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Nick Fury grunted in the following about the LOBO script... yeah the superhero, not my sister's boyfriend...

Hey Harry, Nick Fury reporting in for duty, yet again. The action is fast and furious out on the field right now.

Just wanted to give a report on the latest draft of LOBO, that adaptation of the DC comic book. We all know it's gone through several drafts, and most of us genre fans know that many of the drafts of the script have sucked in a big way. But this latest one, written by Jerald Brown, rocks to Russia. He's nailed it right on the head.

For those that don't know, Lobo is an interstellar bounty hunter, an amoral intergalactic biker whose DC Comic focuses on "a little bit of the ultraviolence" and a black sense of humor. Lots of grunting and bone crunching, a comic book where jokes are punctuated by eye balls getting popped out.

The script follows ARMAND, a tough galactic criminal who escapes from a maximum security prison rotating around a sun. Armand can turn immaterial at will--he takes with him other escapees, like SHRAK (a super-strong prisoner from a heavy gravity planet), VOLARIAN (a woman who's an energy vampire), CALYSTO (a man made of liquid) and M-4 (a rogue police robot).

They head to earth to open an ancient portal that holds THE DREEN, a massive weapon/ monster that killed everyone in Lobo's race. The Federation (or whatever the association of planets Lobo lives in is called) springs Lobo from jail (he was doing time for too much of the ultra-violence), knowing he's the only bastich mean enough and bad-ass enough to stop Armand and company. If they unleash The Dreen, Lobo's bosses will be forced to destroy earth to save the cosmos from The Dreen's threat. While hunting them on earth, Lobo teams up with a pop author who writes about aliens.

Essentially, all the black humor of the comic has been translated here, and the over-all feel of the material is like MEN IN BLACK, but much darker. It's effects-heavy, an intergalactic action-comedy. It's pretty damn cool, and in my opinion, if SAM RAIMI directed this (MEN IN BLACK meets EVIL DEAD!) it would really kick some ass. And this is coming from a comic book fan that DOESN'T buy Lobo...

All in all, I was quite surprised and pleased. If Warners had a brain (insert your favorite slam here), they'd get some great talent on this and MAKE the damn thing.

Well, that's all for now, although in the next update I'm gonna have news on the Robert DeNiro/ Joel Schumacher project FLAWLESS. Egads! Schumacher and DeNiro!

Over and out, Mr. Knowles...

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