger version of Emeperor Palpatine. Costume and all. He is really beleivable as a GOOD GUY in the guise of Senator Palpatine. Padme is fooled by him, and I would be too. Ian McDirmid plays bifurcation to a science.

4. The Pod Race. Jabba and another Hutt appear to begin the race. Jabba is basically the pimp of Tatooine, and runs everything. The pods have interface bays for the Astromech droids. Anakin is assisted by R2-D2 during the race, much like Luke gets help in the X-Wing Fighter.

5. The final battle is between Qui-Gonn, Darth Maul (with double-sided lightsaber--COOL!) and Obi-Wan. Lots of Tsui Hark and HK film style "wire-fu."

This information is the real deal. On my honor.


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  • April 28, 2004, 7:42 p.m. CST


    by SalvatoreGravano

    Anyway, this moron probably thought that mitochondria are "a race", too.